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6070 Poplar Avenue Suite 200
Memphis, Tennessee
United States - 38119

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123 West Parkin Street, Parkin, Arkansas 72373
Jonesboro (Loan Production Office)
111 East Huntington, Suite A, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
Highland (Loan Production Office)
1566 Hwy 62/412, Highland, Arkansas 72542
1690 North Falls Blvd, Wynne, Arkansas 72396
West Memphis
301 Shoppingway Boulevard, West Memphis, Arkansas 72301
SBA Services

Denver, Colorado
999 18th Street, Suite 1415N, Denver, Colorado 80202

Complaints & Reviews


I started talking with them on May 20th, on May 28th I had a contract on a house and the process started. I...

not following contract obligations

This utah based company was suppose to help and assist me on real estate deals plus enroll me into there...

Lack of service/accountability

I was in the process of securing a new mortgage when sometime during the process Evolve acquired all the assets and pending loands of the original company. Didn't seem like a big deal at the time. I received a payment book from Evolve (hadn't seen one of those in years) and again didn't think it a big dea. I began trying to track my account on line - not an option. They had quite an elaborate web site - but only to make payments from. I called Evolve and got what appears to be the only accountant on staff - very snarky. She notified me I could call any time and she could give me the information I needed. Maybe it's a small thing but I have two homes and I check the statements monthly to make sure all payments are received and applied appropriately.
Evolve has now sold the servicing of loans to a 3rd party. They do have a website to track on payments - which was wonderful - except that they have no history prior to the date they assumed servicing. I received an annual escrow adjustment and three months later I received a 2nd one. Total monthly change = $60. I have never experienced such a jump in all my years of home ownership and i certainly have never received two in the same year. I contacted the servicing company - taxes and insurance have not increased - in fact insurance went down. They informed me that they did not receive enough of a balance from Evovle when they took over. I said this is a problem since my deposits have been made regularly. They said they would look into it and three days later I got a copy of the new - but same ecscow "analysis". There are no managers, supervisors or anyone capable of making a decision. I told them I'm not paying it and that they may have the home back - as i have another. Their automated complaint system resulted in one response telling me how to get a pay off balance - issue was categorized as reslved. I wrote again and was informed "it was illegal" not to pay the mortgage. That issue was marked resolved as well. No one is capable of addressing what appears to be the most basic of "servicing" questions but there is no dealing with this company. Apparently when they run short of cash they issue out random increased billing statements and assume there's nothing anyone can do about it. Run - don't walk away from this company. They are like ghosts and there's no accountability and they don't mind letting customers know that they are foolish to expect any.

Home Loan

We were supposed to close on our home almost two weeks ago. This bank frankly does not care and is dragging...

What I found was a lot of hate towards religion

I was looking for a Winter Solstice card and found this site. I thought it would have some interesting stuff that is not focused on religion. Unfortunately what I found was a lot of hate towards religion. They say it's "witty" or "clever" but in fact it is just religion hating. I am not a religious person, but I don't hate people who have faith in their religion. I had to leave the site after a few moments because of the vile attitude. The solstice card I originally pulled up did not have anything to say about the solstice, it only ranted about their hatred of God. Very, Very Sad site.

  • Ga
    GaryEvolveFISH Dec 20, 2012

    I don't agree with the statement that promotes hatred of religious people. Our site has lots of material that support specific "religious" ideas. For example, our Coexist line clearly encourages the cooperation of various religions. In all of our areas of interest, we try to talk about principles, not people. We talk a lot about science and rational thought, civil rights, respect and dignity for all. Those are the areas we enjoy the most.
    Sometimes individuals put themselves in positions as figure heads for a movement. We might make a joke about them. Charles Darwin for example.. But they are never intended as our main focus
    I apologize for offending you and hope you find what you are seeking elsewhere.

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I was duped by Evolve Bank and Trust. Discouraged by previous mortgage company LSI Mortgage Plus, I contacted...

Evolve bank @ trust

This Bank Evolve bank and trust is the worst to do business with.
I have been trying to refinance my house with this bank and after they told me that i would have
no problem refinancing and after they asked me to pay 350.00 dollars for an appraisal and an additional
80.00 dollars for a payoff fee to my current mortgage company, at the end they are unable to refinace my property and right now I am out all this money and not very happy.


My mother found this 'bank' on the internet here in Rhode Island. She went there and filled out a...

Underwriting and Closing

Jo Garner was the loan officer and Susan Belew is her assistant. We stated over and over what day we had to...

Bank negligence - lost my money

My name is michael gaskin, school teacher living in lithonia ga. I am married with 2 children 4year old and 8...