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I purchase a brand new in the box wet tile cutter. On the receipt it says that Candian tire will not accept opened boxes. Any defects or missing parts must be obtained from the manufacturer. It's a Mastercraft tool - The Canadian Tire brand.

This amounts to CT moving to a final sale model, where you cannot return anything to them. Once you open the box, you own it. If it doesn't work, to bad, you need to deal with the manufacturer at your expense and time.

I would not recommend buying any products from CT until they change their policies.


  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    Mastercraft hand tools have a lifetime guarantee. You bring the broken one in and they exchange it, no questions asked. Power tools, however, are completely different.
    I had a similar experience with Canadian Tire and will never buy another power tool from them. Not only are they almost always more expensive, you're completely on your own if something happens to it. Not so with many other stores, including dedicated tool shops. Avoid CT!

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