Canadian Tireroadside assistance membership

S Aug 01, 2019

Purchased 4 tires in April and received a Silver Plan Roadside Assistance Membership as part of a promotion. Associate behind the counter had no idea that it had to be activated. I only found out that it had to be activated once I tried to register it. Was told by Roadside Assistance that I had to bring it back to the store to have it activated. Apparently, it is a two step process. Store has to scan card, put in promotion code to activate the card. Once activated you can then go on-line or call Roadside assistance to complete the second part of the activation. Tried several times to get this done at the store. Had my original invoice, auto manager remembers the promotion etc...however, no one seemed to know what the promotion code was. After spending more time on the phone with Roadside assistance and in the store, I finally get the promotion code. Code was Tire4M18 just in case you think I'm making this stuff up. Go back to store to activate the card and they now tell me that it had to be registered before mid-may. I was not aware of this caveat as no-one told me that and it is not mentioned anywhere on the correspondence. Cashier, says she cannot help, Manager is useless and says there is nothing that she can do. So after several wasted hours, I am back at square one. So let me help Canadian Tire with there customer service. 1. When you run a promotions please ensure that customers are aware of deadlines to register can do this by educating and training you employees above a minimal incompetence. 2. Don't give customers the run around. I had to waste 6 hours of my time trying to resolve this issue, which in the end was a complete waist of time. When explaining this whole episode to the manager. I was told that there is nothing that she could do. Really? Are they taught this in management school? There is always something that a manager can do, such as offer a gift card or discount on my next purchase etc... or 3. Honour the promotion. One of the main reasons I purchased the tires was because it included the Silver Plan Roadside Assistance. Next time I will just go to Costco and take there Roadside Assistance plan at least I have confidence that they will at lease activate it.

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