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Complaints & Reviews

rip off!

My husband purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado in the fall of 2004 with an auto loan from out then bank Hibernia...

scam and cheating!

Since the onset of my Capital One Auto Loan (March 2005) I have made monthly payments ($587.23) on time...

not paying creditor

I opened an account with Capital One in order to transfer my high interest rate line of credit balance to their Master Card. I went through the process on November 22 and the transfer was approved. Six days later I checked my line of credit account online and it was still showing the same balance. I contacted them and they told that they had not received the money. I contacted Capital One and was told that they just approved the payment. This is 6 days after original approval! I continued to check daily and nothing changed. I kept getting canned messages from Capital One, in response to my enquiries, saying that he payment was approvd on Nov. 22 and to please contact them if I have more questions! Today, December 10, twenty days after the original approval, the line of credit account is still unpaid. So I called Capital One again, only to be told that they experienced problems sending the money electronically and had to mail it, and with the holidays and state of USPS, it could be a while. They mailed the check! What if they don't get it, or if it gets lost? The customer service rep was like a tape recorder. Nothing to say outside of the script that she had.
Now, my Capital One statement says I owe them $4,006, with the first payment due in two weeks, my line of credit provider shows $4065 ($4006 + $59 in iterest becuase the money was not paid).
I cannot wait until the $4006 is paid to my line of credit account, I pay off Capital One and throw their card away. One thing I can tell you is that a Capital One card will never be in my wallet. Their service and the way they practice their business (of ripping customers off) is deplorable. For God sake, do NOT apply for Capital One card, they suck.

fraud on billing statements!

If you look at all the major banks giving out mortgages and credit cards you will see on the bill the problem facing the American consumer. The banks are the problem and they need to stop extorting people off of fraudulent billing, financing, and late fees like Capital One Bank.

Capital Ones stock price lacks the real finical stability to hold the weight of water; this company’s stock should be dumped back too the company for a profit. Capital One has various consumer management problems, vary bad PR and costumer service. These factors are some of the main problem with the mortgage and banking crisis, this company finds unrealistic ways to make money off of the basic consumer, with fraudulent charges, unrealistic fixed rates on mortgages, and the financing of late fees or a charge that is financed by a credit card that is made by the company of the credit card issuer. ** ##

It is in the low $50’s and it really should be in the low $10’s for the practicing of credit defamation on the American consumer and helping the credit/mortgage crisis in America

Consumer Protection needs to be implemented into place over these types of banks like Capital One, and major Banks need to pay the same price as the basic consumer does with a rating system like the Credit bureaus give when he or she applies for credit, mortgages, or for banking needs. And to have harassing companies like Midland Credit Management, Allied Interstate, and The Westmoreland Agency calling them 5 times a day while harassing them at work, at home, on the holidays, and the weekends just like how Capital Ones Collations agencies do.

Capital Ones price is to high for a company that is next in line on the credit melt down and mortgage crisis

The Federal Trade Commission and the federal financial regulatory agencies or now in talks to implement section 312 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, which amends The Fair Credit Reporting Act.



Links to complaints and laws,

Complaints about Capital One http://www.consumeraffairs.com/credit_cards/capital_one.htm


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Subpart A_General

Sec. 226.4 Finance charge.

(a) Definition. The finance charge is the cost of consumer credit as a dollar amount. It includes any charge payable directly or indirectly by the consumer and imposed directly or indirectly by the creditor as an incident to or a condition of the extension of credit. It does not include any charge of a type payable in a comparable cash transaction.

(1) Charges by third parties. The finance charge includes fees and amounts charged by someone other than the creditor, unless otherwise excluded under this section, if the creditor:

(i) Requires the use of a third party as a condition of or an incident to the extension of credit, even if the consumer can choose the third party; or

(ii) Retains a portion of the third-party charge, to the extent of the portion retained.

(2) Special rule; closing agent charges. Fees charged by a third party that conducts the loan closing (such as a settlement agent, attorney, or escrow or title company) are finance charges only if the creditor:

(i) Requires the particular services for which the consumer is charged;

(ii) Requires the imposition of the charge; or

(iii) Retains a portion of the third-party charge, to the extent of the portion retained.

(3) Special rule; mortgage broker fees. Fees charged by a mortgage broker (including fees paid by the consumer directly to the broker or to the creditor for delivery to the broker) are finance charges even if the creditor does not require the consumer to use a mortgage broker and even if the creditor does not retain any portion of the charge.

(b) Example of finance charge. The finance charge includes the following types of charges, except for charges specifically excluded by paragraphs (c) through (e) of this section:

(1) Interest, time price differential, and any amount payable under an add-on or discount system of additional charges.

(2) Service, transaction, activity, and carrying charges, including any charge imposed on a checking or other transaction account to the extent that the charge exceeds the charge for a similar account without a credit feature.

(3) Points, loan fees, assumption fees, finder's fees, and similar charges.

(4) Appraisal, investigation, and credit reportfees.

(5) Premiums or other charges for any guarantee or insurance protecting the creditor against the consumer's default or other credit loss.

(6) Charges imposed on a creditor by another person for purchasing or accepting a consumer's obligation, if the consumer is required to pay the charges in cash, as an addition to the obligation, or as a deduction from the proceeds of the obligation.

(7) Premiums or other charges for credit life, accident, health, or loss-of-income insurance, written in connection with a credit transaction.

(8) Premiums or other charges for insurance against loss of or damage to property, or against liability arising out of the ownership or use of property, written in connection with a credit transaction.

(9) Discounts for the purpose of inducing payment by a means other than the use of credit.

(10) Debt cancellation fees. Charges or premiums paid for debt cancellation coverage written in connection with a credit transaction, whether or not the debt cancellation coverage is insurance under applicable law.

(c) Charges excluded from the finance charge. The following charges are not finance charges:

(1) Application fees charged to all applicants for credit, whether or not credit is actually extended.

(2) Charges for actual unanticipated late payment, for exceeding a credit limit, or for delinquency, default, or a similar occurrence.

(3) Charges imposed by a financial institution for paying items that overdraw an account, unless the payment of such items and the imposition
of the charge were previously agreed upon in writing.

(4) Fees charged for participation in a credit plan, whether assessed on an annual or other periodic basis.

late night phone call

On more than one occasion, I have had Capital One call my house as late as 11pm. Upon contacting the company to file a complaint, I was told that they can call my house whenever they feel! What they do not realize is that I have two young children (6 & 3) who wake up when the phone rings at this time of night. I have requested that they stop calling my house and have even cancelled my credit card with them ( my husband still has one) but they continue to call late at night and REFUSE to stop! It is ridiculous! John, the "Account Manager" even told me that I could not speak to his supervisor. Now, we all know that that is a bunch of bull. Unless you want to wake up in the middle of the night, DO NOT do business with Capital One!

  • Lo
    lore fichtner Apr 19, 2008

    I too have been receiving harrassing phone calls from Captial one despite many many attempts to get my number off their calling this. They call 3 and 4 times a day. I have never had a capital one card, done every want a captial one card and want to get this calls stopped. Any ideas what can be done.

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  • Do
    Doyle Hargraves Oct 05, 2008

    CapitalOne are the biggest crooks, liars and thieves in the financial industry. They break every law in the books and disregard the rest. May they burn in Hell.

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failure to close credit card account

My account was paid off as requested by a Capital One supervisor who stated the pay off amount be more than due to cover any additional charges that might be presented over the 30 day account inactivity time required to close the account. The over pay ammount was to be refunded after the account was inactive for 30 days. After about fifty days I called Capital One to ask why the refund was not processed after the required 30 day account inactivity. They promply moved on sending the overage back to me and it was received within seven working days.
Guess what, the account remained open after I received the refund and a PC software bill that was not approved hit the account (around five days after receiving the refund). I was made aware of this when I recieved a billing statement from Capital One for the charges.
I called Capital One again and was routed to five different agents. The fourth agent advised me that
even after the refund the account had to be at a zero balance for another 30 days before it could be closed.
The fifth agent that I spoke with had to deal with transactions disputes against Capital One accounts. The agent stated that she had notice these transactions on other accounts and were being submitted by DRI PC Tool.Com [protected] MIN. This will take the dispute department 45 days to resolve.
Back at the ranch, Capital One failed to refund my over pay on the account after the inital 30 days the account was inactive, after the refund was shipped out the account was not closed and a transaction that was not approved was allowed to hit the account. This will require I start account close process all over again.
This company is evil and uses any excuse to keep the accounts open, potentially allowing unapproved transactions to hit accounts requested closed even when the consumer has gone above and beyond to pay account balances.
My credit card was cut up and discarded four months ago and the closing process started that long ago. I am not in the mood to continue to bang heads with this out of control financial institution of which the Federal Government has not gotten involved to audit. Where is the Attorney General of the United States that needs to weigh in on these lending institutios.
I bailed out of this card as their charges for services were to much and penalties came in from unknown areas including holding payement received until the following billing cycles in order to penalize the account holder. My interest rates increased without notification and when I closed the account an agent quickly asked if I would keep the account open she would authorize dropping account interest rate from 21.9% to 14.9%. I said no, I just want the account closed and asked if my account was good for them (regarding timely payments) why wasn't I automatically given the lower interest rate. This same agent was the one who worked with me on sending the overage on my last payment and never stated that the account had to be zero not over in order to close the account.
What a circus and at this point they can eat this account as I will not respond to any billing from them as I don't get paid to take time out of my day to be routed through the Capital One staff in order to be frustrated by their seemingly creative and negligent account management practices.

  • Ja
    jacquelyne jackson Sep 16, 2008

    capital one has done the same thing to us saying pay this amount and the account will be closed went throught our bank so that our bank would get the information direct the bank paid the settlement to capital one which then in return did not contact the bank to let them know that the settlement was not paid completely we were short apparently by 53 and some odd cents that was in july 07 now in july 08 we have been harrased by total ccredit recovery saying that they were going to take our home explained to kyle that this was paid he laughed to bad so sad and he is the manger and was ignorant to the bank also paid another settlement to capital one now account should be closed right NOT now we have been receiving harrasing calls from nco financial the principal here how many times can we allow the so called capitol one to say on the advertse in saying we are here for the customer i have been trying to get answers from the the account supervisory team at capitol one for answers to no avail this now has been going on since july 08 if anyone else in the world has been stung spit on and chomped down please do share we are greater in numbers the bull ### has to stop we are just the liitle guys here harrsement i do beleive is ellegal right please to forgive the spelling errors i am a little pissy right now looking forward in hearing from you

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  • Ma
    maria lopez Nov 19, 2008

    NECESITO ALGUIEN QUE ME PUEDA DAR INFORMACION HACERCA DE CAPITAL ONE EN p.o.Box 30285 salt lake city utha 84130 a la cuenta#5291072280294477 por fabo comunicarse con migo al 1347-327-4648-347-327-4648 .Gracias Maria Lopez

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  • Ma
    maria lopez Nov 19, 2008

    Favor de comunicarse con Maria Lopez al 347-728-5287
    347-327-4648.Numero de cuenta de Capital One
    #5291072280294477 EN P.O. Box 30285 Salt Lake City, Utha 84130.
    Esto es una Emergencia .
    Maria Lopez

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  • Pa
    Paul Mulvey Nov 30, 2008

    Me and my wife kellNorman-MUlvey hold a VISA card.The card was taken from me My name is PAul, she continue to use it.I got my own through mastercard. What can I do?

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  • Sa
    saintsoflosangeles Mar 21, 2009

    Contact Capital One throught 1 800 955 7070, you'll be transferred to India, as soon as they pick up a phone ask for a u.s representative or an account manager, and you'll be transferred to either an account manager in Richmond Virginia, New Brunswick Canada or Nova Scotia Canada. Half the people in customer relations in India don't even know what's going on half the time

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shifting due dates reulting in fees!

You know those Capital One commercials that end with a barbaric looking character asking “what’s in your wallet?” Well apparently pirates. Capital One is just like the rest of the credit card companies, and just like pirates they pillage. What’s worse is that they take from their good customers for no reason other then to line their own pockets.

Case and point, on the 29th of July, 2007 I reviewed my then current statement from Capital One. It said that for the prior month I had been charged a late fee of $29, and an over the limit fee of $29. To my amazement I realized that my due date had been moved up from the 10th, to the 7th for the month of May, and to the 1st for the current month June. I was technically late on the 7th for the May payment even though my payment to them posted before the 10th. Capital One charged the late fee, which put me over the limit. I was now liable for the over the limit fee, and charged as well. Like millions of people I make my payments about the same time every month especially now that I use on-line banking. During this period I realized that I would be late for that current month payment because the new due date was now the 1st (hmm). This meant that I would be charged a total of $89 in fees in two months.

To my surprise a Capital One representative called me on the 2nd to inform me that I was once again late (now by less than 24 hours). When I questioned him about the due dates moving he informed me that the company has the right to do so. I then asked him if I could request the due date to be changed back to the 10th. He said that this would require two billing periods, WHAT??? It is important to note that in subsequent phone calls to Capital One two other representatives told me that Capital One does not move due dates. I said, “I have the statements indicating that your company did move the dates.” They offered to remove one late fee and the overdraft fee. I wanted no part of doing business with a company that behaves this way. I promptly paid-off the credit card and requested that the account be closed. Then things became even more disturbing.

About a month later I received a statement not confirming that my account was closed, but informing me that I owed yet again another fee of $29 plus finance charges that they could not clearly explain. By the time I finished dealing with Capital One on this matter they had tried to charge approximately $130 fees within three months. They reduced this amount by two late fees, but that is not the point.

We all know when we are truly late, but charging us fees by using deliberate tactics to make it difficult to pay on time is STEELING. Making it nearly impossible to close the account, and charging even more fees should be illegal. Auto lenders must give payoffs good for a few days at a guaranteed amount, and so should these credit card thieves.

  • Mi
    mistygirl06374 Nov 29, 2007

    This practice is most likely a VIOLATION of usury laws. However, most people cannot afford to fight these credit card companies for these kinds of violations and it is NOT in the best interest of any body of government to shut these critters down.

    Enough people banding together with a savvy lawyer could probably generate a big enough "attention" to them and shut them down... brick by brick.

    Fight back!!!

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  • Wm
    W Macaw Dec 10, 2007

    CapitalOne is late posting my payments. I make electronic payments each month for all credit cards. Most credit card companies post payments on the same day that the money leaves my bank. CapitalOne takes 4 days to post. I am making payments twice a month and tracking this.

    Once I have a diary of the late postings, I'll probably stop using the card.

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  • Be
    Bettye J Booker Jan 04, 2008

    I have also, been ripped off by capital one.
    I had been paying my card online. I also have insurance on the cards. I have been in the hospital and now I need the balances paid off. I have to do more then just prove I been in the hospital.

    Also, I have been telling them to stop send my bills to my PO Box for a year and gave them my new address.
    The last time I spoke with a customer service rep she said that capital one didn't have to send me a bill at all. They actually want your bills to come late and even when you pay early they will report that it came late and charge late fees.

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  • Gh
    ghalluvp Mar 01, 2011

    I have been a Capitol One client for several years, I recently paid off a $4400 balance on a card with a $4900 limit so that I could use the card for everyday purchases and earn some points. I started using the card and recieved a call telling me that my credit limit had been reduced to $600. I have never missed a payment on any card and have a good credit score. I have utilized the card and paid it off at least two times. I am a high income user with a long record of responsible credit usage. I told them to cancel the card as a $600 limit is not of any value. I will not do business with thbis company in the future and advise others to do the same,

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continuous "finance" charges after 8 months canceled card!

I have been getting bills after I cleared out my capital one credit card. Then, some strange $1.83 charge showed up and another bill was sent. Then, the next month, a $15 charge was on for finance. After I tried and tried to get a real human on the phone for days and days, to no avail, I finally pay the $16.83 bill only now to get my mail and get yet another $15 charge! I have not used this card in months. It is cut up. Will this ever end? What do I have to do to get rid of this horrible company? They are committing a crime by stealing from me. I don't want their services and will tell anyone I can that they are not the credit card that anyone should use. I am writing the Better Business Bureau and any other organization that will take my complaint.

  • Ca
    Carola Thompson Nov 13, 2007

    Yes I know how you feel. We hat Capital One for 3 years. Suddenly they started to charge us overdraft. They claim we paid 1 Dollar less on the bill in August. I say B.S.
    Now it is November and we are overdraft 198 Dollars, even though I tried to straighten this mess out ( know that they are lying) and they charge now late charges and overdraft charges every month 39 Dollars each charge, and still w/out results. I told them, that I wanted a detailed report about the charges stemming back to July.

    So far nothing, matter of fact, that so called supervisor hung up on us.

    Unfortunate, those are the big power full cooperations, that pay politicians, so they pass laws in their own favor at the expense of the customers. As long as this corrupted payoff to the politicians go on, the less chances we have, to get fair laws passed, that would protect us from those, conniving, bloodsucking thieves.

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  • Mi
    mistygirl06374 Nov 29, 2007

    Contact your state attorney general.

    Contact local media and newspapers.

    Don't stop until someone hears you. Negative publicity will eventually get you help. OF course, it will become someone else's problem, but they will finally leave you alone. Fight back!!

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  • Ka
    Kat O Jan 06, 2009

    I have a 200.00 Capital One Mastercard. Got behind on all my bills due to unforseen crisis. Tried to work with all creditors. Only one would not do this. The little 200.00 Capital One Mastercard. Their very rude and unbeleivably arrogant telestaff sets the rules for resolution, with no room for barter When they do not prevail in their layed out plan, the repercussions come in the form of 1.telephone terrorism. By their own admission they are permitted by law to call 3x per day. They are caling me in excess of 10 times per day, often 3x in the space of as little as 10 minutes, anywhere from 7 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week. Many of these calls come from numbers that show up as "unknown" on call display. I beleive they are breaking several laws right there.
    2. sudden rapid escalation of total bill. My 241.00 bill mushrommed to over 600.00 in under 6 months. They are terrorizing me, and when I suggested that I was going to speak to a lawyer about this, the guy on the phone laughed, and said if I cannot pay a 200.00 credit card bill, then how am I planning on paying a lawyer! What an arrogant mouthpiece!
    Also, invoices are not showing payments received. One payment in the past 6 months was 100.00, and has never shown up on any of their invoices as having been paid. They are blaming my bank. My bank says different. My bank gave me a receipt for the payment.
    Are there any class actions against this company yet? It seems to me there should be. I know a lot of others with their own horror stories regarding this company.
    I would advise anyone and everyone to steer clear of this company.

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  • Ny
    Nyeontee H.Pierre Oct 18, 2010

    I am going thru the same problem in Ohio with Capital One. I had a low interest rate credit card for my business, and due to some unforeseen events I had to close the business. Capital One cancel the car without notification, then apparently starting charging late fees and over limit. I received no contact from them for about six months in 2009, suddenly the acct. that was 569.97 was blossomed into 996.14 by april 2010. Now they are taking me to court for $1, 2223 and change. Is there anyone out there who can help? Are there any class actions against them. The interest rate also went up to 29% without any notifications. I need help in resolving this issue immediately.

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  • Pi
    Pillsbread Dec 03, 2011

    FINALLY!!! Others have problems with capital one. I found out through there automated service that I had a multiple account, and someone in Canada opened an account using my SSN. When I called them they gave me numbers after numbers to call they got rudder and rudder then they started to hang up on me and play it off like it was nothing. I was told by one person that Canada and the US have similar SIN and SSN numbers...I don't know if this is true or how to find out but there not going to get anymore money from me...ever!

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major rip off!

Orchard Bank - www.orchardbank.com

This company is a major ripoff. I just closed out two accounts with them and they were the only credit card company I paid off that I had to send extra money to pay off completely. I also paid off two Capital Ones and a Juniper card at the same time and they accepted the amount they had posted online, no phone calls needed to zero out my accounts.

Now, Orchard has credited my accounts and owes me money. One card they seem to have handled ok. The other card.... well, they are trying to make me pay a month's interest and I called them today and Dave (real name of the guy I talked to there, no last name given even though I asked repeatedly) said they would refund my $19.32 interest payment. Thieves....

And it would take them 10 days to get me a check. Dave said they were not set up to put money back into my bank account only take money out of it. I did tell him I wanted 20% interest for the 10 days it would take them to get my money back to me. After all, my bank account earns interest although it's only chomp-change and that money could be earning interest instead of costing me money.

Orchard Bank is also the only one that delayed posting my payments for a couple days but not if you pay on a Friday and the payment is due on a Sunday. You will be late as they can only charge you a late fee on Sundays, not post any payments. I have personally called them each month for the last 6 months and had them remove the late fee. Which they did after I ranted at them.

Also, the payment must be paid online before 12pm est to be posted in 2 days or it will take 3 days to post. And as that wasn't true a few months ago, it must be a new rule to steal your money from you. And they also charge you to make a phone payment or a same day payment. Do not even try to mail in a payment, you are just asking for them to charge you a late fee and an interest rate increase.

They also are the only cards I had that were 25% and 30% which is double my capital one cards and triple my juniper interest rates. This rate change came about only after my cards were about maxed out. Gave me a BS story on it and told me they would lower it after a month with no activity, which turned out to be a major LIE!!!

Orchard bank cards are one big con job on the unsuspecting person as they change their rules to suit Orchard Bank and no one else. Grifters...

  • Gb
    G. Bradley Dec 11, 2007

    Orchard, I think you will find is owned by HSBC, they are true con artist, if your problem goes as usual, it has only just begun. Get a lawyer before it's too late. (Read the other posts about HSBC 21 pages).

    -1 Votes
  • Ba
    BankerCT Mar 11, 2009

    All companies have policies that you should familiarize yourself with. As for employees not giving a last name, get over yourself. There are way too many sick people out there..if you have someones last name you can find out where there live with a map and directions.

    1 Votes
  • BANNKER CT.. Sounds like your Christmas bonus is coming from Orchard Bank!! You get over yourself! Unless your one of the thieves (which is apparent) then you would be bothered by such actions. Working class is always targeted by crooks like you!! Thanks Joanna for the info I had recently applied with Orchard thank god I hadn't mailed that paperwork in!!

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beware of capital one, they will rip you off!

Capital one - www.capitalone.com

I've had credit since 1992. I have perfect credit, except for capital one saying my bill was a day late. I find it very hard to believe, since I make my payments weeks in advance. But that's another story..

I only signed up with them in the first place, because they told me that I would have a 9.9% interest rate for the life of my card. Two years after they said my bill was late, they jacked my rate up to 18.9%, without telling me, and without a reason. It took me months to get them to change it back, and only after I put in a request for them to lower it back down, to where it was supposed to be in the first place. I've waited and waited, but they haven't adjusted my balance.

Beware of capital one. They will rip you off!

charged 23.63% finance charge

In July 2007 I cashed a 0% balance transfer check from Capital One, and each month since then have not only been charged 23.63% of finance charges, my principle balance even with the excess charges has not been properly credited. I have talked to account managers and senior account managers who have promised to correct this problem with written confirmation, and each time the problem only seems to get worse. After 3 months of payments in excess of $400, less than $30 has been credited toward the am0unt of the original transfer.

Is there anyone else who has encountered a similar problem?

  • Su
    Suzanne Earley Oct 11, 2007

    I had a CapitalOne credit card in London - after two years of exorbitant interest charges and spiraling costs, I finally managed to pay off the balance and sent them the final cheque with a letter instructing them to immediately cancel my account. Two weeks later I moved house, and a year later moved again. Six months after THAT, I received a year's worth of mail from my ex-flatmate, stating that he was returning to Australia and would no longer deal with my debts... I thought, "what?" - got my mail, realized CreditOne were chasing me for ~ GBP#290. I rang them to query, and they explained that - despite me "closing" the account - they had continued to honor the monthly payments I had authorized another company to take from that card. Despite having also canceled that authority, which was a whole other problem. SO I had 18 months of monthly charges plus 18 months of late payment fees and overlimit fees, as well as 30% interest charges. I explained again that I had closed the account and refused to pay the additional charges - they asked me for my current address, "just so they could keep in touch", and again I refused, as I was no longer a current customer of theirs and had no responsibility to provide them with my details. It took 6 weeks of weekly phone calls for them to accept that I would not be paying the charges they had issued since I had officially canceled the account (luckily I had a dated copy of that letter), and even in desperation I would never ever apply for a card or any other credit with them again.

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  • Ji
    JIm Feb 17, 2008

    I received a special offer from capital One for a 0% balance tranfer with no balance transfer fee for 9 months. When I received the statement, the 0% was nearly 14% with finace charges building. When I called, they said this was not the terms of the offer....
    Now I need to spend alot of valuable time rectifiyng their mistakes.....Still fighting this....

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  • Bo
    Bob Hunter Jul 14, 2008

    This was a scam ran by Capital One. They had a 0% balance transfer statement that only applied to balance transfers after the initial introductory offer APR. In the terms they made up a new transfer called a special transfer which was applied a range of interest 14%-24% APR for balance transfers during the introductory APR. The purpose was to trick people into believing they would be getting a 0% balance transfer when in fact they would not. I would say you should try to leave Capital One as soon as possible as this is and was clearly a deceptive business practice.

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  • Je
    JeriK Jul 26, 2008

    Would any of you be interesting in filing a class action suit with me against Capital One for their preditory practices on balance transfers?

    I, too, was given a balance transfer offer in February, 2008. I had to use the check enclosed or call them. I used the check. One the second billing cycle I started getting hit with a 14.99% interest rate. When I called, they said I had used the wrong check and that the check I used was at the 14.99% interest rate.

    When I told them that I had used the check they gave me with the offer letter I was asked, by Senior Account Manager "Frances", if I had a copy of the check and the offer letter. I could get a copy of the check, but the offer letter I didn't keep. She said unless I had a copy of the check and the offer letter they could do nothing for me.

    I went through five months of fighting them, with account managers making promises to rectify the problem only to have it pushed aside and more interest build, before I changed the balance transfer to another credit card I have. But, now instead of having a balance transfer that was supposed to be 0% interest for 18 months, I'm having to pay 4%. It's a heck of a lot better than 14.99%, but it's not 0%.

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  • Ya
    yaniv Dec 06, 2009

    Very similar case happened to me where on August 6, 2009 I have taken on a 12 month 0% loan from capital one in which cost me $390 in processing fee as was displayed as a financing charge on my first statement after getting the loan.

    The following month I have noticed a $67.01 in financing charge on the second statement which I found strange but did not make so much of it as I was hoping it's a mistake and won't happen again and just didn't have the time to deal with it. A month later on my third statement of November of 2009 since the 0% loan I again noticed a finance charge of the amount of $133.58.

    After receiving my third statement and finance fee, I have decided to call them to find out why I'm getting these charges as I was hoping it's just a mistake which they would easily be able and adjust. After explaining my situation to the agent on the phone I have been told by her that Capital One policy is to charge a finance charge on balances with higher APR rate first. I explained the lady that I pay my full balance every month so there should not be any balance to pay finance charges on except my loan which was anyway at 0%. Then the lady explained to me that any payments that I am making are paid first to the 0% loan instead of the purchases that I have been making as usual on that card. I tried to explain to her my point of view that this doesn't make sense because base on this system I'm never going to take advantage of their offer and the only thing I have accomplished is paying them the $390 processing fee as well as start paying them finance charges which I didn't pay before. I also asked her to send me a copy of me agreeing to this loan type. She told me she will be sending over my agreement and I will receive it in the mail.

    A short time after my phone call with Capital One, I received in the mail a letter stating the following: (a copy of the letter is also attached to this post)
    Dear ***********:
    Thank you for your recent inquiry about the manner in which payments are applied to your Capital One® account. Capital One will apply your payment to pay off lower-rate balances before paying off higher-rate balances.

    We hope this explanation will help you better understand how we apply your payments. Our primary goal is to provide the highest level of quality service to you. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 1-800-867-0904. Our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Sunday, 9:00am-10:00pm Eastern Time.


    Capital One Services, LLC.

    I guess they could not come up with anything on file that I agreed to these type of loan arrangement.

    To me this is a definite scam and if anyone is looking for a Class Action lawsuit partner, I'm in. Please contact me at my email address below:
    [email protected]

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do not trust capital one!

Capital One

Capital One Credit card, The no hassle credit card, What is in your wallet? It won't be Capital One for much longer. We purchased a year of Sun Rocket VOIP phone service on June 21st. On July 19th we were informed that Sun Rocket was bankrupt, we had never even used the service. We were billed and had paid on June 21st (the last day of our billing cycle. We called Capital One, spoke to Eric who reassured us that because it was under 30 days that Capital One would credit back the account. They did credit back the $244.06 on our July billing, but the charge came back on our August billing. I called the Consumer investigations department for Capital One. The not very nice "lady" advised me that since Sunrocket went bankrupt, they had to collect from someone. I asked about Capital Ones guarantee against fraud, I had sent supportive data via fax to them that supported the fraud claim. "Too bad" I was forced to pay the $244.06 for services never received, the customer no service "lady" "Anita" promptly hung up on me. We will be applying for and obtaining another credit card after I get back from helping my daughter after the birth of my grandson. Timing was horrible for me to terminate the card at the time because of the traveling that I had to do. I will rectify this ASAP. Do not trust the nice person on the phone that reassures you that CAPITAL ONE loves you as a customer. Their what is in your wallet and the NO HASSLE crap is just that, a line of crap. I had been very pleased with them up until then, even terminated another credit card because I had received such great service. I guess, I must not be that great of a customer after all.

  • Valerie Oct 29, 2007

    Capital One - www.capitalone.com

    I have a credit for a limit of 300 dollars and I paid over 54.00 last month the balance left was 300. they charged me a 39.00 dollar over the limit fee because of a 5.43 finance charge that is crazy also I paid my bill for August on the 24th online and it was not posted until the 26th so i was charged alate charge even though i paid it on the due date, Then was the membership fee that i did not know was due which cost me another 39.00 over the limit charge for a credit card that i cannot even use I do no think i should have to pay the last39.00 over the limit because of the 5.43 finance charge of course i cannot talk to a real person about this ----there is no way to contact one i also have my car with capital one --- They are horrible!

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  • Ab
    Abel Rodriguez Oct 29, 2007

    CAPITOL ONE Is Becoming another AOL Type Company. I can't even close mu account. The service manager puts me on hold while they download and review my account. Then they make a disconnection on the phone. This is so the Account manager does not lose a customer even though the account has a zero balance. I guess it looks bad for them to lose customers when the customer wishes to close their account.

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  • Mi
    misty main May 19, 2008

    I too had an account with capital one my credit line was 300 when I tried to close the account they told me I couldn't because my year was not up they continued to charge horrible fees till my bill is now over a thousand dollars because they will no close the account. its rediculous and frusturating

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increased interest rate!

I am 52 years old and have always had excellent credit. I am never late on a payment and have credit scores from 760-790. I have had a Capital One credit card for years with an interest rate of 9.9%. Recently they sent me a statement that my interest rate would be increased to 16.99%. I haven't paid this much interest on a card in many years and have never had a credit card increase my rate and don't understand how they can do this when I am not in default on anything. A couple of years ago when I checked my credit report I noticed that Capital One was showing 2 30 day late on my account. I knew this was incorrect and filed a complaint and this was corrected and taken off my credit report. I could understand an increase in my rate if I was a credit risk but I have worked diligently to keep a good credit score and do not have to take this. I will be canceling this account.

  • Jt
    Jthom10003 Feb 08, 2009

    I just got a letter in the mail from Capital One saying that they are taking our interest rate up over 9%! I too have not been late with a payment, and I send them more then the payment is each month by at least $30.00 if not more. I am going to cancel. I have never liked how they out source their customer care reps either, so this just made the push to shove and in the morning I am calling their number to cancel my account. I am sure if I need a card, there are other companies that would love to have my money.

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  • Ad
    A. Davis Mar 21, 2009

    What you had was a change in terms. All the info on why it changed would have been disclosed to you in a letter as well as most reps will clearly explain it to you when you call. I understand it's frustrating to get one and think that the company is targeting you due to your good status. However, your status and credit score are normally not a reason for a change in terms. The only reason that one occured was because of the increase in interest rates over the past 3-4 years. The interest rate you had was very low for several years in comparasion to what the adverage apr is, Captial One reviewed your account as well as thousands of other accounts and determined that your account apr needed to be increased due to the increase of interest rates in the market. You always have the option to use your card for your monthly expenses and pay it off in full each month. That would avoid interest from purchases entirely because you are not carrying a balance from month to month. Also, if you have a rewards card, using your card for all your monthly expenses (gas, groceries, bills, ect.) would quickly bank up rewards to use for something neat in the future.

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  • Ma
    mad in ny Apr 07, 2009

    Mine was just increased from 7% to 17%. I disagree with the comment that they explain why to you. I called and the rep told me it was because they reviewed all acounts and almost everybosy had an increase. I understand they want to make money but an increase of over 100%? Come on. How is that not loan sharking? especially since I just moved a balance over there for the lower interest rate. I am closing this card. It's ridiculous. I hope they go out of business and more people opt to close their account. Like someone mentioned, I'm sure there is someone out there who would be happy to make 7-10% return on lending me money!

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unable to close account / fees charged

I have tried numerous times to close this account through Capital One. The card has been destroyed and there is no recurring charges on the account, except for the 3.00 monthly fee charged by the company. This charge is accumulating interest of 19.80% monthly. I have called three times today to get this account closed. I was put on hold and the phone goes dead. Please help me I want to keep a good credit report and I always pay my bills on time. I feel frustrated and cheated by this company. There is none to speak to and even when I do, they do not close the account.

Ann K Carter / William Harwell

  • Su
    Suzanne Earley Oct 18, 2007

    I'm with you - it's what they did to me, only I had moved addresses and didn't know they were chasing me for it. Had to file formal complaint against them and CC: the credit reporting agencies before the details of my "bad credit behavior" were removed from my credit report. It's messy, and I'd never ever go through them again, for anything.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Rogers McCoy Jan 25, 2008

    I changed addresses last Feb. and was getting my several Cap. One statements just fine - then in Nov of the year, the address was printed wrong resulkting in no statements for a few months and granted, since I have been a long time customer and had several Cap One cards, I didn't notice right away. When all the late fees started coming after I tried to correct the problem (after service rep siad, "yes, it was our error, your credit will will corrected and a minimum payment will clear it up" - I did all that, and NOTHING changed - laye fees are still coming, and my credit has suffered, statements still come late, calls to "customer service" has resulted in extrodinary hold times, foloowed by disconnects, was told I could not cancel the account OR talk to a supervisor. I got the complaint form from Salt Lake UT - wrote the problem AND sent a good faith payment. IT WAS NEVER CASHED - my complaint was never addressed and while I send payments in every month, I still get late fees every month - I never use the card and am not allowed to catch up or clear my credit. THEN, another of my Cap I cards started going to a wrong address!!!!!! Another (in good standing with small balance) was cancelled -

    How can I get some WEIGHT to get this until control?

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  • An
    [email protected] Oct 25, 2008

    IF YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, NEVER USE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD. They are the worst in the industry! For the 4th or 5th time in a few months, they have put a hold on my credit card for no reason. It is so embarrasing! I am waiting in line to pay the cashier at a supermarket and the card gets declined. I know that there is plenty of money on the card, so I called the customer service number. Guess what? I am transferred to India, where I could barely understand the customer rep's thick Indian accent. I had to repeat my card number several times, then she argues that the number I gave is not a legitimate number. I said, "What?!" I am reading the card that you, guys issued me and I have been using this same card for years. Then, she puts me on hold for several minutes. Upon her return, I remind her that I am still holding up the line at the supermarket and people are starting to glare at me like it's my fault that my credit card is having problems. The service rep asks me to repeat the credit card number 2 more times, puts me on hold for 3 more minutes and then says that there is no hold on the card and for the cashier to try to run it again. For the 4th time, the store cashier runs the card and again, the computer screen says that the card is declined. I tell the service rep this, and she still insists that it is not on their end, but on the store's end. The cashier runs the card 2 more times. Same thing. I ask the service rep to be transferred to a supervisor and she says in "an-i-don't-give-a-crap" voice, "I can't transfer you until I exhaust all the troubleshooting possibilities. What are the last 3 digits on the back of your card?" I give her the number and she says, "That is an invalid code". Again, I shriek, '"What?! I am simply reading the back of my card and I have used this code and this card for years? What is going on?" She says (amused), "Hold the line..." Again, I was on hold for several minutes, then she comes back on the line and said, "I don't see any problem on the card. Run the card again... Maybe this time it will work." I ask the cashier (who at this time, is now glaring at ME), to run the card one last time. Guess what? Card is still declined and the phone goes dead!

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  • Ma
    martha Oct 26, 2008

    CAPITAL ONE must be a genius at hiring the rudest, most condescending customer service reps in the world. Especially the ones that they outsource from India. They are arrogant and don't give a ### about your problems with THEIR credit card.

    CAPITAL ONE must be the greediest, ### credit company around!
    They obviously don't care because they have plenty of customers. Beware, CAPITAL ONE, your days are over! Before you know it, you will be bankrupt just like those a-holes at Wall Street!

    CAPITAL ONE------- that is Karma for you!!!

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unreasonable apr of 28.15%

I also am a longtime personal and business client of CapitalOne, current on all my payments.

I run a small start up business and over the past 18 months was late on a couple payments, neither more than 30 days. To my surprise, this month, my APR soared to 28.15%!

I contacted CapitalOne and asked for a rate reduction and explained the circumstances and trials of being a small business. Their answer... "Tough Luck".

I cancelled my business card and intend to cancel my personal card as well. 28.15% APR is criminal and completely unreasonable even for a few late payments, when all other credit factors, score, personal card from same company, etc.. are impeccable.

Use CapitalOne at your own risk!

  • Su
    SusannaNewHope Oct 27, 2008

    I have been a Capital One Customer for 10+ years. I always pay my bill in full and on time. I pay electronically through a bill pay service. I use the card for business and charge probably $40K a year. My husband is also a card holder, and charges probably $18K a year. Same deal, we pay the bill in full on time every time. This past summer, we were on vacation and forgot to pay the bill before we left. We realized and called the payment in on the due date. Apparently, when we read back the bank account number we reversed a number. No one called us to let us know. Two days later we called again because the check hadn't cleared. They fixed the error and withdrew the money successfully. Last month we were changing electronic bill pay services, and something happened. Again, no call from Capital One, but we noticed the money hadn't cleared, and proactively called, again a couple days after the due date. We asked why we weren't notified when we were set up for email payment warnings, and they claimed they didn't know. We got our bill, and were charged not only the $40 late charge, but also our interest rate was hiked to 27.9% and $180 in interest charges for the couple days late payment. We called, and were told tough luck. So much for 10+ years business. A couple of honest mistakes, and a payment late by 2 days both times, and they write us off. Lucky for us we always pay the bill off, so we're not saddled with a debt at that outrageous rate. We obviously will never do business with them again and will tell everyone we know to stay away from these predators.

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ruined my credit

I transfered my car loan to Capital One Auto Finance in November of last year. I paid my payment on time...

raised fixed interest rates

To my suprise, Capital One raised my "fixed" rates from 8.9% to 13.9% without my knowledge. Yes, I'm sure Capital One has all their bases covered. I'm sure they did send a letter (that looks like every other Capital One promotion letter) giving me the option to "opt out" of an interest rate hike. But who wouldn't opt out of a rate hike? Capital One played their customers knowing a huge percentage wouldn't even open that letter. I get so much "junk" mail from Capital One that I can see how I just ripped up that letter and threw it away not thinking twice.

I'm disappointed that such a huge company has to play games and deceive customers into paying more. Lucky for me I'm down to $1,500 in debt to Capital One. Three or four more months and I'm debt free! I can't wait to cancel my Capital One card. And I will never use Capital One again. And I will persuade others to do the same.

  • Wi
    William Ward May 16, 2007

    Capital One is a sorry company and should not be trusted by the American people. Advertise rates at being fixed and raise them without a notice, bills are paid on time but not posted, charge late fees for their mistakes. I had a fixed rate of 5.9 and it was raised to 10.9. Claim their rate is based at the APR rate when it is not. Very well known to harm individuals credit ratings. Where is our government when it comes to helping people deal with fraud like CAPITAL ONE. Everyone should view all the negative postings on Capital one before doing business with them.

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  • Jr
    J. Rodgers Jul 19, 2007

    My Capital One APR went from 4.9 to 9.9... I was baffled and outraged. I tried contacting the company by telephone for over a week but was unable to get a real person on the line -- never had that problem before. I imagined the wagons had been circled 'round the castle. I came to my senses eventually and chastised myself for having believed that I was different from everybody else who deals with a backstabbing credit card company. I had believed that my awesome 4.9 card had been issued because I was such a great guy for having paid my bills. I had believed that Capital One was a reputable company. Until this apparently across-the-board rate hike, the only horror stories I have ever heard personally about credit card companies have come from people I've known to be less fiscally responsible than I - you know, people who don't pay their bills? I am now more motivated than ever to clear my debt.

    I keep my scissors close at hand.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Kempen Feb 28, 2008

    Capital One changed my "fixed" rate, which I paid a 3% fee to secure, from 4.99% to 9.99%.
    I was transfered from customer service, to two levels of management, and their only answer was that "the terms changed." That is not just an inconvenience, that is fraud.

    I filed a complaint with the state Attorney General, in addition to closing my Capital One account.

    With as many complaints as I am now discovering people have against Capital One, I contend criminal charges should be filed against them.

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  • Be
    Bernard Jun 10, 2008

    I recently got a 50 dollar gift card through Capital One
    The charge was 10, 000 points.
    I ordered the same card through Bank-One and was
    charged 6000 points.
    I think this is a rip-off
    But there was no hassle

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  • Be
    Bernard Jun 10, 2008

    Your reward charge is over 50 percent more for the same item. I did not see any difference.

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  • Ch
    chryssy Jan 19, 2009

    i was just a few days late with my payment...see i work for the school district and if there is no school i dont work ... well we had christmas break and we had a bunch of snow/ice days so i didnt work for like 3 1/2 wks which means no money they called me and i told them what happened told them will send out a check in 2 weeks when i get paid the lady on the other line told me i had to give her a check number NOW i told her i was not going to do that i didnt know her and i will send a check she kept insisting i give her a check number immediately i told her no she just kept getting ruder and more insistant i told her the check will be in the mail and hung up. i sent in the check and a a few weeks later i got a letter from a collection agency. was paying regularly then when i called for them to take out my next months payment no one would answer the phone finally got a voice mail and left a message for them to take it out they called me back and there is nothing they can do for me and 2 days later my a account was frozen for 2 wks and they told me if i wanted my account back i had to send them 3 x the amount i owed so went out a loan and sent it over night still did not release my account and took out all my money then try calling them and finally got all my money they took 3 wks later . MY RECOMMENDATION DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THIS COMPANY !!!

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  • Be
    betsyh Feb 19, 2009

    I also received a notice of change in my terms. My fixed APR was increased from 6.9% to 15.9%. My account is in good standing and I have excellent credit. I was so furious I called and spoke to a rep that informed me that I could open a new account with a zero percent APR for two years and consolidate the accounts. Is this their idea of making lending easier to the consumers as part of the bail out? Raise interest rates so high on existing accounts that you close it and open a new one? Am I the only one that sees some ethical issues here? I filed a complaint with the FTC. This cannot be legal. The second time I called, I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone in management only to be told they could not connect me. Shame on you Capital One.

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  • Ce
    cecmann Jul 29, 2009

    My husband was hospitalized from Jan 29 to March 6th in early feb I had to take 15K from cap one(I am a secondary name on the account.) - We were were at a very low interest rate - actually I had always paid them up in advance and they had always been soliciting us with the checks attached to the bill. My rate went to 17.9% I just about flipped out. I had no idea. I have called twice to tell them that we did not receive anything in the mail - because the letter would have been addressed to him and most likely thrown out sometime in march or april when he went thru mail - and according to them he had only 30 days to respond. I told them I could prove he was hospitalized out of state - they will not let me talk with anyone. I am distraught over this - and feel helpless and trapped by this company. This is Usury.

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  • Ke
    K El, NJ May 12, 2010

    I have two accts with Capital One and they have put me in a similar situation; by claiming that they sent me correspondence that would have freed me from their predatory credit card practices had I actually received it. This correspondence was supposed to notify me and give me the opportunity to Opt Out of their new terms which, if I chose to Opt Out, would 1) close my accts and 2) freeze my interest rate so they could not increase the interest rate over the balance of the time it took to pay off the debt.

    There was no way that I could have paid off my debt quickly enough and hang on the accounts to minimize the impact on my credit score. If they had actually sent me the Opt-Out as they said they did, I would have to opt out because I owed over $3k on each of the two accts. and the new terms would have given Cap One a hammer to hit me over the head with unlimited interest rate increases on the total amount that I owed.

    I sent them a letter disputing the fact that they ever sent me any opt-out notices and have refused to pay them one penny until this matter is resolved. They claim sending me a notice on 2/2/09 and 5/12/09 on purchases and cash advances respectively. By the time I found out what they were up to, the dates for opting out had expired and they would not give me the time of day concerning that issue. Despite my formal Dispute Letter on each of my two accounts, Capit One is trying to disregard my dispute they did not sent me a proper timely notice and are just mailing to me over and over again the terms for which the opt out had already expired and the new term now apply.

    I asked for proof of that they ever mailed me proper and timely correspondence about these important term changes and opt-out opportunity. They sent me a FORM LETTER that did not address the details of my dispute and have continued to pretend as if I'm just late paying on my two accts. They are the worst, and I refuse to pay them another cent of my very meager and dwindling finances until this is resolved.

    I would love to get involved in a class action suit against Capital One--I know I'm not the only one they are trying to bamboozle with these new terms. Macy’s tried to do the same thing, but they have been sensible enough to know that maintaining good faith with their customers and took the high road in resolving the dispute I had with them. Macy’s was terrific—they put my interest rate back to what it was before the Opt-Out and even reduced the interest lower until the debt is totally paid off.

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  • Fe
    Felled 4 it Jun 10, 2011

    I also was taken advantage of by Capital One, they raised my rate to 20.99% from 13.99%. They also told me they sent me a letter last year: but I don't remember anything like that. The only thing I remember is If you are late, it may go up and I have not been late. I would never have accepted the raised in my credit limit if I had, for I am on a very fixed income. I was surprised they even gave me credit at all. They knew I was in the process of moving from one city to another and then it was Christmas time when you really need extra money. They dangled it in my face like food to a starving person. How can they expect someone to remember something over a year ago with all the stress, and the thing is they don't. You would think they would have learned from the other suit that was filed against them. I guess they needed more luxury cars and cruises for the higher up, for the the people who do the hard work want see it at all.

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unfair interest practice

I recently took advantage of a Capital One "0% interest on balance transfers" offer. No where in the offer...

fraud business practices!

I am seeking to file a complaint against Capital One Credit Card Company for fraudulent practices. I have...

credit card hidden fees and poor service

I had an Orchard Bank visa and cancelled it due to its hidden fees and poor service I have been making...