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Dental Services Complaints | Page 5

Aspen Dental Management / overpriced broken dentures

marybethvasquez on Oct 23, 2018

Have complained since day one. I went in with a coupon for dentures for $ 1500.00 and needing 6 teeth pulled according to them. I was thinking $1000.00 for ectractions yay, not bad. Hell it's over $5200.00. They scare me to death with a biopsy they totally screw up. I am still paying for...

Super 8 Worldwide / the customer service representative

LonnGene on Oct 23, 2018

Hello my name is Lonnie Cunningham. I was able to book a room with your company on October 19-22 . On the 21st I seen two bugs the was cock roaches on the TV stand. When I brought it up to the front desk. All they said to me was we will have the maintenance man come in.. never said I'm...

Aspen Dental Management / billing

Million Yifru on Oct 23, 2018

I visited Aspen Dental in Waltham MA. and after discussing with the Insurance I was told how much it will cost me and I paid what they asked which is $602.After the work is done, I had some problem but the Dentist and her help were very good to help.Then I received another bill for $374.60...

Dental Works / root canal

Latashahowze on Oct 22, 2018

I got an root canal on my upper tooth a permanent and I've had it about 2-3 years and it has cracked and it's supposed to be permanent. I paid a lot of money to get it done right the first time and I don't have money to pay for something that was supposed to be done right and permanent to...

Humana / change in claims processing for in-network dentist

Kariamo on Oct 19, 2018

HumanaOn behalf of Dr. Mitchell Tseu(tax id [protected]) Recent claims have been processed as an out of network provider Dr. Mitchell Tseu is an in network provider with Humana According to Humana customer service, a lapse in his contract occurred. There was no notification about this lapse in hi...

Abilene Aspen Dental / extractions

Scorpionw on Oct 19, 2018

Told them I had bad dental experience before and I had anxiety. I was told I would be prescribed a valium. I wasn't, the dentist didn't introduce herself before my procedure. The dentist and assistant talked about other things, wedding, kids, Halloween the entire time. I have had other...

Aspen Dental Management / billing

Mimi Quin on Oct 18, 2018

Aspen Dental ManagementService Date: 04/17/2018 Aspen Dental, Waco, TX Client: QUINTERO, Isolda M. P. O. Box 8754 Waco TX 76710 [protected] I had cleaning services on 04/17/2018. It was my every-6-month visit. On 6/2018 I got a bill from Aspen Dental, for the cleaning services. I did not know of the change...

Aspen Dental Management / aspen dental dalton ga... please beware of this scammer!

era361982 on Oct 18, 2018

Iris R. Yes same thing. At the cleaning they said I had a mild bit of periodontal disease; they said it wasn't severe and I hadn't lost any bone. Long story short I had a tooth that had come out and they were to put a tooth in and continue the periodontal treatment. My coworker told me to...

Florida Blue / payment to services rendered

rodger appel on Oct 17, 2018

I was involved in a bicycle accident where 2 bicycles crashed head on. I found myself mangled up when i came to, my front teeth were busted up broken, bloody and causing great pain. A couple days went by and i thaught to call Florida Blue, our insurance. I was told i was covered for thi...

Kool Smiles / services

Weems on Oct 17, 2018

I cannot stand this place every since the second time my children came here for just dental cleanings about a year ago every time we have to go back it feels like hell. And now that my daughter sees the orthodontist it's 2x the hell becuase we have to go back more often. Every appointment...

Aspen Dental Management / upper dentures have never fit

Jill nagel on Oct 17, 2018

I got uppers in April 2016 first the holes in my uppers are still not healed I call them cause I can't eat even had a feeding tube and TPN to get nutrition when I go in they say all is good nothing wrong yet I have sores sore spots and the dentures are far too big now their trying to talk...

Aspen Dental Management / consumer fraud

DrewB88 on Oct 17, 2018

Before I proceeded on with the appointment they told me certain things are cover and after the appointment I was billed .. I called and told them the situation and they told me they will fix it. I received the same bill weeks later and they changed there tune saying they will not pay it...

Western Dental Services / I cancelled my business with western dental

Ahmil on Oct 16, 2018

Western Dental ServicesI cancelled my service with western Dental last month and I am still being charged 204.55 a month for service I am no longer receiving. I called them today to figure out why and they hung up in my face. I called my bank and they won't do anything about it because it's not "fraud" but they...

Aspen Dental Management / periodontal cleaning

Lisanicole on Oct 16, 2018

On July 16, 2018 I went in to Aspen Dental after having made an appointment to get a cavity filled. I went in and they did lots of xrays. They then examined my teeth and told me I had periodontist and that they wanted to do a cleaning. This is the first time I had heard of this and I asked...

Aspen Dental Management / charging me more money than what was agreed upon

JeriL on Oct 15, 2018

I went to Aspen dental to have my teeth pulled and to get dentures I was quoted a price now they say I need to pay more bc they messed up. The lady I have spoken to is rude and has brought so much anxiety to my life. My dentures are paid for however they will not give them to me it i...

Dental Quest / braces

MarthaSmith2018 on Oct 15, 2018

My grandson has been denied braces twice. He has sickle cell disease, he had cysts along with permanent teeth in his lower jawbone in [protected] I have appeal and appeal his top teeth was falling down and oral surgeon did surgery June 2018 to put a device in his jaw to help hold up hi...

Aspen Dental Management / full mouth teeth extraction/shotty dentures

Charlene M Boyce on Oct 15, 2018

I had all of my teeth pulled 1/19/17 after being examined and pretty much scared into it after being told that my bad teeth were putting toxins in my body that were/would kill me. Day of pulling they shot me up with so much Novacaine that I swell up to the point if I didn't breath through...

Aspen Dental Management / misrepresentation of dental work and barges for those services.

Anna shields on Oct 13, 2018

I went to Aspen dental to get work done to my teeth. They took X-rays and then one of the dentist and the hygienist examined my teeth and said that I needed heavy duty cleaning and had a couple cavities that needed filled. I was told that the procedure would have to take place on two...

Aspen Dental Management / extract w/ bone remv/sectn

Jessicakj77 on Oct 13, 2018

Aspen Dental ManagementI went in on October 12th 2018 for a tooth extraction. I was numb up with 3 shots. Then Dr Khan went to take the tooth out. I felt a great deal of pain and only a piece of the tooth was removed. Then the dr explained to me she couldn't get the rest of the tooth out and that there was no...

Everett Dental Everett, Massachusettes / customer service fraud poor workmanship and possible discrimination case, unethical unprofessional

Kim Carroll on Oct 13, 2018

In 2012, I went to Everett Dental co. on Broadway St in Everett Massachusetts. I needed 4 fillings in which they said my insurance did not cover. I'm on disability and Im on Mass. Health. I found out later that Mass Health did in fact cover fillings. Mean while they charged 1600.00 for 4...