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Oxygen review: Service

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Oxygen bank is terrible, whatever you do, don't bank with them again! Whatever you do, don't freaking bank with theses unprofessional individuals. My card information ended up on Amazon, I filed a dispute right away because that was my rent money. But they said they did an investigation and couldn't find any errors, so I decided to do my own investigation and ended up calling Amazon because I ain't lying, so I don't have anything to be scared of.I want my money. So I got a supervisor from Oxygen Bank and Amazon on a three-way call she told Oxygen bank that someone name Coco with a different number and address was using my card, and now I am getting evicted, but they're not answering my calls and keep hanging up on me or having me on hold. Am I reporting them everywhere I can cause this isn't right and am sue-in them. Bunch of how it wasn't any error find but Amazon telling you guys my card information on another account?! I don't get it..I hate being played with and am not letting go because that's my money. DON'T BANK WITH THEM, YOU WILL REGRET THAT [censored]. Instead of them helping you, they will get you madder. Am still dealing with lying *** Oxygen Bank. They stole my money and just been having me call them, so they can laugh at my situation. I ended up talking to a Leadership Manager at Amazon, and she told me that they have been canceled the order and the money went back to my back, it's my bank fault she said that these folks don't even have an investigation team it was the dispute team that contacted them, and they told them that my card was found on another user account. PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY! DON'T BANK WITH THESE FOLKS! The fact that I am fighting for my money I didn't t spent is crazy. They will literally take you has a joke and make you do all the work

Desired outcome: Refund

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