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, I am here to file an appeal for the RE-REVIEW of my said violation. Because I know for myself that the document I submitted is authentic and I did not commit serious violation of terms. I believe that the CS assigned to banned my account is not aware of the old version of passport in the Philippines and just relued on tye false report of other person. Ive been a verifued model for almost 2 years with the account Paloma_Boombastica and the cs verified the submitted document which is authentic and true, and out of the blue get banned for tye reason that the documents did not comply to the tos of the platform after it uploaded in my account for 2 years? Mistakenly recognize my passport or just because of other model false report is not fair on my side because I work hard for it and my conscience is clear. I am a good person and I dont deserve to to be treated unequally. I still keep fighting my right because I am confident that tue documents submitted are all valid and authentic. I hope you lend me some ear and grant this request. I work hard to this platform. I am willing ti supply necessary proof of authenticity of my documents and submit a notarize from the attorney to prove its authentic. And I hope that u dont rely on the false report of other model instead conduct further review and investigation. I really know that someone reported me falsely to ruin me and make my life miserable. Please I ask you to Re-Review this case and I can supply necessary documents to support my claim. I deserve fair justice. Thank you very much

Miss_Paloma_Boombastica — [protected] and [protected]

Paloma_Boombastica — [protected] and [protected]

Update by Paloma_Boombastica
Apr 10, 2022 8:02 pm

The Chaturbate Support team are very unprofessional and cant even accept their mistake.They will banned your account without futlrther reason and warning.Even you are a member who purchase tons tokens and a model who earned tons of tokens.They will banned you if they want to ban you..And never engage with you anymore and take all your purchased tokens and earned tokens..SCAM! I recommend to spend your money to livejasmin or streamate...a long time trusted adult webcam site with very professional support...dont trust CB support they are idiot!?

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