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Email to 53 bank executives

Over the past several weeks I have been in contact on a regular basis with representatives from your 53 rewards team. I have several accounts with 53 bank and found out, much to my surprise, that I was accruing rewards points on my cards when I used them as credit transactions. For the record, I had no idea that I could earn points, let alone that I had to use my 53 cards as credit in order to earn them... Very bad communication on 53's part.

I won't go into all the details of my past dealings with your rewards team, just the incident this morning. I spoke with shenel regarding my personal account ending in 1223 (With 4866 points) as well as my business account ending in 1501 (With 196 points). Shenel agreed to move the 196 points from my business account over to my personal account so the points would all be in one place and I could get some use out of them before 53 expired them. Shenel was very helpful, polite and courteous and assured me that the points would be available in my personal account within 10 business days.

I was back in my personal account this afternoon performing a few banking transactions and I thought I would click on the 53 rewards link to see if anything had happened with the points. When I got into my account, much to my dismay and confusion, my balance said that my previous point balance was 4811.15 and that my new points available amount was 935.02!!!

I'm not a mathematician, but I have no clue how the transaction discussed above could result in 935.02! It makes no sense whatsoever, so I decided I should call – once again – 53 rewards to find out what was going on with my account. I spoke with lisa (Employee number 025420) who addressed me with a smug attitude regarding my need to call 53 rewards to fix my problem. She said she was sorry for my inconvenience and that was that. Well, that's not good enough, so I asked lisa (Employee number 025420) several times if I could speak with her supervisor and was finally transferred to rose (Employee number 0164201).

This is where it gets even more interesting...

When I asked rose (Employee number 0164201) to pull up both my personal and business accounts, she came back with the following response:

* my personal account ending in 1223 had 3902 points plus an additional 4837 points
* my business account ending in 1501 had 176 points
* total points available according to rose (Employee number 0164201) is 8915 – nearly twice the amount that I had ever heard from any of your other employees!!! Wtf?

I wasn't sure I heard her properly, since none of the point amounts matched with anything I had ever heard from any 53 rewards representative.

Rose (Employee number 0164201) assured me that she would personally see to it that my personal account was credited within three (3) business days for the 8915 points. At this point I didn't really believe her, so I asked for her phone number (616.653.9124) so I could call her back immediately when we hung up to make sure I had her number so I could follow-up in three (3) business days. Rose (Employee number 0164201) assured me that 616.653.9124 was her number and asked me if there was anything else she could help me with. I said "no", hung up and called 616.653.9124 and guess what! – it didn't work!!!

I really don't know what you guys are doing at 53 bank, but it sounds like you're scamming consumers, and someone needs to get your house in order – right now – or I promise I will do everything I can to make sure all the other 53 customers I know (And everyone they know) pull their accounts out of your inept institution.

Social networks are wonderful things.

A highly disgruntled, abused customer,

Victor p errante

C. Richard cordray, ohio attorney general


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