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Dental Services, By Most Complaints | Page 6

Dr. Karl Arakelian / A very terrible dentist

He is one of the worst dentists in the world. He did not and he does not know how to analyze thoroughly and carefully, when there was a little loose debris where he should have flossed or cleaned between my upper teeth after he put a new bond behind one of my upper front tooth, even though...

Dr Sally Cram / Rude - Unprofessional


I went to Sr Cram because she was highly recommended by Washingtonian magazine. Little was I prepared how she used me as a cash cow. She would not even answer my questions (one time she has her assistant tell me that she was too busy) and would never give clear answers to what procedures to...

Denture Design Studio / dentures


I was very disappointed in the denture and partial that Danny Croft made for me. They hurt my gums and the partial hurts my teeth. My dentist told me the partial should not hurt my teeth and that it was made wrong. I went back to Danny but he wouldn't do anything and I don't have...

Dr Boulos Moussa / dental xrays

To whom it may concern I had gone to Dr Moussa to have xrays done on my teeth, I was having great difficulty and needed them to be repaired. I had a panoramic and I am not sure what the other was called. I did not know that I would be going to Nova Scotia at that time and thought I would have...

Talega Dental group / Rip off/horrible service


These people are only in the business of only ripping off people. They have train there staff to viciously charge you thousands and thousands of dollars for treatment that you don't need at all, and they lie and fabricate such a case that makes you feel that you dying right there and...

Pediatric Dental Health / Refusal of care

I have been bringing my 3 oldest children to Pediatric Dental Health for my insurance paid cleanings since they were about 3. I have refused all fluoride treatments for my children. This information was recorded in their charts. At one visit (with all 3) I was out of the room with one...

extreme brite white / amnt. due $74.99

I just got a bill from equidata(whom I never heard of) and the creditor is Extreme Brite White whom I did a less than $5 trial with my credit card with which they took upon themselves and charged $90 on it and now they have the____ to say I owe them $74.99 because they sent me more stuff...

Jason Mirabile DDS / Shady dendistry biz

This guy is a fraud. he runs a dentist office out of a warehouse with no running water and other things needed for a dentist office. Also bldg is not zoned for this. The office he keeps is full of dog hair and is extremely dirty and unkempt. Mr Mirabile is also unkempt and appears to be on...

Maitre & Crabtree Dental Group / Ningyong Xu


I’m Ningyong, a 30+ asian woman. Today I went to Maitre and Crabtree dental group in Mobile, Alabama at 11am on Dec 23rd, 2010. Because last week after teeth clean, the dentist told me that I have 4 teeth cavities which need to be filled. So I scheduled to fill 2 cavities thi...

Dr. Craig Walker / claimed no infection

LadyJSlattery on Jan 5, 2011

My husband went to a Dentist because of a tooth ache. The tooth was cracked but Dr. Walker said he could fix it. The pain was terrible and my husbands face started to swell and he became very ill. I insisted he go to the dental surgery clinic. The dental Surgeon pulled the tooth that wa...

Talega Dental group / dishonest dentistry

Trish G on Jan 26, 2011

I took my family here. The dentist said my son had 8 cavities that needed to be filled immediately. My gut said "no way." They tried to make me feel like such a horrible mother for not wanting him to do the work he said was necessary. The assistants said the dentist was angry and...

Navid Bahrami DDS / dishonest to patients

Ritz1 on Mar 9, 2011

I took my father to this dentist office on Nov 12, 2010.This doctor Navid stated that he accepted my father's dental insurance and he was in network. Comes to find out that Navid never applied my father's dental insurance. Navid lied to us about being in network. Navid wanted to...


MAD, RIP OFF DENTIST on Mar 15, 2011

Mark S. Montana is the only prosthodontist or dentist I have come across that thinks he should charge $50.00 for a consultation. Mark S. Montana is full of himself because he won some type of award, I can't imagine it was for his dental workmanship. He was unhelpful, unknowledgeable and a TOTAL...


MAD, RIP OFF DENTIST on Mar 15, 2011

AVOID this incompetent, unknowledgeable, untrained jerk. Who monitors these ?dentists? Beware, avoid

Dr. Paul Baldyga / Bad Orthodontist

Iknow1234 on Apr 4, 2011

Dr. Baldyga put braces on me 2 years ago and refused to remove them because I owe a balance of $350. He told me that before I could even make another appointment this bill would have to be paid in full. I have paid over $5000 thus far and I recently lost my job. I also have explained thi...

Q-Dental PC / fraud

Husan on Apr 7, 2011

Stay away from that place, dentists will try to rip your insurance by ordering dental crown, even if you dont need it and they wont even tell you. They removed my front perfect tooth and replaced it with cheap crown. Without saying anything in advance they just removed my tooth like its a...

VIP Dream Smiles / A Nightmare

mynightmare on Apr 8, 2011

I had 10 crowns placed at VIP Dream Smiles by Dr Richard A Ingram. Some of those crowns have FALLEN OUT around 20 TIMES! When they couldn't get one crown to stay on after 3 tries, they paid to send me to another dentist who has worked out just fine. After that, another crown came off...

Spruce Grove Smiles dentist / horrible in every way

stsp on Apr 18, 2011

the dentist here perscribed the wrong medication. missed several steps during a tooth removal, then after I paid cash and left i got a bill in the mail for services they NEVER performed and i was charged for things i never recieved. the receptionist was rude on the phone and told me i had...

Forest Green Dental Care / Poor dentistry

sugar123456 on Apr 21, 2011

Forest Green Dental Care - I went to see this dentist a year a go and she gave me a big treatment plan. she told me that I have a lot of dental problems. I started the treatment and finished it . since then I have alot of pain and sensetivity I lost two teeth. I had no problem with my...

MouthGlove Dentures / He debits your paypal and you dont hear anything back

robbiearmstrong on May 13, 2011

THIS GOOK is absolutely NOT a dr! In no way shape or form. But after he took my 100 you heard nothing from him. Thats when i get suspicious. Then a package comes but no details, no color of teeth. NOTHING!!! And all done in typewritten paper very poorly! Its been five months and I havent...