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Ross / Cattle lanes and can't take carts to car

PAllison on Feb 11, 2015
I arrived at the Ross store in Alpharetta on Monday, February 9th with a return. I was the only person so I chose the closest roped cattle entrapment and was immediately waited on by a cheerful customer service employee, my receipts says it was 11:40am. I then shopped and found several items to buy. When I reached the front of the store, not being used to these roped cattle ENTRAPMENTS at Ross; I walked into the "return“ entrapment. A very rude employee behind the CS counter asked me if I had a return, I said no. So she said, you need to be over here - pointing to another roped cattle...

Ross - Washington, Puyallup / Rude Difficult Employee no manners

Kboth121 on Feb 5, 2014
I went in to return a top i purchased from Ross in dec I had the receipt. The sales girl or woman helping me was rude from the get go. No smiles no kindness. Just rude and dirty looks. At one point she even laughed at me. The shirt was cheap and never fit me. She said it looked washed. It was not washed. It was cheap was doing that when I bought it. There actually was a problem with the cheapness of the material. She kept analyzing c'mon a ten dollar shirt I had proof of purchase for. She tried to tell me that shirts don't first like this if new. I said yes they do. She tried to...

Ross - California, San Jose / ROSS EMPLOYEE NAMED ISABEL

Ms.Mermaid on Apr 8, 2013
Wow. Something CRAZY happened to me today at this store!!! I was in such good spirits coming to this store today and decided to buy some stuff for my yorkie (who is going to be giving birth in 2 days) I needed some blankets and doggie items for her puppies etc. So came here and purchased items totaling to $30! When I got to the REGISTER, a ROSS EMPLOYEE named "ISABEL" (she has a terrible accent) started ringing me up. I notice the pink doggy blanket I was buying had stains in it, so I asked her, "what is it?" she says "Oh shampoo or lotion that maybe spilled in it..." she asked me if I wanted...

Ross - Texas, Lake Worth / management

ncr37 on Feb 22, 2013
I currently work for your retail store in Lake Worth Texas .I feel discriminated against.I am a 37 year old caucasian an i work with Hispanic lady's .I don't understand why they get to work longer hours than me is it because i am white.When went for the interview the store manager told me they needed a manager for the apparel part of the store but at first i would be working in the stock i have about 6 yrs experience working at a big retail store .Tell me why i am still in the same position after 3 weeks in something i was not hired making $ 7.25 an hour an not. Worked over 6 hours there is no way anyone can make a living on those short hours an so little pay.

Ross - California, Bell Gardens / No restroom

liz2731 on Dec 3, 2012
I love shopping at ross and it usually i like to take my time and shop around. It has been several occasions that i need to use the restroom or i take my daughter and niece with me and they need to use the restroom. One experience that upset me was my two year old niece had to use the restroom and i asked and they said they don't work but you can go in, we went in and they worked but there was no toilet paper or paper towels anything so i asked is there any toilet paper? i was rudely told that's why we told you they didn't work! wow i guess they can't tell the difference. I...

Ross - California, Torrance / hostile environment

Claudia Miss on Apr 25, 2012
It took me sometime to deiced if I would report to my local store or if I even had the place to say something. I attempted to speak to a manger of the store (#14) but got a rude lady who showed no concern. Point is I over herd one of the managers, in Spanish say "dejar que el sudor de mono" (let the monkey sweat) to the security guard in reference to the new African American supervisor. My jaw dropped and my daughter herd it too. For about six minuets while I waited by the carts with my daughter for my neighbor to get her things purchased, I witnessed them laugh and degrade him in Spanish. The...

Ross - California, Santee / customer service, cleanliness

Tom Asari on Feb 19, 2012
Terrible customer service by a girl by the name of Sabrina or Sabrija. She refused to check a price for my little daughter, just because she thought she wouldn't buy the item, but I was the one paying for it! I don't know what their policy is regarding cleanliness, but this lady hadn't taken a shower / bath in like probably a year! Come on Ross! It's time to get rid of the crap!

Ross - Texas, Denton / Unpleasant employees

Joroto on Oct 20, 2011
I went to Ross tonight to do some needed shopping. My complaint may not get reviewed, but my concerns are very important to me. I usually love shopping here because of the great bargains and items. The employees however I guess like any other person has their good and bad days. I never did anything to instigate any negativity towards anyone. I did get some really mean glares like I usually do get from the same employees each time I go. I didn't get their names but I believe one was a manager on duty and the other was a floor associate. The cashier was the only person there tonight that...

Ross - Queensland / blackberry promotions uk

roscoross on Sep 7, 2011
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Ross - Arizona, Bullhead City / not personable at all

kali1023 on Aug 26, 2011
Today I went to check out at the register and the lady didn't greet me or smile or anything she barely said two words to me and she wasn't very personable at all and usually I love to shop at this store but today I was very dissapointed.

Ross - Nevada, Reno / charged for nothing

yoona on Aug 18, 2011
The first debit transaction didnt go through, so we swiped my card 2 more times. After the computer system failing I left my item and left. I made sure to ask the Ross Associate Sarah to ensure my bank account wouldnt incur the charges. She reassured me it didn't go through. But it did, and sure enough the money deducted posted. I spoke with the manager - rude/impatient / assured me the charges were voided when I was there. I called Ross customer service the next day and was told this was a "nation wide" problem... totally inconvenient.

Ross - Guam, Tamuning / Customers should know this

inc_mplete on May 4, 2011
Ross policies are tooooo lenient on the customers and too harsh on employees. I understand that because I work there, I'm being paid to provide a service to people, but COME ON!!! Don't treat me like a goddamn waitress, because you have to leave a tip for them and I don't see a tip jar at my register for "folding your clothes nicely (JUST LIKE SOME OF YOU REQUEST) before putting it in the bag." Seriously, I have no idea why you ask that in the first place, are you going to put it in your drawer when you get home? I hope you're going to wash it, sooo filthy! Another thi...

Ross / Has shameful return policy

Alison on Jan 18, 2011
I attempted to return several items that were Christmas Gifts or bought in the last few months. Ross refused to accept several items and would only give like 20 cents on the dollar for other items. However, consumers can still find like and identical items on the store's shelves today. If Ross believes there recent merchandise is so bad, why are they even selling it in the first place.

Ross / Hired To Be A Slave.

I'm not sure if any of you still access this section of the complaints board, but I currently work at Ross. I'm not at all amused at how this company works. I've read multiple complaints on this particular area of this website, and I'm amazed at how much crap I can relate to. It starts with the managers that subliminally degrade us and expect us to succumb to their devious ways. I'm getting sick of it ALL! I've been there since May 2010 and things haven't changed at all. When will the madness end? I've even considered contacting the district manager in...

Ross - New Jersey, Deptford / Rude Employee

The women who watches the fitting room at 8pm was being awfully obnoxious and rude. Makes me think "how in the world did she get this job?". If this is the person you want to represent your company, then you must have pretty low standards. Here is what happened: So, I was walking towards the fitting room carrying a pair of jeans when the women who worked at the fitting room (whose name I did not get) stopped me and asked for a ticket. I walked passed and overlooked the sign that said I needed a ticket number. So then, she said "is the sign not big enough for you? can you even read?" in an...

Ross - Florida, Orange City / Rude and very unproffessional

I went into Ross today to look for some shoes. I found a pair I liked very much, but they ran a size too small. I went to the front desk and waited in line. The cashier was backed up and called for another assoicate to come and help her, and since I was next to be serviced I went to the next register with my question. I asked the cashier if there was a way to call another store to see if they had a bigger size of the shoe I wanted. She said "NO, we do not do that." I then asked her for a number to another Ross so I could call myself, and she said "No, we do not do that." I said your kidding me...

Ross - Tennessee, Memphis / Disabilty Discrimination

I worked at Ross Dress For Less in Memphis, TN on Summer Avenue for about 2 months as a stock room associate.I had been working there for I say about 2 days and my manager Angelique Montgomery was aware of my disabilty before she hired me, anyways she starts saying I have to speed things up.Okay I am like I am moving as fast I as can.So almost everyday she nagged at me saying I was not being productice I have eto move faster.One time she called me to the side and talked to me saying that if I can move fast enough then I am fired.I heard that almost everyday.Then she finally called 3 people to...

Ross - Georgia, Atlanta / Not a profssional place

j c
Hi, I am a employee at your company. I have had some problems with your assistant manager, at 5932 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs GA. I have been working in the retail business for 15yrs. And I have never been so degraded and disrespected in my life. She is not professional at all. I complained to my head manager, about the problem, and he said that he will handle the problem. But he didn't. So, I am writing this letter of complaint. I love working in the retail business. I am also a team player. I take pride in my work, and I love helping people to the best of my knowleadge. I am...

Ross - Georgia, Smryna / rude cashier

I had the misfortune of visiting your Smyrna location in GA and meeting your rude cashier Iris this morning. There was one person in front of us that was finishing payment but the cashier Iris told my wife and I "ya'll need to move over there" pointing to the waiting line which was set up in case there are long lines. Iris had the nastiest look on her face I have ever seen when she made this statement. The tone with which she said this was as if my wife and I were her dogs. When she finished ringing up the customer in front of us only a few seconds later, she waived us over to her...

Ross - Utah, American Fork / manager yielme

yesterday me and my 3 years old nefew shopin in ross and my nefew take a toy and star playing on the floor next to me and i watch the shoes and the manager come annd star yield us and screaming and say the boy going to broken the toy and i say come dawn because i buy the toy, after 5 minutes he back an tell us the same things and screamin pay rigth now the toy and i say wait because i amlookinng another staff
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