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In early June 2016 I had hundreds of fraudulent transactions on my card in a 24 hour period. Capitol One reversed many of them, some of them more than once, then added back in the ones they reversed twice, but then added back in an additional $917.84 more than they should have; so I have been calling Fraud Dept. several times a month since August to get the $917.84 over charges credited to my account with no luck.

Back around Thanksgiving I was promised that within 5 business days it definitely would be completed and done. Still waiting. I talk to people who always go back and tell me I need to speak with (my case manager) but he is never available, and when I leave him voice messages he NEVER calls me back.

Finally today I cancelled my card and I have a balance of $167. that I do not owe, and actually I am owed another $750 or so.

This has been beyond frustrating to me.


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      Jul 13, 2019

    I am currently in a dispute with Capitol One credit card FRAUD. I have had numerous FRAUDULENT charges on my credit card. One in particular was to a company called "The Beard Company". A total of 3 charges to that company totaling over $250.00. I myself called the "Beard Company". I got a recording saying to contact them was only through Email. (Red Flag I thought). So I sent them an Email. That same day a very helpful person got back to me. After she read my Email, she replied and asked me for the last 4 digits of my card, the dates of said purchases, and the amounts. I did as she requested. The next day she replied with the name of the person who placed the order with them...and...the name and address of the person the orders were shipped to. I know neither of these people. So, I go online, pull up my Capitol One account, they had credited my account, then turned around and charged my account again for the same amounts. I call, the person I talk to said they (FRAUD DEPARTMENT) said, YES, I did make the purchases. NO, I DID NOT!! Whom ever was supposed to have investigated my fraud claims, obviously DID NOT. I'm waiting to resolve this/these claims.

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      Dec 03, 2019

    @P. Sinclair i am currently having same issue they do not care about there customers period

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      Sep 18, 2019

    I mistakenly called the fraud department in capital one and a few days ago realized what I did been trying to get this corrected but they want me to send a bunch of stuff and have lock
    Jed the use of my cards which would be good if I were actually being featured but I'm not In 70 yrs old and when I try to do what they want U can't make heads or tails of it Please help me and thank you

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      Sep 18, 2019

    A few days ago I called capital one to change my phone number as I had a new one Hester I tried to use it and was declined and knew my payments were up to date When I went on line and it said it was in Fraud U realized I called wrong department Can I correct this without going through hassle of sending all the documents they say I need since it hasn't been featured Just a simple mistake

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      Nov 17, 2019

    I have a yext regarding a fraudulent charge on my card 9313..also yesterday I was contacted regarding a card I have with another co. I received a letter from my prior employer Golden Entertainment they were hacked, so we need to replace all 3 of my cap1 cards. I have made no purchases after11/11/2019.

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