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Jolly Chic w/ Azbaq Shipping Method — Failure for Delivery of My order & Remarking Me That I fail To Answer their calls

Logistic # [protected]...yes my fault that i wasnt able to answer their call bcoz the time they provide to be delivered doesn't match the time they called & i already sleep at that time. On the 2nd time they said the courrier will deliver it still i havent received it because nobody call me...

Online Shopping  · Nov 12, 2019

Parcel not receive ofter 8 days send — Kiriman pos laju tidak Di terima

Hi.. Parcel sudah Di kirim dengan menggunakan pos laju dari Balakong dari 4 November 2019.. Hingga ke hari ini belum di terima dan status dalam sistem Masi 4 November d pos dr balakong... Sudah buat komplen Isnin 11 November 2019 No komplen [protected].. No tracking ED357771795MY Ata...

Online Shopping  · Nov 12, 2019

Wearziu — size

The dress came pretty quickly but right away one of the clasps on the back of the dress fell off. I was upset because it helps hold up the dress, other wise the fabric was great and the beading as well. I ordered my dress a medium because my measurements were between a small and a large...

Online Shopping  · Nov 11, 2019

Daibo Sgj-Yd No. 3 — shopping online

Daibo Sgj-Yd No. 3Ho pagato 59, 00 euro per un paio di scarpe Palladium. Ho ricevuto una sciarpa Gucci del controvalore di 12, 00 euro. Segnando sul pagamento della consegna un controvalore di 275, 00 euro (2400 Hkd) effetti non registrato dalla mia banca, tuttavia ho pagato 59, 00 per un articolo...

Online Shopping  · Nov 09, 2019

Felixs paydirt — dirt for gold panning

Felixs paydirtFor $290.00 i kinda expected a little more. I will be leaving a dissatisfied review. Not saying that I'm 100% dissatisfied cause i understand that your trying to make money but when your advertising the end of year bonus bags i expected a bit more. I know that in the long run you are...

Online Shopping  · Nov 09, 2019 — lies

Hi.I had ordered an item from this company, which appeared to be not a chinese site since it was everything in English, Some days later I received ny ordered item which turned out to be not the one I had ordered but a pair of sunglasses instead.Immediately I pointed to them about the wrong...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Nov 04, 2019

Daibo SGJ Expecs Technology — cpap nasal mask and straps

I ordered and paid for a CPAP nasal mask & straps through DHGate (order no [protected]-15 GB) This order was sent to Diabo SGJ Technology by DHGate. Diabo sent me only the straps. According to the DHGate advertisment the total price for the mask and straps was Australian $15.87 which I paid...

Online Shopping  · Nov 04, 2019

WIYO Mannequin Co., Ltd Store — obscene and adult materials - wrong information given by the seller - local custom fined on the customer

WIYO Mannequin Co., Ltd StoreDear Sir/Madam [AliExpress] With due respect, I am a victim of wrong information given by the seller and today the local custom fined me SAR 1, 000.00 (One thousand Saudi Riyal) for ordering such prohibited item to Saudi Arabia. But I want to tell you that as per my initial...

Online Shopping  · Nov 03, 2019

Torrity and Royalove — ads for items on facebook that charge but don't deliver your items

I bought tools from a facebook ad which have not sent my items and you struggle to get an answer from, Torrity and Royalove which are both connected, i have some emails from them saying be patient for the last couple of months. I need help from facebook to try and get my money back, if...

Online Shopping  · Nov 01, 2019

BeyondTech — phone imported

BeyondTechThe phone was shipped and miss priced so I got overtaxed. I tried to return but I couldnt because it was trapped at brazilian customs. I deifinately want to sue correios and alliexpress because of bad management. What can we do to resolve this situation? I refused the object at correio...

Online Shopping  · Oct 31, 2019

Spot98 — iron on letters

I placed my order, never received an email stating it was shipped (although their site said it would). Ten days after my order was placed I sent an email requesting status as I needed the letters for Halloween. Their reply was 'it will be there anytime' with a tracking number that only...

Online Shopping  · Oct 29, 2019

Meetyou6 Shop — the goods was not received and I lost my money.

I ordered several item to meetyou6, after 40 days I have not yet received the goods I contacted the seller meetyou6 ([protected] several times, the answer was the goods are in transit. The site from which I ordered no longer works and the goods are not traceable. It is a scam...

Online Shopping  · Oct 28, 2019

The Jewellery Channel — complaints department

I have been trying to log in to my account for ver three weeks. I send a password reset request and receive nothing back. I ring the complaints service asI got no reply on the website. When you get a reply, if you are lucky, they say they will contact the I T department. You then receive...

Online Shopping  · Oct 21, 2019

BWS Hawksburn 569 Malvern Rd Toorak 3142 — rudeness and strong possibility of unethical behaviour.

On the 21st of OCTOBER I went to pick up an online order of alcohol. My order no. was [protected]. It was about 5pm and as I passed through the entrance to the alcohol section there was a man standing in the middle of the entrance. I walked to the desk which was unoccupied and the only person...

Online Shopping  · Oct 21, 2019

Dick Blick Holdings Inc. — product, shipping and service issues

Company: Blick Art Materials Customer order number: [protected] Order Date: 9/24/2019 I ordered 3 different painting frames and ALL were damaged upon receipt. I phoned and explained that all three frames were damaged underneath the corner wrappings and all appeared to be manufacturer defect...

Online Shopping  · Oct 18, 2019

Chanyeyuan Chengdu — resin wicker hanging double egg chair and lighthouse w/ solar light

Chanyeyuan ChengduI saw ad on facebook I liked the chair and the price was good, 19.99 US. Free shipping it you purchased 49.99 worth . I also ordered the lighthouse with light for 34.99 bring it over the 49.99. I recieved after 6 weeks a cheap rubber brush and a phone number i can not reach. I have not...

Online Shopping  · Oct 17, 2019

China , Bolaiya Chengdu Shuangliu District, Customs Clearance in China — ordered 2 resin wicker hanging double egg chair

China , Bolaiya Chengdu Shuangliu District, Customs Clearance in ChinaOrdered 2 resin wicker hanging double egg chair and received a pink Wash a face to brush. I saw advertisement on Market Place within Facebook. I have tried to go to both links below that were on my confirmation email and they do not exist now. I get error codes. I was charged the 57.00...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Oct 09, 2019

DaiBo — matrix powerwatch

Ordered a matrix powerwatch at the "special introductory price" of $0.01, but after they stole $80.00 aud from my bank account they sent me 2 pair of socks. Once I tried to contact them the email and website pages suddenly and conveniently didn't work. I'm extremely frustrated as my...

Online Shopping  · Oct 08, 2019

24/7 Wholesale Deals — the toothbrush has not arrived as scheduled.

I placed a toothbrush and waited for a whole month but didn't get it. Now the price went 20 pounds higher so I don't want refund, I only want the product. It shows that the product was shipped on 11 September but still not have arrived. When I contact Amazon they said the seller is a third...

Online Shopping  · Oct 07, 2019

Bolaiya Bolaiya — robot dog

Bolaiya BolaiyaI ordered a robot dog that was supposed to be able to do some tricks and actually looked like a dog. What I got was not even close. It is shaped like a dog but it only goes around in circles and plays an obnoxious musical tune that is loud. There are no tricks and no barking sound. The...

Online Shopping  · Sep 30, 2019

Dermacort Brands PO Box 40767 Larnaca 6307 Cyprus — dermacort cream

I applied for free sample of face cream from advert on facebook asking to pay postage £4.95. I was sent the face cream and eye cream which I did not order and was charged another £4.95 postaged. Than three weeks later two payments of £69.99 was taken from my bank. No where was this written...

Online Shopping  · Sep 30, 2019

PerfumeSamples.IN — packaging and support

PerfumeSamples.INOn Mon, Sep 23, 2:22 PM I ordered CREED AVENTUS Sample/Decant × 1 from after some days I received the product in a cheap quality packing. As I opened the package I go suppressed that the perfume bottle was leaked and perfume was over the courier polythene. I dont know why...

Online Shopping  · Sep 27, 2019

DaiBo — scam website - sent us counterfeit products not products ordered

We ordered a Wedding Cake Topper on the website and after a few days I used the contact form on the website to contact the company asking for a tracking number which they provided. when they emailed me back with a tracking number they used...

Online Shopping  · Sep 26, 2019

KW Fashion — wrong item sent

KW FashionSellers should be bound by the terms of agreement on wrong items sent. I have seen in the comments box some complains from other shops that I browse with an intent to order but would have second thoughts because there are comments from irate customer that they are unsatisfied because of...

Online Shopping  · Sep 23, 2019 — cosmetic safe loose glitters and glitter gel

DeeluvCosmetic.comI bought some bundles of loose glitters and glitter gel, that were meant to be safe for face and use safely close to the eyes. When I received order, the jars were tiny. I opened the glitter gels, and had a foul smell. I complained to company, I was told I would get a refund. I'm...

Online Shopping  · Sep 21, 2019

DaiBo — ordered a pair of boots - got a necklace instead...

I placed an order for a pair of Paul Smith "Corelli" boots - around US $107 inc p&P. I received an email confirming the order The company sent me a cheap nasty necklace that isn't worth the box it came in. No self-respecting drag queen would be seen dead in such a ghastly piece of tat...

Online Shopping  · Sep 21, 2019

Shengchao Phone 8615920195296 — adidas shoe completely different quality

Shengchao Phone 8615920195296On september 2, 2019, I ordered an adidas originals forum high top brown boot men's street shoes from originals and a low quality white plastic shoe was posted. Ther was no contact on the site, no phone or email adress. I attach photos of the site and a photo of the shoe I sent to me. I'd like to get my money or my original adidas shoes

Online Shopping  · Sep 18, 2019

Lean Life — health life max lean

On Aug. 15, 2019, this outfit charged my Visa card almost $90 for a product I never ordered or received. In fact, I had never been to their web site. I asked my bank to reverse the charge, which they did. To my surprise, Lean Life challenged the reversal and submitted several documents, including...

Online Shopping  · Sep 15, 2019 — g pen nova

Bought an item, was contacted and told the item I bought was out of stock but that they would offer me a newer "better" item for no extra charge that was in stock. Once the newer item finally arrived I discovered that they lied to me and it was not able to do what they told me it would...

Online Shopping  · Sep 14, 2019

Megga-Deals — service

I ordered a product called Airfreez from megga-deals It's been 20 business days. I sent an email to their support team requesting a refund only to receive several automated emails reading the same " Dear customer, Your package is on its way to you " This support team does not read a...

Online Shopping  · Sep 10, 2019

UN Collections Karachi — largo cream (un collection karachi)

I ordered largo cream germany on They sent me a fake product even the barcode printed on box is also fake and this barcode showing some english movie product. I placed oder on behalf of due to trust on it but i dont know why the business of fake products have been started...

Online Shopping  · Sep 07, 2019