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On December 5, 2023, YourScoreAndMore charged my checking account $39.94 for a membership. I contacted the company and requested a refund because I did not subscribe to this company for this service (I already receive credit monitoring through my credit card). The representative checked my phone number and said that I subscribed to the service using two different email accounts (why would I do that?) and that they were not able to charge one of my accounts due to insufficient funds. The representative said that she will cancel my membership, but will not give me a refund. She told me that she will send me a form and that I will have to complete it and mail it to the company for review - but there is no guarantee that I will get a refund. I was told that I subscribed to this service and forgot about it. The representative was unable to tell me anything about which credit reporting agency website was used to subscribe to this service, and she tried to pressure me to continue with the subscription - offering a discounted price. The representative hung up on me when I started questioning her about this transaction. This company is fraudulent and has unethical practices.

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