Dr Petra van der Merweorthodontist

U Oct 01, 2019

Really think twice!!! most shocking unprofessional service you will ever receive, staff and Dr. suffer in my opinion from a god complex. Closes practice down in PTA (Centurion) moves to Cape Town and doesn't give a hell about her old clients - of course full payment already received after she had milked you for every cent she could, 24 months treatment - 5 years later. Receptionist screams, shouts and treat you like an animal; once again probably due to the god syndrome. Dr. Petra you and your employees are not gods!!! you are no better then any body else, in fact you are rendering a service which we the so called dumb stupid, [censored]s pay for - It is expected that you provide a service for the money you are paid for. (I do have a video of your staff bad behavior as well as other proof in evidence of my assertions). after so called 24 years of private practice, I do suggest you seek professional assistance, [1] you are not a god [2] you are a service provider, [3] you are paid to provide a service, [3] you are expected and required to provide the service you are paid for, [4] A Dr. degree does not make you any better then your patients, PS! I to have a degree and many years of education and no I do not have a god complex!! Totally disgusted with your practice, your service and more. PS! there are many other patients with the same problem as myself and it is recorded that local dentist have the exact same complaints about you and in fact have referred ourselves to an actual professional for our other child!!!

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