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I have been a customer with cash AMERICA for years. This location has gone down hill! The males that work at this location act like they don't have a clue! One is always on hi...

Upsetting work conditions

I have been in your store several times every time I have walked in there has been an issue with 2 particular employees. The 1st time I witnessed an employee called Edward curse...

asst mgr leslie

461933 Picked up the ring I purchased & paid in advance for the resizing & was told by the Manager that the guy who sizes the rings for this pawn shop had a death in the family...

employee and overall company standards

Donald Mika is a valued employee that I have come to know for about 3 years now he has been working with Cash America pawn. He has worked over on the Fondren and S. Main Location...

I was rudely disrespected humiliated, and denied a refund of purchas by manager who also callwd the police who instructed me to contact this office.

On January 3rd I purchased a hydraulic jack Cash America on January 6th I return to Cash America Pawn because the hydraulic jack was not working properly initially I did not have...

the lousy service we received from the assistance manager rachael on 11/20/2019

We were treated like trash, We were talked to like a dirty dog, We felt very disrespected as a human being, we were in great spirit until we walked into Cash America: My son ask...


Bought a predator 2000 generator. Put it on layaway and was told I could get the protection warranty when I picked it up . The lady never put it on . Get up camping and plug...


I stopped by the store to purchase a TV. Once I get to the counter the person behind the counter ring up my TV but did not say nothing about any insurance plans. Which means that...

sanyo 55 inch tv.

Today I brought my television into there colerain store to apply for a collateral pawn on my television. My husband ask the representative of the store where he should place the...

customer service

8/10 k 10:10am, My pregnant wife, my daughter and I walked into the store to purchase a 32" tv. No one was in the store. There was a man and a woman behind the counter. No one...

longines men’s watch

Eight months ago I entered into a layaway agreement to purchase a long jeans watch from Cash America pawn 800 S. State in Salt Lake City Utah. I have been a regular customer here...


I arrived 8 min early to make final pymnt on layaway of 500.00 purchase. (I and husband made 3900.00 in purchases at 5 cash america locations this month. So i frequently go and spend at locations thru san antonio as i drive around).Rude and customer service skills at 8706 perin beitel san Antonio tx 78217 with Employee Eric.Doors were locked. When i knocked on door employee Eric walked to door and asked what i needed. I let him knw a pymnt and he told me thru glass door he couldn't take pmt because they were closed . i told him it wasn't 5 on a sunday yet and showed him time on phone. He said that cash america goes by hours on computer. I told him to let me make a pmt or i was making a complaint. He opened door. I daid you know i am going to make a complaint afterall because it wasn't right about attitude he gave because he wanted to leave for the day. He said with attitude...Uh yeah. I made pmt w norberto which was nice thru FINAL pmt transaction at thus location that took less than 2 or3min. It was for a pmt not shopping! I couldn't get this Employee (Eric)to take my money for Cash America! When i asked Norberto for the time on computer after waiting in line after 1 other customer in front of me that WAS taking their time it was barely turning 5:02. I had been in line for 4 min. I looked at and told Eric (who told me when i knocked on door that it was past 5 on computer) that what he told me wasn't true about computers showing past 5. He then said"well, i didn't lock the door." Employee Jocelyn was walking around listening, but did not acknowledge complaint at all.( i'm stating this because i assume she was in charge there as she ended up locking door again). No apology or explanation by any of 3 Employees up front. Upsetting..embarrassing that i had to knock on door and feel like i had to beg to take pmt. Will be writing/forwarding this review to YELP and cash america webste. Loc: cash america pawn 8706 perin beitel sanantonio tx 78217


due date over the telephone

I have been going to cash America pawn for over a decade. I have been able to call my store and find out my due date using my Drivers license number without issue, until recently. How does using my drivers license number to find out my due date affect the privacy of my info? I am the only person who can pick up the item so why am I not allowed to find out the due date over the phone using my DL#? Even if someone had my drivers license, they wouldn't be able to pickup my item without the original ticket. I am completely opposed to this so-called privacy policy.

For reference, I live in Lubbock Texas and use the Cash America Pawn on 50th and the West loop.


I was in Cash America to get a television out of pawn and I stood there for a good 15 minutes. The girl working the counter was dealing with a customer, training a new employee, and had to answer the phone everyone it rang. The manager did manage to answer the phone once to talk to a customer, came up to the computer saw me standing there and when finished went back into the back. How lazy does your manager have to be to not help a customer if another employee who is already helping another customer is busy??? It wasn't like there was a long line, I was the only one standing there cause no one else wanted to wait that long. When it was my turn the employee Jonica I believe was her name apologized for my wait which I do appreciate.

bad business

On May 31, 2019 I purchased a Honda self propelled lawnmore from the Cash America on Cypress St in West Monroe, LA. Now I will admit I am 67 years old and never purchased a lawnmower so I know nothing about them except for what the person that sold the lawnmower told me. On Saturday morning I got up to go mow my lawn and could not get the blades to engage. I called the store and the manager named Lee was supposed to call me back in 30 mins. 1.5 hours later I called the store and the girl that answered the phone hung up on me. I called back and she stated she kept saying hello and I would not respond. I could hear people in the background and was trying to explain to her that I needed to speak to Lee or Scott or someone who knew about the mower. I called a local mower company who the man was nice enough to wald me through engaging the blades. Then the problem was that the mower needs a grasscatcher bag as it quits running when it does not have the bag. 2.5 hours later still no call so I called the store and he answered I advised him I had gotten the mower running and now I would have to find a bag for the mower to make it run properly. I did state to him that his staff seen me coming and I feel like them have given me the shaft as an unsuspecting customer. Lee was also advised there would be a complaint filed and he just said ok and laughed.

Poor customer service and attitudes at this store. I was taken advantage of there is not doubt in my mind and I will post this incident on my social network to advise not to use Cash America.

Marsha Stockle
Unsatisfied Customer


customer service

On Thursday may 30 about 1 pm. My husband and i went to cash america in Saraland Alabama. The pawn broker tesse was not a very friendly individual while everyone eles that works there was. She didn't hardly even speak during the transaction.
I did notice she only offer me $15 dollars for the toll boxes that i was selling and she put a price tag of $98 and some change. I should have been able to get $25 for two tool boxes.
She is unfair to the customers.

I had returned a television

461933 I had pawned a TCL television with them on 4/22/2019 And went to get it out of pawn on 5/2/2019 with my PayPal debit card, they refused it because it was 6:45 pm and they were...

the service

The service there is ridiculous.the assistant manager who is named Lisa saw a line but was sitting in the office eating... I was there almost an hour just take something out and...

treating customers like criminals

Your location at I-10 and Gessner in Houston, Texas forces a customer to surrrender his driver's license before he may look at any secured item such as guns or jewelry. I have shopped at 100's cash and this is the only one who treats a customer in this manner. This tells me that there is no such cash policy. I want you to instruct the area manager and store mananager to cut this you know what out. It is deminning and insulting.

Cashier Scam

On April 20, 2017 I Reginald I. Cox was short change. I was renewing a pawn ticket and the amount of 94, 20 to a male cashier on ticket no. 317793 which I give him 100.00 dollar...

Cash America — Threatening emails: See Attached/ Copies

Legal Notice & Arrest Warrant  John Green  Reply |  Mon 1:18 PM You  This message was identified as spam. We'll delete it after 9 days. It's not...

Cash AmericaFraudulent c laims

I have received several phone calls, stating that I owe the company some money. I asked for a copy of the information along with details of the date and year of the loan. The person became angry and stated that he was going to place a garnishment against my wages. When I asked for the manager and informed the caller that I would be reporting this information to my attorney, the caller then disconnected the call.

Cash AmericaScam PayDay Loan

I went online to apply for a PayDay Loan and later received a call back from (Kevin) informing me that I had been approved for a loan up to $5000. Kevin asked what was the purpose of the loan and I informed him that it was for my son's college tuition. I requested a loan for 2000 and was told that I needed to verify my first payment through Money Pack. I was told that the loan amount plus my the $200 would be wired to my account within 30 minutes. After 1 hour, I checked my account and there were no funds. I called back and was informed by Kevin that there was a "hold" due to my poor credit score and therefore my payment would have to be increased. I purchased another money pack and he informed me that the hold was released and I would receive the money by morning. Its been 2 days and no funds have been deposited in my account. In addition, the Money Pack cards have a balance of $0.

  • Do
    Don Tarr Aug 03, 2014

    No legitimate lender requires a payment up front to get a loan. Go to a neighborhood loan service, not an unknown on the internet.

    0 Votes / 247lending.comScam and kept calling cell phone

Beware--these websites are scams!, and They collect all your personal information, then within hours your cell phone is flooded with offers from people with thick accents. Most people whom called me barely understood English. One guy got mad because I told him I was no longer interested, so he decided to keep calling and kept harrassing me until I blew a bullhorn in his ear! DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE. THEY CLAIM THEY WILL MATCH YOU UP WITH A LENDER, BUT REALLY IT'S A TELEMARKETING FIRM THAT CALLS PEOPLE WHOM APPLY ONLINE FOR A LOAN. THE TERMS ARE RIDICULOUS AND ONE PERSON TRIED TO ASK ME FOR MY SSN NUMBER! I refused to give them the information and most did not understand what I meant when I asked them what is the terms of the pay back? How much interest is charged for this loan? For 3 days I had to put my phone on busy because these folks from this website flooded my cell phone with bogus phone calls with offers for a $1, 500 loan.

Cashamerica.comI paid and paid and got nothing...

I received call from and was informed that I was approved for a $ 1500.00 loan and that all I was to do was going to Western Union and sending $150.00 to show that I could pay my monthly payment for the loan. I did this and was told that I would need to send another $ 250.00…


Under missouri law they cannot sell anything until 60 days after the loan is due and you can pay it off before the time is up and they cannot charge more than 2% interest per month they are charging 100% interest and selling loan items 1 day after the loan is due

Cash America — Return Policy

Problem: Bought a ring from Cash America *5730 50th street Lubbock tx on October 13, 2012 . I was visiting my daughter from Houston. Specifically asked about return policy...

Cash America — so called loan

We are getting threatening phone calls from some rag heads from india who claim we took out a loan. We never took a loan from a payday company. The same guy calls and uses a...

Cash AmericaScam

I received a phone call this morning from an individual named Eric Johnson, I believe, with a very strong Indian accent. He left me a message saying he was calling in regards to a legal matter, from the FDIC, about me committing fraud with my husband's information. I called them and they refused to talk to me about it, even though they called ME. My husband called them and they told him that I took out an online cash advance loan sometime between March 2009 and December 2009 and never paid it back. Then they said that they were suing us for the balance and that we needed to pay off the debt or go to court. They provided our bank information and personal information including our old address (we moved August 2009) and said the money had been deposited directly into our account. I have pulled all of our statements and spoken with our bank and there is no record of this deposit.

Cash America — KEEP ITEMS


SuperPawn / Cash America — Rude Manager

Rude Manager telling a customer he was not in the mood to hear it when they asked the manager why the store was opened two hours late, and then manager told them if they were...

Cash AmericaPay Day loans

I did take out a payday loan I did not have the funds to cover the loan and received a call from a gentleman stating he was going to send police to pick me up and I was charged with 3 felonies..I was so scared and he told me to send the money money gram and so I did. $350.
Received another call from Oasis Financial Solutions in Jacksonville, Fl Representatives name Michelle Middleton, she emailed me the information because I was skeptical about paying this again. She informed me that I had been scammed previously. I called the number on her company letterhead and it is not a working number. I feel I was scammed again by her and her fake company.
Today I received a call from "Investigator Jacob Daniels" supposedly with county check support [protected] wants me to pay $236, he rattled off MY social security number (very scary) and tells me that a case has been brought against me for the very same felonies and such. I continued to ask questions that he could not answer. I called the sheriff in my town and they informed me of similar instances. I called the county clerk office not an arrest warrant out for my arrest. No case pending..these people use scare tactics to the max..I am not going to be scared anymore!! Come and get me!!

  • Ra
    Rachael1 Dec 03, 2013

    I am sorry that you had to go through this. Companies like this will continue to violate your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it is cheaper to pay you a settlement than give up the profits they make collecting past due debt the way they do.

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  • Ra
    Rachael1 Dec 03, 2013

    I am sorry you had to go through this, hopefully it will get all worked out for you. Companies like this will continue to violate your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it is cheaper to pay you a settlement than give up the profits they make collecting past due debt the way they do.

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Cash America — loan

calls from orientals with american names stating that I took cash from them and they are filing criminal charges even called a reference from a differant loan and stated that they...