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5/3 Bank / fee's

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The fee's at 5/3 bank are astronomical. To me it is absolutely ridiculous that they can debit an account immediately, but not honor deposits. This is only a way for the bank to make money. It dishearten's me that a bank in this country can actually run this way. They also deduct everything in your account, from largest to smallest. Convienently for them, if you run out of money, they can charge you more overdraft fee's for all of the smaller items going through. They do not deduct things in chronological order. What a ridiculous company. I have talked with one person and convinced them to not use 5/3 bank. I hope to get others away from there as well.

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  6th of May, 2009
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I so agree. My sister just had a major problem with Fifth Third banks and had the same issue! These banks want to take our government tax money to get them out of THEIR debt and then again TAKE the taxpayers money whom they hold in accounts in unfair fees. A slap in the face of Americans. How can the meltdown of the American financial system be stopped if banks keep taking consumers money? Fifth Third Bank has proven to me, my family and friends to be one of the worst banking institution to trust with our hard earned cash.

  5th of Oct, 2009
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I just got taken for maintenance fees for over 1/1/2 years that were taken from my account without me knowing it! When I origianly signed up, I specifically asked for a no minimum balance and no fees. This was a secondary account that I normally do not deposit into, but only want to use as an emergency.

This is the second time they screwed up on my account - I am done! They also said they would only give back 30 dollars of the over 120 dollars they owe me.

Never again will I use this bank or recommend them - staw away!

  16th of Oct, 2009
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I had overdraft protection that I activated the night before I thought a check might clear before my direct deposit pay posted, and they over drafted my account for (an hour and a half in the middle of the night) where they decided to clear the check before they cleared the over draft protection transfer, its like wtf?? Even in the paper work it says overdraft protection posts IMMEDIATELY!! They refuse to take off the fee, saying its "Their policy" but its not actually written down anywhere! They also admitted its not written anywhere!!
I'm currently contacting a lawyer.. this HAS to be illegal

  12th of Aug, 2010
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I wish I had read this before getting an account with them because they got me with that very same thing. Now I'm looking at my account and I find a maintenance fee in my statement. After I overdrafted by $3 buying birthday presents, I ended up paying them half of what I spent on those presents! I cut all payments to 5/3 and opened a new account at another bank. Because I was too lazy to go to 5/3 to close the account, I now have $7.50 I owe for maintenance fees. What is this fee for and why can't I find any information about it?

  19th of Mar, 2012
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I can certainly agree that 5/3 fees are nonsense. I had not even had my checking account open for a year and they found a way to screw me over. I have another bank I primarily use and because I didn't use my checking account with 5/3 over a period of 3 months I was charged the $7 maintenance fee that put my account into overdraft so I was charged an additional $30. Since it was the maintenance fee that put my account in overdraft, no notice was sent so I had no idea at all. I didn't have but only enough to keep the account open so when I got charged the maintenance fee and overdraft 5/3 CLOSED my account AND sent it to collections WITHOUT any notification! I also have a savings account with them that has enough to cover the maintenance fee if 5/3 cared enough to take care of their people. They told me that they have features through text or online for me to keep up with my account, but why would I need to if I don't primarily use it? It's not like I over drafted my account through my own doing. I had no clue about the maintenance fee. I am appalled and highly recommend not banking with 5/3

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