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Church's Chicken Complaints & Reviews

Church's Chicken / Customer service

Shauni on Feb 20, 2017
Last wednesday I went to the location on rosecrans and van ness in the city of Gardena, while ordering I felt rushed when trying to order. I felt that the cashier was trying to assume what I was ordering, but not being attentive to what I was actually ordering. Out of frustration I...

Church's Chicken / Customer service

Darnise Horne on Feb 18, 2017
I went to the church's located in Harvey IL off 159th and Halsted street. I went through the drive thru to place my order. As I am placing my order the empolyee told me to pull forward without me completing my order. When I pulled up to the window there was a a child who was the age of 8...

Church's Chicken / Store # 10167

Wanda Green on Feb 2, 2017
When visiting the location at 10910 Will Clayton Pkwy. The location was dirty there were no potatoes no chicken. When asked to speak to a Manager I was told there was no manager on duty. The workers would not provide any information or phone #'s for corporate when asked. They would also...

Church's Chicken / My boss won't give me my w2 forms

Michaellearns on Jan 27, 2017
And now she denies me my w2 and denies me speaking to a higher person in charge im not understanding this is unlawfully her name is filomenia ramboi or something she never turns in our w2s she always back pays everyone she always cheats the system she always steals chicken and gives it to...

Church's Chicken / Service and product

Jim 934 on Jan 27, 2017
I just went to churches chicken in Santa Fe tx. And had the worse experience ever the people at the register was speaking Spanish with each other while I was standing waiting to order and after I ordered they just keep standing in front of me speaking Spanish and made me very uncomfortable...

Churchs Chicken / Chicken

lilmemo on Jan 19, 2017
We purchased some chicken yesterday 1/18/17 around 3pm at store 1278 on five palms n old pearsall rd I was wondering if churches still marinates there chicken because the one that we purchased had no flavor at all when i used to be mgr back in 85 the chicken used to be marinated since when...

Church's Chicken / Church's chicken

Versace_H on Jan 18, 2017
Too whom this may concern, Iam very unpleased with the food service at one of your locations. Iam a churches lover but the food I received today was unexpected. Location: 1025 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75232 this location should have better cooks also management, cause as a manager it...

Church's Chicken / Chicken and customer service

Carlin Roberts on Jan 16, 2017
I live 0.38 miles from church chicken location. The chicken is never fresh, to the point I can no longer go there. I have to drive miles away to Williams chicken because I eat chicken every day. The attitudes are just foul when you try to make a complaint to the point it is not worth it...

Church's Chicken / Fish

Brent R. Burns on Jan 5, 2017
I ordered fish at Desoto, Texas on Belt Line road for lunch. When I got home, less than a mile, my fish was rubbery, dark, and not hot. I called wanting to talk to manager in which she said she was. I told her it looked like it had been reheated because of not being flakey and tan like it...

Church's Chicken / Employee

Broussard girl on Dec 30, 2016
I made a complaint over a month ago and absolutely nothing was done about it I haven't received a call back yet I feel like nothing is being done about the situation. The employee services a car before me and we pulled up at the same time she had a horrible attitude and told me to call the...

Church's Chicken / The whole store

Tiffany Rucker on Dec 23, 2016
I went into church's on 12/23/16 on Shockley ferry Rd in Anderson South Carolina and it was ova 15 people's standing in line waiting to order food there was no chicken cooked the lady manger went out the back door and got in her car and left then the other manger was out side talking to...

Church's Chicken / Time management and service

chereisej on Dec 11, 2016
I am currently in the Drive-Thru of a Church's Chicken on Redondo Beach in Gardena California I have been in this line for 20 minutes and I still have not gotten to the menu to place my order this line is only 5 cars in the drive thru and I'm still waiting to place my order. This i...

Church's Chicken / Not all of my order in the bag.

wcavole on Dec 5, 2016
December 5, 2016, 6:50:02 PM Or#83, Store #10655 I know it is my job to double check my order before driving off, however, it would have been nice to have a complete order! Please ask the servers to make sure all items are included in the bag. I am not a complainer, however, this is the...

Church's Chicken / Claiming about a manager

Kim Doss on Dec 1, 2016
Every time I go in this particular Church's Chicken the manager is always in the back. She walk around showing no concern or gets in a hurry to wait on me and other customers. She's a dark skin lady with glasses the drive thru is ridiculous. Its not much in this little town to eat as it...

Church's Chicken / They gave me anything

Wud Grain on Nov 28, 2016
They must've been out of white gravy they putmashed potatoes gravy on my country fried chicken it was red stuff on my coleslaw my jalapeƱo poppers was half cooked. I was pissed when I got out parking lot. I try to stay down as a loyal customer but they just make it so hard for me by doing what...

Church's Chicken / Product

Teiara on Nov 16, 2016
I asked for my food fresh it was not my chicken tasted stale and fries were cold and the employee was rude and nasty and refused to take my food back after i asked them to give it to me fresh i was served a bunch of mess. I just wanted to get fresh food thats all i asked for the manager...

Church's Chicken / Customer service closed dining room early

NetCitizen on Nov 5, 2016
I was trying to eat in the Lobby of the Churche's Chicken at the corner of San Pedro and Basse in San Antonio, Tx. This was on.a Saturday.night. The posted hours were until 10 pm. I arrived at 9:20 pm. There was a man at the register.placing an order and another eating in the dining room The...

Churches Chicken / Customer service

DominiqueMyatt on Oct 8, 2016
This location is the most ghetto locations of them all. It is 12;27 in the after noon and they are not open. The lady is not accepting any orders. She also refuse to acknowledge my presence . This lication is on Park Ave in Memphis Tenn Orange Mound. They also have several flies and roaches roaming about..

Church's Chicken / The lady working drive through

BillieE on Sep 21, 2016
The lady working the drive-thou window in the Sand Springs Oklahoma store Church's. Was so rude and nasty how about four of her children up there who are in their teens. Her giving products to without letting them pay? The mother of these children that were acting unruly she wa...

Churches Chicken, Atmore Al / Several flies laying on food... Nasty

Akeshe on Aug 31, 2016
I came into Churches Chicken in Atmore Al on 8/29/1974..I placed an order and while waiting on the order I noticed several flies flying over food, flies landing on chicken, tenders, fries, and okra..the employees served the food to other guest..I immediately notified the cashier(which they...

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