Carl's Jr. Restaurants / 1/3 pound guacamole bacon burger and zucchini chips

I made a late night stop for dinner and went through the drive through. When I got home and began eating my hamburger I noticed that the bacon was not fully cooked so I removed it from my burger then as I was eating my zucchini chips I found one which someone had taken a bite and put in my order. There is no question if it had a bite taken out of it as the bite was a perfect bite shape with a crisp deep fried crust on the outside and fresh zucchini showing where the bite was taken. I don't usually complain but if someone working in the restaurant did this as a joke then they need to be talked to and as far as the undercooked bacon, someone needs to slow down and prepare the food better before someone gets sick from undercooked pork. Thank you for checking into this issue.

Tony Freitas

Carl's Jr. Restaurants

Sep 11, 2019

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