Chasedishonoring previously resolved debt with washington mutual

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Chase is trying to collect on a 5 year old debt that I had with Washington Mutual. At the time, I was a victim of a scam, Washington Mutual's representatives told me that if I filed a police report, I would not be held responsible but then they turned around and decided that I should pay. At that time, I sent the collections agency a letter, disputing the charge. The dispute was accepted because they never bothered me again. Now, 5 years later Chase wants to collect and they hired thugs, ER Solutions, to harass the money out of me. I explained all this to the ER solutions rep and he told me that I don't want to pay based on my beliefs and that the bottom line is that I owe this money. He was so rude and I felt like he wasn't even trying to reason with me, instead, he tried to make me feel like and illogical idiot. I'm sorry, but I believe a logical argument works with points and counterpoints. He only had one point and no counterpoints. He just kept repeating the same thing and telling me that he didn't want to go back and forth. He probably did not want to engage in a back and forth argument because he could not, because I was right. He also told me that it was my word against Washington Mutual's! I could not believe it! Now I see what kind of company Chase and ERS are. They want to make money any way the can. They have no honor or principles. I truly hope Chase and ERS go out of business!

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