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Dear reader of this email
This email is a attempt to gather people that have been messed over by Amazon. Had there funds held for 30 to 90 days. That keep you from restocking your goods to sell and fill orders.
Or if you have bout something that was broken or no good and never got a refund.

I have contacted a law firm from Clarksville.
That may take this case against Amazon if I gather enough people to take them on.
If you get enough people you can topple even the digest beast. I million strong and we can make things happen. It is time to fight these beast.

All them rip-off cons and scams. Steeling is a crime!! and they are getting away with it!!!
Its time to make them pay!!

Just email me and say count me in..
Please pass this email on.
Babylon will burn.

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  • Di
      Dec 04, 2011

    they would only hold the money if there was a problem, i have sold stuff off of amazon before and never had my money held

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  •   Dec 04, 2011

    Bloodclot son's of ###... sympathy to you but don't waste yr energy any more... move on, pedro

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  • At
      Dec 04, 2011

    Well I don't know much about Oldtimer, but I can tell you that Venice is no day at the beach. I think a lot of members are deceived into thinking that she is a very like-minded person. In reality it's more like she is a "selectively" like-minded person. She is often rude to those that are not in that selective circle. I think she fits the cyber-bully category perfectly. Being very popular on the site gives her more ammunition in confrontations. She'll also join in when lessor known members are attacked. Usually she'll type the users name followed by a +1 or 10. That's my3cents.

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  • Ra
      Dec 05, 2011

    $1, 500 to much to let go. i gonna burn dem rass

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  • Re
      Oct 22, 2015

    See the profile of a crazy product-reviewer "maggs" who is someone's dirty mistress and whom dearly protects by not taking away her clearly abusive and false reviews posted under her paranoid peaks:

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