Dental Works Complaints & Reviews

DentalWorks / 2 crowns

Jul 05, 2019

The procedure was unnecessarily done there was no reason for the crowns but the doctor did it anyways now I'm stuck with the over a $700 dollar bill because insurance said from the xrays and what the doctor said they can't see why I needed crowns it was unnecessary procedure I was left in...

DentalWorks / routine cleaning

Jun 14, 2019

My daughter moved to a different state but was on my insurance. Before she went to DentalWorks I called them to verify that they took my insurance and explained that because of her age she was going to age out and we wanted her to get a routine cleaning before that happened. DentalWork...

Dental Works / lanced tooth x ray

Jun 06, 2019

I went to your glen ellen location a few months ago in il I was told that they would take my insurance, boy was I steered wrong now between that location and your Schaumburg my bill is $240.00 please call me at847-539-9097 my name is Joseph smart I already talked to the lady at the front...

Dental Works / scheduling

May 22, 2019

RE: DentalWorks Great Lakes 36173 Euclid Ave. Ste B, Willoughby, OH 44094 I scheduled an appointment for cleaning using the online website and found an available appt that was about 1 month out. The appointment was scheduled for 12 noon 5/22/19 since I was a new patient. I received a call the...

Dental Works / wrong amount on bill

May 06, 2019

Despite multiple visits it was not possible to resolve the correct amount on the bill sent to me by the dentalworks robinson office. Address: DentalWorks Robinson Township 6515 Robinson Centre Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4868 Explanation of benefit from my insurance shows I owe them $174...

Dental Works / injury

Apr 18, 2019

Hello, My name is Blanca Rodriguez. I went in for a routine cleaning on 02/08/2019. It was anything but routine, my filling popped out and the dentist on staff at Pat Booker Dental agreed to put a new filling that same day. The doctor didn't complete the job, she went on to the next...

Dental Works / lack of communication

Apr 04, 2019

I came all the way from Chardon Ohio, too get my work done on my teeth. When I called too schedule an appointment I asked the lady do you guys take Aetna. She said yes. So I came up from chardon, and when I arrived she called an 3rd party and they said that location didn't take Aetna so I...

Dental Works / theft of both my money and insurance proceeds

Feb 28, 2019

We had a credit on our account for months. I ask to please get a refund. I talked to a smart mouth named Nikki who would never have the office manager call me back. I went to the office two weeks ago ona saturday to get a print out of my account. Mysteriously my credit was written off. I...

Dental Works / unprofessional office and medical behavior

Nov 20, 2018

I have been pleased with the Greenville SC office for years until 11/7/2018. The day before my 6 mo. cleaning appt., the office called me 4 times in an hour to confirm my appt. I have not missed any appts. for years and told them 1 call was enough. When I arrived on time they gave me a 4...

Dental Works / root canal

Oct 22, 2018

I got an root canal on my upper tooth a permanent and I've had it about 2-3 years and it has cracked and it's supposed to be permanent. I paid a lot of money to get it done right the first time and I don't have money to pay for something that was supposed to be done right and permanent to...

Dental Works / bill recd

Sep 17, 2018

Called for appt because partial metal clasp was broken. Confirmed with them that lab could fix. They said yes they had lab and could repair onsite. At Appt gave partial to tech. Dentist came in for 2 min said they could not fix metal clasp they send them out and charged me $85 and didn't...

[Resolved] Dental Works / crown

Aug 29, 2018

On June 21st 2018 I went to Dental works in Tinley Park Illinois to get a crown. I received a temporary Crown and was told I will get a call when my permanent crown arrive. After playing phone tag with them because they do not answer the phone I was able to get an appointment for July...

[Resolved] Dental Works / wrong bill

Aug 23, 2018

Unfortunately my husband and I were patients at Dental Works Skokie in December of 2017. What happens is that the clinic didn't submit the X-rays requested from our insurance to cover the dental expenses and the clinic keeps sending us invoices as if we had to pay for a mistake they...

[Resolved] DentalWorks / patient care

Jul 21, 2018

I had an appt at 130 it was almost 230 before I was even taken back to an exam room. No apology nor explanation. Once I was in the room it was another 5-10 minutes before someone came in and just put a bib on me and said they needed my wrist. I refused at this point because there was no...

[Resolved] DentalWorks / insurance coverage

Jul 18, 2018

I am now a senior citizen. I have medicare coverage with a suplamental policy with United Healthcare. The front of my insurance card even states that I have dental coverage. I was told by dentalworks they DO NOT except ANY insurance plans that are associated with medicare. It appear...

[Resolved] DentalWorks / late cancellation fee

Jul 02, 2018

My name is Kimberly Downing and I received a bill in the mail for a late fee. I was not able to cancel the appointment due to where I was at the time and I could not call. I was not made aware of this fee when I made the appointment or I would of cancelled. I do not make it a habit of...

DentalWorks / billing issue

Jun 12, 2018

My son had work done at Dental Works and they booked him an appointment for 6 months out. He then moved away to school and was not coming back until June. They billed us a 25.00 fee for not showing up. I called and said he was away at school and they said they sent a text as a reminder...

DentalWorks / 2 different dental opinions/plans

Apr 27, 2018

On Saturday, April 21st, I was scheduled for a crown. I had a crown done in September 2017. This crown has given me trouble since receiving it. A dull pain that comes and goes. On this Saturday, I had different dentist from the one that did my first crown. The plan was that I get thi...

DentalWorks / pre-diagnostic test to help detect abnormalities of mucous membranes in the mouth

Apr 04, 2018

3/21/2018 - DentalWorks in Knoxville, TN, 6727 Clinton Hwy. - Dr. Aldama did the above procedure on me without my approval. He didn't warn me that he was doing this procedure. He gave me special glasses, told me to open up, starting poking around on my gums, and then rattling off number...

DentalWorks / office on secor rd. toledo ohio

Apr 03, 2018

So the dentist said to schedule Brandon 8 weeks out so a molar can finish coming in so i had to cancel for work purposes then your office made Brandon wait til now to see him. So we get there wait 15 minutes after his schedule appointment then Brandon was back there 15 mins came out and...

DentalWorks / service for bottom retainer

Mar 20, 2018

I called into Dentalworks to see if they could refasten one part of my bottom retainer. While I never actually got to see a real doctor, they told me they could easily fix the retainer and they said they checked with my insurance and assured me it would only cost me $30. They performed the...

DentalWorks / dellagatta

Feb 13, 2018

Yesterday 2/12/18 I took my fiancé to get two teeth pulled. At first everything was fine but then the dentist Dellagatta was half asleep acting like he didn't even want to be at work. He approached saying "oh man I'm tired I don't even want to be here today, I know you don't, you're not gonna...

DentalWorks / billing

Nov 01, 2017

We have been receiving bills, dating back to 06/2016, which should have been submitted to insurance and was not. Mallory, who is in charge of billing at amherst park family dental in broomfield, co, admitted to our current dental office that someone in their office transposed numbers on...

DentalWorks / paid for service for implant never received

Oct 03, 2017

In November 2016, Dentalworks adviced me that I needed to pay in advance for a portion of an implant that I was supposed to get. I paid $800 approximately with my debit card so that I could even make an appointment to have the procedure done. About a month later I called to see if the...

Dental Works / unethical behaviour

Sep 18, 2017

We went in for a cleaning, oh we can take care of these other dental problems you have. We can't pay for that. Oh you have wonderful insurance you only pay this much. Thank you, this is wonderful news. Lets do the work. Works done, happy. Whoops hold that happy, its a little more then...

DentalWorks / workmans comp case

Sep 17, 2017

My name is Margaret Bucci and in Dec, 2013 I had an injury at work. I went to Dental Works in North Olmsted, Ohio. They started the work and I thought they submitted the claim. The work still has not been completed. I called here last week and a lady named Bobette told me it was turned...

[Resolved] DentalWorks / claim filing

Aug 16, 2017

Account # [removed] Bill $315 should be paid at 100% minus the fluoride that was already paid for. Date of service [removed]. [removed]. Insurance never receives claim. I also work at that insurance company. I have called the office many times & told we will reprocess. But the claim i...

DentalWorks / dentist

Jul 12, 2017

We've been going to Hilltop since they opened the office years ago. It's close to home and convenient. Over the years the quality of service has diminished as the clinic has changed management and the Doctors have come and gone. My son had his wisdom teeth out in January and we paid a...

DentalWorks / dental assistant service

Jun 04, 2017

On Thursday June 1st I had a rescheduled appointment for a routine cleaning. My original cleaning was rescheduled when my appointment times were mixed up. My original appt was scheduled for 5:30 as I do not get off of work until 5. The day before my appt I received the reminder call stating that...

DentalWorks / dental work done improperly

May 29, 2017

I went to the Elyria Ohio office with Dr. Welch. He did a root canal and crown on a bad tooth. I was back in one year for it to be redone. He says, "I probably caused the second one because of the trauma I caused during the 1st one." Tells me he will only charge me half for the 2nd one...

DentalWorks / billing

May 12, 2017

May 5, 2016 client # 1641942 My son and daughter both had wisdom teeth extracted. I paid a down payment, my dental insurance paid, then after almost a year of hassle of trying to get the insurance billed correctly, my health insurance paid. My account was already paid in full when the...

DentalWorks / customer service

Apr 18, 2017

Recently the Office Manager at the Tinley Park (formerly Orland Park) location has recently left employment and left that particular office in scrambles. It seems like every person I talk to over the phone has a horrible, rude attitude and has no idea what is going on, cannot ever answer...

DentalWorks / not usable complete set of dentures

Mar 28, 2017

I went to the Arlington Heights office located at 708 E, Rand Road #26, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 to have a new set of dentures made for me. After having the wax molds redone twice they finally had my new dentures in for a fitting. The top ones were way too large and the bottom ones were...

DentalWorks / bill

Mar 25, 2017

I was overcharged at my last visit. They charged me $350 for services that my insurance says that I was only supposed to pay $28.40. Apparently I have a credit of $51.90 that they failed to credit back to my card, and I wasn't made aware of it until I questioned the manager about the $350...

Dental Works / crowns/cosmetic

Jan 22, 2017

Gave dollars for all my crowns three teeth are not right lots of pain on the right side of my mouth .im coming inti the Oregon location for a evaluation. Al my dental work was don at the dental works in Elyria ohio by dr Welsh. I want this problem fixed and yes i will give you more...

Dental Works / no free teeth cleaning as the website promises. false advertising. random people standing in on my appointment

May 31, 2016

I read online that there was free teeth whitening as long as your app was before 5/31/2016. Well mine was 5/26/2016 and was only informed that this was not offered when i arrived for my appointment. I did not appreciate the false advertising and really suggest that it is taken off the...

Dental Works / root canal damage & quote not honored

Jan 08, 2016

Went to dental works in knoxville, tn for root canal. Dentist stated that she would do procedure with crown for $23 out of pocket. After the procedure, I was told no payment was due. Then I received a bill from care credit for $903, which was disputed. The balance is increasing and dental...

Dental One Of Columbia Dental Practice / fraud to bank of america as of services completed

May 30, 2015

This Dental Practice made charges to the Bank of America with fraud statements and charges of service that was not completed. Went in with a loose bridge and the dentist cracked it in half trying to remove it to recement it. Then gave an injection to have a new bridge made (Dr. Barrow...

Dental Works / sold me to collection agency

May 07, 2015

Just got off phone with the collection agency DentalWorks sold me to. I was there in December for my crown treatment. I paid my portion of the bill while they were supposed to claim the rest of the amount from my insurance company. They forgot to do that. I got a letter in April saying...

Dental Works / billing service

Feb 18, 2015

Worst place to go for dental care. Wait times are minimum of 30 minutes. Absolutely worst place for billing issues. They bill incorrectly, do not know the appropriate codes and prompt send bills for collection because of their errors. They have a person who is supposedly dealing with...