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This was our second (and last) time on the Glory, the first time with two teenagers. The teen club manager let them play truth or dare with physical contact and did nothing to stop this kind of activity. If you didn't participate in their activities he would call you "gay". Our teens didn't even like going there after the second day. Not enough alternate activity to participate in. We paid extra to have a balcony room but were told on one of the days that we weren't allowed to go out on the balcony during that day so they could clean them. I used to love being a part of the talent show but now they only let you audition to imitate one of their legends and no choice of song. It's okay, except they force you to wear wigs and ungodly outfits or you're out and they treat you like you're a diva if you dare ask not to wear the wig. (I was belittled and caught the costume person talking about me to another dancer). I paid a lot of money for 4 of us to do this, I don't need to be imitated or belittled by some little ship dancer! The ship's excursions were way overpriced. The Purser's desk would take calls while you were in line and then roll their eyes to the customers in line if they person on the phone didn't understand what they were saying. Not only did I lose money in the laundry room but I lost money in one of the machines in the casino and the attendant just shrugged his shoulders and walked away! Our head waiter was great but had to do twice the work of the second waiter and you can't change the ratio of their tips, they are charged together. Best to take cash and have the tips taken off your room so you can tip the people who work hard and not the ones who don't. We did this but when we asked the Purser to change this, we got big attitude. The Red, White and Blue contest was fun but when we went to our "rally" for the white team, as soon as I walked in a dancer smeared white makeup on my face without asking! What if you're allergic? I had to go back to my room and wash it off and missed most of the fun part. Don't fall for the "you can use your cell phone and computer" advertising. Oh you CAN use them, but at a high international roaming on the cell and you have to pay for wifi and can only use it in certain areas anyway. It was my 12th cruise. I had already booked my 13th on Carnival this fall but not sure if I'll actually go. I think I'll cruise Royal Caribbean or Princess instead.


  • Ma
    Mark Murphy Sep 28, 2009

    Response Letter from Carnival's Special Advisor, Office of the President: READ THE CONTRACT!!!

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Carnival Cruise Lines
    Attn: Max Deazle, Personal Vacation Planner

    Dear Max:
    By now you know that our 5-day Ocho Rios- Cayman Island itinerary was changed to Key West-Nassau-Freeport.

    We were notified of such change upon arriving at the terminal Saturday morning – yet workers on this ship said they were notified of such change as much as 2 weeks ago!
    We are extremely angry and disappointed at being forced to take a trip to ports THAT WE HAVE NOT CHOSEN. That Carnival denied advance notice to us to make alternate plans for our vacation is both unprofessional and inexcusable.

    Friday night during the Fun Pass online setup, I had spoken to Carnival staff four (4) times – and no one mentioned the itinerary was changed. I asked, “Is everything still on?” and the response was “Yes, enjoy the cruise.” My last conversation occurred about 10pm. What happened over the next 12 hours?

    The ironic part: As part of the Fun Pass sign up, we were requested to give emergency contact phone numbers and email addresses. Obviously, Carnival opted not to use those phone numbers and email addresses to contact us of the change. Why?

    What right does Carnival have to tell any passenger where they are to vacation?

    Carnival dictated where we were going – without our consent. In my instance, to ports we’d already been to. And for the inconvenience, we get a 20% discount off the next cruise. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE INSULT AND OUTRAGEOUS TREATMENT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!

    I believe that Carnival did not issue advance notice for fear of having to sail with a mostly empty ship. I speculate that because of all the passengers we’ve spoken to, none would have made the trip. Carnival is clearly in this for the revenue, not empty cabins.
    You know that the last trip we made to Ocho Rios and Cayman was altered due to in climate weather – which was totally understandable. Now this trip was altered. I can tell you that my family and I are not going to give the Carnival Destiny a THIRD opportunity to get to Ocho Rios and Cayman. How stupid does Carnival think we are?

    Please forward to me the Carnival executives names and contact information so I may forward to them this complaint. I will of course forward this to your “customer service” department – not that they’ll respond. They sure did not respond to me after the last cruise fiasco!

    By the way, my overall comments of the Destiny are about the same as last cruise:
    1. Still have not met the Captain or the Officers. My parents are mortified by this – having cruised on other lines where such interaction is customary.
    2. Still have not met the Maitre d’ – yet once again I received the envelope to give him a tip. My parents were incredibly mortified by this request - to be asked to give a tip to someone she had nether met nor had services provide from.
    3. The workers in the Spa/Workout Center remain extremely unfriendly. I have been there 2x a day for 5 days and have yet to receive the first “hello.” Do they know who their customers are? We may be old and out of shape – but we are the customers!
    4. The workers in white uniforms don’t acknowledge your existence. Same behavior as last year - What is this about? Actually, my parents inform me this is standard behavior of other cruise lines.
    5. The Room Steward and related staff continue to be exceptional.
    6. Arris and Tusantha on the Galaxy dinner staff are exceptional helpers – like Roberto on the last cruise.

    Overall, the Destiny really seems to be a whole lot more unfriendly since the last cruise – I just don’t understand the arrogance.

    Finally, I’m still waiting for the maintenance folks to get the room radio working – and it’s the last day. Guess it really doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

    My family and I will NEVER come back to this ship. I am so sorry my wife’s 50th birthday was spent this way – you have no idea!

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting that contact information. I’ll be glad to make the time to meet with someone at Carnival of importance my next time in Miami.

    Mark Murphy
    506 Stephanie Court
    Lake Mary, FL 32746

    Emailed to Max 9/17
    Sent to Guest Relations: 9/16, 9/17 and 9/18/09
    Mailed 9/17/09
    Copy to fax [protected] Attn: Gerry Cahill
    Copy to James & Dorothy Murphy

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  • Di
    Diane Barrow Oct 31, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I just returned from a 5 day cruise on the Inspiration. We traveled to Tampa then to Grand Caymen and then to Cozumel. I have to say the service, food and the cleanliness of the ship was up to par. HOwever did anyone on Carnival ever hear of second hand smoke or lung cancer? Smoking was allowed virtually everywhere on board. Every outdoor area shared by others, all the bars and clubs except the one in the common lobby area. The ship stunk of smoke. It was disgusting. I do not smoke and my husband suffers from asthma. We are home for about a day or so and he is still coughing. People just lit up everywhere. The pool area for example. One side of the pool was smoking and other side was not. Last time I checked 25 ft in between us was not helping. It was still in my face. I could not stay in the nightclubs or bars and enjoy most of the entertainment. So if you dont smoke dont cruise carnival. I was also very disappointed in the dress code. No coverups in side. People were walking around at the suishi bar in bikinis and no coverups. That is just gross. Men walking around inside again, no shirts in the dining areas and in the bar areas. I even saw a man 3 mornings in the breakfast dining room with his robe, pajamas and slippers. No control. Dinner dress was also a disappointment. Tee shirts, jeans nothing nice. No enforcement. I would never cruise this line again.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Ifeanyi Ufondu Oct 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Carnival Cruise Lines, LLC
    3655 NW 87th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33178

    Re: Serious Customer Complaint

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    To the Executive Staff & Guest Relations Administrators,

    My name is Dr. Ifeanyi Ufondu and I am writing with deep concerns for the horrific cruise experience my family, friends and I encountered this past week on the Carnival Destiny departing out of Miami, FL. I am a seasoned traveler with Carnival Cruise Lines and in the past have had the most incredible and enjoyable experiences with your company. I have had the pleasure to take my first cruise in 1996 on the Paradise out of Los Angeles, CA. to my most recent cruise on the Destiny. This has been the worst overall travel experience, hands down! Never once have I, nor my family, experienced the type of customer service insensitivity, disrespect and extreme condescending tone by a majority of your staff, primarily the Purser’s desk “ Annelijn Vemonden and Christina” whom were both patronizing, scornful, contemptuous, demeaning, and arrogant. The laundry list of complaints are below:

    However, there were many disappointing factors on this cruise. I would like to itemize many of the problems that occurred while on board the Destiny.
    - From the moment we arrived in our stateroom on Lido deck (#9172), we were appalled by the terrible odor inside. The most horrific stench of excrement inundated our room to the point we had to make several telephonic & in person complaints, as well as, by leaving a note with the Purser’s desk. We were absolutely stunned by the staff member “ Annelijn Vemonden” who was more accusatory, as if the stench was our own fault or just simply a fragment of our imagination, rather than being compassionate or concerned by our serious complaint. After several calls and in person complaints to Annelijn Vemonden, she blatantly lied to us by stating that someone had come to the room already and adhered to our problem and found no such issue. Well, when I told her that my wife and I weren’t feeling so well and that we had not left the room for six (6) hours, she stated, “Sir, why would I lie to you…I have no reason to lie . The plumber said that he had come to check out the situation and he wouldn’t lie either!” I was completely shocked and furious now! Her assertion was clear that we were the ones lying about this reeking odor. I incessantly asked for a room change, but Annelijn Vemonden stated that the ship was booked and no changes could/would be made. So we were stuck with that CRAPPY (literally) room!

    I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor and she stated before I could even finish my request, that she in fact was the supervisor and that no one above her could/would assist me. She then proceeded to state that she would herself, not a plumber, come see what the issue was in our room. She stomped from behind the Purser’s desk with a frown, to tend to the matter and as we stepped inside our room she immediately and almost scripted, claimed that their was only a small odor from the pipes, and that the matter was tedious and that all staterooms have some form of pipe issues, which are usually taken care of when the ship is docked at our first port of call. Her answer was then to send a cabin steward (not Vlad) to tackle the problem with air freshener. Now our room is completely uninhabitable, due to the combination of excrement, old piping and flowers! At this point my wife and children are absolutely frustrated, angry, disappointed, and perplexed by the treatment, customer service (lack of) and the guarantee of a fun and fantastic experience usually provided by Carnival Cruise Lines. I am most certain that Mr. Arison’s intention and concept building his brand and continuing his legacy, was not to treat his customer’s in this manner. Even after numerous attempts to get this matter resolved, we encountered a second individual at the Purser’s desk, who started off nice, warm and compassionate, but after examining whatever Annelijn Vemonden placed in her notes, also struck us as rude and unconcerned. It was not until we encountered Heidi Cannell that our concern was acknowledged by an extremely sincere apology and a promise that she would look into our concerns. It was not until our fourth day on board that we received a letter from Annelijn Vemonden (ref# [protected]) and a cookbook…WOW!!!


    - The pool frequently was closed and the staff could not tell us when it would
    be open on scheduled basis so we could plan to be on deck.
    - The cabin steward Vlad failed to keep the room in good order. I had to show
    him the lint that was accumulated in the bathroom vent. There was sizeable
    amount, the size of my fist that needed to be cleaned. The vent was hanging
    down. He only prepared the queen sized bed and not the two draw down beds for the kids.
    - The shower nozzle was split and should have been replaced as requested, but
    was not.
    - Room service was a disaster. I ordered peanut butter & jelly for a snack. The
    service came more than 45 minutes later with a coffee pot, but no coffee cups.
    A salad and a plate of cookies…which I did not order at all! They had to return
    with the correct order a half hour later.

    - On the day of disembarkation, there was an assault on an elderly African American couple by a younger, Caucasian couple and the staff and security saw the incident but did nothing. The younger couple continued to verbally assault the elderly couple and even physically pushing the elderly man against the disembarkation bridge, tunnel walls screaming, “ Get out of my you F&%king ###, some of us have planes to catch to Russia!” That just topped off our experience the most! Especially since my wife, son and I are African –American, but our son’s companion KEATON HEAD is Caucasian. The entire cab ride to the airport and throughout our flight home he asked over and over again, “Dr. Ufondu, I thought people didn’t use the words and act like that anymore…I hate being white!” How do you console a child after experiencing this?

    I reiterate that this was our first bad experience with your cruise line, and I hope it was just a one-time problem on the Destiny. I suggest you investigate the conditions stated in this report. I expect that remuneration or replacement compensation is in order for the problems encountered. Your staff completely ruined my family’s annual trip and moreso, our companion Keaton Head (whose ticket I paid for), his first and only cruise experience. I hope to hear from you immediately at [protected] or via mail, email.


    Dr. Ifeanyi Ufondu, Ph.D.


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