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K Oct 09, 2019

In order to be of assistance in understanding why I am writing this letter, I need to give you some background information. We planned our 7-day Alaskan trip a year and a half in advance of the sail date. We put our initial deposit down, and then my husband and I sent money every month until the balance showed zero. We also had Carnival book our flights for us; we made advanced purchases from the Fun Shop, and in addition, purchased the soda club for my husband and myself. The total cost of this cruise was almost $7, 000. I cannot even begin to describe how excited we all were to be going on this once in a lifetime cruise. We have sailed with Carnival numerous times before, but This was the "Big One".
Our first negative experience came on day 2 of the sailing. We arrived back to our suite from eating lunch and there was a large fan in our room. The room smelled dreadful. It was a scent of mold and mildew and the fan being used was very loud. We called Guest Services and spoked to Kym, who assured us that they had taken care of the situation, but the fan would need to stay until late that evening. Apparently, our suite was flooded from a busted pipe in the bathroom. Everything that was on the floor was soaked. We could not stay and rest in our room due to the noise and smell. Later that evening, they removed the fan so that we could sleep only to wake up the next day to more water. They brought more technicians in and yes, that large fan again. Another day of staying out of our rooms. They did not shampoo the carpet, which would have helped with the smell, only the large loud fan. We requested relocation to another suite, but they said there were no available suites. Again, they assured us the problem would be fixed. The Carnival website states, "We're 100% certain you're going to have a Great Time. This guarantee applies to Carnival's failure to meet expectations on service and/or product delivery. I sincerely believe that our expectations were not met considering we were unable to enjoy our suite for 2 days and Guest Services did nothing to move us. Kym kept saying that she was going to see what she could do for us, but the only time we would see her was when we would have to go back down to the Service Counter, wait in line, and see if our room had been fixed. Each time we went back to the Guest Services counter, they treated us as if we were an annoyance to them. We spent a lot of our time going back and forth from the service desk, worrying about our room and could not enjoy our vacation at all.

Our second negative experience came on Formal night. My husband and I were going from place to place getting our photos taken when a gentleman who worked for the photo studio came up to us and told us to come with him, that he wanted to take our picture. We sat for the photos and when we were done, he told us to come back tomorrow to look at them. We arrived at the photo studio the next day and he showed us the photos. They were beautiful. We had picked out four 8x10 photos that we really liked. He told us the cost would be $300. We were floored. We thought the photos would be around $100. He went on for ten minutes about the quality of the prints, the lighting, etc. We did not realize that his pictures were any different from any others that were taken on board the ship and in our initial meeting he did not tell us that these were custom photos. After listening to his speech, we told him that we were, in no way, going to pay $300 for those photos. We thanked him and began to walk away. He followed us and then said, "o.k., o.k because I like you guys so much, I will give you the best deal possible, I will sell them to you for $150." This was a guy that had just spent ten minutes trying to get $300 from us and now all of the sudden he cut the price in half. The Carnival Cruise line quotes on its website that, "Building and maintaining trust in our business relationships and pursuing the highest standards of ethical behavior remain a fundamental aspect of our company's core values. Our company requires that every employee use sound judgment, maintain high ethical standards and demonstrate honesty in all business dealings. - Micky Arison, Chairman, Carnival Corporation & PLC." This person was a scam artist, a fraud, a swindler who was trying to steal our money! We walked away from him even madder than before. Later that evening we were still upset, we asked to talk to the head of photography and told him what we experienced. He apologized and said he would punish the gentleman by putting him on phone duty for two weeks. Really? We just shook our heads and walked away.

The third negative experience came on the final port of call. Remember Kym, we hadn't heard from her since the flooding fiasco, well she sent us two tickets for a trolley ride in Victoria, BC to our cabin. I think she was just trying to cover herself by giving us anything. We went to Guest Services (again), and talked to Kym, telling her that there were three in our room and we would not be leaving behind my 76-year-old mother. Kym said she could not give us a third ticket so we told her she could have the tickets back. We did not really care for them anyway and certainly did not see this as any compensation what so ever, to what we had gone through during our cruise. Kym said to keep the tickets and she would see what she could do. It was as if we were begging for a ticket. After a few hours, an additional ticket was sent to our room. At this point, we were just fed up with the entire cruise and we were ready to go home.

Our fourth negative experience - as if there could be anymore - came on the last night of the cruise. We were asleep in our cabin and around midnight we woke to a horrific smell. The smell of raw sewage - that hydrogen sulfide rotten egg smell. It was unbelievably nauseating and we could hardly breathe from the awful smell. We immediately called Guest Services and put in a complaint. Guest Services said numerous other cabins had called in a complaint and that they were going to each cabin and "refreshing" the rooms. They did not tell us to evacuate our rooms but only insisted that we not open our balcony doors to let fresh air in, as this would only make it worse. They never came to our cabin. All of us had terrible migraines when we woke up in the morning.
In Closing, I can honestly state that without a doubt we Did Not, "have a Great Time". We were never compensated for our issues. Carnival failed to meet expectations on service and/or product delivery. A certain employee exhibited negative ethical behavior, and I truly believe that my entire family was dangerously exposed to sewer gas. I cannot help but wonder now about the flooding that had happened at the beginning of our cruise. For the money and time that we put into the planning of this cruise, I am sicken by our entire experience.

Kimberly S Diley
Kimberly S. Diley
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David S. Diley
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Nancy Diley
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DATE: SEPT 3, 2019

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Customer Care's Response · Oct 11, 2019

    Thank you for posting your concerns.

    I’m very sorry to hear of your experience and I’d like to extend my sincere apologies for the situations you’ve described.

    So that we can further assist you, we invite you to contact our Guest Care Department directly by dialing toll-free [protected], or locally at [protected], extension 70530. Our team members will gladly review each of these matters in further detail. Please note the department’s hours of operation, which are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

    We look forward to speaking with you.


    Gary Rodriguez
    Guest Care Executive, Office of the President
    Carnival Cruise Line
    3655 NE 87th Ave
    Miami, FL 33178


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