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comcast customer service nightmare!

I have a major complaint with Comcast digital voice service. Last month someone called into them and impersonated my wife, gave our home number, address, and had our phone service disconnected! That was easy! It then took us 5 days to get our service restored. This after several calls to their "customer advocacy specialists" and escalations.

Next, this past Friday, our phone service mysteriously stopped receiving incoming calls. We can make calls out, but when dialing our number callers get the famous "You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service." I called them on Friday and was told 24-72hrs for repair. So that time speeds by, and still no incoming calls. So I called on Monday and was told by a "customer advocacy supervisor" that the trouble ticket would be escalated and most likely repaired that evening. He also offered me a $25.00 "customer satisfaction" credit on our account. Monday evening comes and goes, and still disconnected, so I called them again yesterday and was told that it has been escalated to Verizon, and it is out of their hands! Estimate: 48-72hrs. I was also told by another "customer advocacy specialist" that there was none else I could speak to beyond her, they don't have a consumer affairs hotline (just a PO Box in Texas), and there was no more information she could provide me. She won't give me her last name, number (understandable I suppose), or even which office she works out of (that's less understandable). Her supervisor just does "administrative things", and her supervisor's supervisor also just does "administrative things". She also told me she would be happy to take a disconnect order from me. Nice people! Talk about no accountability, no responsibility and the burden of getting something done squarely on the consumer.

By the way, because of the security issue with the first incident, I asked at that time to have a security password put on our account so that random people who happen to know our address (which unfortunately is listed) can't mess with our account. You would think that after what happened they would ask me for that password, but I have yet to be asked for it once during any of my calls in to them. Each time I ask about that I am told, yes, the password is noted on the account and, yes, they "should have" asked me for it. Wow...

So we're going on day 6 of disconnected phone service, Comcast has no information and no way to voice a complaint, and we are running up our cell phone minutes taking calls on those. It seems like a $25.00 credit is just not enough.

In my opinion, Comcast digital voice customer service is just about the worst out there. I've already got an order in with Verizon to port our number over, but that will not likely occur until Monday. I'm also switching over from Comcast cable internet to Verizon high speed DSL at the same time, just out of principle!


  • Jo
    John Doe May 09, 2007

    Hey, I work for Comcast, in the CDV department, and it really sucks, we gets all of the complaints the disgruntled customers, but hey it's not the reps we are limited, the cdv service bites really bad it needs to be regulated, then Comcast can start to care about the cx. lately it seams all they care about is the new customer, They got to take good long hard look at the customer's they got know, 30 million cx's with cdv, and out of that 30 million 20million cx's don't have much trouble, but for those that do good god if it where me the third call would have been transfer me to retention my service is not up to par and shove your credits and promos up your a**, but to all of the upset people when your talking with a rep where limited to what we can do, hey I agree with every ticked off customer, but when a customer attacks me for a Comcast issue there is no way in hell I'm going to help you out. So show kindness and I'll give you a months credit, go to bat for you do what I can. The cdv service is a internet service, it's not considered a phone service, if it where then it would be regulated and Comcast would have to get on the ball, so start sending letters to the fcc or who ever regulates the phone service, because Comcast has to wake up. Peace out, and just remember when you call a help desk your speaking with a human not an animal so yelling and screaming like a two year old is going to get your ### hung up on. Put the show on the other foot, would you want me in your face screaming and baling at your place of work?

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  • Ma
    Matthew Carlone Jul 28, 2007

    I am currently on day 7 or 8 with incoming calls problems with Comcast digital voice. Same problem as yours--outgoing works, incoming gives an error. My neighbor has the same problem. I called 4 days ago and was told the problem would be fixed in 34 hours or they would send a tech out within 48 hours after the initial 34 hours of my tech support call. No tech has come. Completely disgusted by CDV.

    Also note that I was fighting a billing error for 18 months. It was finally corrected last month, but it only took dozens (maybe 4 dozen) of calls, and four service interruptions because of the issue. Each interruption took 7-21 days to repair, and meant loss of phone, Internet, and TV. It's now only been 6 weeks since my bill has been straightened out and now this...

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  • Ji
    Jim Roberts Dec 03, 2007

    I canceled my digital voice 4 months ago and am still getting billed for it. Every time I call 800-266-2278 I waste over 1 hour and get a total run around. Does anybody have a direct phone number for the Digital Voice Billing?

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  • Ma
    margaret lee Jan 12, 2008

    Comcast Nightmare: I have the 3 service with comcast. phone, internet and tv, a week before xmas our phone number changed out of the blue and so anyone calling our original number got a disconnect recording. Got it fixed then in a few days it went back to the new number, again, out of the blue, now, it gets worse, found out that our original number was being routed to the home of a comcast service technicians home and how do I know this? On one of my many calls to comcast tech I actually got the tech who was getting my phone calls, the nightmare continues, they then disconnected my original ph number and then gave it away to a new customer within 4 hours or disconnecting. all throughout christmas and new years 08 this went on and on, finally the came out and changed my modem, saying the tech had my number, holy moley, thought it was all fixed. noooooo, today i was looking for a phone number and went into the digital voice online and there was a list of phone calls that i did not recognize, werent mine, and so im now getting all of the logs from the 2nd number i was given (if your confused, you should be). where are my calls and logs going? talk about breach of security, hope that washington isnt on comcast, bin laden probably has georges number. go figure.

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  • Ni
    nina Aug 30, 2008

    i'm not even going to begin typing out my millions of problems with comcast. screwing me out of money, phone not working, wrong internet, wrong cable packages, idiot techs, idiot reps .. waste of money .. about 140 a month before payperview and i have the world's most horrible service.

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  • 01
    01tx Jan 07, 2010

    Does Comcast ever fix the problem of not receiving incoming calls?

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  • St
    Stella T Aug 01, 2011

    I am very upset about paying Comcast digital voice modem rental fee. It was $5 before and is increased to $7 now. I would like to purchase my own modem so that I don't have to pay $7 each month to rent from Comcast. However, I called Comcast quite a few time but was always told I cannot use my own modem even if I purchase the right model. I think Comcast is ripping the customers off by charging $7 for renting a modem to go with their digital voice. Customers are forced to pay for a modem fee of $7 because Comcast won't allow you to purchase or install one. I just hate to think how much money we have to pay per year for renting a stupid modem from Comcast. It is extremely unfair to Comcast customers.

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  • In
    in-nana Aug 06, 2011

    Hmm, all these complaints about returning AT&T equipments make me suspicious. Maybe this is what AT& T wants, it doesn't want to accept our equipments in their stores so they can con us all and say that they did not receive the equipments hence the huge bills for the unreturned equipments.

    But good thing you guys know that you have to ship them back as I had no idea and boy did I get the biggest surprise when I tried returning the equipments to the store. Turned out even the corporate store does not accept and will not even help you with your problem, there is no other option but to go to UPS and ship these damned equipments. The young lady at the corporate office @ Monument Blvd. told me that I can leave the equipments there but they will just throw it away and at first I told her, "yeah these are your equipments you can throw these away" but then since they will not even acknowledge the return, no scanner to scan the serials and since they said they won't even be able to look into my account, I decided I had no choice but to bring it to UPS. But my blood pressure did go up with the way these sales people are so cocky. The manager did apologize but still he has this air like he is not sorry. Anyway, hopefully when I return thru UPS, they will get the equipments right away and not charge me $150 each.

    Yesterday I had Comcast installed, TV and INTERNET and PHONE with a free HD-DVR for only 89.97 . I had no reason to stay with AT&T which I pay $112 just for TV and internet alone. AT& T's internet sucks and the TV connection keeps getting cut off so goodbye AT&T !!! I will never get your services again !!!

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  • In
    in-nana Aug 06, 2011

    Ack, I posted it in the wrong thread??? Sorry..
    I just registered awhile ago .. totally a newbie at this.. :(

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no service, no internet!

I have had Comcast cable and high speed Internet for a long time. I've never been completely happy with them, but since they are the only choice, I've tried to cope. This latest problem started in June 2006. Occasionally my Internet connection would go out and eventually come back on. There was no pattern as to when it went out, or for how long. When it would go out, the "On Demand" service for cable TV also went out. I think most intelligent people could assume the problem was either somewhere outside of my home, or at the point where the cable enters the house. Well a very nice technician came over, replaced all the connections on the inside, changed some of the cables, and checked the box outside. Since everything was working, we thought that would end the problem. Well a week later the problem was back. So I call Comcast and had to repeat the entire problem again to cust. serv. They sent out another tech. who proceeds to do the exact same thing the 1st tech did. I told him the other tech. already did that. Finally he agrees with me and orders a line tech to check the outside line.

A few days later I get an automated call saying the problem was fixed. It worked ok till about the week of Sept. 25 Had I known that Comcast treats there customers so poorly I would've kept a record of all our conversations. Since I didn't, some of the following dates, times, and conversations are approximate. Around the 25th of Sept. the Internet and cable started acting up again. It was doing the same thing as in June. I called and set up an appointment. A day before the tech was supposed to come out, I got a voicemail from Comcast stating they had fixed the problem. I didn't know this means they canceled the appointment. I called again and set up another appointment between 3 and 5pm. Comcast called me at 1:00pm and left a message saying the tech. was at my door and no one was answering. 1:00pm??? I never would've set up the appt. at 1:00 since I know there was no way I or anyone else could be there. I had set it up for the hours of 3-5. So, after another 20 minute phone call, I set up another appt. for Fri. Oct 6. This is when we had some bad storms and the cable lines were out for everyone. I got another automated call from Comcast stating that the problem was fixed, and if I was still having problems, call them. I called, and was told that I had to set up another appt. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Instead of a supervisor the cust. serv. rep came back and told me that she would personally credit my acct, and that since they were still showing an outage in my area, she could not set up an appt, but stated that she will call me later in the day. I explained to her that my problem occurred well before the storms knocked out everyone's service. This was supposed to be on Oct 5. I never heard back from her so I called Comcast that night for the 10th(?) time. Again another 20 minutes of waiting. Again I had to repeat the whole story, and the cust rep put me on hold while she tried to reschedule yet another appt. I got tired of waiting so I hung up. This morning, Oct 6, I once again called Comcast and I told the cust rep that I wanted to talk to a supervisor and that if he came back on line, I would cancel my acct. Well, he did let me talk to someone named John. I also learned they had scheduled another appt. with out asking me on Oct. 9th at 1:00pm. As I told them and stated here, there is no way I could be home at that time. Once again I had to explain the problems I was having. He didn't seem at all sorry for the hassles. He then said he would set up another appt. I TOLD HIM TO CANCEL ALL MY SERVICES. his REPLY, "OK, LET ME TRANSFER YOU" No effort at all to keep me as a customer. I hung up.

My home phone uses the Internet to make and receive calls. When the high speed Internet service goes out, so does my phone. This creates several problems. Most importantly, if there is any kind of emergency at my home I CANNOT CALL 911!!!! Also, when my phone is out, if my mom needs me for anything, she may not be able to get ahold of me. She is 74 years old, and in poor health. Yes I do have a cell phone, but it's not always close by. I need that home phone working.

On 10-11 I received a call from Marta Gardner, an executive with Comcast, regarding my BBB complaint. She was very nice and is trying to get this problem resolved. We set up an appt. for 10-12 after 2:45pm. Later on I got another automated call saying my appt. was scheduled on 10-13 between 10am and ? I called and left Gardner a message. This morning, 10-12 at 8:00am I got another automated call from Comcast stating "recently technicians found and corrected a problem in your area..." Well we all know what this means, yep, my appt. has been canceled and It'll bee another week or so, AGAIN!!!! It is now 9:30 and I have not heard from Ms. Gardner yet.

10/14. Talked to Marta yesterday. Supposedly someone was out and checked the lines outside. Everything was working fine till this morning when the same old problem started up again. Now it's Sat. night and it's getting worse. Now along with the Internet and "On Demand", every channel seems to break up, and the sound just makes a squealing noise. It comes and goes. I understand that sometimes these problems happen. What I am really upset is that it's been since Sept. 27th and nothing has changed. I think that Comcast owes me for all the BS they've put me through. I will get credit for all the time I've had this problem, but that doesn't compensate me for all the time I've wasted on the phone, not to mention all the minutes I've used up on my cell phone.

10/17. 2:30pm So far today I've lost the Internet connection 3 times that I know of. The cable TV signal is also being affected. I just left a message for Ron Ford, and another one for Marta Gardner. She has not responded to the 2 previous messages I left for her.Ford is the man that came out last Thurs. and supposedly tested the cable system outside. I thought that Comcast was going to take this seriously by having these 2 people get involved. The way it looks now, that was just a cover up. Nothing has changed since Sept. 28

In conclusion, here's the highlights. Comcast is giving me the run around. I've had to call them over 29 times, and have spent over 125 minutes on the phone, 81 of those minutes were charged to my monthly allowance on my cell. Every time I talked to Comcast I had to repeat everything. Then I would get A different solution.

  • Valerie Dec 12, 2006

    Comcast has taken over existing Adelphia customers in our area. We just received a letter, on December 9 2006, informing us our existing services and pricing are going to be changed on January 1, 2007 and we must choose which package we want to change to by then.

    The problem is:

    1. There is no specific information on what the new packages will consist of for us to base decisions on.

    2. According to the Comcast support center and the Comcast website we are not Comcast customers and they do not have any information available for us.

    3. If we fail to choose from the grab bag of packages, since we can not find out what they consist of, Comcast will be charging us for each individual channel existing on our Aldelphia accounts.

    4. My Internet connection fee is scheduled to increase from $39.17 to $59.95 a month! What a jump for the same service!

    All I need is for them to provide me with a line card listing what each of the new packages are and what the Internet service options are. But, since we are not Comcast customers we can not get this information????

    So, how can they just make these changes without any consideration for their new, and "Have no choice in the matter" customers?????

    Thanks for dumping us Adelphia.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Morgan Sep 27, 2007

    I had same bad experience with Comcast. Internet service isn't fast enough when everyone is on TV. Once the cable service went down, you lost not only TV, also internet and phone. Last year, we had no service for two three days. Another thing made me so frustrated was when I try to disconnect the services, the service representative asked me why I am leaving, and then after I told her my reason, she started telling me how bad the DirecTV and Verizon internet services are and non-stop for 2 minutes. I suggest Comcast should watch itself instead complains other company. I think few years ago, at least their customer service was fine.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 16, 2007

    Comcast! well at least you get service from them, I am 300Ft from the last connection and they want $6000.00 to install me a line. These companies are too bug, they need to be broken down into smaller companies to provide a better service to everyone. Bush/Republicans have to go and monopolization needs to end!

    See where monopolization get you! Bill Gates, Comcast, Verizon to name but a few, they all suck!

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cable jerks!

I placed a service call in 4-2005 for poor Internet connectivity, and poor cable signal. Comcast contractor determined that the underground cable was defective and that it needed replaced. After 1.5 years and multiple attempts to get Comcast to fix the problem, I give up. I am an idiot for letting them keep me on the hook. I will be going to DirectTV and Verizon DSL. I am giving up Internet speed for reliability. Comcast should be paying me at this point. It is now 7-2006, and no one has responded after my most recent attempts to get this fixed. Just incredible. Comcast is a monopoly. Don't think otherwise. The Govt. made AT&T break up because they were a monopoly. Comcast needs to get their act together. Just because Oil is expensive doesn't mean that Comcast can keep raising their rates whenever they feel like it. Please make sure you understand the difference between Cable systems and Satellite systems. You will see that Satellite is more reliable than Cable. A few minutes of off air is nothing compared to hours and days of down time due to area power failures. And for you idiots that think IP phones are the way to go………..think again. When the power goes out, does your IP Internet phone still work? It does not. But pick up a regular phone and there will be dial tone when the local power is gone. What does that tell you? These are the reasons why I am going back to Satellite for TV, and over to DSL for Internet. Reliability. I will take Reliability over speed any day.

Company details:
Downingtown, PA. area. Suburban Philadelphia……………..Home of Comcast, the cable jerks.

high speed internet sucks!

We have been trying to get Comcast to repair the service lines to our home in Wrightstown, NJ for two months. We have talked to countless service representatives that have doubled talked, lied and even hung up mid conversation. They only have first names and pass us back and forth from person to person. We have been left on hold while the representative looks for a supervisor for 30 minutes and then they hang up. Two months later we have never spoken to anyone other than a representative. We have had two or three service calls from tecs that say the problem is in the underground wires and they can't fix it. They refer it back to the office for a "senior technician" to deal with. Nothing happens. This is an abuse of their franchise agreement.

One service rep told me if I didn't like their service I could go to another company. We can only get high speed internet from Comcast as DSL does not serve our phone number. Right now I am using dial up.


Company details:
Comcast internet service in New Jersey [protected]

  • Pa
    Patti Connelly Apr 24, 2007

    Since Comcast took over for Adelphia, our service in the Colorado Springs/Monument area has been horrible. Our "high speed" internet, digital cable and Vonage (VOIP) phone have suffered irreparably. No real corrective action has been taken and our bill is due to increase, due to Adelphia fees being lower than Comcast charges.

    Comcast customer service is the most incompetent bunch of rude, impertinent and seemingly uneducated group of individuals that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with--passing the buck continuously, keeping customers on hold for inordinate amounts of time only to then not resolve the issues. I have had no luck in actually speaking with a Comcast rep who cares to truly resolve my issues, neither technical nor billing. We are so sorry we decided to rely on this sub par company instead of going satellite dish and DSL!

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  • In
    insane111 Feb 19, 2010

    Comcast is a horrible company, our internet and tv go out when ever it wants to go out, up here in Southwest Michigan that's the only fast internet we have so we have to deal with their crappy service, the employee that came to setup up our internet and tv didn't ever give us up to date receivers for the tvs, they just gave us the ones he had left in the van

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customer service is god-awful!

This problem started months ago when a technician came out to replace a modem and told me that the signal...

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This is an addendum to my earlier complaint about Comcast phone service in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since...