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Ok I understand there is a law and some need to show I'd but this store since becoming a circle k has gone so far downhill that all the whites left only blacks work there with the exception of 1 person that I know of anyway this store is less then a mile from my house we go in there 3 to 4 times a day manager knows us very well, we'll this new black kid started other night my husband goes in there to buy cigs this kid ids him he don't have a I'd but here is where it's so stupid it's not even funny my husband is 50 yrs old we have grandchildren and trust me he don't look younger then 21 age in Texas you have to be to buy cigs well that's not the worst part this kid was rude and very ugly then proceeds to sell cigars to a black person who looked like a kid and never I'd him every other worker knows us we do not look young so he was not just doing his job he was straight up being a jerk to us we have never had problem in fact one of the managers had my husband build some things for their house so it's not like he could have just mistakenly done this and he has been told by other employees that we are good no need to I'd but yet he refuses to sell us cigs which is costing y'all from making money from us and god knows who else probably anybody else that's white we will not go back to that store nor will over half of our neighborhood because of the way it's become blacks hang out in parking lot all hrs line is constantly backed up because employees care more bout talking to each other then waiting on customers and number one they are plain rude they let you know they don't Like their job and have no problem voicing it please do something about that new kid and store in general please

Oct 07, 2019
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  •   Oct 07, 2019

    Ever hear of punctuation? Your prejudiced self can go elsewhere and not be subjected to black people. Omg the horrors of black people in the parking lot!

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