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Appointment schedule - emergency situation

Our daughter 8 year old Stephanie Coates is a patient at the Dental Works in Crystal Lake, IL. They have been...

ruined my lower teeth crowns to make room for new crowns

Hello, I went to Dental Works Royal Oak, Michigan, and got two crowns on my upper molars. Apparently they...

dental works salisbury nc

I've been a customer with dental works for a year now I've been prob 8 times paid my bill before I...

charged for work that was never done

This company billed my insurance for 2 fillings that I never had done. They are aware of their mistake and...

crown for root canal

On July 2, 2019 I went to Dental Works because I had a tooth ache. They told me they could do a root canal on...

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the current office manager is not capable of doing her job!

I have been asking for 4 months for her to get the correct contract for my invisalign corrected as they were...

incorrect billing and unethical behavior

8/27- I paid $151 for services. 9/1- When my Delta Dental Insurance statement arrived it stated I only owed...

scamming insurance and unprofessional behavior.

My primary care dentist took an xray and referred me to get my wisdom teeth out because it was already coming...

Resolved poor service and billing issues

In July 2017 I got two crowns on my teeth. Dentalworks continued to submit the claim to my insurance without the xrays and because of this, they missed the claim period. They have been billing me ever since even though both my insurance and their dental office agree I'm not responsible for this bill. No matter who I've called or how I've tried to sort it, I'm still getting the bill 2 years later.

On top of this, I've had 2 procedures done at dentalworks that have been HORRIBLE (two different offices.
1. I went to get a root canal in a rear molar and the dentist decided halfway through the procedure that he wasn't going to do the root canal after all. The crown he placed in my mouth did not fit in any way. I had to return twice to get it filed down which ended up causing a crack in the crown and caused a massive tooth infection that resulted in me getting the root canal anyhow 2 years later.

2. I apparently didn't learn my lesson and decided to get two front veneers to straighten my teeth and improve the appearance of my smile (this is at a different dental works). The doctor was extremely rude during each appointment and the final crowns he placed in my mouth are about two shades more yellow than my natural teeth. He also did not warn me about how painful and long the whole process was. And now I'm stuck with two front crowns that don't even match my teeth.

Advice: avoid dental works at all costs. Find a local dentist for your check ups and only go to a cosmetic dentist for veneers.


The company recently contacted me about the billing issue and officially zeroed out my account for the charges that were not responsibility. The new office manager of the Robinson location (Gina) and the corporate complaints lady (Teresa) were both very friendly, helpful, and apologetic.

  • Updated by Ranger398 · Jul 30, 2019

    This is at the Robinson location in Pennsylvania

  • Updated by Ranger398 · Jul 30, 2019

    Account number 253990

2 crowns

The procedure was unnecessarily done there was no reason for the crowns but the doctor did it anyways now I'm...

routine cleaning

My daughter moved to a different state but was on my insurance. Before she went to DentalWorks I called them to verify that they took my insurance and explained that because of her age she was going to age out and we wanted her to get a routine cleaning before that happened. DentalWorks said they would contact my insurance and verify her coverage. They came back and said everything was fine (I still have a copy of the paperwork they(DentalWorks) said they worked off of to okay the routine cleaning). My daughter got her cleaning and the insurance denied the claim because she was too old. DentalWorks did not contact me, I contacted them and explained what happened and they said the insurance company approved the service by phone. When I got our business office to get a hold of the insurance company they said it clearly was not approved prior to service (no where on the paperwork given to my by DentalWorks does it say the service was approved). I contacted DentalWorks to try to see if I could pay for what a cleaning would have cost, this was not my error and the reason why I asked before my daughter went. DentalWorks refused to work with me even though I am the one who pursued the matter in the first place regarding the denial of the claim by my insurance. DentalWorks hadn't billed me all that time. I will never use DentalWorks for anything and I am still waiting for them to work with me on a reasonable price for what should have been a routine cleaning.

  • Updated by drmag · Jun 20, 2019

    Good afternoon,
    I am doing a followup to my complaint regarding a routine cleaning for my daughter. Since I got a hold of this site I was able to get a response from the office my daughter attended. They worked with me on the total cost and the gentlemen I worked with this time (Steve) was very pleasant and understanding. I really appreciated that he saw that I was in the middle of this situation with a she said/they said fight between the dental office and my insurance company. I really appreciate that we finally came to an agreement.

  • SubSquirrel Jun 14, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tell them you need time to pay in full. Send them five dollars monthly until the balance is zero. Ask them how much it would cost to not go through insurance. Usually it’s cheaper for private pay. If no discount is offered, then five bucks a month is all they get.

    If they complain after the first payment, tell them it’s all you can afford. If they bring it to a claims company, nothing can be done legally if you pay monthly. A judge will see that you’re paying monthly and aren’t avoiding the bill.

    You can also write to your insurance company, tell them that they approved it on the phone, and denying it now is not right. If they refuse, change insurance companies.

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lanced tooth x ray

I went to your glen ellen location a few months ago in il I was told that they would take my insurance, boy was I steered wrong now between that location and your Schaumburg my bill is $240.00 please call me at847-539-9097 my name is Joseph smart I already talked to the lady at the front desk absolutly didn't get anywhere please call back thanks, Joseph smart


RE: DentalWorks Great Lakes
36173 Euclid Ave. Ste B,
Willoughby, OH 44094

I scheduled an appointment for cleaning using the online website and found an available appt that was about 1 month out. The appointment was scheduled for 12 noon 5/22/19 since I was a new patient. I received a call the day before 5/21/19 from the office to confirm which I did. I arrived 12:09pm, late due to difficulty finding the location. At 12:40 the recepetionist came out and told me there was no hygienist to clean my teeth but I could be seen by the the Dentist to get work done! After inquiry she explained that the hygienist had called off this morning and that they only had 1 (!) hygienist because someone quit. I asked why she didn't notify me of this in the morning so I could have worked (as I had taken off of work for this appt as normal people do!). I am a medical provider who barely gets time off and this was very dissapointing and inconceivably rude to say the least. It felt as if I was being vetted for money! I demand some explanation. Note, I was the only one in the office waiting. There was an elderly man who was finishing up prior to me and suffice to say was only be talked to about how many procedures he could get done. I had to wait for this to be done before she even acknowledged me! Lastly, the online information is incorrect as it states it is in Mentor OH when infact it is in Willoughby and the picture of the office is not the office I sat in. Also all the reviews, EVEN the poor ones, are high ratings?. As I informed the receptionist, in my 53 years I have never been treated with such disrespect. I would say you atleast should offer me credit of some sort and to pay for my cleaning but be assured I will be checking credentials.

wrong amount on bill

Despite multiple visits it was not possible to resolve the correct amount on the bill sent to me by the dentalworks robinson office.

Address: DentalWorks Robinson Township
6515 Robinson Centre Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA [protected]

Explanation of benefit from my insurance shows I owe them $174 only. I paid three different amounts to the dentalworks robinson office of $54, $83 and $25 (total amount $162). This leaves me with an unsettled amount of $12.

I have informed them repeatedly and received a bill of $37. I would like to lodge a complaint with the FTC and would seek legal help is this is not resolved.
This is harassing a customer who kept on paying the different bills sent by Dentalworks Robinson

  • Ra
    Ranger398 Jul 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow I’m experiencing a very similar issue with the dental works in Robinson as well! I guess it’s good I’m not alone?

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My name is Blanca Rodriguez. I went in for a routine cleaning on 02/08/2019. It was anything but routine, my filling popped out and the dentist on staff at Pat Booker Dental agreed to put a new filling that same day. The doctor didn't complete the job, she went on to the next patient, her dental assistant put the filling in and in the process cut my gums up. I repeatedly told her she was being rough and was hurting me, she ignored me.I was bleeding and missing pieces of flesh from my gum-line. The pain in my jaw was immediate, I called the after hours number and the Doctor submitted a RX for pain killers and antibiotics. The pain NEVER stopped, after being passed around the Dental Works family it was determined I had TMJ. The dental assistant who put the filling in was so rough, she triggered TMJ. I'm now being treat by a specialist and having to pay out of pocket for what your staff caused. I've called Theresa at the Dental Works corp offices repeatedly but I never get calls back. All I want is to be reimbursed for the costs I'm incurring due to there staffs practices. I can be reached at [protected].

lack of communication

I came all the way from Chardon Ohio, too get my work done on my teeth. When I called too schedule an...

theft of both my money and insurance proceeds

We had a credit on our account for months. I ask to please get a refund. I talked to a smart mouth named Nikki who would never have the office manager call me back. I went to the office two weeks ago ona saturday to get a print out of my account. Mysteriously my credit was written off. I ahve contacted the Better Business Bureau and I have had two independent insurance fraud professionals review my account and both suggest that I reach out to your company one last time before I file charges and notify Humana. The main dentist is Dr Delegatta. He seems to be a nice perosn but someone 8. That location is a thief.

unprofessional office and medical behavior

I have been pleased with the Greenville SC office for years until 11/7/2018. The day before my 6 mo. cleaning...

root canal

I got an root canal on my upper tooth a permanent and I've had it about 2-3 years and it has cracked and it'...

bill recd

Called for appt because partial metal clasp was broken. Confirmed with them that lab could fix. They said ye...