Health & Beauty Complaints | Page 9 / paymend

Dec 29, 2017

They didnt send my paccage and I pay 330$. This company is face. They stole money from the people. The name of the account I send the money with western union is awasume johnasone. It past 1month from this day and they dont answer in my email. They say they need more money to send the...

Dream Beauty / hair

Dec 28, 2017

they promised a refund the seller lied to me I told them that the lace was broken now they say they will not return my money they made me waite so long I can not open despute the hair was 120 pound I have all proof at first they said they never got the hair i did not get a tracking number... / greengarcinia

Dec 27, 2017 claimed that you can have their trail product by paying shipping only for $5.99. However by doing so, you subscribed to their membership "service" which will cost you $89.99 after 14 days you place your order. They do claim that if you want to cancel your membership...

Active Life Supplements / not able to cancel product

Dec 15, 2017

I have been trying to cancel delivery of Max Energy, Ripped Energy, Max Test and Test troxin. My calls ar going unanswered as well as emails. I want these products canceled immediately or I will bring legal action against you and other companies involved. My email is [protected]@ My...

Nuvella / serum and cream

Dec 14, 2017

I inadvertently submitted a free sample request and have been billed monthly for 2 products. I have emailed the comoany to cancel the order but have been debited this month for the 2 products and no reply from the company. The 0800 number does not work in New Zealand and my credit card...

Cara Cruickshank, 10 Minute Fitness Inc., aka ZAAZ / unethical behavior, failure to pay wages for costco roadshow

Dec 14, 2017

Cara Cruickshank, 10 Minute Fitness Inc., aka ZAAZI worked for ZAAZ akk Cara Cruickshank and Ian Cruickshank aka 10 Minute Fitness Inc., Cara and Ian Cruickshank hide behind a process of making you fill out forms, and multiple other paperwork hassles to keep from paying you both your hourly wage and commission. For instances, you have...

LabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings) / price gouging for blood tests.

Dec 13, 2017

LabCorp Price Gouging LabCorp bills $377 in MD, $120 in Virginia I had some simple blood tests performed that I thought were covered by my insurance, but weren't. The mistake was mostly mine, and I'm obliged to pay for them. However, I'm only obliged to pay a fair price, not an...

Tunas Duta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd / slow delivery and bad service

Dec 12, 2017

Tunas Duta Cemerlang Sdn BhdOur parcel already pick up by ABX Kota Bharu on 6/12/2017, and has been in shipment tracking for 5 working days now.The shipment of our parcel is [protected] My customer called ABX Ipoh at number [protected] on 11/12/2017 and was informed NO STAFF to send the parcel to our customer. The...

Envisage Skin International / kra'sa anti-aging cream

Dec 9, 2017

I have called to cancel this product that does not work .you had false advertisement was only a trail.offer requesting my money back I do not like this product has broke my face out . summit my money back on my card .My name is Denise Simpson address is 1229 Skylark Drive Virginia Beach...

Tracy Riggs - Glesener / tracy riggs - glesener is a liar and a scammer

Dec 8, 2017

Tracy Riggs - GlesenerTracy Riggs - Glesener is a Liar and a Scammer, anyone thinking of Simplicity Medspa of a place to go should think twice. This place has no doctor and you are at least a couple of miles away from the nearest hospital. It is not run by a organization. This is a hole in the wall place so be...

Keith Sproson / delivery

Dec 8, 2017

My package has been held in the ous wherehouse for 4 days with no explanation as to why despite repeated contact with your staff who only tell me they will send me an email no email is fourth coming, they have all og my personal detsils yet do not give me reason for the dely or that there...

Activeplus Youth Cream/DLO Customer / money 3 times taken from my account

Dec 7, 2017

4.95 dollars taken from my account then 131.00 taken out 12/11/2017 then 135.00 taken out 8/12/2017 all bank statement says is I havent received or bought from these people dont know anything about them also try emailing them an phoning an wont work please help me... Every... / received wrong item

Dec 5, 2017

Ordered a wig from Website for my Mom after surgery. After waiting anout 3 weeks we receive a completely wrong hairstyle wig than ordered. I sent a nice email explaining they probably made an error and asked politely how we can resolve and sent them the photo of what we received vs what...

La vie store / portable tri fold makeup mirror with led light p584

Dec 4, 2017

Good day, very disappointed po ako sa product na binili ko sa lazade, napalayo po ang hitsura sa picture, sobrang liit po at mahal po para sa ganitong klase, napakaordinary po na nilagyan lang ng ilaw, marami na po ako nabili sa company nyo pero ngayon lang po ako hindi naging masaya sa...

Simplicity Med Spa Debra Tri / simplicity med spa debra tri scam

Nov 30, 2017

Simplicity Med Spa Debra TriI initially went to Deb Tri (the owner) for Botox and filler and had no problems.But while there I learned about a treatment called Fractora that could help eliminate lines around the mouth area. I decided to try it after talking with Deb. The cost was $600. To make a long story short, THE... / the worst wig ever made

Nov 27, 2017 sent me my £100 wig which was horrendous quality. It wasn't human hair, badly coloured, unevenly cut and half bald...much like myself. This has got to be the worst wig ever made but it did give me a laugh at least. Customer service is a joke. I received one email telling me the wig... / complete scam

Nov 27, 2017

This was the product I ordered. Dr Kowalski's B Pol-Jojoba Max Moisture [protected].55 Retention Cream - Bee Pollen/Jojoba, 2 oz Subtotal 11.55 Shipping 5.99 Tax 0.00 Total 17.54 After waiting a considerable amount of time, I tried to contact the company and only received "returned...

Japan Japan / collagen and puera rose panic

Nov 27, 2017

Japan JapanI ordered 6 beauty white, 2 diet, 2 collagen, 2 green hyaluronic acid and 2 pink hyaluronic acid, 2 puera rose panic, I reveived the package but when I opened it there are no collagen and only 1 pack of puera rose panic. I sent them a message but didnt get a response yet, tried to call the...

Abbott Nutrition / dishonest and unethical conduct

Nov 23, 2017

The following is an accurate and true summary of Abbott Nutrition's dishonest and unethical conduct that damaged the business of Phoenix Intelligence. Phoenix Intelligence P/L is a media management consultant and auditor operating across the Asia region since 1992, and has a history of...

Orient Beauty / products not justified

Nov 21, 2017

I purchased pigmentation product cost RM999 with the promise of reducing of pigmentation, especially custom made for me after receiving my picture. When payment made, received only 4 bottles of products - 日出倾城 After 3 weeks, they claimed that I am the only one with serious problem, request...

Embrace Beauty / product I didn't order

Nov 20, 2017

Received my trial skin care only had to pay postage. Now I have received more skin care product which I did not order now $81.56 USD later. Not happy. I require a full refund of $81.56 USD . I have mailed back my package which I do not want. Please refund my money, I really can't afford the... / active+ skin care

Nov 17, 2017

Onlinebiowc.comHi, I am at my wits end. This company continues to send me products and I have called them 3 times to cancel, each time I am assured I will no longer receive or be charged for the products however each month I receive another product and charge for them, . I have even gone to the trouble... / le mer timeless and emrase beauty

Nov 16, 2017

I am like many others that has been sucked in by this company in thinking that I would only pay the postage for a free trail of their products, silly me. I have had trouble in contacting them to ask for a refund. They have taken $154.39 out of my Debit card, which also includes currency...

Hydra Skin Sciences/ Brio Anti Aging Serum Lotion / brio serum lotion

Nov 10, 2017

Brio - trail subscription! No trial, more like a conviction to over priced hide and seek! Did a trial subscription and want to stop!!! - have had a horrible time even finding their contact information! The prices, which I neglected to find, in the auto-subscribe fine print (Don't think it...

Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Tablets / pankajakasthuri orthoherb tablets

Nov 10, 2017

Sriram kumari my mother takened pankajakasthuri orthoherb tablets for 3 weeks days. the result has shown to my mother i. e., my mother got heavy pain on left sholder hand this happened on 10 days when consuming the pankajakasthuri orthoherb tablets, but tablet was not stopped with pain my...

East Texas Medical / dr truong ‘s office

Nov 9, 2017

I e mailed Dr Truong 11/8 at 730 am regarding my husband who is a patient. He is a diabetic with asthma. I explained that he needed some medication as he has a sinus infection and a productive cough. Nothing was done. I emailed again and left a message today by phone as he is worse. Thi...

Seven Hills Hospital - Mumbai / poor policy - seven hills hospital

Nov 7, 2017

Seven Hills hospital located in Andheri east, Mumbai. They have a very poor policy and this hospital only work with advance money policy. I transferred my dad into this hospital, as directed during addmission time i paid 75000 in cash. Treatment continued for two days. On the third day i...

Fashion_Coutoure99 / makeup products

Nov 5, 2017

Fashion_Coutoure99This is an account naming fashion_couture99 on Instagram which sells beauty products but never delivers them. This account is run by Suhani Sharma and after receiving payment through paytm she blocked me on Instagram and never replies to my watsapp messages. I tried to message her n number...

L’Oréal / fine flower cleaning wipes

Nov 5, 2017

L’OréalDear Sir/Madam I'm really sorry to feel the need to have to write this as its rare for me to complain. I've always used L'ORÉAL's cleaning wipes & creams for as long as I can remember as most others don't agree with my skin (except L'ORÉAL's brand). The last 2 packs of face wipes I've bought...

Back-Health Chiropractic / copy of 2015 1099

Nov 2, 2017

We contacted ADP on 11/02/2017 at 10 am to request a copy of 2015 1099 for one of our employee. After 2 1/2 hours on the phone the representative told us that there are no 1099 for year 2015 which was very disturbing to me for the fact that we have been with you guys much longer than that...

Mount Auburn Hospital / inpatient "care"

Oct 29, 2017

I was hospitalized Monday August 12, 2013. I hoped they'd be kind to me, and at first, they were. I was in kidney failure but they did not inform me that I had coded in the emergency room. I found out after I left because I was handed papers they didn't think I'd read. The records I...

Royale USA / lifetime warranty

Oct 28, 2017

The "lifetime warranty" is the sole reason I purchased both a straightener and blow dryer from the kiosk in the mall. After much pressure, and demonstrations on my hair, I was finally persuaded to purchase a 500.00 blow dryers, and 350.00 straightener, and the low price of 268.00 which...

Gosculptura / plastic surgery

Oct 27, 2017

I wanted to share my experience, however I have only found this complain site. I decided to post a review here as it might help to make decision. I'm happy and contented with doctor's work. Dr Cese is very professional and humble in his work. He takes time with his patients and is a really...

Tunas Duta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd / late received product and poor service

Oct 25, 2017

Got many complaint from our Dealer that their product that we post out through ABX service late delivered to them.There are some state that got complaint from our dealer: 1.Negeri Sembilan - Received product after 21 days 2.Sabah - Received product after 2 weeks and pick-up by own 3.Johor...

Complete Garcinia / unauthorised credit card debits

Oct 23, 2017

Good Morning, I responded to a Facebook ad early August for a free trial of Complete Garcinia weight loss tablets. I paid for the postage and packaging only. I received the tablets approximately 1 month later. A few days later there was another charge for $NZ 156, then 3 weeks later another...

Active Plus / active plus

Oct 20, 2017

Dear Active+ Support, ORDER ID: [protected] ordered a TRIAL!! I received a serum and a cream and now received another cream 18 October 2017, which I haven't opened and will return as I did not order this. The payments were unauthorised and I want to be refunded and do not know how to get hold...

SkinBalance / Ell*SkinGlow / / skin balance

Oct 19, 2017

I had ordered a trial of this skin cream in July 2017 and understood from the description that I would only need to pay for shipping (less than $ 5). I did not read anywhere that I would be receiving monthly supplies at $ 197.62 each from there on and (yes, my mistake) did not check my...

Masie Maven Reopro™ Salon Professional Steam Hair Straightener / no steam!!

Oct 12, 2017

I thought I was the only one with this problem! I received this product in late september 2017, and there was no steam. I emailed them, and after saying they would like to rectify the problem, asked for me to provide a video, which I did. They emailed me back some time later, and they said...

Grserumcshelp / complete garcinia

Oct 9, 2017

I ordered a free sample of complete garcinia stupidly. I never intended to continue ordering the product. I had 2 withdrawals from my credit card and 2 deliveries of the product. I have stopped the payment today with my bank/credit card. I cannot send an email to the company which wa...

Harrogate Sanctuary / alcohol counsellor

Oct 7, 2017

I had dealings with Sarah Turner at the Harrogate Sanctuary a few years ago when I sought help with my drinking but it didn’t work out well at all. Sarah Turner was sweetness and light until she had my money, then she gradually began to lose interest. If you’re unhappy and want to...