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There always a girl up there at 10pm I stop on my way there from work to get drinks and by 5am she still...


Hello. I'm a life long Norman resident and have grown accustomed to Circle K's fantastic coffee. It's truly...

customer service

One of your employees who works at 546 Ashdale ct. she was VERY rude and threatening me and my family if we...


On November 4, 2018 at the Circle K in Bedford Heights, Ohio a cashier name Khari worked with tissue stuck up...

gas pumps and no customer service

The pumps are not serviced and never will print a receipt. The clerk tonight was extremely rude and refused...

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ex-circle k employee

His I use to work at store number 1496 in Chappell Hill Tx and I have a problem. The boss Richard is a bad boss he is very disrespectful to customers and employees, the store is dirty and unsanitary, theirs bugs all in the backery product that have to be put out for ppl to enjoy. It's also dirty nasty mop water that's why it's bugs back there. Also Richard does a lot of discrimination like making black jokes that i don't think was funny. I really feel for the customers eating the food and Healh Department needs to come see for them self how ppl don't use gloves. Another thing is it's a gas station how is it so hard to do your job it's sooo easy. And another thing it's been a lot of ppl calling on him and his response is " She's my friend she's not going to do nothing" well that women needs to be out of office and also y'all need to look and ask him why his turn over rate is so high ppl quit back to back your losing workers and customers

ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee
ex-circle k employee

  • Updated by Court_22 · Nov 18, 2018

    And also I have found fly's in the fish and chicken bucket

a male worker

As I was walking towards the ladies restroom A male employee had just walked out of the ladies restroom after...

mrs tanya sanders

Im writing about mrs tanya sanders shes very disrespectful plus shes always smelling like weed she steal money from the store and replace it befor anyone knows i know plus i know the store policy dont allow people to be with her while she delivers cirkle k deposite at capital 1 bank on plank rd the police stay at her job behind her and her friend guy who also comes in drunk causing confused in the store with mrs tanya sanders if yall look at yall records and u will see how many times they have been to that store she also does extacy if u dont belive me drug test her to prove it

customer service

November 2nd my boyfriend stopped in at Circle K and bought 6 donuts and a Polar Pop. Later that day after...

unethical behavior from cashier - cafeteria

This incident happen on Monday, November 12th 2018 at the Circle K located at 1644 Nicholson Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70802:

I walked in to CircleK to ask cashier Catateria for change to buy air for my flat tire from the CirckleK air pump outside. I already had 3 quarters but I needed change for the remaining dollar (the air pump is $1.75 to use). When I asked for change, Catateria refused to open the cash register stating I had to buy something at the store. I explained to her I had just come from a running workout (I had no credit cards on me) so the money I have is spare money in my car to pay for the air pump. I continued to explain that if I bought something I would no longer have the money required to buy air for my tire.

Catateria refused saying: "I can't help you, you need to buy something!"
I replied: "I am trying to buy something, buy air from your compressor outside your store."

Catateria said: "The air pump has nothing to do with us".
I replied: "I'm confused because the air-pump has the CircleK logo on it."

Catateria escalated with aggression and said "You can't afford to buy anything?!"
I explained "I have a flat and I just need four quarters in exchange for this dollar."

Every time I stated this she escalated to the point where she threatened to call the police on me if I did not leave.

I use this CircleK location once a week to fill up with gas. Where is the compassion? Someone comes in with a flat-tire, has money, just needs change to use your air compressor and they are met with hostility, anger and refusal to help. It's belittling that I was insulted stating that I can't afford to buy something when I buy gas from this location every week - which will no longer be the case unless I have someone from Management call me so we can discuss to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Please email me:

Thank you for your attention.

Lolo Jones
3x Olympic Athlete

service from manager and employees

I go to circle k in kingwood WV numerous times a day. Several times to purchase polar pop snacks and hot...

the additional fee tacked on to the price of gas.

Pulled up to stores Gas Sign said 2.43 per gallon. When I got my receipt there was an additional $.18 cent...

Golden Valley Gas Stations

I am complaining about the circle k manager, lateka davis who work at the circle k location at 401 east screvens street, quitman, ga

LaTeka Davis, a manager for Circle K at 401 East Screvens Street, Quitman, GA, lied to the Quitman Police...

human decency

A lock on the bathroom door is necessary. Heroine Addicts and Crack heads and Meth Addicts constantly overdose in the bathroom, leave needles, clog the toilet, and cause an unsafe work place for the employee (only 1 per shift), and an unsafe environment for other customers. The junkies care Not for anything but their next fix.in Store #0687 they are allowed to trash the store and bathroom. Then turn around and complain about being kicked out. I had to call 911 3 times to receive help in removing an addict from the bathroom who had a machete with him. Before he entered the bathroom he threatened to [censored] on the floor, this was in response to the bathroom being shut down because the toilet was already clogged and overflowing. There were other customers in the store. This person scared them. Same night, bathroom shut down, door propped open to relieve the smell, a regular homeless lady who steals fountain drinks used the bathroom with the door open. Another occasion 2 adults, 1 male 1 female tossed their 6 month old baby back and forth while shooting needles up their arms in the bathroom. almost dropped the baby several times. They left their used needles in the bathroom. Employee called the cops and they caught them. Human Feces clean up is NOT in the job requirements. Fearing for my life is not in the job description. Slaving the counter with a smile for 12 days in a row is Unacceptable!
One employee on shift for more than 4 hours is unacceptable and inhumane. Customers rage when the store has to be locked just so the employee can use the bathroom. Not to mention getting a normal break. The lack of rules towards protecting the employees Against unruly and dangerous customers must change. Please. A simple lock and key for the bathroom, and human rights for human needed breaks.


I have been waiting for a refund since [protected] on a purchase that was made at the circle K on Power rd. and Southern ave. in Mesa Arizona it only takes 30 seconds to withdraw from my debit card why do I have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back on my card, I will NEVER shop at another circle K in my life this is ridiculous . while you guys collect interest off my money.

lazy manager, no shoes or shirts required

312 W Brownlee St in Starke Florida. Every time I am in there and the "Manager" is working there are alway...


There is a cashier here by the name of Miriam M. That is rude to some customers and extra friendly to the...

terri cashier

My daughter has had been in the Circle K going on the second time this morning when she proceeded to go into...


I tried to purchase cigarettes earlier and the cashier rang up he wron kind. When I pointed this out she got rude with me and tried to charge me the price of the first pack she rang up. When I commented that there is a price difference she said "since when" I said there always has been so she voided the order and said "we will just see. I pointed out the difference and she just waded up my receipt and turned her back to me. This is the store in Seguin Texas on the corner of I-10 and 123.

attitude of cashier on duty

Store 8341 in Lake Charles on Prien Lake Rd around 3:10pm

I pulled up to a pump on the North side of the building and went to the door that turned out to be locked. There was no sign on the door and the cashier was at the register. I tapped on the window. She motioned for me to go around. I was headed back to the car, very unhappy because I have hip pain and had tried to park close. She unlocked the door before I got to the car which I appreciated until she said that she had done so because she could tell I was "about to have an attitude" with her!!! Then she rolled her eyes, turned around and walked inside!
Not what I consider customer service!
There's no point in having a second door if it's not going to be used but if she doesn't intend on using it, the least she could do is put a sign on it! For some customers it would merely an inconvenience but for some of us it actually adds additional and unnecessary pain to our lives to a find a door is locked once we go to the trouble to get out and walk in pain to the door and back.