2205 Wausau Wis. 54403 Family Dollar Storestore interior/ product on floor/garbage/empty cardboard/stock awaiting placement./etc.

This location for years has been stellar! The last 6 or 8 mos. it has been nothing short of a real pig pen. It is clear there has been numerous employee changes and this is what has led to its downfall in appearance. I truly believe if this is not addressed immediately this will lead to its demise. Being a loyal customer for years, I would hate to see this happen. One more note, I contemplated snapping photos of the filth and clutter for your benefit. A competitor Dollar General is located about 1 mile south of this store and would thrive should this store fail. I will submit this complaint for now since now I see the photos can be sent. I will register a second w/photos. Please square this away...

  • Updated by Stephen Steppert, Jun 01, 2018

    Please square this store away! A loyal customer!

Jun 01, 2018

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