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Dental Services Complaints | Page 10

Kaso Medical Technology Co., Ltd / Item not recieved

samuelaj on Jan 17, 2015

Kaso medical Technology co., ltd is scam beware!!! I placed an order for mobile dental chair with this company Kaso medical Technology co., ltd. we agreed i would pay a total of 550usd for the chair and shipping by dhl to my country from China. We also agreed that it will be shipped the...

Dr Eamon Croke & Hermitage Dental Care Dublin / Ripped Off by Dr Eamon Croke & Hermitage Dental Care Dublin for thousands of pounds

James Goldman on Jan 15, 2015

Several patients are accusing Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland of charging them thousands of pounds for dental implants and subsequently never responding to their calls for help. European Dental Organization investigative office, discovered those patients never...

Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland , / Dr Eamon Croke Scammed Me

James Goldman on Jan 8, 2015

Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland, and the still works, because you will never think that he his a scammer . Its not a dentist, this person is a dangerous criminal, he works at the Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin, this clinic of fraudsters it’s based on the...

Bellasignhome / false advertising of 'free' trial

action now on Jan 3, 2015

The advert for this and another GCLWhitening Coach popped up offering free trials of their products if I paid fro P&P, which I did. There were no terms & conditions attached to the advert. However my bank says that I agreed to T's & C's just by entering my bank details, which I...

Dental Service / Malpractice

Antonio Santa Cruz on Dec 29, 2014

I have a dental malpractice complaint against Theodore Leonard, DDS. Doctor Leonard proposed to do a dental bridge in the upper front teeth charging me $4700 for four tooth’s bridge. The procedure failed three times which made him to give it up. Without discussing with me he replaced...

routine cleanings & braces / keeps cancelling, rescheduling my dental appointments and billing issues

Esquibel on Dec 29, 2014

Negative 5 stars! I have been going to western dental for 19 months for my braces on the orthodontic side. February 2014 I got my wires changed on my braces and one of the brakets after being tighted started to hurt really bad. The dentist told me that was normal and to wait a couple of...

Dental Focus Festival Mall Branch / Very bad customer service

Caren22 on Dec 28, 2014

I'm Caren. I'm a registered nurse, a previous professor in the College of Nursing and now working as a Product Manager handling medical equipment. I also had a bad experience with Dental Focus Festival Mall branch. Last December 2, I went to Dental Prophylaxis clinic sa SM...

The Burlington Dental Clinic In Dublin / Dental Implant Scam Warning – The Burlington Dental Clinic in Dublin it's a total Rip Off .

James Goldman on Dec 26, 2014

The Burlington Dental Clinic In DublinMy teeth implants may be the most painful (and costly) mistake of your life . I spent £25, 000 getting my teeth fixed by the best doctors of the Burlington dental clinic in time for my daughter's wedding - and soon feared that he'd made the biggest mistake of my life . The...

Dr Paul O’reilly Burlington Dental Clinic / Dr Paul G. O'Reilly ruined my gums , I lost all my teeth because of his treatment

James Goldman on Dec 25, 2014

Dr Paul O’reilly Burlington Dental ClinicDr Paul G. O’Reilly is working Dentistry both at the Burlington Dental Clinic and the Hermitage Medical Clinic in Dublin. This dentist charged me 12, 000 Euros for implants, his dental implants was supposed to support a few false teeth of mine . The titanium screws that replaced the...

Burlington Dental Clinic / Burlington Dental Clinic found guilty of Professional misconduct, incompetence and incapacity

James Goldman on Dec 21, 2014

Burlington Dental ClinicBurlington Dental Clinic & Dr Paul O’Reilly was found guilty of professional misconduct, at an investigation into his fitness to practise dentistry, held on 12 December, 2014, in relation to the following different allegations . “That in the course of practising dentistry and...

Mary Anne / scheduling

Mary Anne Kammann on Dec 3, 2014

I have no complaint with service, but do have a complaint about scheduling. We are supposed to have a check up every 6 months. But they schedule us every 8 months and claim they have nothing earlier. We are seniors and feel we need to be checked every 6 months because of gum issues.

Talega Dental group / dental services

ocrocket on Nov 25, 2014

I'll start by saying I'm shocked by the negative reviews for Talega Dental. I've been their patient for 5 years as have my son and daughter, and we all like the work they do and the way they treat us. Dr. Steven Edwards has been my dentist during this time and not only is he...

CROYDON DENTAL / The rep was rude and refused to make the appointment

Rodney Mendez on Nov 22, 2014

OMG. I recently called to the company CROYDON DENTAL. I wanted to make the appointment, but the rep was angry and rude. She spoke with me in horrible manner and afterwards she refused to help me and simply hung up on me. It was really unpleasant and rude. Please leave comments about thi...

FSA / SCAM/Thiefs

MyndiMae on Nov 18, 2014

I signed up for an FSA in 2013 during open enrollment, during that time I had copays on medications and visits that I thought I would be able to use the money for. However, when we changed Insurances I no longer had any co-pays so there was nothing at all to use the money on. I called Wage...

Spark Whitening and Dental Pro At Home DP / They took for real product as well and started to ignore me

gun_killa on Nov 15, 2014

People, be aware and don’t order from the company Spark Whitening and Dental Pro At Home DP. I bought sample from them and they took only $2.30 from me. But they sent me not only sample, but the real product as well. Of course, they charged me for that and no one warned me about it...

Mechael G. Landy, D.C.S., F. A.G.D. / Overcharge for service not rendered

Alexander Reyes on Oct 14, 2014

On August 13, 2014, I walked into the office of Mecheal G. Landy dentist for cleaning and to check up on a broken molar. Dr. Spivak said that I needed a root canal on the affected tooth. The total cost for the treatment of my tooth, including a crown after my insurance coverage, would be... Au / Rude nurse, who refused to help me,

nanc on Sep 7, 2014

I had problem with my tooth and when I called to the company they promised to check and provide the necessary procedure on the next day. I arrived on the next day and rude nurse refused to speak with me, ‘coz they had a lot of work, but the hall was empty...

Almeda Dental / My son's / daughter's teeth were damaged

Chandra C. Ross on Aug 25, 2014

Last August, I took my son, Breylon Washington and daughter, Kynnedy Ross to a dental appointment. Kynnedy needed sealants<br /> and Breylon, needed fillings, a crown and sealants. We went back for a couple of sessions, and the crown was done. They gave me a list of other things he...

Dental work / collection practices

midnitemajic4u on Aug 18, 2014

My dog died on 070214. I received dental work mid June. I received a bill 2 weeks after my dental work. The collector called and stated that I had a bill. I was shocked because I thought the billing would start 30 days after my dental work was completed as it was not really completed. Then...

SCC Inc / Security Guards

Alfreda Smith_Burrus on Aug 15, 2014

Department of Social Services 85 Court St White Plains Ny 10601 vs Department of Social Services Yonkers having them on our property case # 762061 inviting us out without business letters acting Like St Vincents 275 North Ave Harrison Ny and coming on property We had...