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home owners insurance

Since September 2009, I have my mortgage with Chase Home Finance and separately my Home Owners with Allstate...

unexplained interest charges

After chase bank took over my mastercard, they raised my interest rate from 14.9% to 24% and then again recently to 29.9% for no apparent reason. I could no longer afford the minimum payment, let alone put anything towards the principal. I had no choice but to pay the card off. unfortunately, I had to cash out an annuity and take a $2, 500.00 loss in order to do so. I am still receiving a bill from them for additional interest. I have been paying for their payment protector plan. this plan when activated defers any interest or monthy payment. not only did I pay the bill in full, but I had also activated the payment protector plan. after several conversations with their rude customer service reps/supervisors/bank managers they all insisted that I owe this additional interest, however no one can explain where these charges incurred. I have written a detailed letter to send to the ceo of chase bank, congress and president obama. after reading all these other complaints, why is our government allowing this to continue? this is unethical and in my opinion, should be illegal. as individuals, this would be near impossible to stop, but as a whole, maybe we can do something about this.

unauthorized charge for internet purchase scam

I was scammed by a celebrity white teeth and they took 149.95 out of my debit account with Chase bank. I have...

perpetual ach payments

Several years ago I set up automated clearing house (Ach) payments to jpmorgan chase for a home mortgage...

poor customer relations

I just got off the phone with a Chase representative Clint - CREOVB not his last name his operator ID. Having been a Chase customer for several years I was used to the run around with customer call's being sent to the incorrect departmnet. On this call I was now being transfered for the third time. I had received a letter from Chase and used the phone number they provided if there were any questions pertaining to the letter. The operator Clint who is a supervisor let me know during our call that we had been on the phone for 7 1/2 minutes. I was in total disbeleif that any Chase representative let alone a supervisor let a customer know that they were being timed. That my value as a customer was allready at it's max of 7 1/2 minutes. I had valid questions. I certainly spent longer then 7 1/2 minutes while being transfered two times to the incorect department. Clint my representative was not clear on his answers. They only had me asking further questions. What came through with perfect clarity was that I was taking up his time and not letting him speak. His training on listening to a customer's questions was poor. As a customer service supervisor I would think that his job is to help the customer feel satisfied, important and happy too remain a Chase customer. At this he certainly failed.

  • Ma
    Mart PO'ed May 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wpould like to start a cxlass action against Chaseso that I can charge them for interset I could earn whilst they tranefer my money to another person or difficultuies in transfer. Anyone sle?

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  • Ma
    Mart PO'ed May 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to start a class action against Chase Bank, so that I can charge them for interest I could earn whilst they transferring my money to another person or difficulties in transfer. Anyone else?

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harrasment by collectors

The last year I struggled with pay cuts etc. I was lucky enough to transfer with my job and received my salary back. During the transition, Chase Custom FInance hassled me, called me 7 days a week and my car payment had not even got to be 30 days late. I am trying to get on my feet again and things are looking great. I spoke to CHase today and the collector told me they are allowed to be rude because they are no in Customer Service and they are there to be objective and that I had been 30 days late 17 times. trust me, if this were the case thesxe ### holes would have repoed it. She also told me that I pay 20% interest because I am high risk and that my loan has not helped me. I told her she should be ashamed of herself and that it is ok for the Taxpayers to bail out the banks but when we all need help it is a different story. I ask anyone who has dealings with chase to contact their local attorney general, the banking commission and lodge a complaint for the harrasment. CHASE IS HORRIBLE AND THEY GET AWAY WITH HARRASING CALLS TO THEIR CUSTOMER'S WORK ETC. ANY COLLECTION TACTIC THEY USE THAT IS ILLEGAL, THEY NEVER HAVE A RECORD.

  • Ma
    Maxine58 Mar 25, 2010

    Actually, according to what I was told by Chase Finance Company, they can start calling one day after the loan is due and continue to call even if you "make arrangements" to pay. I have dealt with them for well over a year myself, injury and illness has kept me out of work, so I don't pay ontime - disability is slow to pay - Generally, I just hang up on them, after I point out that I've already spoken to someone and I will NOT borrow money from someone to pay them. I have a year to go on my loan and believe me I am trying to get done sooner. Never again will I accept a loan from this company and I will discourage everyone I know to avoid them. The best way to get them is to hit'em in their the pocketbook.

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  • Ro
    Rose318 Mar 01, 2011

    I have a GOOD one! I had one pmnt. 1 day late! All pmnts. were wired and over the amnt.! My ex is NOT on the loan & Chase was informed of the DANGER, due to Domestic Violence...I was going to relocate and gave family addresses & numbers. My brother paid two pmnts., (so I thought) I just found that Chase took 2 more from his bank card! They went to his home @ 4 a.m. & told him they will arrest him & me! YET THEY SPOKE WITH MY EX & VIOLATED THE FED. PRIVACY ACT! I kept a paper trail! Now the vehicle is parked and the Fed. Gvmnt. has been contacted! This happened almost 2 yrs. ago! hmmmmm!

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getting car registered

I moved from Las Vegas to New York state and I need to get my car registered. On Feb. 11, 2010 I go to nys dmv and get all info to get car registered. I then fax it to my chase auto representive. As of today March 9, 2010 I have not been able to drive my car because CHASE can't seem to get this copy of title (certifed) and they say they cant release a statement letting the nys dmv that its ok to register my car in new york state. Then Chase decides to hold my copy of my title becuase marches car payment is due and its 10 days late, which they don't understand that if i can't register my car, i can't drive to work, so i then make no money. After one month of this fighting with them their payment is in the mail and they still can't get faxing a copy of the title to the nys dmv. I have know have to wait another week for the corporate office to get another copy and letter made so I can then try to register this car for the 6th time in a month and a half. Now when I call Chase they tell me the paper work has been faxed, but when i talk to the dmv it has NOT been faxed. Why is such a huge corporate company giving me the run around and not doing what is so smiple. I will never go through Chase auto finances again.

  • Er
    erl Mar 17, 2010

    I have the same experience, i've been requesting for 6 months now and still i haven't receive anything.

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allowed fraudulent charges on my acct now refuses to refund my money

I had a fraudulent charge go through my acct back in June of 2009. The # listed on my statement next to the charge was not a valid #. So I phoned Chase bank, they refunded my money and the insufficient fees back to my account gave me a new card and I thought wow that was easy. then a month later with no notice what so ever my account was negative, because Chase bank re-reversed all the fees causing me another $140 in overdraft fees so now the total is $334.31. I spoke with Chase numerous times trying to get the info that the merchant supposedly gave them, because Chase told me that if I should proof of the refund from the merchant then they would refund the insufficient fees back to my account. Chase told me its in the mail, they would email it to me and NOTHING. So I finally went into a local branch where they told me they could do NOTHING for me. I told them I wanted a # to the merchant and that I was not leaving until I got one. They gave me an 800# which was not valid, but somehow this 800 # new the # I needed to call. I called and called and demanded my money back from them they would continue to hang up on me over and over again. Finally, i researched and wrote to the Attorney General's office and what do you know I received a check in the mail from the merchant for $89.31 and I have faxed over all the info showing proof of the refund to Chase twice in the last 5 days and still no refund. I called today and they transferred me to a telephone banker for the refund. The lady is now saying that she can not refund MY MONEY to me because it is over 120 days. CHASE BANK has the WORST customer service in the world. I don't know why anyone would want to be a customer there. They are probably working with these scams for a kickback. I would like to know what kind of legal action I can take against Chase for my refund?

lost card

My credit card was lost and it was used to purchase goods several times. I called cs and disputed the unauthorized charges. they promised to investigate and give me credit for those charges. According their policy customer is not responsible for fraudulent charges. After the investigation I got a letter that the charges where legit and they will not give me credit. I called them at least 5 times to get an explanation about their decision. they promise to send a letter, but never did...what a treatment!

  • Cr
    Credito22 Mar 08, 2010

    I can help to settle any unsecured debts that you have at a guaranteed rate of 55% of your balance or better and put you on monthly installment payments of 12 to 48 months. This will lower your monthly payments and principal balance.
    Please email me at [email protected] for more information. Members of USOBA, TASC.

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bank teller

Recently on my occasional visit to the bank, i noticed that one of the bank tellers looked familiar of a previous night hanging out with my friends, she noticed who i was and from that point, later on at night my girlfriend starts getting this phone call saying i was cheating on her, that it was a random girl but just wanted to let her know what i was doing the previous night, i dont really appreciate bank teller getting my personal information and most of all getting involved in my personal life, now for that im having problems with the mother of my son. All i want is this person to stop calling my girlfriend and making up lies because i have a pretty good clue on who this bank teller is.

  • Sa
    Sam Jones Jun 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    chase bank seems to hire nutballs, we have one who researches people form a chatroom using her work pc and also makes fake face book pages to stalk and harass the 15 yr old daughter of a man she chased but never got, shame chase doesn't do psych tests on these people.

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charge to cash a check

I had a personal check made ou to me for about $800 for a product I sold. It was from a chase bank so I went inside to cash it. The teller asked me if I had an account with Chase. I said I have a chase credit card and my 200, 000 mortgage was with Chase but I did not have a saving or checking account with chase. They said they would cash the check for a 6 dollar fee because I did not have a checking or savings account even though it was issed by chase. I left and put it in my bank for free. I HATE CHASE BANK!!!

  • Co
    confused in ohio Apr 18, 2010

    Consider yourself lucky. I deposited a check drawn on Chase into my Chase account back in February of 2010 I was notified on 04/13/2010 that the funds did not clear and they pulled the money out of my account on 04/08/2010. When I went to the branch thinking it was a mistake and it can be rectified, instead of apologizing the manager was rude and tried to tell me I must take some responsibility for checks I deposit and charged me a return check fee. This was not a check from a Nigerian bank. It was someone I have done business with for years. I am going to pursue this. This bank does whatever they want. Everyone I have talked to has never heard anything like this. A Chase check being deposited into a Chase checking account being returned after 10 weeks. I am considering not accepting an Checks drawn on Chase. I am a small businessman and cannot absorb a 526.00 hit.

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home loan payments not credited

Where do I start...When Chase took over WAMU, they also stopped crediting my mortgage payments, then sent my loan to foreclosure. They made an attempt to issue a reimbursement for one of my payments, but I am unable to deposit the check because it was issued incorrectly. When we tried to deal w/the main office, they kept passing the call to several people, all who knew nothing about how to deal w/my situation. When we tried calling today, when had a recording saying "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to take your call. Please try again later."

bad customer service

I have been receiving calls from Chase Auto Finance. I do not have an account with them. I called the number back on 2/25 to get my cell number removed from their system. I was told it would be done. I received another call from an auto dialer on 3/2. I called the number back and was told my number was not in their system. collections transferred me to customer service because they supposedly have access to more systems than collections does. Customer service could not find my number. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. "Leah" was obviously in a different country. She kept insisting that she needed my social security number to look for my account. After I gave it to her, she informed me that I didn't have an account with Chase. Duh. She looked in all her systems and could not find my number. She told me she wanted to transfer me to the collections department because they have more systems to look through than she does. WHAT?!?! I informed her that collections transferred me to customer service saying the same thing. She then told me that someone is probably calling people with an auto dialer that is a fake! REALLY?!? I could not believe this. She then transferred me back to Chase Collections where I spoke with the Rudest young man. Even though I have been trying to get my number removed and was told last week my number would be removed, I am still getting calls. this young man acted as if he were doing me a huge favor. He then said that it would take 24 to 48 hours to remove my number and hung up.

With the way they treat people who are "potential" customers, there is no way I would EVER get a loan through these people.

  • Ml
    Mlucero Mar 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Sh
    sharpchick2010 Dec 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I knew I wasn't the only one...

    I don't have a loan with them either. Have filed an FCC complaint. Contacted the Tarrant Co Sheriff's Department to find out how to file a harassment complaint against them on their own turf.

    FTC complaint next.

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repo by lieing

Ok, so I See I am Adding to a long list of almost robot like complaints about this company, and judging from the consistancy of poor customer service and lies this should come as no surprise

I have asked several times since 2006 when we bought our car if chase had an online automated deduct, as i work 12 hour shifts during the day and my wife works 12 hour night shifts.

The money is always there but the time to sit on hold up to 45 minutes is not. They said we do not offer that sir, from more than one employee.
And i told them a number of times that i would do it if they had it, not only did they not offer the service, They hid it from me ( WHO DOES THIS?) They turned away assured and consistant payments.

And now that they have repossesed the car, they are telling me the same story, Pay it off or live without it. Well this exact complaint went to the BBB, and here, and will be going to the attorney office on tuesday if i dont get the car back. We have a call for action in our city that is likely to hear from us.

If anyone is considering a class action suit against this band of liars and rude service i want in.

  • De
    Dexter101209 Mar 01, 2010

    The auto pay option is called paymatics...why would they not want your money? I dont get it? Everytime a car gets repo'd the finance company loses money... i think there is more to your story then what you are publishing.

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  • Ta
    TakenOver Mar 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to join a class action against Chase Auto! A year ago they repoed our SUV. To date the SUV is still in our name and the TAG is missing! Chase claims the SUV was damaged and had hi miles our records show that it was taken 2 months prior to Chase documentation. They also sold it for less then a grand, yet the loan is for over 7 grand. No way is this SUV worth only a grand! We were told to wait for the hardship program and we were not offered this program, Chase just took the Auto! They need to be sued that will but a end to their Fraud and illegal business practices! Also Chase never sent us a notice to pay balance on we couldnt even save it..and Chase would not let us sell it!

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unethical behavior

Does anyone have the address for the corporate offices of Chase Health Advance? I have had the same experience with this company that everyone else has had and wish to contact the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, but cannot find an address. Of course, the representatives who work their phone lines will not disclose this information.

Never use this company, there are too many other interest-free programs out there that are ethical and employ sincere representatives who actually have customer service training.

deceptive modification

I have been a customer of Chase home finance for 2 1/2 years when I was duped inbto a sub prime morgage at an interest rate of nearly 13%. I had always made my payments on time but whem the economy went bad I signed up for a modification, that was over a years ago and am still being strung along. I am now $16000. behind because of an agent that told me that I was approved and to start making a smaller payment. After calling her for 3 months asking for documents I was told that she made a mistake and I was not approved. Now my credit is shot and I am not able to come up with the $16000. to bring me current. I am still waiting for a approval and getting further and further behind. I was just told that if I am not approved I will have to come up with the back payment of be forclosed on. What would it hurt to lower my apr to even 8%, do they want my homw? If they forclose I told them there will only be a foundation left. I am sick about my family losing their home because of corporate greed. I encourange anyone who is thinking about doing business with this company to do the research. I am not alone and just wish there was somthing I could do.

  • Bg
    bgc72 Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OMG.. i was 1 month behide and when i called to make it the guy on the phone said he could get me a cheaper payment, but i need 2 make the makement on the 9th of every month so i did that i made one, and then the next monthi was only going to beable 2 pay it on the 10th. so i called them to fine out with me paying on the 10th would i be out of this promram. Will the person on the phone listen to what i said and she tells me your not behide your loan is up to date, BECAUSE YOU WERE A PREAOVE FOR THE MONIFITION LOAN AND NOT TO MAKE A PAYMENT UNTIL I GET MY PAPERWORK 2 months go by and i called them they told me that if i did not hear anything by January to make sure that i called so i call and they tell me that i owe over 6, 000.00., and i told them what i was told to do, and they told me that they would never tell us to stop making a payment, and that i needed to do they paper and send it in for them to tell me if i got appove for the loan.I called again the next week and the guy was very nice in trying to help me. he put me on hold for awhile and came back on and said that i need to send that paper work as soon as i can and he tell me the samething dont make a payment until you know. I have a FHA LOAN i am hoping they can help me. If you find out anything please let me know. I am sorry for the way i spell and type..

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  • Bg
    bgc72 Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have not gotten any bill or papers saing that i an behide...

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phone calls

They do not care if you were unemployed for 4 months. They do not care they you have a job that only pay...

chase has lost 190 of my payments and is cashing checks multiple times

Starting September 2006 Chase Home Finance started cashing checks as both ACH and paper check. The have been cashing multiple checks multiple times, but will only give me credit for each check number once. They have taken 190 payments (that me and my bank have located) without crediting my mortgage account by processing PHOTOSTATS that they have generated to take extra amounts from my checking account. They have also taken some checks as both a paper document AND electronically. I have filed numerous complaints including giving them BANK COPIES of the checks and bank statements, but Chase has insisted that my bank statements must include the reversals (which there are none) or they are not my real bank statements. After taking 190 extra payments for a ttoal of $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments taken from me. They have me in the foreclosure process. At mybank's suggestion, I started paying my mortgage payments with Official Bank Checks...most of those originals Chase has returned as copies, some multpile times. In some cases I have the original check, but the bank check has been cashed AND NOT CREDITED. TWELVE of these bank checks are still outsstanding and going back and forth in the mail as Chase states that I am seven payments behind, and have thus demanded over $134, 000 to reinstate my mortgage. I have already paid $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments, thus Chase OWES ME SIGNIFICANT MONEY FOR THEIR ERROR, but the forced foreclosure (for my overpayment by Chase theft and illegal banking activity) continues. I have explained this problem to over two dozen lawyers, but they have told me that no bank would do that many illegal banking transactions and violate that many laws, but that is my reality.

monthly fee

I received a gift card as a rebate from cooper tires via chase bank. I received it in dec. It stated that after 3 months the card would be charged a service fee (Which in ma where I bought the product with rebate and in ri where I live is illegal by state laws that say gift cards can't carry monthly fees. ) I argued with chase or at least their "customer support" people from india about the charge, stating that it should not be on my card as I only had it for 1 1/2 months. They stated the card was issues in oct, although as with many rebates, it took time to get to me. Finally based on the fact that I argued that I should not be responsible for slow mail delivery and if it has a fee it should be 3 months from activation they finally called me (At 5:00 am - yes 5:00am) and said they would give it back.
2+ weeks and more emails and phone calls and its not been reimbursed and I can see they are simply waiting until 3/1 so they can charge me another 3.95. They are the worst customer service people and company i've ever dealt with.

uninformed customer service

We had a home loan with WaMu for almost five years, until WaMu went under and was overtaken by Chase. We received a letter from Chase in regards to changes in terms on our ARM home loan that was just downright unsettling. Phrases like "no cap on monthly payment" were used and having heard of so many bad practices from Chase recently (and experiencing problems with a Chase credit card) I was very concerned about what they were intending to do - legal or not.

I attempted to call the Customer Service number provided on the letter, only to reach a never ending que of pushing numbers, none ever leading to my query. I hung up, called back and tried a procedure my teenage son has suggested - randomly pushing keys on the phone pad until I get an operator, which worked! I was transferred to a call center where the person answering kept repeating "Hello, this is Tony. How may I help you?" It sounded automated and after saying this three times, and me trying to answer, the voice said "I cannot hear you and will hang up now." Frustrated, I decided to turn to email.

I have contacted Chase three times via email, first two requests never being acknowledged and the third being answered with a statement to the effect that due to high volumes of email requests, they are unable to answer our questions at this time. No alternative for obtaining information is offered and no timeline for when they might be able to answer our questions is offered. This left me no option but calling the 800 number again. I actually found this site in an effort to locate an alternative phone number for calling into Chase!

So, my phone call today consisted of nearly two hours of my time. The first two customer service reps I go spoke such poor English, I hung up and called back. The third person I got was obviously giving erroneous information and as I pointed out that this could not possibly be correct, he became agitated, though I could only hear this in his tone, not his words. When I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, I was put on hold for 15 minutes - no music and at no time did he come back to say he was working on the issue. At long last, he got back on line and said his escalation person (new phrase for supervisor) was unavailable but had confirmed my understanding of the terms of the loan were correct. When I pressed him to acknowledge his mistake and lack of knowledge, he would only say he apologized for any misunderstanding I had of what he was explaining to me! Utter rubbish, he knew he was wrong, but refused to say so.

I was not confident with additional information he gave me and when I asked him to look up the actual loan documents that were assumed from my loan with WaMu, he said he was not able to do this. So I called back a third time.

On the third call, I got a woman and told her immediately that if I were put on hold, I wanted her to come back and check in with me periodically. I told her I did NOT want to be disconnected for any reason and that I wanted all of my questions answered, even if meant waiting on hold for a supervisor. She was very polite, used a hold button with music (which I must say was blaring loud but at least confirmed I was still on hold) and actually looked up my loan documents per my request.

Upon finding them, I was told I would be charged $10 per page for the copies to be mailed to me and I declined, asking her to verify certain pieces of information from the documents (which I already had and knew exactly what I wanted to confirm). She did this, I was correct in what the terms are, if Chase is going to try to institute other terms I will contact a lawyer. I suspect they just have very untrained people manning their customer service lines and it took me a total of seven attempts to finally get someone that could answer my questions.

What I have learned that might help other Chase customers:
1) to get to a live operator, push multiple buttons on your phone while listening for the moment when your call is being transferred
2) tell the rep up front that you do not want to be on hold indefinitely and that you want them to confirm periodically they are working on your call if you are put on hold - this seems to speed up the process
3) if you need information you do not feel like you are receiving, keep calling back because I believe they have some way of tracking the number of times there has been an inquiry and they will ultimately be forced to address your issues/questions
4) If given questionable answers/info, call back and keep calling until you get a rep you can understand. I am all for integration and humanity being one, but I should not have to try to speak to someone who has such a thick accent we are unable to communicate about something as important as my home loan. I miss WaMu.

  • Ga
    gagnons994 Feb 17, 2010

    I've been dealing with Chase on a mortgage loan and they are impossible. I agree that their customer service is horrible even when you do reach a live person which takes a lot of patience and time on the phone. I have never received follow-up phone calls from them and have always had to chase them down to get an answer. I was told on the phone in early January that we were turned down for some assistance with our mortgage and that we would be receiving a letter with an explanation. It is February 16th - I'm still waiting.

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  • El
    Ellen Griffith Apr 12, 2011

    I am a Realtor in the San Fernando Valley. I represent distressed homeowner that have been turned down for a loan modification and still want to avoid foreclosure by short selling their home.

    I too have had the unfortunate experience of working with Chase for several clients. Right now, as I write this, I've been on hold for more than an hour.

    I was able to successfully negotiate an approval from Chase on a short sale, are you impressed? Don't be! The approval that I finally received is absolutely useless! Chase holds a 1st and 2nd on the subject property. They sent me an approval on the first only!!! I have called at least twice a day for 3 weeks (the approval is now about to expire) to get help with resolving the 2nd. I have received no call backs. I was given the supervisors direct phone number, and I have left messages for her every day for a week, and still no call back.

    It is paralyzing and frustrating when the entities that hold all the strings will not even acknowledge you let alone pretend to help you. At lease the other banks pretend to help.

    I have successfully closed at least 60 short sales, so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing, but if you can't talk to anyone, then there is just nothing that can be done.

    If anyone out there has a good alternative phone number, please post it!!!

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