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Sep 29, 2020

Great Expressions Dental Centers — Billing for braces

Acct # 960925 Chrisdan Reid - My daughter came for braces May 2017. In the middle of treatment her insurance...

Jul 07, 2020

Great Expressions Dental Centers — Upped denture price, made spouse caregiver leave room. Left patient anxious and confused.

Went to Monticello office. Husband has Alzheimer's. I was able to sit in treatment room first few...

Jan 07, 2020

Great Expressions Dental Centers — billing/terrible customer service

Yesterday, I went into this office for a filling. I recently have been having problems with eating and a sore...

Nov 21, 2019

Great Expressions Dental Centers — unethical behavior

I tried unsuccessfully to drop a complaint on their "contact us" link, it kept returning with an error. I am...

Nov 15, 2019

Great Expressions Dental Centers — unprofessional

Where do I begin. No one at the Douglasville Highway 5 location informed us Dr. Rogers had left and we...

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Oct 24, 2019

Great Expressions Dental Centers — front desk

The front desk lady Brittany should not work with customers and she definitely shouldn't be the first...

Oct 08, 2019

Great Expressions Dental Centers — reception/customer service

On October 8, 2019 I had an appointment at 3:00 p.m, upon arriving ten minutes early I spoke with the...

Great Expressions Dental Centersbilling /customer service

They billed me the whole amount for my braces . The first time they billed the wrong company . The lady never answers the phone I finally get it sorted out . Then they don't update the contract so it's left on me again . I keep calling but she has the front desk not to answer my calls or take down my number . It's frustrating and that's not all they over charge me one month and didn't wanna get me a refund it's just been stressful and annoying . There's no higher up number I can call because there all so lazy .

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    Sep 10, 2019

    Great Expressions Dental Centers — dental services

    I had a very traumatic experience where they over book appointments at the dentist office in tucker georgia...

    Great Expressions Dental Centersgreat expression dental center billing and customer service

    I received dental services from Great Expressions in July and August of 2018. The service was fine but the billing manager sent the insurance claims to my children's' insurance company instead of mine. I noticed this in January when my billing statement showed my claims were declined and Great Expressions wanted full payment. I called the office and it took many phone calls to even be able to speak to the billing manager Casey. Several times I called and the voice mail box was full and when I was able to leave a voice mail, my calls were not returned. When I finally spoke with Casey, I gave her the correct insurance information. It took three months and six phone calls for her to submit the claims to my insurance company. She claimed she had submitted them, but the insurance company did not receive them. Once the claims were submitted, my balance due only changed by a very small amount. I called the insurance company and their representative told me that the claims had been submitted as if I was part of a PPO, when actually my insurance was an HMO. She advised me to file a dispute, which I did. The insurance rep cc'd me on the email she sent to Great Expression which itemized what my insurance covered. As I waited for it to be processed by Great Expressions, I received a notice from a collections agency for part of the balance due and bill from Great Expressions still attempting to collect the incorrect amount and documenting that part of the balance had been sent to collections. On 9/5/19, I emailed a Great Expressions rep who curtly told me to communicate with the Sunlife rep and who refused to answer any additional emails. I have tried extremely hard to get Great Expressions to correct the billing so I could pay the correct balance, but they do not return calls or emails. I have called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told someone would contact me in 30 days, but they never did. I tried to contact GE using their 'Contact Us' page on their website, but when I click submit, it gives me an error message. In the meantime, they have sent my bill to my husband and it is his name on the collections account. I find that their business practices are unethical, sloppy and unprofessional.

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      Aug 27, 2019

      Great Expressions Dental Centers — unauthorized credit card charge & unethical behavior

      I had an overcharge on my credit card after signing a payment agreement to be billed $125 a month, I recieved...

      Aug 20, 2019

      Great Expressions Dental Centers — Dental services

      In regards to the services I have received, and the customer services I have received. I would no longer be...

      Jul 16, 2019

      Great Expressions Dental Centers — dental services

      I filed a complaint with you on or about 4/18/2019 regarding the treatment i received from the above office...

      Great Expressions Dental Centersdental work (bridges)

      June 24, 2019

      Name: Emmanuel Pradere
      Address: 42 Bridgestone Lane
      Douglasville, GA 30134
      Telephone number: [protected]
      Complaint Great Expressions Dental Company

      I used to go great expressions dental clinic on hospital drive in Douglasville, and I have had an excellent Dentist that used to be my Dentist by the name Dr. Champion. I am not sure of what had happened she no longer worked at great expressions dental. To make a long story short Dr. Champion has started some dental work for me i.e. (Bridge) in which I am almost finished paying for and has a small balance left. After Dr. Champion left Great Expressions Dental a few months ago, nobody called to inform me that Dr. Champion is no longer work at Great Expressions. on 03/25/19 when I called to follow up on my dental work (bridge) that is when I found out that Dr. Champion no longer worked there, and I was also told that the Great Expressions Dental office on Hospital Drive is permanently closed and that all the work for Dr. Champion will be transferred to the Highway 5 Great Expressions Dental Clinic in Douglasville for follow up. I took the initiative to call Great Expressions Dental Office (Highway 5) a week later to be exact on 04/1/19 to follow up and was told by the Receptionist that MS. Krystal who is the (office manager) will give me a call. Two weeks later no telephone call back from the office manager, than I decided to call again on 04/8/19 receptionist took another message and had let me know that office manager will call back two weeks later no phone call back from office manager. I called Great Expressions Dental office on Highway 5 this morning 06/24/19 and was told same thing office manager will call me back. Then on 06/24/19 I decided to call customer service number and spoke with Ms. Ciara who in fact attempted to assist me by getting in contact with Highway 5 office after she got off the telephone with them, she was told that my dental work was sent to Austell office. She stated that she will have to call Great Expressions office in Austell to have them to transfer my dental work (Bridge) to the highway 5 offices and will give me a call later on 06/24/19. I feel is really unfair to have to through this stress. I am requesting to be compensated by Great Expressions Dental for this inconvenience.

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        Great Expressions Dental Centersappointment

        This complaint is about the great expression dental center on 871 saint Georges Avenue, Woodbridge 07095.
        All the people in room are always complaining about the waiting time. The appointment times are always messed up. People have to wait more than an hour for their scheduled appointment. I see doctors laughing and talking in the hallway and not taking patients. I heard a atlases 3 people says they hate this place or this is ridiculous or something negative about the customer service. They always say they are backed up. ALWAYS.

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          Great Expressions Dental Centersservice and billing

          I was a patient at the Great Expression office in the Stockbridge, GA location. On April 19th I went into the office because I had a serious toothache. I saw Dr. Jones and his dental assistant. After doing xrays Dr. Jones explain that my tooth on my left side showed a crack and was the reason for my pain. So he said before I make a decision how we will take care this let me speak to my orthodontist Dr. Woods. Later Dr.Woods came in and explain to me he feels the tooth can be saved and a root canal would be the way to go. Root canal was done but I was sent home with no medication of any kind. Thank god I had medication at home that I could take for pain but 2 weeks in I ended up with an abcess in the same area where the root canal was done. On my next appointment which was a week later (3 weeks) from the root canal I still had the abcess showed it to Dr. Jones who said wow you have an infection not good so he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication and suggest I make an appointment to come back for a possible second root canal. I filled the prescriptions took as directed the pain went away so did the abcess. So now I go to the appointment that was scheduled for the root canal on 5/28 but at that time told the Dental assistant no root canal and explain my reason and concern that my issues should have been addressed all at one time. Explain my bad experience and ask that I just get the crown put in permanently that was put in temporarily my previous visit because Dr. Jones wasn't sure whether a root canal would need to be done. I explain to Dr. Jones that I will not have another root canal done but my mouth was feeling better and I just want crown put on and he agreed. That was done.
          Now I talked to the lady at the desk about my billing. When I first came in due to admin error my insurance was not available so I paid for the service with my care credit card and purchase Dental Expression $69 plan to cover x-rays. In a few days got my insurance straighten out and called and ask DE to please bill my insurance it took a while for that to happen so I call corporate who got the ball rolling. The insurance company has issued payment for all procedures but now the office is wanting to bill me for more than they should. The EOB shows the allowance amount and what they pay. The office is telling me out of the $1890.00 I paid they only owe me $866 that is so wrong. So a nice young lady at the office reach out to me I explain the situation she advise that I would need to keep up with when the payments from the insurance has been posted because she does not have access to keep up with it and she will then work with me to get matters cleared up. All of this is just frustrating because today I try calling the [protected] get all the way to please hold for a rep and then the operator says ext 711173 is full and unable to leave a message. I wasn't wanting to leave a message I wanted to speak to a person. So here we go. I did send the young lady @ my local office copies of the EOB from my insurance company for her review. Not a happy customer at all. Right now I would not recommend Great Expression to anyone. By the way I was giving GE a second chance because I had stop coming in the past due to shady work.

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            Great Expressions Dental Centersortho down payment refund

            So I made an appointment for my 14 year old son, this was his consultation. And they examined him, said he needed them. Gave me what I need to pay. I asked, WHAT ABOUT MEDICAID, HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY?? She tells me oh they don't pay unless there's something seriously wrong going on with the child's mouth...can't eat, can't talk correctly etc. So I said ok. I thought about it and I paid my $100 down payment. They told us to go eat lunch, as they were too. And to be back @1:30. While I was gone I called medicaid and they told me they should have filed a submission to them. But they didn't. So I didn't go through with getting the braces. I'm making an appointment somewhere else. I asked for my money ($100) back. And they told me I had to pay more. Like $550. I said why and you never told me ANY of that!! So I need to talk to someone about getting my money back. I don't plan on ever going back to Great Expressions Dental. They weren't thorough with me, even when I made the appointment. So I'm done.

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              Apr 04, 2019

              Great Expressions Dental Centers — inappropriate behavior

              So my wife went to see dds harvey mossak (oral surgeon) the first time he told her she look great for her age...

              Mar 28, 2019

              Great Expressions Dental Centers — billing (waiting over 2 months to get $1200 overpayment) + 2 sutures embedded in my gum after dental procedure

              I went in to the Holcomb Bridge location in GA Jan 17, 2019 for a receding gum procedure. During the...

              Great Expressions Dental Centers825 w dr martin luther king jr blvd, tampa, fl 33603

              Date of the incident - 3/18/2019
              Client number - [protected]

              Full Description:

              Hi! I'm writing this in regards to the Great Expressions in Martin Luther King BVD, Tampa Florida. Unfortunately, I had a rather horrible talk with a lady on the phone, and it's left me rather shaken because I have honestly never dealt with anyone like this before.

              I just called a while ago to reschedule my appointment because something came up. When I called, I don't remember their name because I'm so flustered, but someone incredibly rude and ignorant answered the phone. Immediately I was greeted with horrible treatment, I couldn't even explain why I was having to reschedule without getting a dirty response like "uhmmm okay??? Well, we ask that people call 24 hours in advance but... um... okay." Before hanging up on me, without even trying to reschedule my appointment.

              I was going to try to explain to this lady that the person I scheduled my appointment with didn't tell me that you needed to call 24 hours in advance, but the person I spoke to made me feel so incompetent that I couldn't even manage to speak. So yes, not that it mattered anyway to this person, but I figure since I'm not being ridiculed on the phone any longer, I wish to not come to this office, and when I can finally find an email to send this to, I will be asking them to remove my information from their system entirely.

              To everyone else that works there, to the lady that answered on the first day, they were at least kind. If it helps, I called this place at 2:42 PM, and considering usually I am never loud spoken, always polite and usually afraid of conflict, this whole experience made me feel disgusted, I personally wanted to call back and ask for a supervisor, but I know that I would probably get hung up on or treated sourly again.

              Desirable resolution: Honestly, I know this probably won't get back to this office. It doesn't help that I was too upset to even remember this persons name, and that I'm too afraid to call back. But I would honestly just like an apology, but if not, I understand, every business is busy, and if that's the case, I would honestly like someone to just talk to this lady so that this happens to no one else. It's really demeaning to be talked to like that, as someone who struggles immensely with self-esteem problems as it is, this actually brought me to tears because of how awful I was treated. If someone could just talk to this person so that they don't get away with what they did today, I would honestly be very grateful.

              Thank you so much for your time, have a nice day.

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