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Resolved internet banking fraudulent transactions

I am a new small Business owner - Duty to Inform cc. On 4 March R23 800 was removed from my Business Account via Internet Banking. - X3 R1 000.00 and X4 R5 200.00 amounts. My complaint was first lodged incorrect on 93, then re-did on 113 when I went to the Bank to follow up. Forensics said I had ti divulge my Account number, Pin number and password on Spam. R3 000 was removed via ATM, they said, and I lost it - however my ATM limit is R1 000.00.
The other monies were transferred to FNB Accounts:
[protected]. They will see what they can recover. to date no answer that sounds sensible has been given to me. I have been a ABSA client all my life - and thet make me sound as if I am stupid. They did not even tell me to change my card and pin, an outsider told me - and I went back to the bank and requested it be done - I am very disappointed ans will not rest until ALL my money is back in my account.

This is the lady at Forensics that is handling the case now
Mev Talita du Preez
Ondersoek Beampte
E-Ondersoeke Bestuur
T: [protected]
F. [protected]
E-pos: [Hidden Web Address]

Resolved incorrect information on statements

I purchased a Cherry QQ3 vehicle for my daughter (student) in August 2008 and made use of ABSA Vehicle finance. My account number therefore is [protected] and the vehicle floorprice were in the reagion of R86 000.00. When I received my statement I noticed that the outstanding balance was over R10 000000.00. I quiried this telephonically just to be informed that this would be set right soonest. I regret not taking the date and person's detail that I had this discussion, but to date the outstanding balance is R7 077 197.68 on a vehicle originally costing R86 000.

Please advice what I am to do to get this issue sorted.

Best regards.

Dries van Coller

Resolved vehicle claim

On the 14th of January 2010 I've registered a vechicle accident claim wiht ABSA i-direct. I'm still...

Resolved work not finished

We had a storm in november 2009, absa send out there contractors, they fixed the roof, until it rain, the roof was leaking, we phoned them again and they fixed it, but the roof is still leaking, we can only see if the roof is leaking when it rain, because it is a thatced roof.

They were surpose to come back in the new year, because it was desember and it was near christmas, so the contractor said that they will come back in the new year to finished, there was still the seilings and the wooden floors to do, but no one have come back to us.

I phoned the assesor mr. Erasmus several times and he did not respond to me, i did send him a sms as well. Sooner or later they will say that the claim is to old. I would like to know when will they finished the damages. Wiil you please let me know at the following numbers [protected] / [protected] thank you

Resolved harassment

To Whom It May Concern

We have been threatened again today that ABSA are getting a court order. Ms Govender is now looking for the agreement - we don't have it you do.She is also looking for the "proof" of the 15k and I again refer you to the reams and reams of email that transpired in 2008.

I spoke with Mr de Klerk yesterday at 13.06 as cell phone records wil verify but nobody seems to talk to anybody else. I also spoke to Solomon at 14.23, 16.04 and 16.35.

I have referred Ms Govender to all of the people I have contacted at ABSA and it really troubles me that the agreement - referred to continuously is now in contention. I requested that Ms Govender identify herself, something which she has not done as yet.

Solomon told me yesterday that it would be investigated but now we are threatened again. It really, really troubles me that the bank are now asking me for a copy of the agreement which was made by the bank - all of this while arrogantly shrugging off all of the queries that I have made.

I just want a little bit of peace of mind without some man at the gate making threats. What is the point of speaking to the Head of Vehicle Finance if it makes no difference? The first time that the agreement was not on file and I had to provide a copy should have warned me but this is just surreal.

I need an appointment to see Ms Ramos tomorrow please because I don't know what else to do. If Ms Govender intends to persist I want to point out that her court order will be based on false information which I believe is a crime in this country.

I attach what I have to hand - including the acknowledgement by Koos that in terms of the agreement we were supposed to pay R3200. We paid R3700 for over a year which including four interest rate cuts should cover at least two installments - I also want to point out that Russell has never provided me with the information he requested from the the same department which is now demanding that we jump through hoops. I no longer work for APCO so I have no access to their server however there must be hard copies somewhere.

I still have no idea who Mrs McGee is and as mentioned previously she declined to provide me with her contact details.

I shall phone at exactly 8.30 tomorrow morning

  • Qz
    Qza Jul 10, 2009

    ABSA VF Consultant Jackie has been contacting me in an average of 4 times a day demanding payment, which i have already made and faxed and e-mailed the confirmation to ABSA. She is rude, she shouts, threatens to take my car and is generally unpleasant and requires training if she is to deal with clients. She hangs up while you try to explain yourself, she harasses you. There is nothing further that I can do. The money was transferred and I have all relevant documentation in this regard. Is this how ABSA staff treat paying customers? I am extremely disappointed.

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Resolved extremely disappointed

ABSA VF Consultant Jackie has been contacting me in an average of 4 times a day demanding payment, which i have already made and faxed and e-mailed the confirmation to ABSA. She is rude, she shouts, threatens to take my car and is generally unpleasant and requires training if she is to deal with clients. She hangs up while you try to explain yourself, she harasses you. There is nothing further that I can do. The money was transferred and I have all relevant documentation in this regard. Is this how ABSA staff treat paying customers? I am extremely disappointed.

  • No
    Non-patriot2 May 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find the staff at ABSA bank totally arrogant, obnoxious and plain unprofessional. Most of them are not trained properly, they ignore any request that you make and they just do not bother to action anything, but they very willingly take the money. I find that ABSA bank are not capable to work with people or their hard-earned money. I had to escalate two matters ot Ms Ramos already, and only then, after many hard words and threats, did the applicable actions take place. Maybe we should run an anti-ABSA campaign in the media, and add FNB to that list, as they are even worse!!!

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Resolved being in arrears justifies being treated this way?

Personal issues meant that I had to max my credit card. Budget installments pushed me over the limit and I make the max payment I can afford every month. Excluding budget installments, I am effectively only paying around R300 towards the amount over limit, which is about 20% of what I am over.

I get a call from ABSA every month demanding full payment of the outstanding amount. I explain the same situation to them every time. That is; I have a provident fund with ABSA that I have been trying to have paid out as I have started working for another company and I will use this to update my card.

Every time I phoned ABSA for a progress report, I was told that they dont have a fund manager to release the money. I need to call back in a month to follow up. I submitted my claim on the 4th of Feb 2009.

After I made payment to my card end of May, I got the usual call again. Two weeks later, a sms demanding payment. I reponded to the sms and arranged for payment at the end of June. Today Sat 13 June, 5 days later, I get a call waking me at 7:00AM demanding a payment.

Does R1500 over limit justify this treatment? I've waited 4 months for my fund money! But that's okay, right ABSA?

  • Un
    Unhappy ABSA Client Jul 31, 2009

    My husband has had the same problem with ABSA.
    We also had a difficult financial period and this unfortunatly meant that some of his debit orders did not go through and were sent back. Now we finally got through the finacial difficulties and my husband has not only settled all the outstanding amounts, but he has even been paying his accounts 1-2 months in advance.

    For the past two-three months he has been unable to swipe his card at any stores, on Monday he received a new card (ONE HE DID NOT REQUEST). He called ABSA and asked them if the new cards were to replace his old ones which don't work when he wanted to swipe them - they confirmed this and told him that the new cards will work. So this morning he wanted to pay for things he was buying - swiped the card - and guess what - it didn't work...

    He drove to ABSA, they said it was sorted (after he spent 1 hour there), he went to another store to test the card and guess what - it still didn't work... He drove back and all of the sudden there was a note on the system that he has to drive to the Centurion Branch and go see his peronal banker - No reason given -

    When he got there, he was told that due to the debit orders being sent back, they have now stopped his card and he can no longer swipe the card. This appanently will be reversed after about 6 months...

    When he asked why he had not been informed, he was told that "they have too many clients..."

    ABSA overchanges on Banking Charges!!! They don't care about their service level, and they are not interested in helping their clients!!! I have never seen service this bad anywhere!!!

    We are both moving all our account to another bank!!!

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  • N9
    N95 Aug 24, 2009

    request loan please

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  • Ti
    Tiro Mahlangu Oct 30, 2009

    ABSA Bank sucks...I have moved to another bank and I have been getting 200% better service that ABSA...

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  • Di
    Dieds Oct 04, 2010

    Well, what can one say. Everybody has been having some difficulty, whether is being financial or what. I have to say that ABSA's service towards their customers are nauciating. They left me broke and hungry, and do you know what their response was, sorry we cant help you. WHAT?

    Now what i need to know is: WHAT THE HELL am i doing at ABSA if they cant help their client. What is the use of them. You entrust you money in their hands and just because they can, they will take your money. They don't give a damn what you say.


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  • Yv
    Yvonnevdm Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow R45.00 for a transaction that was not even successful, What a Rip off!

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  • In
    innocentia kekana Sep 17, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ABSA IS A USELESS BANK, I AGREE!!! I bought the car at a "registered car dealership" that ABSA funded, after going back and forth trying to return the car to the "dealership" my shock it has vanished into thin air! I SPENT THOUSANDS ON FIXING DAMN CAR that i ran in arrears for a 1 month, they are busy harassing me for R2800.00 where else many people are defrauding them of millions!! USELESS BANK

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Resolved service fee

I have a overdraft facility on the business cheque account. It is reviewed once a year. Last Year an amount of R500.00 was deducted automatically (jouranl)from the account as facility/admin fee.
This year an amount of R1000.00 was deducted. The facility had not changed in anyway, no new information was requested from me.
On contacting the bank, I was told that it was an admin fee that gets deducted when the review is due. All the banks do it and it is the same amount as last year. Which it obviously was not. What justifies the increase?
What can the man in the street do to combat such blatant price increases and stop the banks from exploiting their customers?

  • Bi
    Bianca Myburg May 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    absa decided to deduct 4000r from myb account without my permission when I went to the bank they said they cant reverse it it comes from head office phone head office different story. please phone me I have send a number of emails but no response pathetic service. 0823808974

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Resolved shocking service

Absa shocking service

This is my second complaint against absa and everytime I receive no service or replies to e-mails.

My first complaint went to the ombudsman and took two months to solve.

If I send an e-mail to absa I expect it to be answered within 24 hours. Your standard response to an e-mail is we will get back to you asap between your working hours 08h00 to 16h00. If you cannot do that I suggest you increase your staff or your staff's working hours.

I am living in china and you must respond by e-mail, if you can't do this I suggest you take e-mail off as a method of communication and inform your customers you only correspond by telephone. (shows us the exent of bad service in a third world country)

My money builder account should be earning 5.3% interest and currently is earning below 2%. I am living in china and use e-mail to correspond, last time I spent a fortune on telephone calls to south africa to sort out the money that absa lost that was sent to south africa and got nothing more than incompetance.

I pay no bank charges for all my accounts in china and get excellent service.

I am still waiting for answer on my money builder account.

Ref number ec 592d808e

Resolved under staffed

I am a regullar customer at absa longbeach as i work inside the mall so i have to do banking, getting change ect. On a daily basis, now what i can not understand is how can they only have 2 cashiers at middle and end of month when there is 20 - 30 people inside the bank waiting for them to be helped. This is insane!. . . And then not to talk about the service you recieve once you get to the cashiers. Either the manager of this bank cant manage it properly and should find another job which she can do properly or she just dont mind her company getting a bad name.
If i were her i would do some serious thinking how to improve her customer skills and management skills.

atm not dispensing cash

2 weeks ago I went to the absa atm machine, just outside ABSA bank central cape town. I attemped to withdraw...

absa customer abuse

I have ABSA Cheque account with a overdraft facility of R2000. This overdraft has NEVER been unpaid for more than 20 days. It has happened on occassion that a debit order goes through in a difficult time of the month, then obvioustly the bank turns it down and bills me for more than R100 per transaction, understandable. Going R84 over the overdraft caused me to recieve a letter from absa stating the following: "Indien ons weer `n trekking moet weier weens onvoldoende fondse, sal ons eis dat die uitstaande saldo op u rekening onmiddelik betaal, en die rekening gesluit word". Upon calling Mr. Pretorius on [protected], he told me that incidents like this caused them a lot of work. He also stated that oh, he is willing to keep te account open. DONT DO ME ANY FAVOURS MR PRETORIUS. I state the following:

* I do not ask favours from ABSA, I pay for every transaction, it is a SERVICE they render. Apparently, they dont need my business, I am too much of a effort for them. Which is incredibly arrogant.
* They have never struggled to get payments, I earn almost R 30000 per month, and I pay ANY outstanding amounts Immediately.

This kind of "abuse" just shows the Arrogance of ABSA - in saying they dont need my business. Which is fine but I WONT tolerate ABUSE.