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$6500 taken from my account without my authorization

I have been a customer of citibank since 2000 and have used their online banking payments and transfers since that time.
On december 6 2008, a final auto transfer payment of 3, 250 was completed and I cancelled all future transfers to that account.
On january 6, citibank in error and without my authorization, sent another automatic transfer for 3, 250 thus debiting my account.

After I complained they refused to put the money back in my account since they could not retrieve the funds from the receipient bank wachovia. They acknowledged to me they had no idea how this happened and assured me it could not happen again. Still, they did not credit me the 3, 250.

On february 6, citibank again sent a transfer of 3, 250 to wachovia and again debited my account and told me they did not know how this could happen.

This time they credited my account with the february amount of 3, 250 but still not my january debit. Based on this experience I immediately removed my funds.

They still have never returned my january funds, never explained what happened in writing, and now have placed me in collection for 3, 250 which I removed in february despite the fact they still owe me the 3, 250 they took from my account in january.

In summary, citibank has a responsibility to protect my money on deposit. Citibank had no right to automatically remove any money from my account on january 6 or february 6. Citibank needs to prove to me the account holder that I did not cancel the january and february transfers then I will gladly take responsibility.

I am 65 and collect social security. Can you imagine having your bank acount manipulated to the tune of $6, 000 by your bank without your knowledge?

I wonder how many others have used their online system which has no integrity remove money from their accounts.

checking plus limit

I have had a checking account with Citibank around 1999 and when I opened it my Checking Plus (overdraft) limit was $7000.
The other day I learned that they decreased my limit to $1800 due to the fact that I am behind on payments on a credit card because it is really hard to find a shift job since I am taking care of a disabled parent and the economy. Not only did they not send me a letter stating the decrease but they took $12.95 out of account every month for credit checks which I had no clue they were doing. Apparently they think this limit is for a credit card but it is an overdraft limit for my checking account. This company is being bailed out and they have the nerve to penalize me. They are a bank and are supposed to help me and not rip me off. The least they could have done was ask if they could charge me for the credit reports which has absolutely nothing to do with a checking account.

  • Je
    Jennifer Slate Mar 01, 2014

    I also have a Citibank account and have been a customer for over 24 years, just last week I got my state income tax back and decided to pay a large payment to my checking plus account the very next day they lowered my balance by $300 which was exactly what I had paid which essentially was like stealing my money from me. They never notified me that they had any intention of lowering my balance and when I called to ask for an explanation at their 800 number the woman told me it was done at the local branch office because they found something in my credit that they didn't like so they decided to lower it. I asked her is that the way Citibank does business is to rip their own customers off by waiting for them to pay down their balance and trick them into thinking that they have a large available balance to use if needed only to turn around and lower their credit limit over and over again until there is no available balance left. She said I hope not but I can't guarantee it, I asked her if she was aware of how many complaints there were about this underhanded practice and she told me yes but she personally had no power to do anything about it. I said I found it ironic that Citibank got into financial trouble themselves a couple of times in the past couple of years and yet they asked their customers to stay loyal to them. Is this how they plan on recovering by ripping the very people off that they asked to be loyal to them? I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. The elephant in the room is that who hasn't taken a hit on their credit in the past six years with the loss of jobs, loss of homes and high cost of living? The fact that I have a banking account, a second mortgage and a checking plus account with them that I have never been late on should count for something. Apparently they aren't interested in how good your relationship is with them or how long you have been a customer. Their message to us is they can mess up their credit and it is business as usual but they are like sharks after the little guy always looking for ways to take away from them what they have worked for when they aren't looking. Shame on you CITIBANK !!!

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credit card abusive practices

Even though we have never been late on any payment and have a credit score of 736, Citi Bank charges 24% finance charge and maxed out our card by lowering the credit line by 50%. They refused to do anything. This is how they treat their customers that pay their bills.

  • Am
    amrita May 24, 2009

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equifax credit information services, inc.

having problem's, with credit history, that i have, no knoledge of...i'm receiving notices, of bad credit, and have 3 creitcards, and in groove, standard's.can you people, please, check and make sure.that!!!there's no file, mistake, or identity, problem's.i'm having, problem, receiving order's, which i've never had.due this matter.reference#:[protected]-[protected]

unfair charges and harrassment

We purchased full-house carpet from a reputable, well-known carpet company in Auburn California last year. We purchased it on a 90 days same as cash basis. The deal was, if we paid the entire balance due by December 12, which was apx. $9, 100.00, there would be no interest charges. I guess the store charged it with a "Citibank retail" credit card. We paid our entire balance, by check, along with our final invoice, by mail on December 1 or 2nd--plenty of time to be received and processed by the due date of Dec. 12, 2008. Citibank has been calling and harrassing us almost daily, ever since, claiming that the majority of our bill was actually due on December 5 because the Store billed THEM with two separate invoices on two separate days. We only ever received ONE invoice with ONE due date of Dec. 12, which we paid in full and ON TIME. We have our cleared payment through our Bank of America checking account that was processed on December 15. It takes 3-7 days for a payment to come through on a checking account statement, so clearly our entire balance was received by Citibank sometime between December 8 through December 12, at the latest. Citibank retail collection department calls us several times every day asking for the payment of the interest, which now totals nearly $1, 000.00 with the fees they have added on!!! None of this makes sense--why would be pay our entire balance of over $9, 000 on time, on or before the due date, and still have Citibank expect that we would pay the interest charges because they either delayed processing our payment when they received it, or have engaged in some sort of scam, claiming our bill was due one week prior to the due date shown on our invoice, so they could then claim we owed them all the back interest. What can we do besides file claim with the State Attorney General's office and the Federal Trade Commission?

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don't pay citibank any bank draft - they never return

Citibank NA had a Non Resident Indian Bank Opening Offer in 2005 where they offered zero account balance accounts for Non Resident Indians. In November 2005, I applied for the account opening with a draft of £ 300 needed. They returned my documents as they needed more documents to confirm my residential address - even though I had a running HSBC account at the same address. They did not include my draft in the returned documents. On repeated calls I was told that they don't hold drafts from people whose application for opening account is rejected.On a concerted chase with HSBC, I finally found that the amount had already been withdrawn by Citibank.

I wrote to them in the first instance on 02/02/2006:



On 25 février 2006 12:43 I wrote:

Can you please provide me with the email of your departmental head, Does an organisation exist in this bank ?


On 25 février 2006 I wrote:



This was follwed by multiple calls to them where they simply said they did not hold my draft and to check with the issuing bank.

I wrote back to them on 12 February 2007:

Citibank NRI Business
Citigroup Centre
25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf E14 5LB
United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

I have been made to run pillar and posts to open an account with you. My initial request to open the account in November 2005 was not allowed and the application form was returned without the bank draft.After many communications through your phone line and emails.I was not given a clue as to what really happened with my bank draft passing the ball back to me saying that my documents were returned with the draft of £300.

After a concerted chase with HSBC involving taking time off my work and travel on numerous occassions - I have come to trace that the draft was deposited with another bank on 18-11-2005 while I was being continually told that Citibank did not have possession of my money.

I would like you to kindly refund me with my draft amount with interest to my account number ********* at HSBC Bank along with adequate compensation for the distress caused due to your pathetic levels of account opening customer services.

I have been made to run pillar and posts to open an account with you. My initial request to open the account in November 2005 was not allowed and the application form was returned without the bank draft.After many communications through your phone line and emails.I was not given a clue as to what really happened with my bank draft passing the ball back to me saying that my documents were returned with the draft of £300.

After a concerted chase with HSBC involving taking time off my work and travel on numerous occassions - I have come to trace that the draft was deposited with another bank on 18-11-2005 while I was being continually told that Citibank did not have possession of my money.

I would like you to kindly refund me with my draft amount with interest to my account number ******** at HSBC Bank along with adequate compensation for the distress caused due to your pathetic levels of account opening customer services.

To which I got back the reply:

Dear Sharique,

How are you?? Hope you are in good health.
We have been trying to get in touch with you. But the letters that we have sent you have returned back to us. We sent them to your L*** Road address since the same was mentioned on the envelope sent by you.

Please let us know which address do we need to send the draft to??

I replied on 21 April 2007:


Please send the same to Sharique ****, Flat K, *** H*** Road, ******
At this point I am looking for additional payments to cover for interest accrued in the period the amount was retained by you and damages in the form of my work time lost spent chasing the amount through emailing, telephoning you and the draft issuing bank and physically visiting the draft issuing bank and your branch in Central London.


On 24 April 2007 I got the following response:

Dear Sharique,

Since we did not receive any reply from you earlier, we have dispatched the cheque along with the interest lost to your India address : *****, New Delhi - *** which was mentioned in the letter that you had sent to us.
A letter confirming the same will be sent to this address mentioned below

On 01 June 2007, I wrote:

It is more than a month and I have not recieved anything from Citibank at the address you have sent the cheque.

Please check.

On 03 July 2007, I got the following message:

I have put a tracer for your cheque to India. Am awaiting a revert from them.

I'll keep you posted once i receive any initimation from India.

On 2007/12/12, I wrote:

Any headway with the payment..Or do I consider that Citibank needs a part of my earning to function through its precarious existence.


On 03 January 2008 18:05, I wrote:
Has there been any headway in providing me back this payment.


No response was recieved and I continued on calling each time a new person at the call center would make me recall the whole story. I recorded the names of few individuals I got on their customer service. For example:


3/12/08 S Bismillah

10/7/08 S Patel

On 11/11/08 I got the following reply

This is with reference to your email dated October 23, 2008.

We were unable to respond to your query within the time-frame promised, as it required investigation.

We regret the inconvenience caused.

We confirm that we will be able to compensate an amount of INR 2386.85 towards the interest amount during the period of November 24, 2005 to November 10, 2008.

Please confirm us the disbursement mode through which the funds need to be transferred for us to do the needful.

We assure you of our best attention at all times.

On March 26, 2009 I gave them my physical address for delivery of the cheque.

No cheque was received.

I called the same officer again who said she wanted me to forward emails so that she could investigate and resend me the cheque

On April 13, 2009, I got the following email:

This is with reference to your email dated March 26, 2009.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your query.

We have arranged to send a draft for GBP 32.00 to the below mentioned address.


Please be assured that you will receive the same at the earliest.

We assure you of our best attention at all times.


I am still not in reciept of any cheque. They had agreed to provide me a paltry compensation- which is even now in thin air .

Can you please advise me what to do in this instance. Citibank NRI Services are not regulated by UK FSA but they offer their services to Non Resident Indian customers in many countries.

unethical practices

Approximately 6 months ago I entered into an agreement with Consumer Credit Counselors to close and pay off several credit cards, one of which was issued by Citibank.
During the second month I began to get collection calls from Citi. When asked how this could be, they said the agreement had been canceled and would have to be renewed.
This happened again after the fourth month and the sixth month (about every other month of the agreement).
It has not happened with any of the other creditor accounts.
I have made my payments on time.
Citi sends me no notice of the cancellation. I know nothing of it until I receive collection calls from Citi.
But by this time, they have assessed me a $29 late charge.
So, the agreement which calls for a $20 / month payment, which is made on time each month, actually reults in an $11 payment, a $29 late payment penalty, and additional damage to my credit rating.

  • Ra
    Ray L. Grant Feb 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called for a pay off on my card 3 different times so 3 different people.
    I paid the whole pay off now I am getting extra interest and service charge bills when I have paid the stated pay off amount and they credited it to the account. They also said they will send me this bill for the next 2 months..

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unethical practices

National City Bank is the most unethical bank I have ever had. They have dishonest practices that lead to making money off their customer base. Examples that I have experienced is that they deducted from my balance immediately for any pending charges before they have sent the money. They also hold deposited money until the next day in order to give unecessary overdraft fees. National City programs the processing system to take the smallest charges last in order to give the highest number of overdraft fees as possible. I was not even negative in my bank and had 2 deposits entered into my account leaving me with a positive balance. However, they switched around the dates in order to give me 5 huge!!! overdraft fees. That evening when they processed everything National City took out the large charges first, then all the small ones, and then processed my deposit (but before doing that they took out 5 overdraft charges for my 5 smallest transactions that took me into a negative balance). I wasn’t even negative in my bank and I check my account constantly to try to avoid any issues. I am left with little money to pay the necessary bills I need to get by and am seriously thinking about not using any banks at all anymore. I really think I would be better off writing money orders and keeping the money I work so hard for in my pockets instead of being tricked by the banking system. There has to be something that consumers can do to get this process changed because it is so unethical and I know I am not the only person who goes through this on a regular basis. So far in my experience of banking (even though the others are terrible as well) National City Bank seems to be the worst. I highly recommend never getting an account with them.

  • Valerie May 04, 2008

    My husband and I refinanced our home in Nov. 06 and took out a line of credit with National City. We never used even half of it and paid most of it off when a business deal we used it for was finished. We currently have less than $30, 000 on it and have never been late with a payment and have always paid much more than due. We have A credit - we got a letter on April 28, 2008 that was dated April 23, 2008. They said that they have closed our line of credit because their automated system said our house decreased in value from $435, 000 to $386, 500. No warning - our only credit cards are linked to this loc. We paid closing costs of a couple thousand dollars (normal fees) for a loc that we only used 18 months.

    That is annoying and wrong I think - but it gets better. The letter also said that any charges against the loc made after TWO days of letter date (23rd) would not be honored. So...from the 25th on, National City would not honor any charges we made. But, we didn't get the letter until the 28th so that means that there are gas charges, a payment to pay off a small balance on a previous card, etc. are being refused!! Now I have to do damage control.

    And the best part is today I get my statement from them for May and they have charged me a $30.00 fee for a check they refused! I am so angry that I can't even begin to figure out what we are going to do. We all know who wins when you sue - usually legal fees make it not worth it but I am tempted.

    Do NOT use National City whatever you do - we are researching the banking regulatory thing but who knows…

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  • Gi
    Gil Davis May 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with this post, because the exact same thing happened to me. I also entered into a HELOC with National City on good faith and with the understanding that NCB was a fair and reputable organization. Boy, was I wrong. Additional problems were that I have already entered into an agreement with a contractor in my area, and wrote checks prior to that stupid two-day rule, still NC did not honor them, and I am in damage control as well. Remediation following their procedures in the letter they sent, and a couple phone calls to useless, uninformed, apathetic Customer Service agents at National City is still open ended. However, they still want their payments from me on time.

    What's worse is that I only took out a small equity loan. Even doing the math with their "automated value calculator" which they say they have a "high level of confidence" in, I still have over $100k in equity left in my home, still well enough to cover the small loan I took out with them. When I asked them about this, they told me they don't know how they get to that calculation, or where they determine a cutoff. The original contract I signed with them does say they reserve the right, blah, blah, blah, if there is a "significant" decrease in value, but what is considered significant? Is it $5000, is it $50, 000, no one seems to know, and apparently, they pull the number out of mid air, and cause us both and probably thousands of other unfortunate souls left out there to clean up the mess of their unprofessionalism.

    At this point, I am so frustrated that I will for sure close this account, but you can be assured that I will be taking this to my attorney, the BBB, and to a few of the media outlets. I am not one who makes waves in most instances, but these unfair practices of NCB need to not go unanswered, and if it's going to hurt us, we of course have to do what we can to try and make it hurt for them.

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  • Jo
    jon walkwe May 13, 2009

    Same issue with over 7 overdrafts. In addition, the largest amount had been honored ($400). The next day, someone at the branch decided to not pay the amount and charge me an additional insufficent funds fee on top of the 7 overdrafts!

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I hereby inform you that I lost y redit card no. [protected] issued by Citibank N. A. and on discussions with their officials the card was blocked on 30-08-2008 (and issued a new credit card no. [protected] against the above). However, Citibank officials intimated on phone that the following three purchases were also made on the above mentioned credit card which were not made by me:-

Sl. No. Date Time Name of the Merchant Amount(Rs.)
[protected] 8.05 pm Shiva Traders, Noida 310.00
2 -do- 9.26 pm Adunik - The Mobile 30, 000.00
3 -do- 9.27 pm Adunik -The Mobile 20, 000.00
Total 50, 310.00

The above three purchases were not made by me and the same was informed by me to Citibank N. A. officials. It can also be seen from Citibank N. A. records since (approximately 3 years) the time I have been using their card that I have not made any such purchases and I have paid the entire amount every month without fail. Moreover, previously I had used Citibank Credit cards No. 0197 6002 (Citibank Times Credit Card 1999 onwards) and Citibank Credit cards No. [protected] at Ahmedabad and had no disputes with Citibank.

In this connection, I wanted to inform you that I have filed a written complaint with the Police Authorities at Sector 24, Noida on 31-08-2008. A photocopy of the duly acknowledged complaint is enclosed for your kind perusal.

Further, I have disputed the above amount of Rs. 50, 310-- and have filed Card Member Declaration Form (photocopy enclosed) on 11-09-2008 with Citibank Officials. In addition, I disputed the above charges verbally on their Gurgoan telephone no. [protected] on various dates and asked them to credit the above amount as I have neither done the above purchases nor sign the merchant slips. The Citibank instead of crediting my account have started charging Interest, Late Payment charges etc. and harassing me through telephone calls and SMSs.

You are requested to kindly take up the matter at your level with Citibank Officials for not harassing me as I am not in a position to pay for the misdeeds-frauds of others.

accepting a check that was out of date

A year and a half ago we found it necessary to stop payment on a check we had given out for work that was not done. We kept the Stop Payment active for approximately one year then our bank (Key Bank) told us that it was no longer necessary to keep the Stop payment on the check and so we let it go. The check was stamped with a Stop Payment order on the front of the check from the first time the man tried to have the check cashed. One year and a half later he apparently put the check in with other checks and deposited same at the ATM. It, of course, went on through but the bad thing is that the National City Bank Proof Department in Cleveland< Ohio did not catch the bad check that was stamped STOP PAYMENT and so we are out the money for the work that did not get done one and a half years ago. I cannot even imagine a Proof Reader letting that go by without checking up on the check clearly stamped STOPPED PAYMENT and then did not notice that it was written September 8, 2008. To put it all in a nutshell National City gets what they pay for. They also were not willing to charge the man's account with the Stop payment check and give us our money back. They said they could not do that. Now they want their money for various charges they have against them but what about the poor working guy who does the right thing and National City Bank tells them they cannot give them the money for a STOPPED PAYMENT CHECK THAT IS A YEARS AND A HALF OLD. What a stupid bunch. It is no wonder they are in financial trouble.

terrible bank

As a former employee of AT&T, I was guaranteed an AT&T Universal Card for life for no fees. They have recently canceled this account because I live overseas. I have lived overseas for over 16 years with this card and have received statements and been able to use my card with no problem.

I want to know how they can just decide to not honor their commitment to provide me this card with no fees for life, especially since I have lived overseas for over 16 years and had no problems until now.

  • Valerie Oct 05, 2008

    I have had a Citi Master Card since last year. I used it only once in January, 2008. In June, there was an unauthorized charge of 69.99 posted on my account. I called Citi to find out what I had to do about that unauthorized charge. They said I had to call next day to talk to the billing department. Next day I called, a customer service rep told me she could take care of it for me without involving a billing dept. She said it was all taken care of.

    In August I logged into my account online and saw the same charge posted on there. I called again, and was told that they would mail me dispute papers to sign. They did, I signed them and mailed them back in. In couple of weeks after that I saw a credit posted to my account for that charge. So it indeed looked like it was all taken care off. I logged in today again and see the same charge on there again!! I called them (it was the 5th time!), first I was told I had no balance and there was nothing for me to worry about. After 15 minutes of me trying to persuade the CSR that I do see a balance on there, she admit it was there and placed me on hold, and then again, and again. Finally a billing specialist got on the phone. She started telling me that they never received dispute documents from me. I told her that I did mail them and that after that I did receive a credit. She said she was going to mail me another set of papers to sign and that I would get them in about a week. After I told her that I was unaware of this "no docs" problem and that every time I called I was told everything was fine she said she was sorry and hung up!

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  • He
    Henry Mar 12, 2009

    As a former employee of AT&T, I was guaranteed an AT&T Universal Card for life for no fees. They have recently canceled this account because I live overseas. I have lived overseas for over 16 years with this card and have received statements and been able to use my card with no problem.

    I want to know how they can just decide to not honor their commitment to provide me this card with no fees for life, especially since I have lived overseas for over 16 years and had no problems until now.

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fraud and lies

National City Bank/ PNC Bank after receiving billions of taxpayer dollars just like the rest of the bank industry has -is inventing a new way to screw you. That is when you make a deposit whether by cash or payroll check they hold it forever and ensure they get as much overdraft fees charged to you.

Here is my case- On 13 Feb. 2009 I deposited my entire manual paycheck from the State of Ohio in my Checking account. As any reasonable and prudent person would believe and ascertain the money would cover all funds to be posted over the weekend-and should be effective in my account. When I got up to go to work Sat. 14 Feb, 2009 at 0530 the ATM said I was in the negative. I had to scramble to find enough money to pay for gas fill up my tank and get to work at London, Ohio by 0710. Due to the banks being closed when I got off I then called Customer No Service who then promptly told me that it was bank policy to withhold deposits until the next business day-although they can debit any day.

I then on Monday 16 Feb., 2009 had to go into the London, Ohio branch and speak to their account managers- The old woman had enough audacity to state that the check that the State of Ohio had put my name on which is my money- earned keeping the citizens of ohio safe from bands of marauding criminals-wasn't my money but theirs and she wouldn't help me-especially if I Have had any overdrafts on my account before. I got assistance after making the statement-Do you know about Clark Howard's Radio show-that exposes rip off companies scams and mega banks just like you- if you don't get someone who will do it I will put this on the airways so that millions of people can hear. The Bank manager came down shortly and took care of the fees.

Fast forward to 27 Feb. 2009, I deposit $1, 180 dollars cash into the ATM Deposit-since they don't have a deposit box. It did not post till Tuesday 3 March, 2009- They charged me 8 I say again 8 overdraft fees @ $36.00 each for a total of $288.00. Thats how much they robbed me. I found out last night which was 2 march that all deposits are held till the next day.They had the money for 3 days and did not credit my account with it. I had to speak with one the bellefontaine bank officers-and the gave me back (aren't they kind) 3 of the overdraft fees-but had to refer 5 other fees all related to their failure to credit my account.



  • Sa
    sassycrim Jun 04, 2009

    I'm having the same problem with this bank. It's a shame how they rip off the public and there's nothing that we can do about it!!!

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trying to purposely default their customers

So we have a mortgage through citimortgage and this company which is becoming larger and larger with every breath is trying to default your mortgage on purpose. I have tried for days over a week now to pay my house payment online as I always do and guess what their site is down. they keep telling me they are working on it.in the meantime they suggest I pay them over the phone an additional twenty dollars to do a phone payment. yeah right. my payment was due on the first with a late payment occuring after the ninth. the late payment will be $9.77. well as of today they have called me everyday since the 2nd of the month which was one day late on my payment, they have called 5-10 times a day. I will not give these scammers a dime of that late fee I will go to my grave with that money and they are now going to see what a media ho I am cause starting today I am going to go to every media outlet I can find and complain about it. don't trust citibank they will screw with you something terrible!

  • Da
    Dan Hart Mar 09, 2009

    I will completely agree with you, that CITIBank is a government backed bunch of theives. I ended up receiving my sears card through them. No big deal, got the 0% interest until 2012 and was told no payments for the first 6 months. Then 2 1/2 months later, I have citibank calling my home, cell phone, and work numbers insisting that I send them payment immediately that I could only have the 0% interest, or no payments first 6 months, not both. This wasn't how the deal was made, but finally I decided to just make payment and continue on. Over 3 weeks for them to allow me to pay online. The dirty cheats locked my account online to start with. After an hour on the phone, that was unlocked and I was told I'd have to wait the 6-8 days for my checking account to verify. On the 8th day I go back on to make payment and because I'm now late, I get hit with a $35 late fee and told I can't pay online until my account is verified. These people are the modern day pirates of the financial market. Stealing our tax dollars to intern screw those they took it from. Only "CHANGE" I'm seeing with this new and great government the Democrats promised is the national deficit tripling and my credit score taking a nose dive. Thanks again for being another big talking liberal who does jack ### for our country, but set us back...

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  • Gi
    giveu2tictacs Oct 14, 2010

    So get this. I had paid late one month ONE MONTH by a few days. The next month the sent me a notice of default. Paid on time every time except this time by a few days. This is because they would NOT ALLOW me to make a partial payment and then make the rest in a week. If they allowed me to make a "good faith effort" and pay at least 3/4 of the payment on time. The website only allows full payments so I called in to make a partial payment. The lady on the other end in so many words said, too bad we cannot accept partial payment and a promise to pay the rest. Seriously, in this day an age I would think they would want to work with you to prevent foreclosing.

    I feel I have this notice hanging over my head now and that anytime they can just pull foreclosure when they want. This is only because I have read on this site and others they have done this to others. I WANT TO KEEP MY HOME and I PAY ON TIME>

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if you want customer service, don't come here!

I am not a hard person to please, so when I find a website and devote the time to telling my experience, that...

dispute resolution request an investigation and appeal/ loss prevention

To Whom It May Concern I Ms. Rosemary Maysonet is writing to you regarding of how I was terminated; On 26th...

huge annual fee

I have been a loyal customer of Citibank for over a decade. I have the AAdvantage Credit Card. Last year we...

federal regulation d

Caution National City bankers with a Savings Account. National city in compliance with Regualtion D of the Federal Reserve will hit you with a $30.00 insufficent funds charge if you make more than 6 TRANSFERS from your Savings Account over the INTERNET.

While this is legal and in accordance with the Federal Regulation D, National City true to form does not provide any notification, or warning so they can collect yet another fee from it's users.

While they do have to charge a fee, it is not mandated what that fee should be.

Calling customer service simply tells you read all the little pamphlets they give you when you open an account. Save yourself by knowing of this in advance, and read up on this regulation.

Then send a letter to your Senator/Congressman demanding that if we must have this regulation then force the banks to notifiy you when you have comleted 4 on line transfers and advising you of the fee if you make 6 or more

falsely damaging my credibility

As I applied for Citibank credit card in the month of January 2009, I understand that approval of credit card application at the sole discretion of Citibank, when I checked the status of my application it got declined and the reason for decline was told to me by the representative of Citibank that I have not made payment for my previous Citibank credit card. To my knowledge Citibank never ever given me loan or issued me credit card before, I requested to provide me valid reason for the denial of my credit card application but I did not get any response from Citibank .As a result of this false accusation I feel my reputation is being damaged by Citibank.

  • Ci
    citi bank hater May 31, 2010

    Citi is run by greed and it's become obvious the only customers they want are those they can exploit with high interest rates, late fees and bogus other charges. I've closed every account I had with them and took the credit score ding rather than give them opportunities to extort from me. This company is run by snakes very similar to the politicians.

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citibank mastercard

Every time I received my billing statement from Citibank card I always got a headache. There's always this charges that I don't know where they come from...but still I pay what is needed.

Recently, I just file a request to them through phone, requesting them to cut my credit line...since I intended not to use my Citibank credit card ever.

The Citiphone officer inform me that I have to settle first my balance, which I have to pay the full amount (18, +++).

I ask her if it is possible that the payment could be like the monthly bill they usually send me, because I can't pay the balance in full. She checked my query and said to me that it is possible, and she clarified to me that she will cut my line and the payment will be monthly just like the monthly billing statement I usually received from them. She said that the request to cut the line will take effect after 4 days, that someone might call me for confirmation or if not, consider the request done. And then there's the usual question of why I want to close my card and etc.

Four days... and even more days have pass and I haven't received any call from them, so, I guested that my request to cut my line is already done.

Then came my monthly billing statement.And to my surprise, I have to pay my balance in full and will be due this coming March 3, 2009.

I immediately call their customer service to settle this problem, because I don't have the money to pay them in full. The Citiphone officer told me in a disobedient voice that according to their record, I was informed that I have to pay in full before they can cut my line. I told him that it was not the agreement between me and the other Citiphone officer before, and I ask him to review my last conversation with that other Citiphone officer. He told me that it will take 7 to 10 working days before they can give me feedback. I ask him what can be done because I can't pay them in full, and he repeatedly said that I just have to wait 7 to 10 days for them to review my other conversation with them. and our conversation just go on in circle...

I just hope that they can resolved this much faster and earlier, because it will definitely give me headache on days to come, as long as I don't received any feedback from them.

It could be better if they can offer me a very good deals to settle this payment.

Oh well, I will just call them again in the following days for follow-up and feedback, and I hope they won't give me even more HEADACHE!!!

  • Ny
    nytiramisu Dec 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not gettign my citibank bank statements in the mail or money mag also...

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  • Ma
    Matet Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are right...CITIBANK sucks money from their clients...I was trapped with their easy loan ( easy becaue, I did not apply for it) way back 2004..the check worth 75, 000 was just delivered to my office. Deligintly, I paid monthly minimum payments averaging 6, 500... that included so many questionable charges ...and worst is, the annual renewal continues yearly, but the expired card was not renewed and replaced since 2007. Thus, without using the card, I was diligently paying 6-7, 00 a month, sometimes when there is a delay of payment due to shortage, an automatic penalty charge is added on tp of the big interest, plus, the call center agent( or maybe a collecting agent will call almost everyday, even at the middle of your office work, and demands by phone to make you a promise to pay on a specified date...harassing you and even humiliates you...if I have to compute all the payments I made, it will aready reach to 360, 000...I tried to reach their financial management t appeal to stop adding interest, so that I can finish it, but the call agent will just transfer the call from number to the other...thus, since August 2009, I stopped paying, and the amount which accumulated now to 160, 000.

    Different collecting agents are calling everyday...demanding different mode of payments...one is asking for a co-maker, the other asks post dated checks...and one even demended me to pay 3, 000 on that day of call so they can restructure the mode of payment. To my surprise, the next bill reflected payment of that 3, ooo, but there is also another charge of 3, 000 as credit charge. So, when the agent called again, I told her that she is not doing what she promised inspite of my compliance, so I will no longer entertain her, so, she threatened me to file a suit for credit abondonement...so I told her that as Atty. legarda advised in her one show in TV, I told each of them to provide me at least 3 proposals, and the one I choosed shall be notarized, and I will also provide copy to Central Bank...you know what, none of them cam up with a proposal...as of today, I am waiting for the best and fair proposal...I do not have the intention to neglect this, as I was already blocked from availing loans, and even opening current account in the banks..but I think, I need to have a fair way of settling this mess...I really felt victimized and don't know how to get out from this...Help please!

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  • Yo
    youandyou Jun 05, 2010

    Thanks for this information, now I know I shouldn't get a citi card.. :)

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  • Ro
    Ronuel Sep 22, 2010

    I am a prospect applicant, and I want to get feedback on this matter. Thanks for your outputs. Appreciate it.

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  • Pe
    peanuts7 Sep 23, 2010

    Possibly you need to go to Bombay because that is where Citibank outsources their work. I'm getting rid of this card because it gives work to other countries instead of keeping work here in the US & give work to out of work Americans.

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  • Jb
    jbdaylight Oct 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CITI CARD SUCKS!!! I always try to pay my balance in full every to avoid finance charges. What I do is pay half before the due date and pay the second half before the statement date. I''ve been doing this for over a year. This month my statement date is Oct 3rd, I paid my balance in full Oct 1st and I incurred finance charges. I called customer service and asked to have the finance charges waived. I was hang up on by the first rep and the second representative advised that it is not possible. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was advised there's no sup available. Anyways, it wasn't resolved so I asked to have the card cancelled and again I was advised it will not be done since I need to pay my balance in full. Well, I can't wait till Monday to pay the card in full and cancel it. No wonder Citi's one of the biggest losers in the U.S. CITI sucks everywhere!!!

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  • Bl
    bluerthanblue Feb 26, 2015

    citibank sucks. I saved a lot of points (cebu pacific visa platinum) so i can redeem e-vouchers. When i asked for redemption, the citi rep told me they no longer redeem e-vouchers. But why wont they notify their customers?? They told me that i can use it to pay my balance when i didnt have balance at all?? Because i already paid them in full! I Am so disappointed. They asked me to just purchase anything. Duhhh?? I already bought the things i need and paid! To my anger i just closed the damn account i had for 5 years. Poor service!

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  • Li
    lilbheng Sep 17, 2015

    Citibank NEVER CARES at all! The reps will tell you a lot of s7up1d things just to get away with the call. I have two credit cards with Citibank. They share one credit line but I have to pay for 2 annual membership fees!!! When you need something from them, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get what you need BUT, when they offer customer to avail their cash promos, you'll get one h3ll of a call each week or even twice a week! They will bug you to d3a7h to avail even if you already declined during the first contact. I have called today to cancel my credit cards! I will pay all remaining balance in one shot for the glory of keeping myself at peace for not having CITIBANK in my life!

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stealing my funds

just wanted to let everyone out there in Kansas that are currently drawing unemployment. As of november Kansas unemployment call center started using citibank debit cards to pay people from week to week for there claims. Citibank is taking transactions and putting duplicate ones in the system so you are over drafted and have to pay late fees. this has happened to me the last 3 weeks. I told my attorney and am currently going over my resources to get a lawsuit started for the money they tried to take from me. Sorry citibank unemployment wasnt designed to give to you crooks!!! Anyway the only way to get around this corrupt company is when you get your funds in the debit card, , withdrawel them immediately or else they will steal your money from you. It just so happens citibank is one of the most top banks that are ready to go under so they steal from people on unemployment. Just giving kansans a heads up.It does no good calling citibank just get an attorney and take legal actions in your own hands!!!

  • Ja
    JamesJoyce7 Jun 09, 2010

    You're unemployed which means no one wants you ... and you're encouraging others to get an attorney? ahh the irony.

    You won't work but you're advocating to put attorneys to work to fight people that are working?!?


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  • Me
    med114 Aug 16, 2010

    @ jamesJoyce... Shut up... You seem rather rude, and under educated. Unemployed doesn't mean no one wants you... Mr Roberts industry went belly up... and he currently is employed... Kansas just sucks... Along with Citi Bank.

    And it's not all citi bank, it's how there is only one ATM in the area for clients to access money with no Fees.
    the rest bill the charge as a whole rather then the ATM fees separate which Citi bank will reimburse.

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  • Gr
    [email protected] Feb 02, 2011

    Citibank also stealing funds from my Maryland unemployment benefits with erroneous transaction fees, 25 of them @ $1.50. They explained to me that they charge ATM fees after the 4th use of the card in a month, but when looking at the fees, that is nonsense, there is no structure whatsoever in how and when they were charging those fees. Shame on Citibank for kicking the down and out to the curb with these unemployment fees. Quite the constructive way to make money Citibank.

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  • St
    SteveRider Jul 29, 2012

    Yeah JamesJoyce7, put that in your pipe and smoke it! I will pray u get layed off, you ignorant.

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  • Hj
    HJFa2 Jul 24, 2013

    Well, my business I worked for closed and I had to draw unemployment. Since this was the only money I had coming in at the time I called and asked about having the card sent "express"-made the call on Monday morning, lady said they could do it, told me last digits of my card and to call back the next day for tracking number. Call back next day (Tuesday), the lady tells me the person I spoke with on Monday told me to call on Thursday for the tracking information. Oh did I mention I had to pay $10 for the second day delivery. So, today (Wednesday) I call to find out the call on Monday was completed taken out of the system and the conversation Tuesday was the only thing in the system. Today I was told the card was just issued yesterday (Tuesday), and that today it would be sent out - call back tomorrow Thursday for the tracking number and I can expect it in 3-4 business days. WTH! I paid for 2nd day. Normal delivery is 7 to 10. Ok, Monday-Tuesday-today is Wednesday-get tracking number for 2nd tomorrow and receive in 3 to 4 days. This makes NO SENSE! If I pay for something to be sent 2nd day-you expect it the 2nd day!!! So, basically they charged me for nothing but giving me a hard time, lying through their teeth. Rip off artist and government supported! LOL, guess we should not be surprised.
    @JamesJoyce you are the ###! More like a first class IDIOT! Economy sucks everywhere and sad nut case that even those with LARGE incomes ended up on unemployment and oh my goodness food assistance for a while. Learn what you are talking about before you speak. Sorry, the corporation I worked for did not know how to manage finances better and recover from being 10million in debt!!! Which threw them in to bankruptcy and 5000 of us without jobs..."###"

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