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Great Expressions Dental Centers reviews & complaints

Great Expressions Dental Centers complaints 82

Great Expressions Dental Centers - I feel I was duped into getting a crown

I visited Great Expressions dental office in St Petersburgh, FL because of an ache in a jaw tooth. I had looked online and thought my Humana insurance would cover a crown if the Dentist thought one was necessary. I checked in, later BEFORE the crown process was started a woman came in said she talked to Humana and yes a crown would be covered. As I was checking out the same woman said the crown was not covered!! I asked her about her previous statement that a crown was covered, she then said the insurance office was closed. Why did she lie and say she had talked to the insurance company? I asked her why she said a crown was covered she said she received an "auto" response. I was charged for resin that was put in two small cavities, and I do believe my insurance pays for resin. So, she proceeded to tell me I could make two payments to cover the now $1, 094 bill I had been given. I'm retired, and it is Christmas time, I don't have that kind of money to pay, she then suggested care credit which I felt forced into signing up for! I feel I was duped!! She proved herself a liar. Why was this done to me? I do want to add the Dentist and Hygienist were great!

Desired outcome: I feel since the front office woman lied about my crown being covered I shouldn't be charged!

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Braces

I've tried to reach out to the orthodontist to make an appt for my daughter to take braces off. I've call numerous times to speak to someone and no one returns my calls. The manager in this office is terrible she lacks skills with communication and when you call she states she will have someone call me and never calls back. My daughter is only 14 I would like someone to take braces off but this is the dentist in this office responsibility and no other dentist will take them off as it's to liability. I need this dentist to release my daughter care and take off braces immediately as they are now making my daughter have pain. This linebaugh location in tampa closed for 3 months and we're very bad after COVID19 in understanding patient complaints about job loss .

Desired outcome: Braces Off

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Bad experience

Most horrific experience. These people only care for money. They don't care about my child's health. I am trapped in a never ending contract. Paid in full, I told them I want the braces off, they told me I have to pay more money to continue to see the dr or pay a higher fee for braces to be gone. My child can't see the dr, they refuse to make an appt.

Desired outcome: I want my sons braces off so I can go somewhere else. My son has not seeing the dr at all since this ordeal

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Anesthesiologist / tooth extraction

Today 10/9/2021 my daughter had 4 wisdom teeth removed. The doctor goes to give her the shot for pain and she screamed out very loud (I was in the lobby). One of the nurses came in and said "oh that...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Billing

A year ago on September 16, 2020, I had a cleaning and x-rays done. I checked out at the front desk and paid $52.60 with my debit card. The bill was submitted to Cigna Dental insurance.
On August 28th I received a Collection Notice in the mail for $134.40. I called Cigna spoke to the manager Pricella and was told that there is no payment due. I went to Great Expressions where I had my appointment and got a copy of the receipt and sent it certified and than a few days later I get a second Collection Notice for $268.80. I am very upset and I am waiting for a response from the Collections office. My credit rating is excellent and if I don't get this resolved it won't be.
Please help me. Great Expressions address where I had my teeth cleaned and x-rays done is: 9 St John's Medical Park SuiteB
St Augustine, FL32086

Phone# is [protected]

Collection Office:
I.C. System, Inc
444 Hwy 96 East
St Paul, MN 47767

Phone# is [protected]

Desired outcome: Get this resolved

Great Expressions Dental Centers - service

This dentist is by far the rudest man I have ever had to deal with. He got so mad because I went to another dentist to get a second opinion that he wouldn't even work on me the second time. I apologized but he never let up he said I didn't trust him so why am I here. I told him that I was told by the other dentist to get a cap on the tooth before they could complete the work and That I had no problem paying for the work but he wouldn't listen. I told him than that he never fixed the tooth I came in for. he said, no he didn't and to go somewhere else. Fortunately I had my phone on record. I don't understand because my brother-in -law was a doctor and he told me to always get a second opinion

Desired outcome: I want my money back and I don't want him working on anyone else

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Bad business/ horrible service/cost payments

This is the absolute WORST company I've ever felt with. The dentist and staff are incompetent the practically ruined my teeth and try to over charge me for it! What started off as a plan for Invisalign for six months has now gone on for a year with no corrections to the ONE tooth that needed to be fixed, unnecessary spacing in my teeth that I didn't previously have and them refusing to debond my teeth because my 2 year contract wasn't over. Never go to this company for any type of dentistry. Every location and every doctor I've seen within this organization was HORRIBLE!!! They are just money hungry company that will do anything for a dime.

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Payment customer billing - no answers and inaccurate

February 29th: Installation of braces on daughter March: No tightening due to covid but paid monthly charge April: No tightening due to covid but paid monthly charge May: Went to the office to...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Molar pain & infection (tooth no. 19)

First time going to Great Expressions on 1152 Old Salem Rd SE Conyers, GA. My Left side Molar (no. 19) was hurting terribly. I couldn't eat or sleep. The dentist saw the infection in my tooth through...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Hygienist has covid

I had an appointment today at great expressions in Dublin, it got canceled due to their hygienist having COVID-19 but my daughters appointment was still on going, we show up they ask if we've been...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Dismiss by Dr. Revis with no notification

Dear all

I discovered today that I was dismiss as a patient by Dr. Revis after a complain I made in 2019. I did not have a need of treatment since then. However, two weeks ago I called the office and asked for an appointment since I have pain in one of my tooth. I got the appointment for today, Tuesday 9 February. I was in the office at time and I was asked to fill a bunch of paper. The doctor visit me in a rush, as usual. After the visit the secretary informed me that I was dismiss as a patient because in 2019 I made a complain after a treatment I received that caused me pain for several weeks.
I believe this is a unprofessional behavior. I did not receive any notification since the incident. In addition, I do not see how a simple request of clarification after a treatment that cause me pain for several weeks should be the cause of the dismissal. As a patient, do I the right to manifest my concern about a treatment done badly or I just open my wallet and accept whatever it comes?
There are rules that guide the termination of a dentist/patient relationship, and these rules has been completed ignore.
I believe I should have receive a better treatment as a patient and as a human being.
All the situation was poorly managed, really unprofessional.
Really disappointment by the standard of your company.

Best regards
Marco Cortesi

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Routine teeth cleaning

Ame for a routine 6 month cleaning. I left with two hours wasted, they tried to get almost 300 out of me with services that I did not come for and don't urgently need. When I declined the services then they declined my my teeth cleaning that I originally came for. Be careful and know your insurance plan line for line. Because if not, they will try to get over on you though billing. Time was wasted, I did not get my routine cleaning (that they first promised), and they are known for billing fraud.

I should have checked their 100+ complaints on bbb (better business bureau) beforehand.

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Service

This is the worst company I have ever had to do business with they don't care for there patients even if there In pain they will laugh in your face and tell all your medical information loud for other patients to here they never pick up the phone and hold times are insane the new office manager at the fathersound location is so nasty she and all the front desk staff is too they don't have any care in the body they are very rude and there's no one controlling it it's gotten so bad there it's filled with negative energy and I can't even get my medical records they won't answer the lie and say the fathersound location is closed when there sitting right there in it it's a disappointment and I never wanna do business with them they are money hungry evil people.

Great Expressions Dental Centers - Billing for braces

Acct # 960925 Chrisdan Reid - My daughter came for braces May 2017. In the middle of treatment her insurance got canceled and an additional bill occurred. Still making my mthly payments, NO ONE...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Upped denture price, made spouse caregiver leave room. Left patient anxious and confused.

Went to Monticello office. Husband has Alzheimer's. I was able to sit in treatment room first few visits. Goal was an upper denture. He had tooth extractions before to prep. Before Covid hit. The...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - billing/terrible customer service

Yesterday, I went into this office for a filling. I recently have been having problems with eating and a sore tongue (weird). I also was charged $128 for the procedure, but when I spoke to my...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - unethical behavior

I tried unsuccessfully to drop a complaint on their "contact us" link, it kept returning with an error. I am not even motivated to write about my horrible experience because upon further search on...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - unprofessional

Where do I begin. No one at the Douglasville Highway 5 location informed us Dr. Rogers had left and we started my son's braces with her. We came monthly for his tightenings as the Fountain Oak...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - front desk

The front desk lady Brittany should not work with customers and she definitely shouldn't be the first person you see when you walk in. She has a disgusting attitude and she constantly talks trash...

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - reception/customer service

On October 8, 2019 I had an appointment at 3:00 p.m, upon arriving ten minutes early I spoke with the receptionist at the front desk. She ask did I have an appointment I stated yes she advised me to...

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