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Amigo Loans Complaints & Reviews

Amigo Loans / loans

Mar 01, 2019

On 28th February at 11.56 am I received a text message from this company telling me I had applied to be a guarantor for someone called Matthew. They were informing me that I didn't meet the criteria. *I had not even heard of the company. *I know no-one called Matthew. *I have never applied...

Amigo Loans / loans

Nov 30, 2018

Amigo Loans are irresponsible lenders and the CEO Glen Crawford takes millions in bonuses and salary off the back of the desperate, vulnerable and ignorant. They do not make proper affordability checks and ask to see actual evidence of the income the applicant is declaring ie wage slip...

Amigo Loans / loan I have never agreed to be guarantor

Sep 09, 2018

I received the e-mail below today claiming I would be guarantor for a loan for my 14 year old grand daughter. I have never agreed to be guarantor. email received 09/09/18 [email protected] Sun 09/09/2018, 09:54 Hi Ray, Thanks for applying to be a guarantor for Abigail. To be approved...

Amigo Loans / service

Feb 23, 2018

I was guarantor for my son because he had a bad credit rating. He as fell into hard times and we no longer talk because of the debt he as left me in. I now have had a lot of help of step change who have helped me with paying the dept back. The other company I owe to is for £22, 000 and amigo...

Amigo Loans / unethical behaviour

Jan 07, 2018

I took a loan with Amigo Loans a while back, then did a top of the loan. I had to have the loan in order to buy a new car in order to carry on getting to work. Last year I had to change jobs, to a lower paid job due to ill health (which I won't go into here). I contacted Amigo and asked if...

Amigo Loans / don't get near them

Sep 25, 2017

There are plenty competitors like bamboo loan who do not have any hidden charges and do consider your situation if it will changed in the future My fault was I took in addition to Bamboo loan 10000k for amigo loan. I paid 400 per month just interest.. but couple of months ago I had some...

Amigo Loans / taking too many payments

May 09, 2013

i took out a loan for £3000 originally with FLM loans who were later taken over by Amigo. Terms and conditions were still the same. My contract was 1st payment on 11th June 2010. It was for 36 monthly payments which takes my last one to May 2013. According to Amigo i still owe...

Amigo Loans / do not use!

May 03, 2012

I'm serving as a guarantor for my nephew to build up some credit since he is young and at University, which I am happy to do. But the tactics that 'Amigo' have used to complete the application and now to collect on the funds has been ridiculous. I'm just going to pay...