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Dental Services Complaints | Page 12

Dentiq Dentistry / Didn't do what they said & Wont fix it!

Scot831 on Mar 1, 2014

Dentiq DentistryI needed 4 replacement crowns in my upper smile line - they installed new crowns that were at least 6 shades lighter than my natural front teeth! Their solution? "Let us ALSO crown your front teeth too and we'll match them perfectly with the crowns we just installed" ?! Why would I...

Ideal Smile Dentistry / Bad services, horrible attitude

RobertoSZ on Feb 27, 2014

I went to Ideal Smile Dentistry. I hoped to get good treatment, but everything turned into nightmare. The doctor was polite at the beginning, but when I told him that I have no money, he started to behave strange. He told me to wait about an hour and after that he did nothing with my...

Exact Dentistry / all about the benjamins

fil the man on Feb 26, 2014

In terrible pain I went to "Dr" Ali at exact dentistry in St. petersburg Florida to have the offending tooth removed. After receiving x-rays, Dr. Ali informed me that I needed extensive work done including root canal and bone replacement surgery due to an infection that has eroded the...

Nagpal Dental Associates / Horrible experience

Postren on Feb 24, 2014

I had horrible experience with Nagpal Dental Associates. I went to them, when I had horrible pain. So they gave me the form and one question was about medical problems. I filled this form truly and after that the doctor refused to make the examination. I hadn’t had any seriou...

Dietinst Austin Texas / Money scam

Lodn3 on Feb 15, 2014

I want to warn everyone that the company Dietinst Austin Texas is scam and they take money from people without warning them. I found out that they charged me for $20, and I never used this company. They took money without my authorization, and I wonder how they did that. I wonder if there...

Children's Dental World / Bad Service

Rhona Asuncion on Feb 11, 2014

I would never come again if I have a choice my son got braces done to this place Children Dental World. We paid the total Fee of $6, 500 that's including the monthly check up and adjustment, for so many times we told them to schedule my son after school so he don't miss the... / Money fraud

jury on Feb 8, 2014

I ordered canvas from the website, but I was really disappointed with them. The seller charged my account for double price, and he didn’t inform me about it. As well as I ordered it in advance, but the seller still hasn’t delivered it. I sent emails and asked...

Germany Dental Root Canal/Crown / Poor Work/Billed Improperly

DocDavis on Jan 25, 2014

Germany Dental Root Canal/CrownRoot canal and crown that was done in 2006 was so horribly installed that I now (2014) have to get an entire new one done, and may possibly lose the tooth. Also, while looking at the paperwork, he billed for IV general anesthesia (Code 9220), which he REFUSED to give me on the day of the...

Zila / misleading warranty

rgilmore on Jan 25, 2014

My dentist's office/hygienist recommended the Rotadent Plus. She said she had one, and when it failed, they even paid the postage for her to send it back and gave her a new one. That sounded reasonable, considering this was a $130 toothbrush. I would expect no lesser service from such...

Dr. Marcus Blue / messed up many implants

mokipowpow on Jan 6, 2014

Dr. Marcus Blue was found to be negligent in performing a dental implant on me from DORA, and many others where I live have complained. Unfortunately, while Dr. Blue is in the middle of his DORA ordered rectification, by going back and learning how perform a proper implant procedure...

Veerbhushan Kulkarni And Dr Madhura Kulkarni / Fake Degree of post grad dentist

Director - on Jan 6, 2014

This doctor and His friends have insufficient knowledge of Cosmetic Surgery and on Basis of degrees from Russia they are practising Cosmetic Surgery in Pune and Navi Mumbai.It seems they are playing with people's life on basis of under qualification and are having cases filed on them...

Dr. Sherri Worth / rip off and a hack

SoCal girl on Dec 17, 2013

Dr. worth is a con artist and a rip off. She added hidden charges into my bill that totaled in the thousands. Her business practices are unethical and it seems she only focuses her talent and her work on patients that matter. Not only was a grossly overcharged but now I have to get all of...

BelRed Dentist / Teeth treatment

Nirmal t on Dec 14, 2013

I am a regular customer for that dentist. They suggested me to takeout wisdom teeth. Before that they did deep cleaning, X-ray. Last Saturday they called me for takeout wisdom teeth. They takeout my 3 teeth but one they try to takeout and spend 30 min on only that teeth but not able to...

Pacific Dental Center / Ardrey-Monroe Ferris (age 3)

JoannaFerguson on Dec 6, 2013

Pacific Dental CenterOn 11/18/2013 we toojk my 3 year old daughter for dental services.I was told she had 14 cavaties and needed fillings and 2 caps. They strapped her down in a papoose board for 2 hours and had to stop 3 times because she was so hysterical she behgan to gag and vomit on herself and the staff...

zetadental / goods defect

poturus on Nov 21, 2013

zetadental:I have received the goods from three difference packet services, I have to pay more than 300 Euro for the taxe, although all their informations are saying :they were "taxfree!!". This is second time that I fall in this.It is not terrible however I think could support me in some thing...

great expression dental / abadone my treatment on half

neya12 on Nov 18, 2013

after had pay for half of my treatment, they jus kick m out the office, as a patient, and left m in lots of thoot paim, wilth no dentist.So to start i whent there for a bridge, he sad 2 visity and we r done, i lost count how many times i was there, and how many night i spend wake in pain...

Greatexpression / False Billing

tomy lukose on Nov 14, 2013

I did an Osseous surgery with great expression Snellville, GA. Before the surgeory, I asked receptionist an estimate amount of surgery. After checked my new insurance she told me I have to pay only $285 . So I payed that amount. Now i got a new bill of$1100. When I went the office, she wa...


AN1999 on Nov 8, 2013

I came here recently after buying one of those daily deal coupons and managed to redeem it just in the nick of time. I would have been better off not buying it in the first place or having just let the coupon expire. This is the most unprofessional place I have ever been to. The lady who did...

fred e zietz / frewd put me on the basement shock table

udughulakam on Nov 5, 2013

fred e  zietzSlop Shop Fred Rakes In The his questionable methods I once heard lady said to Fred E Zietz DDS “ Doctor, what system do you practice ?" “ Oh, ” said he, “I do not practice, I preach.” all of us dentists do not practice, we preach. Never can he...

Fred E Zietz DDS / slop shop fred rakes in the sheckels

udughulakam on Nov 5, 2013

Fred E Zietz DDSSlop Shop Fred Rakes In The his questionable methods I once heard lady said to Fred E Zietz DDS “ Doctor, what system do you practice ?" “ Oh, ” said he, “I do not practice, I preach.” all of us dentists do not practice, we preach. Never can he...