ABSA Banklimit increase on credit card

During the month of January 2017 I was approached several times by Absa through telephone calls regarding a limit increase on my credit card. On 3 February 2017 I received a sms stating that MY request was declined??? I have been with Absa for the past 21 years!!! I keep asking myself why am I still loyal to Absa bank as every time I have a request it is just been declined or a fight. Not once in the past 21 years Absa ever had a problem with me paying. They never had to phone me to request payments. However I feel that Absa Bank just never delivers what they are advertising or promise.

I do not owing a cent on my credit card, each and every month I make an additional extra payment on my bond and still Absa declines a limit increase on credit card??? What more do you have to do to prove yourself. I feel that Absa Bank do not deserve my loyalty as they always have a problem to assist with any request. I rather then make an effort and take my business to another Bank that actually go the extra mile to assist their loyal clients. I am really disappointed in Absa Bank after 21 years. Why do they approached you knowing they will anyway decline your request.

Feb 03, 2017

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