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Feb 04, 2016

I have ordered from three times and all the time there were problems with the delivery. For the first time, I simply didn’t get the order. For the second time, they sent it somewhere, but the order hasn’t been delivered to my address. And the last time, I got the tracking number and chose FedEx, but it was also bad idea. The tracking number showed nothing. The seller ignored me. The order was stuck somewhere. Don’t buy from this website – you won’t get your order. - California, Jackson / Fake Furla handbag

Aug 28, 2015

I bought Furla handbag from the company I thought that it was original handbag, but when I received it, there were tags and the origin country was China. It was fake and the seller misled me all the time. I wrote big complaint and asked to return money or I would call to the police, but this guy simply ignored all my complaints and didn’t react to my emails. I’m very angry and disappointed.