Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States

Dollar Tree / customer service

Jul 18, 2018

This morning my mother walked into the Dollar Tree in Montgomery Village, MD. She noticed that there weren't any carts to shop in the store with. So, she asked an employee "where are all the carts?" because I notice that you all have them with merchandise in them. She said, "ask the supervisor" . My...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Jan 25, 2018

I ordered 2 medium pizza's @ 2 for $5.99 each. One pizza was sausage and pepperoni, the other was ham and pineapple. The crust I ordered was buttery garlic. Time of order was 10:10 pm. A pizza hut employee called me at 10:15 stating they ran out of the crust I ordered and asked me to... / green air duct and vent services

Nov 23, 2017

After recommending this purchase to my daughter she bought a groupon for vent cleaning from Green Air Vent and Duct services. Subsequently she had been unable to get any kind of response from the company in Montgomery Village. Two phone numbers and an email with no response. Beware Groupon...

Willian Ramirez / Haze v3

Jan 04, 2017

My haze v3 I just recently bought it for less then a week and my haze is wasting my product spill all over the chamber not even the door opens now I'm not happy about it I hear great stuff from it but now that I have is not even worth 200 dollars my order is 62807 my number is [protected]...

McDonalds / store 21082

Nov 08, 2016

Store completeley mismanaged from drive thru to pick up. Waited for 15min for drive thru line to move 1 spot for an order. Went inside to order. Waited 15min before they relaized they hadnt made my order. The manager Maria started yelling and blaming the cashier that the order wasnt ready...

Citibank / credit card

Aug 21, 2016

We missed the fine print to ALSO link our checking account to the new Citi card. I think thousands are also in the same boat. Today, after several exchanges with Citi to clear up this and schedule a fund transfer on 22 Aug 2016 my wife found her card was blocked. This was due to a ~...

Big Lots / other complaints

Mar 26, 2016

I'm not an employee. I've never been an employee. I agree with the posters who say "this is their policy, they say it up front, deal with it." I don't buy at Big Lots on the items I will need more than 30 days to assess. I keep my receipts, and I'm careful to check out their products in...

Frederick Law Group LLC. / NON Representation/Breech Of Contract


The Law Group was assigned to handle a Debt Negotiations /Settlement process after Richard Brennan and associates in Fl. went out of business. This Transaction happened without any prior notification to myself and my wife. After we agreed to the terms at hand my wife and I did sign a...

frederick law group/richard brenan / misrepresentation


I started out with Richard Brennan law group when I joined a debt settlement program, after 6 months I received a letter from the Frederick law group stating that they had taken over the cases from Richard Brennan I had to fill out all of the original paper work again and submit it to...