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I ordered a book which was not what I expected. I contacted amazon & rranged to return the book immediately. It was a brand new book that I bought directly from amazon.

Imagine my shock when I received the total of my refund amount. On a book that cost over $16 I am getting back $4.

Besides high shipping ($3.99 media mail) they charged me over $8.50 restocking. This is a new fee which is not mentioned anywhere in their refunds policy.

Receiving $4 bck on over $16 means it cost me $12 + to make a mistake, which I will not be making gain with this formerly honest company

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  • Mi
      28th of Nov, 2008

    Simple if you purchase an item make sure that you want. There should be no reason to put an unnecessary inconvenience on the seller when in fact he/she (i hate PC) delivered your product. So serves you right that you had to pay a high price to return the item now if the item was defective or damaged then i will think differently on the situation.

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  • Jo
      24th of Mar, 2011

    Buying things online is very slippery. Most consumers buy online for the convenience and the supposed ease of the transaction, free shipping, easy return policy, etc. I recently ordered from Amazon for what I thought was a complete drum set. What I received was totally useless and very costly to me. The reason I say slippery is that this is never advantageous to the customer but the company. Since I was a newby at purchasing things online I got took. This could have been avoided had I simply taken the time to review the contents of the box prior to committing. The thing for me is this, I got too excited about getting this and actually having the money to get it. I thought I was being smart. I did reviews of different kits in my price range, what they came with and how to custom fit one for my needs. I finally decide on one. My problem was that I looked at the picture and not what it actually came with. I should have known something was up when I got 1 box. Im like how does all the stuff that I seen in that picture fit into 1 box? It didnt. I realize Im being long winded but bear with me, its a process. Anyway, I contact Amazon and tell them I dont want what I recieved because its not what I thought I paid for so they told me to contact the dealer that it shipped from concerning return policy. He ended up emailing me cause Amazon alerted him. In his email he stated that he was sorry about the misunderstanding and that I could return it at my expense. I will get to that in a minute. He also stated that he tried to tell Amazon that the picture they posted would confuse someone (me) but due to red tape and because the company is so large that they would not listen. Now to the return fee. When I ordered this thing I was like, man I want it now! So I pay for expedited shipping, $62.00. The thing is I was supposed to get this within 2 days, in reality it took a week. Free shipping would have been a better choice, huh? So all in all shipping wise I paid $124.00, that went bye bye. After all this I get an email that states I will probably incur a 20% resocking fee. I was livid! I send them an email that says that they are certifiable and Im not paying for the shrink. But guess what, another $163.80 got took without even a courtesy reach around. This fine lady, her name? Restocking fee. So a total of $287.80 was gone. I went through BBB and they responded with the usual robotic speak, bit with a twist of the ol sarcasm. "If we are selling car mats and use a car to highlight the product, u certainly dont get the car." Really?! Maybe thats why I got a nasty look from the model at the last car show I went to. Oh, and guess what? Remember that problem the dealer had with the picture and the red tape? Done. According to Amazon's BBB response they removed the photo at the customers request. Thanks, though I never requested it. See right after I emailed the dealer about my problem I went back on Amazon and searched for my drums and the whole kit was gone. Now what was replaced when u typed in the searchwords was what I received, half a drum set. Thanks Amazon! Do yourself a favor at the very least dot your tees and cross your iiiyyyeees! Do you know that the same set that I wanted I could have got complete at the same price on other sites? Dont worry I slapped myself in the head.

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