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SA Migration International Complaints 5

4:50 am EDT
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SA Migration International Critical skill visa fraud

I contacted them for a critical skill visa application in south africa in August 2023. Mrs. Tarryn told me that I need to make an urgent advance of R4000 which was a discount offer valid only for that day (the most common scam).

I was anyway planning to start my application and I paid the advance. After that they vanished and after multiple followups they shared with me a list of requirements and documents. I shared all the documents and again after multiple followups on the next steps there was no response.

Meanwhile, my plans in south africa changed and I had to move back to India permanently. After multiple attempts I reached them and they offered to refund R1500 only. Tired of fighting, I agreed to that. I have been following up for the refund since November 2023 and they are fooling around nicely. I have not got any refund.

Claimed loss: Zar 4000

Desired outcome: Refund of the entire amount zar 4000 would be very helpful.

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Update by Chandni Parthasarathy
Mar 22, 2024 4:56 am EDT

Geraldine, Charlotte, Rod maxwell, the whole company is a scam. They call rod maxwell as the boss or ceo. He is the one fraudster who loots money. They just try to get money from people small or big. Whatever comes they pocket it and ghost people.

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2:51 am EST

SA Migration International Critical skill visa scam

This is my honest and sincere review of my experience with sa migration south africa. I would like to share my experience in much details so that people like me who take online reviews seriously do not fall into trap of these crooks, unfortunately there is no authentic review from anyone on this company either good or bad, prior me signing up with south africa migration (Sami). Which made me get in touch with them. I am a software engineer in one the top 3 mncs in india. I applied for critical skill visas and signed up with sami on 31st dec 2015, the usual turn around time for this visa is about 3 to 4 months, in my case it has been over 1 yr and still not received although had I applied all by myself with the info available on the net I could have got in 3 months’ time. This delay has caused due to misguiding from the staff of sami. To go a bit further, I was given 1/3rd the quote for consolation for visa by sami. It gave me an impression that these guys are reasonable and their style of business is to provide service for an affordable price to a very large number of people. However this is not the case, I failed to realize that they are actually not reasonable but are cheap. And as the saying goes cheap is not reliable. I mean this in every breath I breathe. God knows how they able to be in the migration business with unprofessional ethics. Their main intention is to close with the clients asap, once your money is with them they don't bother to give any info to clients. The info they provide in terms of consultation is one that is available on the south african immigrating website. One will have to persistently and shamelessly call and literally beg to get service.
Some of the worst things happened to me is when getting evaluation with saqa. I was interacting with one person called mr. Noel hawes, he seemed to be a professional by the way he responds and talk to you. Unfortunately none of them in the organization is worth talking to. This person said he had spoken to someone in saqa who will take scan documents for evaluation. Assuming that he is right I scanned all my documents and sent it to him, it took him 30 days more from the time I gave him to submit to saqa. I was changed zar 500 by sami saying it is postal/courier service to send the documents from sami to saqa and from saqa to my indian address. Unfortunately I had signed up for my spouse as well at this point in time. These guys sent our documents to saqa and after I blasted their founder mr. Rod maxwell for delaying in posting, I was told that they have posted the documents and have not couriered to saqa. As expected my saqa got rejected for the reason stating that they do not accept copies of scanned documents. I was asked to plead to one of the senior officials asking them to reconsider their decisions. But when I spoke to the senior officials of saqa, the officer said clearly that they have stated on the web site that they do not entertain scanned copied. I told her that mr. Noel form sami had confirmed me that he had spoken to someone inside saqa who confirmed that they would accept the scanned copies. When I gave the name of the person to whom mr. Noel spoke, she said there is no one by that name who is or was saqa. Later noel said saqa is a government organization and one would only find liars there. So all in all time delay and rejection and some money lost.
For the second time I reapplied by myself and I got the documents delivered to my residence within 3 months. But wait what happened to my spouse documents? My spouse documents were processed by saqa and was available at saqa house. For the next 3 months I was after sami day in day out to deliver her documents. By then mr. Noel left sami and had joined elsewhere and it got even more difficult to get the documents. After three months of continues pressure rod maxell finally asked someone to pick my spouse saqa certificate from saqa house. This time these guys ideally had send the document to my indian addressed as agreed, but instead they kept the documents at their office and asked me to pay money to send her documents to india. I refused to pay at this stage and provided my receipts email confirmation on agreed terms and clarified that they have already charged me for that and pushed hard for them to post her from then they took another 3 months to confirm. 3 months later sami guys misplaced the original saqa certificate of my spouse, at this point in time I completely got pissed off and blasted them for their lack of responsibility. Post which they neither respond to my calls or emails. It’s an indirect way of their communication to sulk not to reach them. Being in a foreign country one cannot do much when they throw such unprofessional attitude.
Apparently all the while I was in communication with mr. Noel the so called ex-employee of sami. He was on my side whenever I shared my feedback about sami. When I got my skill registration, mr. Noel the ex-employee committed to me that he shall be arranging an offer letter from a company who have proper tax returns. And we would get our visa for 5 years instead of 1. When I asked him about the legal consequence of it, he said there are many body shopping companies who employee people upfront, when the client get their visa and requirement these body shopping companies would place them in such companies. I believed it to be true since I know for the fact that this model works in us. This person initially quoted me rands 3000 for two offer letters. Thankfully I did not pay him so much, I paid 1000 rands, and guess what? This person also gets absconding. There is no way he responds to emails or picks my calls after the money is in account. All in all perhaps south africa is having a high crime rate and a very bad reputation because of people like rod maxwell, shane (The replacement to noel in sami) and noel. This is how people from civilized world get cheated. These guys do not have any integrity, they are one bunch of liars really have no value for your hard earned money and time. Responsibility and accountability is a far away from reality. I really wonder how they are in business since 12 years.
The main purpose for these guys is to make money, any money is good for them, big or small, I remember noel saying “something is better than nothing” when I agreed to pay him rands 1000 for offer letters. That is how cheap and money minded they are. Initially sami quote rand 5000 for application, when you say its too expensive they say they have a discount running in their organization and give you 50% off. If you say can only give 1000 rands, they will be ok for that, I wish I had told them rands 100 perhaps they would even agree for that as well. And then they ask you to sing up with them making an online payment. They then do all nonsense like courier charges and offer letters scams just to extract more money from you.In the process if you still want to pursue, it’s likely that you figure out your way or drop the idea of it.In any case they would have made money from you. The truth is everyone in this organization is a big liar, a third rated crook, they have no idea about immigration developments at times there is a high possibility that you are aware through online blogs and they aren’t. I have made a sincere attempt to all you people reading this article to stay away from sa migraton (Sami). I am not sure how good or bad the other consultants are.In any case you want to apply for critical skill visa to south africa, there is ample of info available on the internet and do it by yourself, it works out fast with far less expense. I am committed to help people from getting fooled by agents like rod maxwell and noel hawes. Adding on these people are there in facebook and linkedin to prove there are genuine, end of the day their intentions are not clean. I have declared there name here so that you know with whom are you interacting.

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10:03 am EDT

SA Migration International Service

This company Is nothing but a scam!Rod Maxwell charged me R20 thou to get my permit finalised in a short space of time a up to tis nothing has transpired #this guy rod Maxwell, is nothing but a thief .this man has continuously taken money's from clients that I innocently reffered to him not knowing he is nothing but a crook!this company he operates is just to tak people's money's and no assist them.-I paid the deposit of R10 since that day it's story's after story #all he does is bluff lie in treat clients lik rubbish. He thinks thinks foregnirs are idiots #i am going to ma sure this company closes down one way or the other. He has gone to far #

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4:36 am EST

SA Migration International Immigration Services for South Africa

SA Immigration International
Tel: +[protected]
Email: [protected]

Looking at above mentioned attractive websites and a crazy level follow-up from their agents, I decided to acquire their SA Retirement visa services but regret to say that since I paid their advance aount (5, 000 ZAR) on Feb. 10, 2016. I hardly see any of those " Crazy Follow-ups" despite I am begging them to tell me my case progress. I even contacted each and every person in the company including the CEO Mr. Rod Maxwell BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND " NOT TO DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY (sami) FOR IMMIGRATION SERVICES" They are Forge and Fake company. Their target is just collect a little amount like 5, 000 ZAR and disappear from the scene.

I will be visiting SA Embassy soon to file a case against them.

Take care when you choose SCAMS like SAMI for South Africa.

Saeed Mirza

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Tz Carole Mat
Nov 01, 2016 7:28 am EDT

they are flooding my inbox with emails for payments and all, i requested to speak to someone and they insist on doing everything online, very suspicious i must say. Collin's number does not go through and when i called the 082 number there was a lady with a funny accent who was interrogating me with all sorts f questions and wouldn't let me speak to Collin. I wonder if the Collin guy ever exists. STAY AWAY!

3:33 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

SA Migration International Took R5000 from me with no service

I friends, SA Migration International took R5000 from me in advance for Visa services.
Once they receive the money they will never reply to your e mails an also will not pick your calls.
I they will answer your mail it will be unplesent and on phone calls they will continue to make false promises.
When i was frustated with the service and demanded my money back they asked me that they will deduct service fees and will refund rest.
I agreed on this as i do not want to risk my original documents with such unprofessional peoples.
But then they never replied my e mails or neither took my call, if they will take my call they will cut hearing my voice.
Please do not use SA Migration International for visa as most gurantee you will loose your money and they gurantee to provide non professional services.

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Tz Carole Mat
Nov 01, 2016 7:25 am EDT

thanks for the heads up, wad about to fall for their rubbish

Mar 05, 2016 10:34 am EST

The similar situation with me. SAMI employees Mr. Andrew, Mr. Hylton and Mr. Noel use to send emails every 5 minutes, reply before you just imagin BUT once I paid 5, 000 ZAR as advance for my Retirement visa, I am looking for them NO answer to my emails No Progress in One month already past. I contacted Mr. Rod Maxwell (CEO - SAMI) and he is also just bluffing, acting like he doesn't know anything.

I would strongly warn all of you who are planning to acquire SAMI services for any visa or immigration services.


Saeed Mirza
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (saeedmirza69 (at) gmail (dot) commmm

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