Great Expressions Dental Centers Complaints & Reviews

Great Expressions Dental Centers / dental services

Jul 16, 2019

I filed a complaint with you on or about 4/18/2019 regarding the treatment i received from the above office on two separate occasions, and i have yet to hear back from some one regarding this matter but i did receive a bill for the horrible services i received. And on top of it all one of...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / dental work (bridges)

Jun 24, 2019

June 24, 2019 Name: Emmanuel Pradere Address: 42 Bridgestone Lane Douglasville, GA 30134 Telephone number: 678-994-3654 Complaint Great Expressions Dental Company I used to go great expressions dental clinic on hospital drive in Douglasville, and I have had an excellent Dentist that used...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / appointment

Jun 17, 2019

This complaint is about the great expression dental center on 871 saint Georges Avenue, Woodbridge 07095. All the people in room are always complaining about the waiting time. The appointment times are always messed up. People have to wait more than an hour for their scheduled appointment. I...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / service and billing

Jun 04, 2019

I was a patient at the Great Expression office in the Stockbridge, GA location. On April 19th I went into the office because I had a serious toothache. I saw Dr. Jones and his dental assistant. After doing xrays Dr. Jones explain that my tooth on my left side showed a crack and was the...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / ortho down payment refund

Apr 09, 2019

So I made an appointment for my 14 year old son, this was his consultation. And they examined him, said he needed them. Gave me what I need to pay. I asked, WHAT ABOUT MEDICAID, HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY?? She tells me oh they don't pay unless there's something seriously wrong going on with the...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / inappropriate behavior

Apr 04, 2019

So my wife went to see dds harvey mossak (oral surgeon) the first time he told her she look great for her age (flirting). On the second visit he then told her that she was a great patient and that he would date her if she wasn't married meanwhile i'm in the waiting room!! This i...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / billing (waiting over 2 months to get $1200 overpayment) + 2 sutures embedded in my gum after dental procedure

Mar 28, 2019

I went in to the Holcomb Bridge location in GA Jan 17, 2019 for a receding gum procedure. During the procedure the periodontist said that his last day was in 2 weeks- this was in the middle of the procedure where one part of my upper gum had already had alloderm procedure and while they...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / 825 w dr martin luther king jr blvd, tampa, fl 33603

Mar 18, 2019

Date of the incident - 3/18/2019 Client number - 813-448-2239 Full Description: Hi! I'm writing this in regards to the Great Expressions in Martin Luther King BVD, Tampa Florida. Unfortunately, I had a rather horrible talk with a lady on the phone, and it's left me rather shaken because I...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / dental hygiene and appointment procedure

Mar 06, 2019

I have been mislead on my 3 kids appointment; started when appt was scheduled at 11:30 am today 3-5-19 taking all 3 kids out of school (one is a special needs kid) and they ALL were to return to school after their hygenist Appt (ages 14, 7, 6). When I got to great expressions 11:15 am...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / refund

Feb 05, 2019

My husband went in for a cleaning on 1/23/19. When he was finished he was told he had to pay $88. NEVER in the time we had this insurance we had to pay for anything. Long story short I called my insurance company and they told me that we only had to pay $30 out of pocket and contacted thi...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / invisalign’s

Dec 19, 2018

My teeth has some spaces in them. The dentist recommended Invisalign's. On the 2nd visit he told me to slow down the process. I had no idea why but I found out that I should have never been put in Invisalign's because now several of my teeth are loose. I'm still paying for them and now I...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / didn't get what I came for

Sep 25, 2018

My son first visit here today 9.25.18, he is 11, the lady who does the xray told me I couldn't come back till after the xray, I said ok, when my son came back he had already seen the dentist, an the same lady was bringing me a bill about what he needs done.I asked why didn't she call me to...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / front office manager

Sep 19, 2018

The office manager at Great Expressions Jonesboro, Ga location has the nastiest, most rude attitude I've encountered and the front office is not friendly. The office manager has a very nasty attitude and makes Dr. Steven Smith look bad even though he's a decent dentist. I will NOT be back...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / dental services

Jul 08, 2018

My complaint involves the Eagles Landing Parkway Office in Stockbridge, Georgia and centers on the following: 1. Front office needs to be replaced with individuals who can pretend, at least, to enjoy their job. They need to understand that they represent a brand, which is Great...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / payment

May 27, 2018

I know u people dont give a dam, and I notice other complaints of no avail. U people are a rip off. No one ever contacted me like they said they would?? I have sent u three letters which really was not necessary, because u give no response?? Dr. Herman a so called root canal dr. Messed up... / false practice-no ethics - no respect for clients / the dentist who messed up my tooth

May 04, 2018

I went back after 5 years and had the best hygienist. However, days after getting my teeth clean and examined I was told she left because of conflict with Dr. Bininan. On April 28th I went into great expression and was told I was preparing for a crown. I remember feeling uneasy. However...

Great Expressions Dentistry- Decatur / root canal

Feb 28, 2018

I had an appointment a week ago and had a consultation for a tooth that has been bothering me. I found out that I would need a root canal and crown. The estimated cost after insurance was about $1000. After speaking with the financial advisor in the office, we agreed that I could pay...

Great Expressions / billing and customer service

Aug 16, 2017

I received a complimentary whitening kit with my treatment, the coupan is still on their website. They charged me months later, although it was complimentary. I contacted them, they said they would take care of it. They never did, I got bill from third party, I contacted them several...

Great Expressions / bad service

Aug 05, 2017

My wife and I we had very bad dental doctor Rude Hygienist & Receptionist at Kennesaw GA. Town Center Mall Office She had to a tooth removal and have a partial. Dr. Patel damaged the two teeth on both sides and we had to pay for a bridge and after two follow visits she still ha...

Great Expressions / unethical behavior and scam from brandon cohen and the office manager neisha

Jul 16, 2017

Great Expressions... more like a great depression. I made an appointment with Great Expressions dental office because before Great Expressions bought the practice, there was a dentist that used to care about the patients. So, I went ahead a made an appointment, which did not come in my...

Great Expressions Dental Round Rock TX / billing department

Jul 11, 2017

The dental work I received here was decent. Their billing department however, is complete garbage. I had work done back in January that was covered 100% by insurance resulting in a bill with a $0 balance. Now in July, there is a new bill created by whatever new billing software they...

Great Expressions/Dentaland / dental services

May 23, 2017

Had a deep cleaning, insurance pays $36 per quad at 2 quads per visit. Great Expressions said they could all quads at the same time but failed to tell me my insurance would only pay for 2 quads per visit (they knew but just did not tell me). I had 4 quads done at once not knowing, now I...

Great Expressions / unethical behaviour / fradulent changes

Sep 28, 2015

This office is focused only on making as much money as they can from each patient. I went with my kids to get our 6 months cleaning and because they were running behind schedule they had to split us up and so I was not in the room with the hygienist or dentist when they called my then 14...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / unsatisfactory communication and treatment. questionable knowledge base for my dental concern.

Sep 23, 2015

I had four appointments during the summer of 2014. The first appointment was a cleaning, dental x-rays, diagnosis of a crown that needed replacing and a cavity. The second was a fitting for the new crown and filling the cavity. The third was the placement of the new crown and the fourth...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / false representation

Jun 16, 2015

This office is really a rip off. After two consultation with the dentist and periodontist, a plan of action was agreed upon. I was to have a crown replaced .I had refused implant or bridge. I had to make a deposit of $200. to hold the appointment date. However on the day of the procedure...

Great Expressions Dental / unnecessary procedures, fraudulent billing

May 22, 2015

This office has changed hands and the new hygenists and office people are focused only on making as much money as they can from each patient. My son went in for a normal cleaning and they insisted on a full debridement which is used only prior to a periodontal exam, and not covered by...

Great Expressions / over charging and will not refund customer credit

May 11, 2015

Have been working with billing in local office but 'corporate' office will not make adjustment. Corporate made some sort of "finance department adjustment." It looks like they are billing for above and beyond what their agreement is with Delta Dental Insurance Co. The girl in the...

Great Expressions Dental / fees

Apr 06, 2015

Great Expressions in Ann Arbor overcharged me for a crown. Before any work was done, I was given an estimate of what the services would cost. At the time, I thought the estimate was high, but I didn't question it. I had to pay the full amount in advance before they would make the...

Great Expressions Dental / liars

Mar 07, 2015

This company is an assembly line dentist.My cleaning took 15 minutes.They push things onto you that you dont need.They bought out my old dentist Dr Joseph who was my dentist for over 40 years. Most of the employees have left because they are being forced to lie to patients and telling them...

Great Expressions Dental Center / unfair billing

Mar 05, 2015

RUN RUN RUN! I wish I had read these reviews before I walked thru the door. I have never felt more ripped off in my life. I have become increasingly frustrated with the Great Expressions Dental Center, Fayetteville, GA office. Prior to scheduling an appointment for my son, I called and...

Great Expressions Dental / given diagnosis that was rediculous

Jan 16, 2015

BEWARE- THEY FIND THINGS WRONG THAT AREN'T REAL!!!Have gone to them for over two years. Recently, Dentist at Palm Beach Gardens office told me that I have early stages of periodontal disease and would require more expensive cleaning. I went to a periodontist and he confirmed that I do...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / very poor and lousy dental cleaning, and very unfriendly doctor

Sep 26, 2014

I was at Great expressions dental centers at 09|2514 at 4:00 PM.For a dental cleaning. I am not happy with their dental cleaning, it was done very superficially, lousy job, not professional at all. This is not acceptable.My previous dental cleaning by other dental offices were much better...

Great Expressions / fraud and overcharging

Sep 18, 2014

Went here yesterday because I had dental insurance and had to use one of the AARP dental facilities. Waited over 35 minutes for appointment, then they spent almost an hour doing just x-rays (24 of them which is WAY over the limit for one day). The insurance company said that should have...

Great Expressions - Marietta Office / billing / collection agency

Jun 16, 2014

I had some dental work performed at the Stockbridge office by Dr. Ali Mehraban. His office manager Tabatha did not submit the correct clinical narrative to my insurance company and therefore we have gone back and forth for close to a year. Each phone call to Tabatha after receiving a bill...

Great Expressions Dental Center / infection

May 13, 2014

I went in for some work to be done, I received a root canal and a temporary cap. shortly after treatment I noticed that I had a bump growing on the tooth next to the treated tooth. I went back to great expression and I was told by a very inexperienced dental tech that it was a bone spur...

Great Expressions Dental / dental service

May 12, 2014

These guys are scam artists and motivated solely by profit. I went for routine check up after moving to the area and they were the closest office that accepts my wifes company' dental plan so I figured give em a try. I am a busy healthcare professional but every time I get any health...

Great Expressions / implants & dentures

Mar 04, 2014

On Jan.5, 2013 I had 4 implants put in by Dr. George Woodrick. He did this with Novocain only. About a month later 1 of the implants came out. He put in 2 new implants and one of those came out. Also the dentures that he had made for me did not fit right. They stuck up in the front, stuck...

Great Expressions Dental / overcharges double charges

Jun 13, 2013

Great Expressions Dental is a complete RIPOFF, even after getting paid by insurance company for services they want to charge patients extra charge for their OWN records and xrays. They are digital and refuse to email another dental office just SCAM .

Great Expressions Dental Center / horrible treatment, horrible staff

Jun 05, 2013

DO NOT GO TO THESE DENTISTS. They will make you wait MONTHS for a consult, MONTHS for an appointment, and then not tell you you can t drink 1 sip of water 6 hours before surgery so they want to reschedule your 900$+ appointment for ANOTHER MONTH LATER because of THEIR OWN STUPID ERROR...

Great Expressions / dental

Apr 13, 2013

After being in so much pain I was forced to overcome my overwhelming fear of the dentist, I went to Great Expressions in Monticello, NY, shaking and crying the entire drive, and also the entire visit. It turned out I needed and extraction, a root canal, and a filling replaced, and I also...