Citizens Bankit wasn't no air condition in this particular branch and for the customers and the bank tellers

A Jul 27, 2019

I will get directly to the point on 6/27/2019 and at 12:39, Branch #594/Bank#060 Teller No.J058875 and at this particular Bank and here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and at this particular Branch and their was no-Air Condition/it was so hot even through and they had Several Commercials Fans/All I was experiencing nothing and but Hot Air/feeling very uncomfortable, The was very embarrassing, and I was shokc and had to go to this particular Branch of Citizens Bank and once a month, And the fans were very loud and very annoying, hou had to be very careful and I had to proceed with caution, And I also felt very sorry and for the only Bank Teller I had seem in This particular Branch Bank, and Citizen's Bank and some paperwork and were blowing in the Bank's Teller face, And I felt like I was in The Movie Going With the Wind, and enthough these fans were blowing nothing but hot air and These so call Commercials Fans were not much assistance to me or the The Bank Teller neither. That was very inconvenience and embarrassing to me and The Bank Teller and as far as I am concern shame on Citizen Bank, location At Penn Center /Branch#5941 and Bank #060 without Air Condition and at 12:39 this particular Branch Bank Citizen should have been closed, without Air Condition, and I hope that the air condition has been fixed and at this particular branc, that 's is negligenceand Citizen Bank, At this particular Branch was inconsiderate of other people 's feelings, they were putting people health and at risk, and I was shocked and I have never seen a Bank and at this particular Branch and at Citizen Bank and done anything like this before. and Citizen Bank and at that particular Branch should and been putting the customer's First and and showing me and also The Bank Teller some respect and also the public and that Citizen Bank at that particular Bank Branch should have been closed on that particular day and without Air Condition and also once again Shame on Citizen Bank and I am looking forward to be hearing from guys real soon and regarding this important subject matter.

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