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My World Crop/ Power Cheque Network / Fraud/ theft of funds

RC Mayne on Oct 28, 2011

My World Corp was contracted with a sales company that I work with to handle paying out our commissions world wide. this company has failed miserably! they have been paid TENS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars and kept it! They have refused all access to OUR funds, are trying to charge all kinds of NON...

Washington Mutual - Staten Island, NY / Deplorable, rude customer service


Stopped by WashingtonMutualBanktoday (2/15) at 2655 Richmond Ave; Staten Island, NY. Today the US Mint released new Washington dollar coins.Called bank. Told they had new coins. Rushed over to branch.When I arrived,i was informed that I could NOT purchase a roll of new coins,nor ten new...

Netspend / unreasonable fees and horrible customer service!

These scam artists impose unreasonable fees and when you call up to straighten things out, you will be treated horribly by inept customer service reps and will be constantly disconnected. You will then have to call back and wait on hold again for another 10 minutes. I was disconnected 6 times in one day. Worst customer service ever.

Wachovia Bank / scam and rip off!


On January 14th I went to Wachovia on the corner of NorthLake Blvd. & Military Trail to cash a check a customer gave me and the bank charged me $5.00 because I did not have an account with them. This is a RIP OFF of the public, for what reason should I be charged? The person owed me the...

State Bank Of India / rude behavior!

Name of Bank : SBI Branch - Darya Ganj New Delhi-110002. Purpose of Visit: Opening Saving Ac in the Bank and some Investments (Fixed Deposit, and in SBI Mutual funds and SBI Life Insurance). Date & Time of visit: 19/01/08- 11:30 am. When I went to the bank I asked the person who were...

Chase Bank / purposeful overdraft?


Here it is. Chase bank extracted from my paycheck direct deposit checking account the amount of $285 in less than one weeks time. I made an $80 withdrawal from my checking account (at the bank mind you) and there was no problem. Of course I wasn't informed that they would be posting...

Care Credit / Terrible experience!


I had Lasik done in December and revived 0% financing through GE Money (Care Credit) Tried to set up a recurring payment with them on their web site to pay the balance in 18 equal installments but they said they can't do it. They can only charge the min each month, which decrease...

USAA.COM / terrible customer service

Usaa has a habit of charging nsf fees on unauthorized charges, and when you call customer service to fix problem nothing is ever done

Fifth Third Bank / fifth third bank as an employer

If you think being a customer of Fifth Third bank is treacherous, you should should try working for them. 1) They frequently "forget" to pay you your shift differential. You have to argue to get it, and they will fix it on their own time, a couple months after you point out that it i...

Woodforest National Bank / bad service


My wife received two ups next day air packages from two individuals within the united states. The envelopes contained american express travelers cheques in $500.00 denominations. The money was suppose to be from individuals purchasing paintings within the us. I took the first of the...

tebessa / Lucky Winner Senoug Khaled

STATE LOTTERY PROMOTION Dear Lucky Winner Senoug Khaled, I am in receipt of your message and once again, I wish to congratulate you once more for being a winner in the State Lottery Promotion (State lorre). There is a drafted application text (in bold) below this mail and you required to...

Woodforest National Bank / crooked b+1$#%ds

We want to close our account but we need to close it 30 days to the day of the one year anniversary or it will automatically renew for another year. They charge an early termination fee of $375 if you are one day ahead of the schedule. They are a terrible company.

TCF Bank / Fraudulent charges


OK, so here goes. A few years ago I deposited a paycheck into my TCF bank account. No problem so far. THEN, I go to check my balance online and said that $275 was deducted from my account. I went into my local branch and asked why the hell they would do that. The woman looked it up and...

Woodforest National Bank / tellers with criminal records


One of their tellers is on probation for prostitution. Management has been notified and does nothing. I dont want a criminal handling my bank account. He also hits on married women.

Woodforest National Bank / holding old checks personal and other bank checks

I have put in this bank several checks from other banks [not other people accounts but from the bank it self] and they put them on a 7 to 14 day hold. Why so long. It took the pony express only 5 to 7 adys to delever mail from saint louis to calif. And they had to fight indians and the...

Wells Fargo / state of america

Yes Last time I checked this is still America!!! I was born and raised here yet I walked in to my bank in the USA and felt like I was in Mexico city. I live in the USA not Mexico yet my banks Posters are all in spanish with the exception to some very small ones off to the side. I find thi...



Hello yesterday morning receive for me an Email That say I win in E.A.A.S lottery . Then I I send back the required information as needed . Then they send one mail that say I will pay 480 EUR for they . then, they transfer cheque (250, 000.00 USD) for me . I send that mails for you . please...

Chase Bank / disability discrimination

I am a disabled person with a tracheostomy. And I went to cash a check that was drawn on their bank from National College, After charging me $6 and me giving them my driver license, they insisted on another piece of ID. They were smug, and staring at my Trache. I gave them my fishing...

NC State Employees Credit Union / illogical business practices

I have been banking with the SECU since '93...for the past few months I have had the misfortune of encountering a teller that gives me grief every time I go into the bank...I have had to call her supervisor numereous times. The lastest event culminated with the refusal of letting me deposit a check!!! It is maddening.

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