CarMaxsold a car that wasn't safe and mechanically safe! car has been out on repair for 3 months!

I got my car at carmax in march of this year the same month it started making a noise like it had broken axels and the transmission was slipping. I called carmax several times and left several messages for all the managers as well as service associates I work 7 days a week just about every week and they were aware and using to their advantage Because i wasn't able to get to the dealership and I never heard anything back until a few days after the 60 days was up because the warranty through them was conveniently done. They supposedly didn't have an open appointment till June we scheduled the appointment and asked several times if I needed to pay for them just to look at it and they said no not till the repair is done. So we brought it there and we're told they couldn't run diagnostics because we didn't have money we told them that's not what we were told by several different associates but they weren't budging all they did was drive it around the lot then say it definitely needed some front end work to bring it back when I had the money. I got paid that Friday they took my car Tuesday night and started diagnostics Wednesday morning as a "favor" but told me that they could not even look at transmission because it wasn't covered under my extended warranty. I didn't get an update till Friday morning by leaving me a voicemail saying that the mount on the rear differential needed to be replaced so they did that and there just doing a thorough diagnostics to make sure that it did solve the issue we brought it in for. Friday evening they told me to come pick up car when I arrived I asked to see the part they took out and replaced and I took a picture of it I asked if they were positive that was the issue I asked if it still makes the noise then what they said call us ASAP and bring it back and they would cover the deductible for anymore repairs because it should have been fixed I said ok. Then I asked to speak to a manager because I dodnt feel I should have had to pay any of the deductible because they sold it to me broken and the sales rep that sold it to me lied about so much! All that was available was the sales manager so I met with him and got him to agree to half the deductible so I paid $125 and they paid $125. on my way home from carmax the car started making the noise again. I called carmax right then and there and no one answered I left messages for Timothy the customer care rep in services who was handling my car and I left one for the General manager even sales rep and sales manager never got a call back. Called them all day Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and still nothing. Finally Wednesday Timothy picked up the phone and told me that the women who books the appointments left for the day but he left a note to call me in the morning to schedule the appointment but again didn't happen! Thursday I called and was finally given another appointment but it wasn't for another week and a half or so! I couldn't drive my car while it was still broken or my extended warranty would have been voided so I had a car that I pay to much money for every month just so I could look at it parked in front of my house! Maybe if my car payments were $200 instead of $531.59 or if I didn't live paycheck to paycheck or even if I caused the damage then it wouldn't be such a big deal but my car payments aren't low, I can barley keep my family in a apartment and off the streets and I didn't cause any damage to the car carmax sold it to me broken! Not to mention the fact that the sales rep that took over selling me the car knew how important it was for the car I was going to buy to be safe and mechanically sound nothing major needed because my trade in needed so much work I couldn't afford to fix it and I knew my payments were going to be ridiculous and last almost forever! So I wanted a care that wasn't just safe and mechanically sound but that had all the bells and whistles and something I just loved, He also knew I originally wanted to wait to buy a new car till my credit was at least better but I was forced to buy sooner because my current car had gotten worse and without a car I would loose my job and Im the only income providing for my son who has autism my disabled mom and myself so I didn't just need a reliable car for work to support my family but I needed a safe reliable car for bringing them to doctor appointments, speech, and behavioral services. He told me when the car arrived from the out of state carmax they did their own 125 point check again and that included a whole head to toe up on the lift thorough inspection and that everything passed including passing by being mechanically sounds, he also lied and told me the extended warranty I bought was bumper to bumper and it definitely is not! He completely ripped me off and scammed me by breaking the law! When it was time to bring the car back we dropped it off on a Tuesday night this is the 2nd to last week of June at this point, Wednesday morning Anthony the person that replaced Timothy as my service rep for which I wasn't given an explanation for called me and said that the tech that pulled it out of the garage after the repair they did weeks ago that the problem was not fixed and that they told me to bring it to Mazda because the repairs are covered under the power train warranty. So I asked what the car needed and he told me he doesn't exactly know I asked if you don't even know what's wrong with it then how do you know it's covered? The power train warranty covers the transmission and engine and anything to do with the operation of either so you have to have an idea of what the issue is if you can say it's definitely covered but he insisted he didn't know. I told him if it turns out to not be covered then they were taking back the car and repairing it free of charge because that's the agreement Timothy made he acted as if he didn't here what I said and asked why I brought it back to them when I was told it had to go to Mazda. I Was never told it needed to be brought to Mazda or that it was covered under the power train warranty until Anthony told me after we dropped the car off to carmax for a 3rd time to be repaired, I was promised what they replaced was the issue period! Anthony got off the phone with me and called Mazda when he called me back I couldn't answer he left a message basically saying if the work needed isn't covered through Mazda and if the issues are coming from the repair they just did then they would cover the deductible but if it was something new then I had to cover it I called him back and said that it wasn't a new problem it's the same problem I brought it in for that you guys said you fixed so there for you guys are liable for the deductible he said well if it comes to that we can handle it when we get there. He said he could bring it to Mazda because I was at work I asked when they would even look at it and he said he asked them and they actually said they could fit it in that morning, I told him he could bring it he told me he would give them all my info and they would call me when they got the car. My car was at Mazda for 4 days and I hadn't heard anything so I called them Anthony never told them it was my car never gave them my info they were under the impression that this was one of carmax fleet cars!!! And he never talked to them about fitting it in the same day or even the same week he lied again just to be able to wash their hands of me! John at Mazda was and is very nice they got my car that same week in June but weren't able to even look at it till 1-2 weeks later now we're in July! John called about the 2nd week in July to tell me my car needed a new transmission and transfer case but unfortunately all 2013 Mazda CX-9 need new transmissions and transfer case at about 30, 000 miles so the parts were on national back order so he couldn't even give me a time frame to when I would be back in my car but he could tell me that he has proof carmax sold me a lemon! At this point I'm very annoyed! And every person at carmax was avoiding me or telling people to tell me there not available to the point that I had to call out of work to go down there and demand to talk to a manager. The general manager joe was the only one available so I met with him I explained what was going on and how they sold me a car that was against the lemon law and that they need to not just give me a loaner but pay my car payments for every month I didn't have and continue to not have I should not have to choose between paying my rent or paying my car payment when I don't even have the car! And that's my reality right now! I was promised I was being sold a safe sound car and I wasn't! Once I told him how much my payments were he got me in a loaner very quickly and promised a refund for the bs repair they did. The loaner was for a week he said hopefully I'll have my car by the end of the week but if not to go back and he would extend it and have that refund for me...the middle of the week came and Mazda had given me a time frame of another month and that I should file a complaint with the DMV dealers and complaints as well as get ahold of someone at carmax who could make this right so I tried that. I called a million times and either got sent to voicemail told no one was available to help me at the time or just hung up on the only department that would answer for me was sales. So I let loose on them and they said they were going to transfer me to the service manager Julius, shockingly he didn't answer his phone! I left him a message about what was going on how angry I was and how unprofessional they were. I waited 3 days and he never called me back! Very unprofessional! The week for the loaner was up so I had to go extend it anyway I figured I would meet with joe again and ask for the contact info for the head manager but joe wasn't there Julius was. He sat with me in his office and asked how he could help me I told him about what's been going on and that I left him a message and he cut me off by saying oh yes I heard about you joe went above and beyond to help you he shouldn't have given you that loaner because we're not liable for your cars repairs Mazda is so they need to give you a courtesy car. He proceeded to tell me that there's no reason Mazda can't give me back my car so I can drive it till the parts come in I explained how there was only 3, 000 miles left on the power train warranty driving it till the parts came would exceed my warranty plus my extended warranty will be void if I drive it while it's still broken. He said I don't know who told you that but there wrong we do it all the time. I said Mazda and the place my extended warranty is through told me but he just continued to tell me I was wrong. He said he was going to call mazda so we could pick my car up because he wasn't giving me another loaner, I told him he could call but the answer is going to be no. He called Mazda and sure enough I was right they told him my transmission was shot the gears were all chewed up, so he told them they needed to provide a car for me John said he would talk to his manager when he got back and let them know. I was in the waiting room for 2 hours when Julius came out and got me and said that Mazda is trying to locate the service manager to get me a courtesy car and he would let me know when he called back. Another hour went by still nothing after another 20 min I went to talk to Julius myself but he decided to sneak out of work early and just leave me sitting there stranded!!! Anthony took over trying to get Mazda to give me a car but when he called he was told they didn't have any courtesy cars right now and that carmax needed to provide me a loaner, bye the car back from me, or give me another car of equal value because they broke the law by selling it to me In the first place and carmax refused but he put me in another loaner for a week however he told me that I needed to go to Mazda and do everything I can to get a car from Mazda because carmax will not be giving me another loaner it's not their responsibility it's mazdas. By the end of the week Mazda did have a car for me so I brought carmax back their loaner. While I was there I asked again to meet with a manager and was told they all went home for the day even though I could see Julius in his office! But I had to leave I've still to this day been trying to get this situation rectified it's now September 9th I still don't have my car. This is the 3rd month I've been without my car that I just got in march! In fact John from Mazda called two days ago and said that the transmission and transfer case are complete and running smooth but when they test drove it they found another problem. He said the whole rear differential needs to be replaced and the good thing is it's covered under the power train warranty the bad thing is the availability date for the parts is to be determined so we again have no time frame to get my car back! Plus carmax replaced the mount of the rear differential so number one they saw the whole thing was shot and didn't say anything and number two they knew it was covered under the power train warranty so they should never have touched it! They only did so to get paid I know how it works the more the find wrong and fix on your car the more they get paid! The problem is I have a message stating that if anything is covered under my power train warranty then Mazda would take over they would not repair anything under the manufacturer warranty! They owe me my deductible, and so far 4 months of car payments and more to come! Or instead of more to come then the four months of car payments I had to pay even though I didn't have my car because of you guys and I car of equal value that's not breaking the lemon law! I have been trying extremely hard to be nice about this and to be calm about this and most importantly I've been trying to get carmax to work with me to make it right without my lawyer but it's not happening and it's getting more and more apparent that I will have to bring him in! And the people at east haven carmax refuse to correct their illegal wrongs! The CT state lemon law states if your sold a vehicle that is not safe or mechanically sound then the dealer has to buy it back or give you another of equal value. It also says if the vehicle is brought to the dealership 3 times and the issue is still not fixed and or you have been without your vehicle for more then 10 business days then the warranty from the dealership is still valid which means carmax is breaking the law till I'm given another car of equal value and no issues! Trust me if this goes to court I will win carmax broke the law period! It's a pretty open and shut case!

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