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Holo Musen — touch kitchen tap stainless steel hr021

The tap was installed by a certified plumber a month after purchase so it was no longer supported by AliExpress. It started to leak from inside the faucet at the weld joint. The company was difficult to reach then did nothing to help. They refuse to reply to other contact messages. The box...

Online Shopping  · May 23, 2019

Loewe Online Store — terrible customer service and their follow up

I made my order online, and waited for a week for delivery. After unboxing, I found the colour of my bag is different from the picture. Then I decided to return it back and to ask for a refund. They only provide two hotlines for customer service, one is an American number and the other i...

Online Shopping  · May 22, 2019

Styleon PK (Karachi) — suit

Styleon PK (Karachi)i odered yellow color suit but recieved pink and have no emboridery . color of trouser is white but it is brown and dupatta also dos not match with suit . i buy this for mother on mother day . tomorrow mother day but its condition is so bad ruff . i want to refund my order . it is also...

Online Shopping  · May 12, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — purchase not send - hunter boots & coat

(Sorry for my english. I speak french.) On avril 4th 2019, I buy 5 Hunter items via Instagram. 70% off... But I have a problem with my purchase. I am supposed to receive those items : Product Information: Women´s Original Midlayer Jacket, 1, Women´s Original Insulated Pac Boot, 1, Original...

Online Shopping  · May 09, 2019

Jonah & Associates — email verifier app

Jonah & AssociatesIt's unfortunate that I've been driven to write this review. I have unfortunately lost $2500 as part of a suspected scam involving Jonah & Associates Ltd based in New Zealand. Long story short: AVOID Email Verifier App and Jonah & Associates Ltd. On March 30th, we purchased 2 million...

Online Shopping  · May 09, 2019

Wolf & Goat — never got the products

I ordered a few oils from their website, I spent almost $ 300, 9 months and did not receive any products from them. They have that they lie and just try to talk sweetly about the whole situation. It's quite funny that trying to blame everything to the post office, not at them. I am really...

Online Shopping  · May 08, 2019

Strong Current Enterprises Limited — item not as described and no uk adaptor

Strong Current Enterprises LimitedThese people sent me an item purchased on the 14th April 2019. It was not what I ordered and it came with "NO" U.K. adaptor only US and EU. Rendering it pretty useless! It was also not the item I ordered! They also have a promise of "100%" Buyer satisfaction! I paid through PayPal! I now...

Online Shopping  · May 08, 2019

Miguel Delgado, MD — palomar laser

To make a long story short. Troy Johnson should be in jail and I believe one day he will. I purchased a Palomar Laser Icon for $65, 000 paid up front. A total disaster. Icon came in pieces, parts not present, wrong serial number, not working at all. After realizing I got ripped off I hired...

Online Shopping  · May 05, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — received imitation scarf instead of designer handbags that I had paid for.

On 4th April 2019, I ordered two Oroton bags online ($AUD 120.87) from what appeared to be a genuine website. The site had come through on Facebook in my feed. I became suspicious when I received a confirmation on the screen, which said I would get a confirmation email but that never...

Online Shopping  · May 04, 2019

Pos laju rawang — back end/unsuccessful delivery

Pos laju rawangI've been waited for my item to be delivery since 30th april, but it said it couldn't be deliver and will be deliver before 3rd May. When i checked my trace number, my item still hasn't be deliver out for 2 days continuosly and today 4th May i still didn't get my item. When i called po...

Online Shopping  · May 04, 2019

2SBest Online — fraud

I purchased two items from 2sbest (order#24708).. What appeared to be 2 very nice sweater wraps/shawls.. Received 2 very tacky sweater shirts.. Contacted 2sbest on 4 occasions.. None of which they responded.. Cost was $55.98.. Where is my refund??? From a very angry 72 year old widow who lives on a fixed income. What can be done about this???

Online Shopping  · Apr 30, 2019 — moda shower head

This company has no customer service at all. I purchased one of their shower heads, and now need replacement filters. This company provides NO customer service at all. They have no customer service phone number, and, they do NOT respond or reply to emails. I even called their headquarter...

Online Shopping  · Apr 28, 2019

HSN-Comenity — flex payments rip off

I called HSN -Comenity credit card to pay off my HSN account for a product I purchased on flex pay. I was told by representative I was paid in full over the phone. Then I started receiving more bills with late payments. When I called back to discuss my account they told me I couldn't pay...

Online Shopping  · Apr 27, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — undelivered paid order

Bright Forest TechnologyIn the 7th of April 2019 I've placed the order 1286 (TID:284222, Payment No.PS1904071141451602), of 2 shirts, a hoodie and a T-shirt of Ralph Lauren brand. The estimated time for delivery was 7 days, but I haven't received any of the orders, and my VISA account was charged by BRIGHT FOREST...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 26, 2019

Ancheer — ancheer electric mountain bike with 36v, 8ah removable lithium-ion battery 250w

Bike arrived without manual. Had to look one up. Throttle button fell apart. Have tried reaching out to phone numbers available on website and through Amazon (where they also sell bikes): [protected] and [protected]. There's a pre-recorded "answer" where someone says "Hello, hello?...

Online Shopping  · Apr 24, 2019

Lazada Ph — complaint

Lazada PhOrder #[protected]. I preordered a mobile phone that is yet to be launched to the market yet (at the time of order). Paid it in full with a known good and verified Credit Card. Take note: "PRE-ORDER". Loosely defined as an act that a consumer does to make sure that they get to...

Online Shopping  · Apr 24, 2019

Wholecelium — shipping/ delivery

I ordered multiple times from this website and each time I had problems with the delivery and shipping.. I pay in advance in order to receive it by the right date but they always send later.. This time I wanted the item for Easter and paid 10 days ago and they only sent me an email that they...

Online Shopping  · Apr 23, 2019

Milagros Valentin Vargas — orders not received after long time ago

I can't found the previous order placed to Wish in where I had missing 2 articles, one of them is the shoes size 9 and the other item was a jewelry of 24 K gold plated Pulsera. Beside that I was placed the order [protected] in where the delay are incredible and beside that one item on the...

Online Shopping  · Apr 22, 2019 — order clothes of site above - over $400 aud worth - deceit, wrong items sent, no e-mail answers, fake shop

http://www.i-formers.comThanks for shopping with us today! The following are the details of your order. ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 35 Date Ordered: Friday 15 March, 2019 Detailed Invoice...

Online Shopping  · Apr 21, 2019 / Origin of Names — unethical behavior, item not received

On 3/18/2019, I ordered a family crest and was debited $34.93 from my debit card. Within two weeks I tried contacting the owner, mike kennaugh at the number provided to inquire into the status of the order. When I called, the call went straight to voicemail. I tried looking up the company...

Online Shopping  · Apr 20, 2019 / — 2 asics shoes / rugie.phOrder ID 1904048295U34K I paid already @m.lhuillier last April 4, 2019 Order ID 19040117557XGW another asic shoes same store, I paid with the amount P721.00 at M. Lhuiller last April 5.2019 Until today I was not able to receive my order. Please made an actionfor this or else I am going to...

Online Shopping  · Apr 18, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — ordered a oroton bag but received a fake gucci scarf

Bright Forest TechnologyHi, I ordered a Oroton bag on March 29th on their website and paid $128 USD, but their overcharged me. I know something was wrong as soon as I saw the order confirmation email, but I was hoping I could receive my order. Today I received a fake GUCCI scarf which would not worth...

5 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 18, 2019

EEShop Bright Forest Technology — vintage tin toy

I ordered and payed for a vintage battery tin toy on eeshop. It lookes like a professional and reliable online webshop in england. Once payed, I received an email where I discovered eeshop is linked tot bright forest technology. Today I received a package with a (probebly fake) gucci...

Online Shopping  · Apr 17, 2019

Napvape_shop — posting issue. exceed more than 24 hours to post an item.

Napvape_shopOn 15 april 2019, i would like to by an item (vape occ) from the shop (NAPEVAPE_SHOP). I already made my payment on 15 april 2019. But, on 17 april 2019 just to post item towards counter. It's just a simple item to be posted. Why took to much time. Im not very pleased with this kind of service...

Online Shopping  · Apr 16, 2019

Wargaming — lie, cheat and steal is wargaming

Wargaming is online service that has online games that people can play. Wargaming sales their merchandise through Microsoft Corp. under Microsoft online store. I purchased a container on the game site (1/19/19), which then sent me to Microsoft online store to complete the transaction. The...

Online Shopping  · Apr 15, 2019

Wholesale Marine — return policy

Company refuses to return $2000 motor even though it is not used and brand new. It has an 18 month warranty but they refuse return. Their customer service in my opinion is the worst I`ve ever seen. Beware. Their warranties are worthless as the paper they are advertised on. Buy elsewhere if...

Online Shopping  · Apr 12, 2019

Riders — delivering parcel

RidersIm complaining the issue of cancelling the orders,, what the [censored],, dahil sa katamaran nyo magdeliver nagkukusa kayong e cancelled yung parcels, tapos kaming mga buyers we are patiently waiting,,!! Pero wala palang dadating talaga!! Sana pili in nyo yung mga riders nyo na hindi tamad!! Ninjavan I really slow to move it!! Ganyan ata slogan nyo!!!

Online Shopping  · Apr 11, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — earrings

I saw an ad online on for a pair of Lulu Frost earrings I had seen elsewhere for much more (1st red flag). I was on alert because of the difference in pricing. I thought a lot about it and wondered if they were authentic so I attempted to email them through their...

Online Shopping  · Apr 11, 2019

Bright Forest Technology Singapore — wrong order

On March 30/19 I ordered a pair of Dr. Marten white Alix 10 eye slim boot in size UK6 at 197.22 (after currency exchange). As I did not receive an e-mail confirming my order I sent an e-mail to [protected] to ask for confirmation. My first e-mail went unanswered so I sent a...

Online Shopping  · Apr 11, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — I never ordered the product

I was on an english website and ordered paint by number kits. I got an email from [protected] which confirmed what I had ordered. Then I recieved a very smelly fake "Gucci" belt and they had pulled around £ 93 from my bank account and I can see the...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 11, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — orostore online

Thought I was ordering from Australia website Oroton Australia but link was Orostore Online received cheap necklace instead of wallet and bag I paid for went to enquire on link now not operational but still Bright Forest Technology took my money and had the audacity to charge me SGD. I...

5 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 09, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — the payment hub for their online scamming activities

This is my first experience being scammed online. Saw the ads on FB wall offering to sell Yamaha guitars at 80% discount. Clicked on it and was directed to a website ( I wasn't suspicious as everything in there looked and went just like the usual online shopping...

2 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 05, 2019

Google Line Corp — online criminal

Google Line CorpUnauthorized credit card charged : — Please help to check that I had been on my debit card 9 time for the amount of S$6.08 (S$6.08 X 9 = S$54.72) on the 30 March 2019. The payment was not Authorized by me. My credit card was not stolen and I don't know what Google Line Corp is. Please...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 05, 2019

Bright Forest Techno — scam on buying a backpack "fjallraven"

I am contacting you from Spain with the intention of informing you of an online scam I have suffered while trying to buy that product (13/03/2019). I have already reported it to the Spanish authorities. The scam occurs through the website As you can see on this other...

Online Shopping  · Apr 04, 2019

Bright Forest Technologies — oroton luxury handbags

Bright Forest TechnologiesAdd came up on my Instagram page offering 80% off Oroton handbags. I clicked to buy and my bank's web page popped up wanting to know if I wanted to proceed. When I saw the "seller's" name, Bright Forest Technologies, I immediately assumed a scam. Even though I cancelled...

Online Shopping  · Apr 04, 2019

Knockout Knucks — never answers emails if there's an issue with anything

Dealing with these guys is a nightmare, no contact phone number, only email contact, you could send 50 emails to these guys and they might respond once a few weeks later, often does not ship out items after purchase, if they do respond they give zero details as to whats happening with the...

Online Shopping  · Apr 03, 2019

XPost (Shopee) — Unethical behaviour

XPost (Shopee)On april 1 around 7:30 am, the delivery man texted me that my package will be arriving and that I have to leave the payment with a consignee. It was too late for me to ask someone from home to receive the item for me since I left for school at 6:40 am. I asked the courier to reschedule my...

Online Shopping  · Apr 01, 2019

Bright Forest Technology Singapore — bought 2 pairs of boots (paid for them)

This seemed a total scam, the moment my payment went through. I thought I was buying in Australia, an Australian product. No confirmation email, no product detail, or estimated delivery date. The company name is completely different from the banking details. Lots of excuses given re...

20 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 01, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle!

Bright Forest TechnologyEarlier in March 2019 I attempted to order a Guess How Much I Love You 4-piece cot bed sedding set at the price of £50.98 plus £10 p&p. This set was in vogue about 2/3 years ago and the price was camparable with that in the UK, except everywhere was out of stock! Initially I tried to place...

7 comments Online Shopping  · Mar 29, 2019

Bright Forest Technology Singapore — refund not given for incorrect goods

Ordered oroton bag & wallet. Thought it was a scam after I ordered and it went from aud to sgd to usd. Emailed straight away to cancel and no response. Was charged almost immediately plus extra $15 to the original cost. Few weeks later received a scar[censored] Emailed them immediately and asked...

13 comments Online Shopping  · Mar 27, 2019