Absolute Dental Complaints & Reviews

Absolute Dental / dental service

Apr 09, 2019

This person, if you can call it like this, is a horrible dentist, very rude, mean, he thinks he's better than everybody else, "he's a kid's dentist" yeah right! he has cold blood, he doesn't care if little kids are in pain because he didn't wait long enough for the anesthesia, and my...

Absolute Dental / oral surgery

Oct 12, 2017

You removed all my teeth on a consult you didn’t even wait to see if I medical insurance was going to pay this, so I’m without any teeth and on top of that you left a impacted tooth and bone spurs everywhere in my mouth I want this bad service fixed . And I couldn’t afford your 1900.00 for...

Absolute Dental / feel hustled

Jan 12, 2013

needed a tooth extracted. called and told them that i had a regular dentist but was out of town and i needed tooth extracted. i am 56 and have been walking the line of needing dentures. my dentist and i have discussed. went into the office, they did many xrays, she came in and IMMEDIATELY...


Apr 30, 2011

I should have read the complaints against Absolute Dental before going there. I went to the one located at 3945 S. Maryland Pkwy. in Las Vegas and it was a terrible experience. In my case, they did NOT honor their ad which offers a "free teeth whitening for new patients only with paid...

Absolute Dental / James Huynh


I went through the process of xrays and payment so that I could get a tooth pulled. The dentist, one James Huynh, was not senitive to my problem, argued with me about which tooth was hurting me and which one he thought should be pulled. I had a #31 which was missing approximately 2/3rds of...