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Advance America Cash Advance Centers [AARC] Complaints & Reviews

Advance America Cash Advance Centers [AARC] / loan

Jul 25, 2018

I should put OMNIPOINT Communications in the business field because I am sure Advance America knows nothing about how this guy claiming to be a loan officer scammed and cheated me!!! I am following EVERY step and I found out exactly who this low life is.. Advance America will also be...

Advance America Cash Advance Centers [AARC] / Email received from one [email protected] regarding a lawsuit

Jul 02, 2016

I received an email form the above stating that I had to make payment on a balance due to one of the two companies which I called speedy cash because the email had their logo on it I owe them nothing and I found out that they are not affiliated with cash advance America. She informed me...

Advance Cash America / Harassment

Jun 09, 2016

This is the last and final chance for you. This Legal Proceeding issued on your Docket Number EVR-946195 with one of Cash Advance Inc. The company in order to notify you that after making calls to you we were not able to get hold of you so the accounts department of Cash Advance has decided to...

Cash Advance Inc. / Email Scam

Apr 08, 2016

Got this email last night. So glad i didn't give them anything. I see the exact same email on here from other people. But you know someone believed it and paid them. These people need to be stopped! Hello Sophie D**, Arrest warrant ID: - FFCEN 561515/986 which will be issued on April...

Cash Advance Inc. / Email Scam

Apr 07, 2016

Apparently this is a SCAM I received via email today. Is there something we can do about this? Can they actually contact employers and get to our bank accounts? I have never taken out a cash advance Hello Karen Diaz, Arrest warrant ID: - FFCEN 561515/986 which will be issued on April 9th 2016 ...

Cash Advance Inc. / Supposed payday loan

Mar 28, 2016

The below is what I received in an email, which right off the bat you can see the scam. An police officer would never be sending anything like this out. Scammers in every sense of the word!! Find Your Warrant Copy :- Officer: - Michel davis Number: - (330) 406 3557 Reason of this email...

Advance America / Internet contact

Feb 06, 2016

I was contacted by advance with a letter in my gmail. It stated that I was approved for a transfer. I contacted them, as so many I was in a situation of need. They agreed to the money but then asked me for money to secure the money because my credit score was less than 750. My husband and...

Cash Advance Inc. / Threatening Emails

Jan 28, 2016

Arrest warrant ID: - XXXXXXXX/XXX which will be issue on 01/28/2016 (Thursday) 11:00am (EST). Attention, This is the last and final chance for you. This Legal Proceedings issued on you Docket no: XXX-XXXX with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making...

Cash Advance America / Threatening Email

Nov 18, 2015

Arrest warrant ID: - FFCEN 561515/986 which will be issued on Thursday 3 PM. Attention This is the last and final chance for you. This Legal Proceedings issued on you Docket no: EVR-46013 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your...

Cash Advance Inc. / Threatening Emails

Nov 13, 2015

11/13/15 I RECEIVED THIS EMAIL FROM Daniel Smith “ Hello XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Arrest warrant ID: - FFCEN 561515/986 which will be issue on Monday 3:00pm (EST). Attention This is the last and final chance for you. This Legal Proceedings issued on you Docket no: EVR-46013 with one of Cash Advance...

Cash Advance America / Lending company

Sep 08, 2015

This company said I would get an amount of money that had to be repaid over a specific period of time for $5000.00. If I gave them specific information about my checking account. Then they wanted me to the send money back to them. I disconnected the call right then. These are not the...

Cash Advance America / Calls saying i have arrest warrent

Jul 07, 2015

I got a call this week saying I took out a loan they refused dates times etc it wasnt even them I Believe it was a Indian threatening jaill if I didn't pay 750. Now or if I go to court it would be 5000. I'm so upset don't know what to do..?

americacashadvance / threats of garnishing ss/wages

Mar 23, 2015

I received two different e-mails from two different groups representing the same ADVANCE CASH ADVANCE They are threatening legal action if I do not respond to their demands of paying on the loan for not paying. Also I received emails they will garnish my SOCIAL security/Wages and receive...

Advance America / Loan

Nov 19, 2014

I was emailed an exceptance for $4000.00 loan. The told me to pay 250.00 up front on a pre-paid Vanilla Card. So I got up and went to CVS and loaded the card and they took my money. The next day the loan did not arrive I called and they said I needed to buy 400.00 insurance from them so my...

American Cash Advance / Debt Threat

Jun 06, 2014

On June 6, 2014 I received an email from a person by the name of "Julian Marshall" stating that after "multiple" attempts to contact me regarding a debt to an online loan company that I was to be criminally charged in court in a few days for the following: 1. Violation of Federal Banking...

Cash Advance America Or Advanced Cash / Fraud

Mar 04, 2014

I received a phone call at my workplace today from this company. There were two gentleman who spoke with me. They had my full name and proper address. They stated they were calling to discuss an impending lawsuit from an unpaid loan. The men had heavy Indian accents and stated that they...

Advance America Payday Loans / scam/predatory

Jul 12, 2013

I got an email from a Kevin Smith from Advance America Payday Loans. He told me I was approved for a payday loan and told me cuz of my credit score, I had to buy a green dot card and call them. Having done this before and I was scammed, I told them No. He then got very creepy and told me...

Cash Advance America / Can not believe I actually got scammed this way

Nov 01, 2012

I got a call from priority payday loan from number 206-317-1261 from a Russell Jones who said I was approved for a loan of $2100 and I needed to send $190 which I knew in my gut that it wasn't right but I did it anyways and he assured me it wasn't a scam. After I sent that a man...

Cash Advance America / being sue by them

Jun 14, 2012

received a phone call today from a law firm from california asking too speak to my mother and ask what for and told me that they wanted to talk too her that he's a lawyer and that she needed a lawyer cause that cash advance america was suing her for none payment and I ask him when wa...

Cash Advance America / Fake Pay Day Loan- Harrasing Calls

Apr 03, 2012

I havebeen recieving harrassing calls at work and on my cellphone regarding a loan I was supposed to have taken out with them and didnt pay. This is defintely a fraud as I have never taken out a loan with this company. These people have my SSN# address and name. Im not sure if my... / They've stolen my information

Dec 07, 2011

I had never received a loan from this Internet cash advance loan, apparently i filled some information but never completed the application now they are calling me to get paid for a loan i never received, the person only states his first name, answers the phone no 9895454555 with hello...

Cash Advance America / harrasment

Oct 29, 2011

On Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011, I received from Steve (had an Asian accent), of Cash Advance America, tel. # 626-384-3258 harrassing me. Steve said I was a criminal and in violation of federal internet laws and I also commited theft. He hung up and called back and left a message on my voice...

Cash Advance America Usa / Bogus Loan

Oct 24, 2011

I got a call on 10/24/2011 from a Chris Matthews who barely spoke English saying from what I could make out he was calling from Internet Crime Compliant Standard (1-323-345-4292) to inform me of a legal compliant filed against me by CASH ADVANCE AMERICA USA on a loan I never received from them...

Advance America Cash Advance / Stay away from this one

Oct 18, 2011

On 11/7/09 I took out a loan with Advance America during that time I was involved in a auto accident which took me out of work so I had no income coming in but my wifes social security check of $757 which had to last us the entire month and pay our electric, phone insurance, supplies and...

America Cash Advance / never owe money to this company

Sep 22, 2011

i have treatning call that i owe money to cash advance america. but i never borrow money from them. and told me im going to jail with 3 felony count . AND THEY WILL ARREST FROM MY JOB where they get my imformation to call me in my home.

Cash Advance America / Fraudulent Attempt to Collect

Jul 07, 2011

Several weeks ago there was a message on my answering machine. The thick Indian accent was barely comprehensible. My husband and I had to listen to it several times and still could not make out all of it. We ignored it. I received another call today and these people claim that I owe them...

Cash Advance America / Loan

May 11, 2011

Well I guess I am not alone, today I receive a phone call from Officer Richmond (with thick Indian accent) with the Financial Crimes Investagtive Divison informing me that Cash Advance of America filed a compliant against me for not paying an $800.00 loan on Nov. 10, 2010. I told me to...

Cash Advance America Aka Scammers / Bogus Debt Collection

May 09, 2011

I was contacted by a Kevin Lloyd, who had a middle eastern or indian accent on a friday using the number 347 286 7375. The message was left on my cell phone which is used for emergencies only. I check messages periodically. On Saturday, I called the number back. The answering message wa...

American Law Firm / Cash Advance Usa / scam

Apr 15, 2011

i have got many calls from 310-359-0424 they said they were from american law firm calling about a payday loan through advance cash usa called my home was real -ude with my family then called my job 5 times in 4 hours being very rude and could not spe-k english very well. i called them...

CashAdvance America / Threats

Mar 24, 2011

For the past 2 mths people with Indian(from India) accents have been calling me at least 6 times a day saying I owe $500.00 for a cash advance loan or either a pre-paid visa. I have been threating with jail, they are gonna call my employer, and report me to the credit bureaus. I have ask...

Cash Advance America / PayDay loan

Jan 21, 2011

I recived a call from 760-284-4631 last night about 7:30 pm telling me they were some investagations company for cash advance america and that i took out a payday loan in august of last year. These people had my e-mail, my home address, my telphone for my cell and home. They told me that i...

Cash Advance America / Unpaid PAYDAY loan


I had been receiving calls from an "unknown" number on my cell phone for a week or so, with someone with a heavy East Indian accent, who said he was Officer Neil Thomas. He was intelligible, so I told him I wasn't interested and hung up. He called back and left a message that he wa...

Cash Advance Us & American Legal Services / SCAM


Like many others that I read on this website received a call on my cell phone and my place of employment. I was unable to take the call when they first called. When I listened to my voice mail a woman with a VERY heavy middle-eastern accent stated something about me being sued and the wa...

Cash Advance America / FRUED


I received call from Tom Davis with American Legal Process, also India accent #732-703-9871, also stated I got a loan in default for 786.00 and I needed to pay, court dock #248375 for freud, from cash advance american 21 days ago. He knew my SS# and my Bank, I told him I have every legal...

Advance America / Not a complaint


Advance America is not taking anybody's money from a debit card. Now if you think you are paying too much money back then pay it all off at once. When you go in there and just pay the interest you are not doing anything but giving away money. They are not taking advantage of you...

Advance America / Took all of my income


My wife and I went to Advance America for a loan, shortly after we took the loan out I was involved in a serious auto accident which took me out of work due to my injury at this time I am recieving no income, the only income my wife and I had to live on was her social security money of...

Advance America / Payment plan


A few weeks ago, I told Advance America that I wanted to stop doing the payday loan. I couldn't pay back the money without borrowing it back each time, and I wanted to stop. Well, they offer a payment plan, which was going to be too much for me to handle, so they said to stop a...

advance america line of credit / loan scam


was scamed into takeing out a line of credit loan on 1/3/09 for $750.00 so far i payed over $1300.00 on this loan and now they tell me my balance is over $850.00 not sure but i think this should be called loan sharking seem's like they are going after seinor citezen's and takeing...