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Resolved chase has lost 190 of my payments and is cashing checks multiple times

Starting September 2006 Chase Home Finance started cashing checks as both ACH and paper check. The have been cashing multiple checks multiple times, but will only give me credit for each check number once. They have taken 190 payments (that me and my bank have located) without crediting my mortgage account by processing PHOTOSTATS that they have generated to take extra amounts from my checking account. They have also taken some checks as both a paper document AND electronically. I have filed numerous complaints including giving them BANK COPIES of the checks and bank statements, but Chase has insisted that my bank statements must include the reversals (which there are none) or they are not my real bank statements. After taking 190 extra payments for a ttoal of $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments taken from me. They have me in the foreclosure process. At mybank's suggestion, I started paying my mortgage payments with Official Bank Checks...most of those originals Chase has returned as copies, some multpile times. In some cases I have the original check, but the bank check has been cashed AND NOT CREDITED. TWELVE of these bank checks are still outsstanding and going back and forth in the mail as Chase states that I am seven payments behind, and have thus demanded over $134, 000 to reinstate my mortgage. I have already paid $169, 742.20 of uncredited payments, thus Chase OWES ME SIGNIFICANT MONEY FOR THEIR ERROR, but the forced foreclosure (for my overpayment by Chase theft and illegal banking activity) continues. I have explained this problem to over two dozen lawyers, but they have told me that no bank would do that many illegal banking transactions and violate that many laws, but that is my reality.

Resolved monthly fee

I received a gift card as a rebate from cooper tires via chase bank. I received it in dec. It stated that after 3 months the card would be charged a service fee (Which in ma where I bought the product with rebate and in ri where I live is illegal by state laws that say gift cards can't carry monthly fees. ) I argued with chase or at least their "customer support" people from india about the charge, stating that it should not be on my card as I only had it for 1 1/2 months. They stated the card was issues in oct, although as with many rebates, it took time to get to me. Finally based on the fact that I argued that I should not be responsible for slow mail delivery and if it has a fee it should be 3 months from activation they finally called me (At 5:00 am - yes 5:00am) and said they would give it back.
2+ weeks and more emails and phone calls and its not been reimbursed and I can see they are simply waiting until 3/1 so they can charge me another 3.95. They are the worst customer service people and company i've ever dealt with.

Resolved uninformed customer service

We had a home loan with WaMu for almost five years, until WaMu went under and was overtaken by Chase. We received a letter from Chase in regards to changes in terms on our ARM home loan that was just downright unsettling. Phrases like "no cap on monthly payment" were used and having heard of so many bad practices from Chase recently (and experiencing problems with a Chase credit card) I was very concerned about what they were intending to do - legal or not.

I attempted to call the Customer Service number provided on the letter, only to reach a never ending que of pushing numbers, none ever leading to my query. I hung up, called back and tried a procedure my teenage son has suggested - randomly pushing keys on the phone pad until I get an operator, which worked! I was transferred to a call center where the person answering kept repeating "Hello, this is Tony. How may I help you?" It sounded automated and after saying this three times, and me trying to answer, the voice said "I cannot hear you and will hang up now." Frustrated, I decided to turn to email.

I have contacted Chase three times via email, first two requests never being acknowledged and the third being answered with a statement to the effect that due to high volumes of email requests, they are unable to answer our questions at this time. No alternative for obtaining information is offered and no timeline for when they might be able to answer our questions is offered. This left me no option but calling the 800 number again. I actually found this site in an effort to locate an alternative phone number for calling into Chase!

So, my phone call today consisted of nearly two hours of my time. The first two customer service reps I go spoke such poor English, I hung up and called back. The third person I got was obviously giving erroneous information and as I pointed out that this could not possibly be correct, he became agitated, though I could only hear this in his tone, not his words. When I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, I was put on hold for 15 minutes - no music and at no time did he come back to say he was working on the issue. At long last, he got back on line and said his escalation person (new phrase for supervisor) was unavailable but had confirmed my understanding of the terms of the loan were correct. When I pressed him to acknowledge his mistake and lack of knowledge, he would only say he apologized for any misunderstanding I had of what he was explaining to me! Utter rubbish, he knew he was wrong, but refused to say so.

I was not confident with additional information he gave me and when I asked him to look up the actual loan documents that were assumed from my loan with WaMu, he said he was not able to do this. So I called back a third time.

On the third call, I got a woman and told her immediately that if I were put on hold, I wanted her to come back and check in with me periodically. I told her I did NOT want to be disconnected for any reason and that I wanted all of my questions answered, even if meant waiting on hold for a supervisor. She was very polite, used a hold button with music (which I must say was blaring loud but at least confirmed I was still on hold) and actually looked up my loan documents per my request.

Upon finding them, I was told I would be charged $10 per page for the copies to be mailed to me and I declined, asking her to verify certain pieces of information from the documents (which I already had and knew exactly what I wanted to confirm). She did this, I was correct in what the terms are, if Chase is going to try to institute other terms I will contact a lawyer. I suspect they just have very untrained people manning their customer service lines and it took me a total of seven attempts to finally get someone that could answer my questions.

What I have learned that might help other Chase customers:
1) to get to a live operator, push multiple buttons on your phone while listening for the moment when your call is being transferred
2) tell the rep up front that you do not want to be on hold indefinitely and that you want them to confirm periodically they are working on your call if you are put on hold - this seems to speed up the process
3) if you need information you do not feel like you are receiving, keep calling back because I believe they have some way of tracking the number of times there has been an inquiry and they will ultimately be forced to address your issues/questions
4) If given questionable answers/info, call back and keep calling until you get a rep you can understand. I am all for integration and humanity being one, but I should not have to try to speak to someone who has such a thick accent we are unable to communicate about something as important as my home loan. I miss WaMu.

  • Ga
    gagnons994 Feb 17, 2010

    I've been dealing with Chase on a mortgage loan and they are impossible. I agree that their customer service is horrible even when you do reach a live person which takes a lot of patience and time on the phone. I have never received follow-up phone calls from them and have always had to chase them down to get an answer. I was told on the phone in early January that we were turned down for some assistance with our mortgage and that we would be receiving a letter with an explanation. It is February 16th - I'm still waiting.

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  • El
    Ellen Griffith Apr 12, 2011

    I am a Realtor in the San Fernando Valley. I represent distressed homeowner that have been turned down for a loan modification and still want to avoid foreclosure by short selling their home.

    I too have had the unfortunate experience of working with Chase for several clients. Right now, as I write this, I've been on hold for more than an hour.

    I was able to successfully negotiate an approval from Chase on a short sale, are you impressed? Don't be! The approval that I finally received is absolutely useless! Chase holds a 1st and 2nd on the subject property. They sent me an approval on the first only!!! I have called at least twice a day for 3 weeks (the approval is now about to expire) to get help with resolving the 2nd. I have received no call backs. I was given the supervisors direct phone number, and I have left messages for her every day for a week, and still no call back.

    It is paralyzing and frustrating when the entities that hold all the strings will not even acknowledge you let alone pretend to help you. At lease the other banks pretend to help.

    I have successfully closed at least 60 short sales, so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing, but if you can't talk to anyone, then there is just nothing that can be done.

    If anyone out there has a good alternative phone number, please post it!!!

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Resolved modification request

I have trying to get a Chase Mortgatge Modification since April of 2009. Every time I call I get transferred from department to department telling me I have to resubmit paperwork because it has expired or I didn't send in the appropriate documentation. I have completed the 4506T form at least six times now and submitted it and yet they still cannot help me figure out what I qualify for. The latest phone call representative I spoke with told me I was on a trial plan however, I have no documentation supporting such and she was unable to tell me what the payments were reduced to. These people give you the run around every time you call and it is ridiculous!! They claim they want to help however no one there is capable of answering any questions or to get you the help you need.

  • ladyet2008 Feb 18, 2010

    This is Not a complaint, let me repeat, this is NOT a complaint, this is for people that need help and got theirselves into jams w/ company's that took money upfront w/o helping them with a solution for their home, please check out this company, JK-Liberators Delinquent Mortgage & Debt Relief Program, . They really helped me out when i was in a terrible jam AND i had little faith in them b/c i've been in 4 different loan mod programs, including Nationwide, and was ripped the hell off. BUT i prayed about it and decided to give it another try and i received really great results and i'm finally happy with the results. I highly recommend this company to anybody.

    So far I've recommended this company to a couple of my neighbors and they are happy too. I know that working w/ another company my be hard, especially for me, just pray and put a little more trust in this people. U can call these people and get to speak w/ somebody(a REAL person) almost all the time, and receive and update. most of the time u would get a call before u can call them. there are really good on communication. so yes that is a plus.

    If you would like to try them, the website is and remember **NO UPFROUNT FEES!!!**

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Resolved interest rate gouging

Chase is a terrible company to deal with. I have had my account for a few years, always made payments on time. Missed one payment by a day (I was in the labor ward with my wife!) and I got hit with 29.99% interest. I was told to make a few payments on time and my account would return to 'good standing'. They then closed my account due to 'an anomoly in my credit report'; can't find one anywhere in my totally clean credit reports with no negative feedback.
Every payment I make is just hitting the interest, I pay $200 and my balance goes down $47!!!

Chase is terrible, never get a credit card from them!
You get a different story from everyone you talk to, and nobody helps.

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Resolved home mortgage

Chase Mortgage has been trying to close on my loan for over 15 days. Our original close date was Feb 1st, today is the 16th and they still haven't closed. They claim it is "processing time". I had to call them to remind them to submit emloyment verification to my employer. Instead of calling and asking me questions, they sat on the file until I contacted them to ask what the hold up was. They had a question about why a previous W-2 was under a different name other than my former employer and istead of asking, they decided to play PI. Turns out my former employer had outsourced their payroll, nothing that couldn't be explained in less than 5 minutes. They have given me 4 different closing dates that they could not meet.

increase on (apr)

I am outraged on how Chase is treating their customers. They have been frequently making harrassing phone calls morning, day, and night every single day since Dec.2009. I have tried talking to them, but they will not stop. It all started with that I received a letter from Chase in December letting me know that my (APR) was going up from 11.99% to a sky whopping 27.99% so I called them to give me an explanation as to why they had hired the (APR) when the agreement was that it would stay 11.99%., they just ignored it like nothing, so I went ahead and closed my account with them. And then to my surprise, the following month I received a billing statement that I had an amount due of $95, so I called them again and told them that I was only going to continue paying the minimum payment of $20 per month like I have always been doing, so they argued, and told me they were reporting me with a collection agency. I told them that If they continued harrassing me day aftter day, I was not gonna finish paying the credit card. But til this day, they put different representatives from their company to make harrassing phones calls every day. We are tired and hopefully they will go out of business for the way they treat their customers.

Resolved after making payment my car still got repo.

I was late on my payment (1/18/10) I made the payment extra $30.00 and the payment was noted on my account on 2/11/10 and few days later I woke up 2/15/2010 any found my car was gone I called the police and they informed me that they received a phone at 2:15am that my car was repo. I called chase and nobody was open to help me but then I receive a call from chase asking about my payment and I informed then that I made the payment and my account was noted and your repo my car anyways asn told me she could not help me and gave me another number to call. I called chase and been getting the runaround and transfer to 5 different 800 numbers for all of yesterday and all morning. I finally got a hold of kim [protected] at the philly office and was informed that I may not get my car back although i'm paid in full that I may be requested to pay the balance of my loan in full (in which I cannot afford to do). Plus I will have to pay the repo fee of $390.00 plus storage. She was very rude to me and told me not to call back today because it is a bank day and there is nobody there to decide if I will get my car back or not. I work very hard to make my payments on time and got messed up one time and they took my payment & car. I missed work today to get the problem resolve and to be told I my not get my car back. All my personal items are in the car and they will not tell me where my car is located to get my personal items that I need. I put all that money into my car not to get it repo prematurely. She also inform me that they can legally repo somebody car after 15 days of being late. Bascially told me it's my fault because I didn't call to tell them that I made a payment they claimed they left messages with my reference but all of them told me no such thing. I did receive a letter from chase after the fact they already got my payment & car. We had bad snow storm and mail was delay due to the state of emerency. We are not all deadbeats there are times when people do need a break once in awhile. Company have downsize and you get extra duties without the extra money so you do the best you can with the money you make. I always try to keep a roof over my head and a car. I only had to get another car because my1997 honda accord excellent shape got wreck by a drunk driver and I only got the blue book vaule for my car and it force me to get a car loan in which I haven't had one in over 12 years. Chase is very wrong to take my payement and my car and now for two days I cannot get nobody to help me get it back and to be told I might not get it back is very wrong. So I will call again tomorrow 2/16/10 to hear the decision they make on my account.

  • Dr
    Dragon2010 Feb 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey C.Lynn. you need to fill out the form against Chase in the small claim at ur location which is small court or.. just show it to the court that u already paid on jan 18th which bank received payment post on 2/11/2010.. I think it is not your fault because chase didn't inform you that they will reposss your car.. that means you paid it on jan 18th, 2010.. then tell the court why did they reposs your car ? for no reason, u never have a late payment on time. u always work so hard and very responbility for yourself to pay on time... smile.

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  • Dr
    Dragon2010 Feb 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not call chase because they will ignore you and make you pay more fees... you need to fill out the form and sue chase for action and also you have a secret surprising something for chase. if you need help.. you can email me. let me know.. i would be more than happy to help you out. smile.

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  • Di
    diannaall Feb 17, 2010

    I too have the same problem with chase but I refuse to hand them over the vehicle. They lost a payment of mine back in November, 2008. We have been in contact with them every week, every month, I have received treatening phone calls, harrasing calls, they have called family members and left very rude messeges, they have gone to my old address which now has my tenents in it (they new we built a new home and have come here) and they have left letters on their door. They even came here a few months back at 11:40 p.m. lights flashing in our driveway. My 7 year old son woke up screaming and crying because there were flashing lights out his window and thought there was a fire. I ran downstairs and told the driver to shut them off. They have called me and been combative, rude, argumentative and even made threats to me. I have kept paying every month, they have continued to say they can't find the money paid in Nov. 2008 even though I did what they asked and had a manager of my bank write them letters showing the money came out and paid to them. Chase said they sent the money back to my bank, th manager even addressed that in he letter stating no money was sent back. They continue to charge me fees, interest on top of interest. To this date, they have charged me 93% of my interest for the entire lenght of the loan and I am only 3 1/2 years into the loan with 2 1/2 left. I could go on with the unbelievable problems and harrasement but we could be here for days. I know that there is a class action lawsuite in the works here is the website- But I was wondering if you know some other means to handle them right now. Thanks Dianna

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  • An
    Angela 0423 Nov 11, 2010

    I too had to deal with them it was an neverending nightmare. I had a loan with them since 8/06 for a new car which I put down 20, 000 cash and financed 16000 at a higher interest rate but still manageable, never missed a payment but they would lose payments that were direct wired if It was on due date still they would call looking for the payment that they never received starting at 8:30 am to 9 pm all day long when I didnt owe them nothing. I would send them copies of payment received by them with confirmation number and all. This happened on numerous occasions for 1 1/2 yrs I have been dealing with them to fix the problem on their end to only get nowhere. Still making monthly payments sometimes double payments to get them to stop calling hoping they would eventually apply it to the upcoming month when the payment I had made hit there system only to be used to cover the previous month all along showing that I was overdue/late. This sunday I find the repo man at the house and drove off with the car I know he was just doing his job but couldnt do anything about it. Trying to get anyone at chase is like waiting for a miracle to happen. Finally they told me that I could get the loan reinstated but need to fill out a form they have with references, Job, salaries etc a new app basically I imediately faxed it back I was told that I could have the car back if I paid the 2 mos that I owed and the current month I faxed them copies proving that I didnt owed them nothing that I was upto date on payments. Copies of western union payments to them and bank transactions from my bank to them of payments made and received from them from day one. They didnt want to hear it. First they told me that they would mail out a letter outlining how much I owed them to get my car back, never heard from them so I called them back on numerous occasions to find out the status of the hold up each time you get someone different and each would tell you a diferent bulls...I would write down names and responses finally I asked to speak to a supervisor or someelse in charge, how amazing there always in meetings and told that my app was still under review, and didnt know if they would reinstate. I knew they were jerking me around waiting for the deadline they only give you ten days by then your car is sitting at an auction yard, I knew that my car was worth 2x the amount I had left of the loan so I called back asked for the payoff value and said screw you all at chase they are outright cutthroat theives and heartless Bas... went straight to the nearest branch paid the loan off got a receipt had the manager call them and confirmed payment if you dont before you leave your Screwed got my realease letter sent to the repo company paid another 215. for three days at storage and said goodbye to this people I will never deal with them again They destroyed my credit took my payments monthly loosing it or posting the payments weeks after they had gotten it, harrased me daily from dusk till dawn and still took my car. Buyer Beware stay away from this bank shop around hell a loan shark is better dealing than this unorganized unethical and unprofessional organization. If you have no choice to deal with them be prepared to pay the whole loan off when they come after you. They dont want to hear it They just want to recoup the whole loan amount not your monthly payments. Hope this helps someone...

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Resolved how chase auto finance treats customers


I am trying to find people that are getting screwed mistreated and lie to from Chase Auto Finance. I have made a petition you can sign it by going to the following link below. If you want to be included in the class action lawsuit against them. Something needs to be done to them for how they treat there customers how they operate etc. If you feel you have been mistreated by them please sign the petition. The more people the better Any questions please feel free to contact me at [protected] with the subject Chase Auto Finance Lawsuit.



  • Kk
    kksmommy Mar 18, 2011

    you can count me in they repo'd my car while my hubby was deployed, which is against the soldier sailor act says that no company can repo or forclose on any prop while the soldier is deployed, also wouldn't allow me to place my payments on allottement, oh and the say 4byrs later that we owe them 12, 400 and we paid 14, 000 i bought this car in 05 and they repo'd it in 07... i so wanna get into thier butts

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  • Kk
    kksmommy Mar 18, 2011

    how many sigs do you have to have

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  • Pa
    Patty33688 Mar 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please count me in! Chase repoed our SUV after 1 month late..we were told to apply for the hardship program and in fact there isnt a program. They hired a Detective service that harassed every member of my family..the repo driver was banging on my family doors at midnight! They took the SUV..we never received any notice..I was told that we could not sell the SUV since it was written off..All of our personal property was inside..No notice to claim the SUV ..What every SUV that went to auction 2X was damaged and had high miles..this was not our SUV! Took Chase a year to transfer the title and the tag was never turned in and has been ticketed to-date! We were served this week with a lawsuit for the entire loan amount and Chase took our SUV and sold it for $2600 under the blue book! Liars and Crooks! Contact your state AG and the AG office of NY you may receive a reply from Chase and catch them in a few lies! Also file with the FTC

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  • Zr
    ZRAMBO6 Apr 22, 2011


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  • Su
    Sujoy Sarkar Sep 07, 2012

    You all have to hear this. Talk about ruthless collection practices EVEN AFTER 10 Years!!. To make a long story short, I financed a 1998 Ford Mustang about 10 years ago wtih Chase Auto Group. About an year later, I was laid off. So I called the bank and told them that and I would like to work out a plan. They lady just LAUGHED at me. That night about 2:00 AM, the Repo guys showed up at the house. Banged on the door so hard they dented the door. Then when we did not answer, they waived the flashlighs through each window, made loud noises with their tow truck on purpose, and then turned my water main off from the front yard valve. I did not know they did this until the morning when I smelled something burning. It was the motor on my dishwasher which was timed to run at night automatically. It burned out because the there was no water. I thought the water company turned off the water at first. It did not end there, the same afternoon, they sent a person by the house to open my mailbox and look inside at my mail. Which is a violation of Federal law. Then my former office called and said that people were calling me from Chase telling them that I am trying to avoid them and "escaped to India". A clear racial slur. But that's not all. I wrote to them and told them what their "Hired hands" had done. They wrote back saying that I owed a certain amount when I could afford it and they would not send anymore "Repo" people out. So that was the end. I thought. WRONG. It took me 10 years to find another job. I finally decided to buy another car. I turned in the 1998 Mustang to the dealer and gave them a 1099-C form that I had just got from Chase that "Forgives the remaining balance". And had the balance of ZERO. So I thought I was done with them. I talked to Chase, and talked to a nice lady (I thought) that said they would be sending me my pink slip to the dealer in a week. About 4 months later, the dealer gives me a call and told me Chase refuses to relase the car to them because they are claiming an "equity" in it. (A worthless car with over 266, 000 miles - still runs great). So I called Chase and asked them why they did not send the dealer the Pink slip. They said, rudely, and quite harshly, that's because I owed a balance on the loan. I told them but I got a 1099-C forgiving the loan that I had to report to the IRS as Income. They then said, where did you get that number, you owe us quite a lot more. Get this, they say I owe them over $16, 000. At this point I hit the cealing. This was going too far. Now I have to pay an additional $750.00 to the dealer to get my old car back or face small claims court bacuase Chase will NEVER release the lein on the car. These are the kind of people we are dealing with at Chase. ALL of them should be thrown in Jail with no possibility of parole until they have paid back everyone they cheated and paid all the fines they are obligated to pay. In addition, they still owe me money for a new dishwasher and door and then an Hot Water Heater too. Plus pain and suffering.

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Resolved repo

We had got behind on our car payment and chase contacted us and they cut a deal w us and said our car could...

Resolved thieves

I had a WAMU credit card with a 9% interest rate. I never overdrew or missed a payment and always paid more than minimum. Chase took over and shot my interest rate from 9% to 20% in 2 months.

A new credit card law was just passed that they cannot report to credit report for 60 days nor charge you late fees for so long..This company is bad and theives. I do not like their practices which is why I never took out a card with Chase in the first place.

Due to the interest rate my monthly interest on my bill went from $5 a month to well over $20 JUST in interest. My monthly minimum went from $10 to $40. I had to quit paying them because of the spike and the economy. The day AFTER (1 day) they didn't get my payment they started calling me every 15 minutes demanding payment. They also added a late charge within less than a week (the law is 45-60 days). Within a month it had hit my credit report. (this is also illegal).

They were also harassing my family for payment on my behalf..We had to change our phone numbers just for a little peace. Not only would they call every 15 minutes they would call 7 days a week and they are NOT allowed to call you on Sunday.

This is how much they appreciate their loyal customers who pay monthly without fail..jacking up the rates. If I had wanted an account with Chase I would have applied for one. This is the reason I steered away from Chase to begin with. They break every law they can with accounts.

Someone should sue them and they should have to refund all the money they have cheated their customers out of.

  • Ma
    mark mueller Dec 19, 2012

    I was purchasing an item from the enternet and had enough credit to pay for the item. I thought that the item was bought and paid for. Turns out that the credit card company put a security block on my payment. Am I upset, you bet I am. With out any notice they stopped my payment after so many years of never having an issue. As a A rated customer you can bet after this I will be looking for another company to do business with. After spending half my day on the phone with pay pal and chase still no resolution to the problem they created. The seller is wondering why I am not making payment and I have to tell them they have to wait till chase gets their act together so I can process the transaction. Now I am sure that I will not have this item till well after the holidays, if the seller doesn't get fed up and sell it to someone else. Thanks for nothing, after so many years of being a loyal customer.

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We fell behind in our auto loan with Chase. We tried to file for the Hardship program and was not accepted. I wanted to sell the auto and was told that it was written off and we had the auto repossessed one year ago. We received No documents from Chase on the repossession. Just a bill for $6500 on a $7500 loan and blue book value of $6500-$7500. When I disputed the bill with Pa State I found out that Chase clamed the auto was damaged and there was missing for two months from the time it was repoed. I did a search and the auto went to auction a few times..todate the auto is still in our name and I beleive that it is NOT our auto that went to auction that the VIN was switched on a clunker! Our auto was Not damaged and in good condition. I was advised to sue! This is Fraud! from a bank that took a $25, 000.00 Bailout of OUR Tax money!

Resolved overdraft fees

I have several accounts with Chase. I noticed one night I was going to be overdrawn on my checking account so I transferred funds from 2 savings accounts to cover it. Both transactions showed that they went thru that night. I checked my account again the next morning but only one transaction showed. The other was still pending and I had $105 in overdraft fees on my checking. I contacted the customer service center and they refused to refund the fees or give me a straight answer about why only one transaction was showing that morning when both had showed processed the night before. This isn't the first time their "creative bookkeeping" has caused me fees. I have already opted out of their "courtesy overdraft protection" so that any charges beyond what I had in the bank would be declined so I wouldn't occur any fees. Instead, they hold debit transactions so if you check your balance thru the ATM, you still show money in the account. You have to check your account online to see a true balance. This is the only bank I have ever used that posts debits before they post credits. I plan on moving my accounts to another bank, any bank, as soon as possible. Chase's "business practices" are nothing but flagrant thievery.

  • No
    normaljen2000 Feb 11, 2010

    I just closed my account with Chase NV because they we overcharging me overdraft fees for items already cleared.I was told today that Nevada has" A Law" that says to take the largest amount that posts That day then enter the smaller amounts. So I get charged 3 overdraft fees instead of one. I think this is an unethical and possible illegal practice. They are supposed to be working for their customers. I feel robbed.

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Resolved sure miss wamu

I had been a WAMU customer since 1997. I as were many was told that Chase would continue WAMU's practices until I learned the hard way differently. My first experience was unexpected NSF's showing up in my account. Come to find out... Chase employees out of the blue decided to place a hold on my payroll checks without letting me know. I always make my deposits at the ATM how would I have known? I have worked for my company for 10 years, never a problem. I understand in this economic climate how the banks could be nervous. However, the industry I work in is fortunately recession proof. So then I was told no overdraft protection. Great! With WAMU I had $1000.00 in overdraft protection. So I was encouraged to link my savings account to my checking for overdraft protection. Ok so I did. I then started seeing these credits every once in a while on my checking account. I thought, isn't this nice I wonder what rewards program I signed up for? Then one day I checked my savings statement, savings was almost depleted! The little credits I was seeing were transfers from my savings, however I wasn't overdrawn. Apparently they transfer and charge a fee of $10.00 on PENDING transactions!!! So I quickly canceled that! I played the float one weekend. I had several pending transactions on a Thursday of which my balance covered, these will usually clear by Monday night. I made a large purchase Sunday of which I did not have funds, I figured I would have until Wednesday night. I made a large deposit Tuesday morning and requested cash back and was told my account was negative and I could not have any cash.. ??? Come to find out the large purchase cleared on Monday night, ok I gambled and lost so 1 NSF fee right? Wrong!!! Contrary to what I was told before, (Checks clear in the order of when they are presented, *see first experience) Chases policy is to clear the highest dollar items first stacking them to the smallest dollar items. So they are intentionally setting up their customers for NSF fees!!! (I would say that is predatory) What a way to bite the hand that feeds you! When speaking with customer service and supervisors I mentioned that a law was past that banks can no longer exercise these types of predatory business practices. Their reply is after March 2010 some policies will change. (So if your a customer hold on to your seat till the ride is over !!!) In the conversations with Chase representatives I am continuously told I have the right to close my accounts. *(Bet that's good for business!) I am now shopping the market for a friendlier common sense bank or credit union. So let me sum this up by saying $500.00 in fees in the last few months! In the entire time I was with Bank United then WAMU I have not paid out half that amount in fees in a 12 year period. (Bet Chase is proud of that!) Didn't the government give WAMU to Chase? Shouldn't we as tax payers receive a little better treatment than - after $500.00 in fees to be told "close your account"? (Bet they didn't disclose this to the government either!)

Resolved awful, awful, awful

I received a letter from Chase, so I called the number. I ended up speaking with Kathryn (a mortgage consultant - a sales woman). She convinced me to refinance and had me give her my credit card number to apply. The same day, I was charged $750.00 on my credit card. When I discovered that the information was not the same as the flyer I received, and I just did refinance last year, I called to cancel the application. I spoke to Kathryn and her supervisor Angie, both saying I could not change my mind and $750 was non-refundable. Then called numerous times and left messages, never heard back. I think that this is a bait. I am a Chase customer, that makes this worse.

Resolved refinance scam

Chase is running a refinance scam. They take your 750 dollar application fee, and in my case, lost all the paperwork, forcing me to get all the paperwork again, and I was borrowing 90, 000 against a co op worth 1.6 million and an extensive amount of liquid assets and after all of this I was denied, based on the tax return filed with my husband where he showed a loss. The refinancing would be in my name and the co op shares issued in my name. My monthly payments would be around 500 dollars. This is outrageous that I was denied.

Resolved failure to acknowledge proven fraud

I purchased a painting that was represented (with full knowledge of fraud by seller) as original and done by...

nsf fees

Woooowwww!!! Had a washington mutual account, and when we found out that they were "acquired" by chase, we asked around, and were told that even though chase was taking over, all of the privileges that we had with wamu would stay the same. Yeah right. Wamu used to have real overdraft protection, and would notify you days in advance for pending overdrafts so that you could deposit necessary funds into the account. Today, saturday the 6th, at 4:34 a. M. We received an e-mail from chase, saying that our account was overdrawn, so I headed over to the branch and deposited in a check that was more than sufficient to cover everything. I get to the bank, and there was a negative $397.00 in the account. Scratched my head, and asked what it was for, and they let me know that there was $99.00 in overdraft fees. Make a long story short, I came back home, saw when everything was sent, and called customer service (What an oxymoron) and let them know what transpired. The clerk stated that they would reverse the funds, cool, no problem. 15 minutes later, they has only credited $66.00 of the $99.00 that was taken out, so I called back. They stated that they should not have even given any of the money back, and that I was lucky to get what I got. They also stated that even if they thought that I was right, they only give $77.00 a month back in fees, even if it is their mess up. Told them if they do not give the remaining $33.00 back, that I would close the account, and they replied "do what you have to do" and that was a lead supervisor. Mind you, I have a cc account, checking account, savings account and a business checking account with this company, and they just lost a customer over a lousy $33.00 hmmpphhh, what nerve.

  • Th
    thismessisaplace Feb 09, 2010

    I to am experiencing the same situations. The rules continuously change daily. I am currently shopping for a new banking experience.

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  • Ab
    A Broken Consumer Mar 19, 2010

    I would just like to say I take full responsiabilty to my banking errors howevr Chase has found a way to get whatever they can out of you. They tell you things are processed by dollar amount first in a certain catagory example Debits and Atm withdrawls before checks but I have proof that they process any way they can to get you to have more NSF fees...What they are doing should be against the law

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  • Hu
    Husk Mar 20, 2010

    Late Fee:
    The last 10 years I have had a mortgage loan, a credit card, a saving and checking account with WAMU and I r:eally enjoyed their customer service until Chase took over. I always paid my credit card balance in full every month. For some reason I did not get my Feb 2010 statement and Chase hit me with a $30 late fee. I called and told them I never got the statement and if you check my account I have never been late the last 10 years and since this is my first time I am requesting that you reverse the $30 late fee charge
    I told her since I have been a loyal customer in good standing for the last 10 years and have paid you (WAMU and Chase) approximately $90, 000 in interest on my mortgage loan and let’s assume I was late with one stinking credit card payment one time, are you sure you want to lose a long standing customer over such a minor issue? She did not give a damn and was VERY rude. I asked if I could talk to a manager, she responded NO and she said “I am the ultimate decision maker and this is our policy and if you do not pay the late fee will charge you another late fee plus interest”.
    I told her it is my policy not to do business with idiots and did the only thing I could do.
    I got in my car and went to the local Chase branch, closed my credit card, saving and checking accounts, and got a payoff estimate for my mortgage loan and went to my credit union and had them to wire the payoff amount the same day.
    These people do not have a clue about customer service.

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Resolved nsf charges

Chase has this rule that we don't have any say so on. If more than one check hits the bank on the same day, they clear the largest first. That means they can clear the big check and bounce many smaller ones. Ok, that is fine but then they purposely arrange them to make that senario happen. I recently had them list 2 small charges at Jack and the Box, and a store as pending for 2 days. The 3rd day a charge for gas was listed (ahead of the small checks). I had deposited cash to make sure the others cleard and my balance was still positive. Of course then they were able to charge me $140 is NSF fees. They won't do anything for you if you have had any NSF charges waived. I am curious to what their NSF revenues are annually. It must be HUGE! I know it doesn't cost them $35 to process a NSF.

Resolved denied convenience check

Chase refused to cover its convenience check for $5k on an open 10.5k credit line and then notified it was closing account. Usual credit reasons. No history of late pays, etc. Great pay record history with Chase. I will bring suit for character defamation with my credit union. I have over $1 million in savings, plus $160k in w-2 annual income.