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Mar 03, 2017 - very rude rep!

I had an appointment which I made using my Groupon coupon but due to some circumstances I had to cancel it. I contacted Groupon customer care and asked for help and received nothing but rudeness and lack of manners!
Their rep was rude and impolite, she said that it was impossible to cancel anything. I asked for a manager but she said that there was no need for their manager to wasted his time on me. Yes, that was exactly what she told, plus her tone was nasty and unfriendly. I told her that I'm going to post negative reviews and she said that I can do whatever I want. I don't know her name because she refused to tell. Groupon you are terrible, train your staff better!

Oct 26, 2016 - they steal your money

I bought a service of $149 from Groupon, and they charged me twice for the same service I bought. If I hadn't checked my account, they would have slipped away from their highly criminal fraudulent conduct!
I confronted them, and they said it was a technical issue. They are a huge online based company. As of 2015, their daily deal website's annual revenue is 3.12 billion US dollars. And they would have technical issue by charging people twice? I don't buy into that BS!

Sep 12, 2016 - groupon let my account hacked. your financial details are in danger of abuse by third parties

This company knowingly or unknowingly allowed a third party to use my financial details stored in their systems to purchase goods without my knowledge and authority. I have been informed of the purchase by an email from the company, belonging to me again stored in their system. I have failed to log in, to find out what is happening, using my email as by that time the hacker had also changed my email to his. Having checked my bank account I noticed 2 charges one of which was refunded by Groupon ( so they are aware of the transactions) but the second one was not.I then contacted the company and explained the seriousness of the matter as they may have breached UK Data protection Act and Failed PCI Compliance. They have been given me excuses but not refunding me the existing amount which was unlawfully created by the third party by way of making an unlawful purchase. These events of course involved Groupon in UK HOWEVER, Groupon uses many servers in and outside UK and who knows where the leak is. Google searches reveal that this is not an isolated case and happening to many innocent people. SO IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, AGAIN.

I am in the process in suing Groupon UK and will let Google and Credit Card Companies to be aware as well.

If this company stores, processes, or transmits any of the information recorded on a credit or debit card then it is required to be PCI compliant.

Although I believe they are PCI Compliant however they have let a third party order a merchandise and used my credit card to pay for it. This amounts to a serious breach in their credit card storage facilities. This will no doubt will affect other innocent parties and cause financial stress and suffering.

It is also required that this business maintains current compliance at all times In this respect THEY HAVE FAILED and if you purchase anything from this company using your credit card (or worse Debit Card), you may run the risk of a Third Party helping themselves with your hard earned cash.

Aug 09, 2016 - don't buy tickets from groupon

We ordered eight tickets through Groupon for the Real Madrid vs Paris Soccer Match at the Ohio State Football stadium. Went to the game with six kids who were very excited to see the game along with another dad. We were supposed to be able to print tickets before we left, but their was a technical problem on the web site and tickets could not be printed. Called Groupon and they said, no problem, just go to the ticket window and they can give you tickets. I left my house at 4:00 for a 7:30 game. Called Groupon on the drive to Columbus to see if I could stop and print the tickets. I was told no, but they had a solution – get the tickets at the ticket window. With traffic, we got to the game and the line at the ticket window was probably 1000 people long since everyone that bought tickets through Groupon had to get in that line. We were in line for the first half, in line for half time, in line until midway through the second half. Still many people in line, so we weren't going to make any of the game. Left Columbus and drove home to Cincinnati. Got home at midnight. Didn't get to see any of the game and the kids were crushed.

Called Groupon the next day, 7/28 and talked to Ken. Asked for a refund of the tickets and for them to pay me for the eight wasted hours of everyone's time. Ken said that I would get a response within 72 hours. That was by 11:27 AM on 7/31 and I confirmed that time with Ken. No response. I called Groupon again on 8/1 and talked to Mark Joseph. Mark Joseph said that they would refund my ticket money to my Visa and he would work on my additional monetary request for the eight hours of my wasted time. He said they would get back in 72 hours, so by 11:15 on 8/4. Did get an email from Mark Joseph slightly after that time saying they were still working on it. Then I got an email from Groupon saying they were refund the ticket costs in Groupon $$, not to the Visa. Completely unacceptable. Responded to that email asking them to call me. No call. Got on the chat line with Jayasuriys S. Jayasuriya said they refunded us in Groupon $$. After too much back and forth, she agreed to refunding the ticket money to my Visa, just as Mark Joseph did six days earlier plus $10 in Groupon $.

Bottom line. Never buy tickets through Groupon. Don't trust Groupon. They have technology issues. They don't respond to customer complaint issues satisfactorily. You have to fight with them to get them to do what they say. They don't value their customers time.

Jul 22, 2016 - rejected to extend for redeem

I'm called to helpline is to look for assist.
Voucher expiry on 15th July. The redemption merchant ask me to call Groupon whether allow for them to redeem. If yes they will give me my item and they get their business.
This customer services really rude. And I'm really don't understand why they are not willing to assist on this small issue and reject me upfront and answer that is not their business!
I been Groupon customer since 2010 and bought lots of Groupon before.
That's fine. I will never ever buy any voucher from Groupon!

Jul 12, 2016 - fake coupon!

I have purchased a restaurant discount coupon from because I wanted to take my wife on a date and wanted to surprise her.
The restaurant I picked was quite an expensive one so I was really happy when I found a discount coupon on Groupon.
When we arrived at the place and took our seats I asked the waiter about did I need to show the coupon before or after the meal and he asked what coupon! I explained that I found one on Groupon and the waiter asked us to wait and went to find the restaurant manager.
When the manager came he said that their restaurant does not have things like coupons at all! They made us a small discount as an apology.
I don't trust Groupon anymore!

Apr 04, 2016 - my stuff never arrived and there is no help from customer service

I have purchased some items from and received nothing! Several weeks already passed and I have no idea where my order is. When I contacted customer service they promised to check what was going on, they even told me that their manager will contact me back later. But of course no one ever helped me! Then I asked for my tracking number and payment confirmation email, and they promised I'll get everything. They were replying to my messages until I asked for a refund. After I demanded my money back they stopped responding. Avoid this scam site at all costs!


My stuff [protected]/. [protected] please call [protected]

Mar 24, 2016 - they promised me a refund, but still no money

Heard a lot about Groupon and decided to give it a try, and that was the biggest mistake I've ever made! So I have purchased some stuff and they promised I'll be receiving my order in 7 days. Three weeks later, since my order never showed up I contacted Groupon. They said that my order was cancelled and offered me a refund. Thanks! That promise was given over a month ago and still no money! These clowns stole my money! Use this site at your own risk!

Feb 25, 2016 - no help from customer support!

I ordered some jewelry and after 10 days of waiting there was no delivery. I called Groupon customer service and was told that I had given the wrong address. No one from the company contacted me and told about that! If I didn't call, who knows how long more I had to wait. So, I told them my address and was promised to receive my order within 5 days. 5 days passed, then a week, then two weeks and still nothing. I contacted the company again and was told the same story about 5 days of waiting. Ridiculous! I doubt that I'll ever get what I paid for. Groupon needs to train their staff to be serious in helping customers resolve their problems.

Feb 23, 2016 - terrible customer service!

Recently I ordered a watch from Groupon. When it arrived it was broken. So I contacted customer service, explained what happened and returned it back. Few days later I received a refund. I decided to give them another chance and ordered again. Few weeks passed and I got my package, when I opened it there was a completely wrong items. So I contacted them again and they told me to send the item back for a refund. I did as they said and still waiting for my money. It has been over two weeks and still nothing. I contacted them many times and they claim that I received my money. Liars! Customer service is beyond ridiculous. I'll report them to BBB.

Feb 22, 2016 - poor policy on refunds is akin to them stealing from the consumer

I bought 4 tickets to an event and the post read "One Single Day Adult General Admission Ticket". The event was a 3 day event, Friday Feb 19th from 3:00PM to 8:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM to 7:00PM, and Sunday 10:00AM - 4:00PM. So, it certainly appeared that I could buy the tickets and use it any of those days. The email I received did say it expired on Feb 19th, but I had thought that was only because the event was starting. If they indicated anywhere that it was only good on Friday, that would have solved everything. There were many other people there on Saturday also trying to redeem their tickets.

So, I called Groupon and wait time was greater than two hours, so I had to buy 4 more tickets at full price. While talking to the event customer service, they told me that for any tickets through Groupon, they get 50% of the deal price if the vouchers are redeemed. Since they already expired, you cannot do that, so the event does not get any of the money I paid.

The next day, I called Groupon. They simply stated over and over that their policy is they will only refund on the day I bought the event vouchers and I am simply not going to get a refund. So, my perspective is that I paid Groupon, Groupon did not pay the merchant, so Groupon simply gets to keep the money. To me this is ethically fraudulent, a poor business model and policy, and I will do what I can to share this experience so that people will not use Groupon, Inc...ever.

I've been in business a long time and I could certainly see a case where Groupon mgmt would prefer to word their ads as close to vague or confusing as possible to drive "non-redeemed voucher" revenue. I bet they have a metric on this--it is pure profit to them and the only person not getting anything here, whether any refund or services, is the customer. Again, simply being a bit more clear and saying "Friday Only" would have solved everything, but the point is I believe they are purposefully vague.

Now to be fair, I would have been happy to get a refund of, say, 80%, since I do think they incurred some minor costs, but to get zero back--Well, that is putting me on a mission to get this practice known as widely as possible.

Here are their published Codes of Conduct. What a joke.

At Groupon, we are guided by the following principles –
• Do the right thing;
• Follow the law;
• Act ethically;
• Treat people properly; and
• Speak up.

And their management:

Rich Williams, CEO
Dane Drobny, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Jason Harinstein, SVP of Corporate Development
Brian Kayman, Interim Chief Financial Officer
Jay Sullivan, Chief Product Officer

Feb 11, 2016 - items never arrived

I purchased several items from Groupon. They were supposed to be shipped together but were separated. They were ordered in early January and supposed to arrive in 7 business days. It is now February and they still have not arrived. When I went to their site and checked the tracking number, it says it cannot provide any information. I called their customer care but was placed on hold for 45 minutes. Then I received a message from them stating that they will contact me later. Groupon customer support will not give me any information and will not give me a refund. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. Do not order anything from this site!

Feb 09, 2016 - don't purchase from groupon

I purchased several items from Groupon. They were supposed to be shipped together. I made an order in early January and my order supposed to arrive in 7-14 business days! It is now February 9 and I received nothing yet. When I check the site with the tracking number, it says it cannot provide any information. I tried to call customer service but have been placed on hold for about an hour! I also sent them several emails. I keep getting replies that they will get back. Liars! They never called or emailed me back. Groupon support will not give me any information and they refused to give me a refund. This is the biggest scam ever! Don't order anything from this horrible website!

Jan 22, 2016 - stole my money

All they want is to steal your money! Back in November I ordered some items from Groupon. Those were supposed to be Christmas presents for my family. I was supposed to get "free shipping for orders over $35", but they charged my card for shipping as well. When I contacted customer service and asked why I was charged for shipping it appeared that my order was split into three separate orders and charged shipping for each one. They also advertised shipping in 2 days. They just sent me tracking information in two days. Well 3 months passed and I received nothing yet! I have no idea where my order is, because Groupon ignores all me messages.

Jan 06, 2016 - i've never been so disappointed!

I tried to buy a mobile phone for my wife for Christmas, and I ordered it four weeks in advance. I received a confirmation email and soon my order was processed and ready to be shipped out. About five days later the phone still wasn't shipped. I contacted customer support asking what was going on. They said they need more time. Okay, I waited a few more days and still nothing! I called and was told they cancelled my order! I was upset so I said I didn't want to hear from them again. But yesterday I finally received the phone and now they are expecting me to pay for it! Horrible company!

Nov 30, 2015 - purchased item not delivered within the stipulated time in fine print and their staff cannot seem to solve it

I purchased an item from Groupon on 23 Oct 2015 and in their fine print item will be delivered within 7 days from date of purchased. (note: not 7 working days). I started calling them on Nov 12 after seeing the fine print properly. Till to date, all I get is ridiculous replies via emails that it is with the courier service but the courier NEVER called me nor left ANY notice that they were trying to deliver the item. Also now stating "item been delayed cannot guarantee timely delivery"; also stated that the courier service tried calling me; and of course the easy way out is "full refund". They will NOT call the courier but rather expect us to call on their behalf.They are promoting and selling the items yet we have to do their work. I have encountered so many problems with Groupon yet I still support them BUT this is totally OUTRAGEOUS for such excuses in their reply. The last was a 'mystery gift" buy which was to be valued from RM49-RM189 but item item received was a file that I can purchase from a stationery shop! Seriously, Gruopon should be off the business world.

Aug 27, 2015 - no one has delivered the seat

Good day

I would like to lodge a complaint against Groupon Gauteng. I placed and paid for an order: black and grey booster car seat on 27/07/2015. To date no one has contact me on the number provided to Groupon - [protected] and no one has delivered the seat to the Florida, Roodepoort address provided to them. I also gave the delivery company this number - [protected] - no contact made. I have been phoning the delivery company from Monday 24/08/2015 and delivery has been promised everyday - nothing delivered. I sent numerous emails - only a few responses initially from a Ridwa Manuel at Groupon and then nothing thereafter. I want my money refunded if they are not going to deliver and they should stop lying about making deliveries. My banking details are on the Groupon system.

Aug 21, 2015 - refund of expired deal

Good day

How long will i still wait for my refund groupon. I am now going to take this further.

Please contact me with regards of the refund.

My email adres is [protected]

Maybe you should do yourself a favour and go and read on hello peter all the complaints. There are 1919 records in the last 365 days. The link is

This is shame less really ... I will never buy from groupon ever again and i will get everone else on my path not to buy from groupon.

If you look closely, my hellp peter complaint is also there. I will complain now on every possible complaint driver.

Thank you

Thersia krugel
[protected] (W)

Aug 09, 2015 - charged for items never purchased

I recently discovered that I was being charged for two Groupon purchases for restaurants I never heard of. I did not make the purchases but it seems that the Groupon App did make them. When I tried to have them cancelled the Groupon rep told me I could use them as gifts but that my money could not be refunded because I did not cancel within the three days allotted by Groupon. Since I never made the purchases I was not aware of any need to cancel them. Groupon appears to lack good customer relations and good business values.

M - little or no charge

I purchased a couple orders of both the AA and AAA batteries from Groupon. I purchase them so I have back-ups when needed. Well, after a month I am to the realization that there was virtually little or no charge on the batteries when a new battery was needed. Groupon has a 14 day return policy which makes no sense at all. DO NOT BUY batteries from GROUPON. They are made in China and worthless as Pips on a Bull.

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