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fabfitfunFraud and misleading and charged my credit card $1500 US without my permission

This company charged my MasterCard $1500 US and what did they send me .. nothing ... supervisor explains that 8 other boxes sent to my address and that this was a mistake and I would be credited the full amount including the year before.
This is how misleading they are.. if you received an email and just out hearts on the ones you would like to save and look at on a later date.. and there is no cart. No cash out . They just charge you.
There emails go into my spam. Because I don't want to purchase anything. But I find out know, that even though I didn't cash out or pay on that email
It was purchased without my knowledge
I have filed a complaint on this company and noticed there was 500 other victims with all different amounts charged to them and they as filed complaints on the BBB.
I have canceled my subscription 3 years ago changed my credit card number 3 times. And this company go out of there way to also let me know that other
Boxes including last years were also charged so now I have to go through all my statements. But they have told me all of the purchases. The reason I canceled this subscription was because I live in a triplex.. neighbourhood is always getting new Tentent's. If my card didn't decline on me 3 weeks ago when I was getting milf for my kids. I would of not noticed... this is so dishonest and scamming people like me and also the 500 other complaints. Some of the bad reviews from people getting scammed were all told that they don't take returns. Even if your complaints were valid. Some people boxes were getting stolen and still this big company making millions stayed there is no return policy. I have contacted my MasterCard company and have filed a huge complaint. EVEN MY CREDIT CARD and said they were FULLY AWARE OF THESE ISSUE . Ever single person is reporting fraud and non refund returns, misleading emails, subscription being re-authorized without customers knowing and large amounts of money taken monthly. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM FAB FIT FUN. Check your statements.
When I contacted them and then again a week later and finally got a response.. was they would give me a full refund including the 8 boxes which they notified me and the years before. Promised that they would take care of this matter. BUT WANTED ME TO CANCEL THE COMPLAINT FROM THE BBB MASTERCARD. WELL... I told them I would ... but I new something didn't feel right .. days and days later.
I called again .. and they informed me that there was not gonna be a refund. THANK GOODNESS I DID NOT CANCEL MY COMPLAINT WITH MY CREDIT CARD. They even had the full to say ... we haven't heard from your bank or anything one else.. so we have closed this dispute and you get nothing. So I email the first conversation that we had, the one that they said this was there fault and that this would be taken care of. So now I have everyone involved for everything
I have read that it was very sneaky of fab fit fun to write these emails that we're going into my spam that occasionally one popped up and putting hearts on a picture of maybe something interesting with no card no cash out nothing not even asking for a credit card number they had no permission and charged me $1500 US buyer beware this matter has not been resolved it is still in dispute 500 other complaints buyer beware do not buy from this company it is a scam it's misleading and they're liars


was excited to try this service and received a $200 gift code for Xmas. a 1 year subscription was $179.99. When trying to use the code online, I was asked to enter credit card information. I didn't want to enter my cc since I had more than enough gift money to cover the year, but I was unable to process the transaction without it. So I called the customer service line. They would not allow me to use the $200 without taking my CC info. They said that if I wanted, I could give them the info, and then cancel the subscription immediately, but I HAD to give the CC info to them in order to cash in on the gift code. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE???? Why should I have to give my cc information for something that is already fully paid for. They stated it is a subscription service and they need to be able to charge me when the gift card runs out. I say you just stop sending product when the gift card runs out! I asked to speak to a manager and they gave me the runaround saying they were all busy, they would say the same thing, they are on the other line, etc etc, and then when I persisted suddenly they had all left for the day but they would "call me back." I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. I'm actually going to call my friend and have her call and cancel the gift card and get her money back. I tried to cancel it myself on her behalf on the phone but they needed her cc number if I would have her cc number. Terrible company and terrible exeperience.

fabfitfunitems missing and I have not received

I am missing the following items from the December 5, 2019-Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2019: ISH Nail File Trio 1 $5.00 and the ISH Smoky Duo1$10.00. I have also NOT received anything from the Invoice #[protected] Invoice Date: November 29, 2019 Fall sale. Most of the items I ordered were to be Christmas gifts. Please don't give me the same run around as last time just send me my items ASAP or refund my money. Thank you; Kimber McVicker [protected]

fabfitfunstyle box - winter 2019

I never signed up for this service. I only filled out the questionnaire & was charged $20 for the service. I emailed & immediately got a refund & cancellation of the box. Well, a month later I get an email saying my box is shipping. I emailed again, c/s responded right away & said not to worry, I won't be charged. Well, $190 charge later & several emails to c/s & no response. I Am. Pissed.

fabfitfunfall box.

I finally got my fall box that was shipped on September 5. It's Now September 21. I had to go to the post office to pick it up even though I have had boxes delivered here before. My address was not correct on the label.
I was excited to try my Amika ceramic styler, unfortunately I didn't get one even though I had picked it! Instead I got the mystery pick which was another foot treatment and cleanser.😡
I want to cancel my subscription.

Coleen Jensen
Fremont, Nebraska

fabfitfunmy fall box

I never got notified when to pick my selections for my box.. I am very unhappy with the selections. I would have never picked these items. I am super disappointed with my fall box. I even tried to call and make my selections and they told me the selection time was over, I was never notified. I had to go to the website and saw the choice option was closed. I am very unhappy with my fall box choices. Its unfortunate I'm in this contract. I will not be telling people to join this and I plan on writing terrible reviews. I spend good money and I'm disappointed.

Candace Geiser

I hope someone contacts me. I got my box tonight after I got off work.. I was excited to see the box and was terribly disappointed.

[Resolved] fabfitfunbaublebar earring (in the fall box)

I just received my fall box and was really excited to wear the BaubleBar ear climber earrings. I successfully put one pair in and was putting the other earring in when it broke. The part that goes in your ear (straight metal part) broke off the earring part. I am disappointed in the quality of the earrings because they broke so easily when I was gently putting them into my ear. Is there something else equivalent I can have in it's place because I don't trust the quality if I were to get another pair.

baublebar earring (in the fall box)

  • Resolution Statement

    I have emailed the company and I believe they will resolve my issue.

  • Js
    jsprague2 Sep 12, 2019

    Wait!!! This exact same thing just happened to me. Are they willing to replace the earrings? I love them and put on the first one. The second one broke the same way before I could get it on my ear. Advice please and thank you???

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fabfitfunfun box

This is ridiculous that I message this company to let you now I'm moving and I need my box sent somewhere else and then when I call they let me know that they can not change my address and my box gets sent to my old address and just to top it off it will take the company a month to send me a new one this is a joke and should not be happening and when the company sends it to the wrong address they should have a new one come in ASAP not when they have a chance and to top it off be like sorry not all the products you ordered will be in the box not even for the ones you payed extra for

fabfitfunintroductory box (pay only $5 shipping)

On aug 2, 2019 my friend "gifted" me with a box with the stipulation being that I pay $5 for shipping. I would get the "free" box then afterwards be charged unless I canceled the subscription. I never received a box but got a charge for the next box ($53.49) in 8/24. I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to contact them and finally googled a number for customer service. I call and am connected to someone I can barely understand. I am told that "oh, your box should have gotten there in 2 weeks so you would have time to cancel if you didn't want the subscription". Yeah right...
She explains that it's such a mystery as to why I haven't received the "trial" box but how much she "understands". The whole time I'm on the phone it sounds like she's in the middle of a frat party on her end. When I mention the noise she just stumbles over and apology so God only knows what's going on there. Anyway, I demanded a refund and am supposedly getting one-we'll see. And apparently my "free" box is on its way. What a crock!

fabfitfunstyle box

Got my first box tried things on kept 1 shirt and sent everything back the very next day!!! On july 30th my credit card was charged $230.26!!! Well holy hell that is one expensive shirt!! Sent 3 emails did a chat and now have called no one seem to be able to help me!! Guess I will start spreading the word that the style box is a rip off and start posting reviews. I'm in customer service and this is unacceptable!!! No one has reached out to me just a generic email saying they're busy and will contact me within 24 hours this was tuesday it's now friday a6:15 pm

fabfitfuninvoice #[protected]

I ordered these at the beginning of July. I was charged for them but never received them. I haven't gotten any notice they have been shipped or that they are working on it. It shouldn't take that long.

Now I am getting e mails for the fall box. Shouldn't I get my summer stuff before the fall stuff?

If my order isn't going to be filled I want a refund.

JoLene Bartels

fabfitfunservice and shipping

Here is the chat I had with them 7/25/19:
I ordered my box 2 months ago, when will it be here? you guys were sending me a second one since you messed up my shipping address when you sent the first one.
Chat started
Support TeamDue to an increased number of support requests, our reply time is taking longer than usual. We will get to your request as soon as we can. Feel free to leave us your name, email and concern and we will follow up via email. As a reminder the first fall billing date is in August 7.
Kourtney A joined the chat
Kourtney AHi there!
rachelle And now I come on this website and it says "Looks like you won't be getting this box!"
Kourtney AI just need to pull up your account to check on this for you. Could you please verify your name and email address for me?
(info deleted)
Kourtney AThank you! Let me check. One moment, please.
rachelle Are you still checking my account
Kourtney AYes!
Thanks for waiting.
After checking here, I can see here that the replacement order for your Summer box is now being processed.
rachelle thats what i keep hearing. what does that mean exactly? When am I getting my box? Its WAY over due, over 2 months
I think I have been more than patient and still getting the "its processing' is ridiculous.
Kourtney AWe don't have a specific date on when it will be shipped, however, Once it ships out you will receive an email confirmation with the full tracking details.
I sincerely apologize for what happened.
rachelle This is unacceptable. I will NEVER do business with you guys again, it was your problem the shipping got messed up the first time, not me, my address hasn't changed in years. But instead of quickly correcting the issue and making it right, you make me wait ANOTHER month just to hear you have no idea what your own company is doing with the product I already paid for? I paid you plenty of money for the product and this is the worst customer service! I will be posting this whole conversation and what has happened all over my social media accounts. Its horrible service!
(After getting on the phone with them, they wont give me a refund cause its sitting in the warehouse but still cant tell me when it will be shipping!)


I ordered my box on July 1, I have been patiently waiting for it to be shipped. As I keep checking my FabFitFun app it's still it is awaiting shipment . What is the problem? I was supposed to receive the summer box, and summer is almost over! I was looking forward to trying the box, as this is my first subscription to something of this manner, but this experience is absurd.

  • Na
    nathaliecm Jul 23, 2019

    I ordered mine on June 21st and it still hasn’t shipped. They have my money, I want my box!

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Everything I read said my box would be shipped in June here we are in July and still no box or ship date. I pats for the year and I have to wait 2 months with no shipment. What's the deal either ship the summer box or refund all my money. I think I have been more than Patient waiting for this box. I understand and sometimes you get behind but this is two months and I am a member that has paid for the full year not just one box at a time that should take precedence over all others. Please get this resolved as quickly as possible I've tried calling the number but I'm put on hold for hours at a time which is also ridiculous. Thank you.

fabfitfunpurple clay mask

I had recently got the purple clay mask in my summer box and when I tried it for the first time it burnt my skin. My skin is way too sensitive for that product therefore I can't use it. I was hoping if there is a way I can send that product back and give me another substitution for it. I know there was a setting spray with spf in the summer box, that I was interested in.

fabfitfunnot giving discounts as promised

Things that Bob has taken ungodly amounts of money from me promise me discounts that I have never received taking credits from me but we're not supposed to be taken for other issues that I had from not receiving my box or not receiving emails back explaining what was going on when I paid $200 up front! Customer service takes days to get back to you but since they even want to respond to you! But I'm asking what lawyer or company that use so my lawyer can contact their lawyer because I'm now $600 in debt from them taking money out of my account not applying the discount and everytime I emailed them they rather take the money then email me back explaining what's going on! Worst company I've ever ordered from I will never send them another dime I will never order another box this company is a fraud they will take your money and take your money and take your money and never tell you what it's for and then the promise discounts and credits that are applied those straight take that and then tell you that you're the dumb one! I ordered a closed box from some fabfitfun was supposed to get a 25% off discount never received the discount they took a $50 credit for messing up all my boxes this year when I had just got that credit and just got that fixed I've already paid them to $40 payments for these clothes boxes only 20 of it was applied here are some photos.. I was supposed to have a $50 credit and two payments for clothes with are supposed to be applied and never revived the 25% as promised! So over this company!

not giving discounts as promised
not giving discounts as promised

fabfitfunseasonal boxes delivered after season is over

They sell this as a seasonal Subscription but their summer box comes out whenever summer is 2/3 over and there went your box comes out whenever winter is 2/3 over in their spring and fall are the same way so if you want to get a beach towel you're going to get it whenever summers almost over...
It sounds like I need idea but they send them out too late.
When I called to ask if I could change my order since I realized it would be coming after all of my seasonal outings were over they said no.

fabfitfunspring box 2019

Ordered the 2019 spring box and waited a whole month and a half since the site says they wait a certain time to send... never got it. Called customer care and they said they would resend it but didn't even entertain the idea of maybe rushing it to make up for their ridiculous delay. I mean, I had already paid for the shipping once. Its almost June and still have not received said box, although site says "sent/delivered." I called again and they offered me the editors box which I don't even know what it contains. I didn't even want to chance it a 3rd time so I declined and asked for a full refund since it's ridiculous how after almost 5mos I still have not seen the box and they were quick to charge me within minutes of me ordering it... back in January and again in March. Its very unfortunate because I was really excited to see what I had picked! Fingers crossed they actually refund me.

  • De
    Deborah Beckers May 25, 2019

    I did an online chat and they told me they oversold it and that it was no longer available. They offered me the Spring Editor's Box, or they would add another seasonal box to the end of my subscription (I am annual). I chose the latter.

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fabfitfunsubscription box for spring 2019

i subscribed and paid for a spring 2019 box and after 2 weeks of asking about it they finally tell me that I'm not getting it. so they try to offer me the summer box which i am already getting, even tho it's crap, and then tried to offer me the spring editor box which i already got and was crap.
i am in Canada and pay exchange etc so i paid about $55 for the order. i got back $37. they are cheap [censored] and i think they should've offered me something for free and given back all my money.

fabfitfunlied about refunding me

I am at the bank right now, the bank manager told me I never recieved a refund for add ons i accidentally purchased. I had spoken to FFF's customer service previously and they stated they would refund me but they kept the charges. My bank told me to file a fraud charge and dispute it and to cancel my subscription. This is a warning to others that they will lie in customer service and not refund you. Very shady! Super upsetting since they are so popular but my bank said any business that lies like that is a fraud and to cancel immediately. Now i have a new card and it is blocked on their website. This is so crazy 😱😱

lied about refunding me

fabfitfundo not subscribe - worst customer service experience

I had a subscription with this company for around a year and a half, with no problems, until I received the wrong Spring 2019 box. Upon receiving this mistake, I first asked for a first replacement order for the actual items I customized for. Customer service went ahead and processed it, but again the WRONG items showed up. I called customer service again to insure that I would receive the items I CUSTOMIZED FOR. Customer service insured me again that I would receive them. Upon waiting for 2 weeks, I still hadn't heard anything about this second replacement order, for which I called customer service again. They insured me that it was just waiting to be shipped. I waited another week and decided to call back and check. Turned out, one of the items on this second replacement order went out of stock, for which no one on the customer service team though to notify me. Thus, I had to choose another item. Once I chose this item, I waited again for another week and a half and did not hear from anyone about this order, even though it was categorized as urgent.

I decided to cancel my subscription because of my horrible experience with customer service. When I called to cancel, I asked customer service to send me a confirmation email that I would receive my replacement order despite the fact that I canceled my membership. I did not receive said email or a confirmation that I canceled my subscription. Thus, I called again, and turns out THEY DID NOT CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP THE FIRST TIME.

All in all, this company CANNOT be trusted, and has one of the most horrible customer service teams I've ever dealt with.

fabfitfunrefund policy or lack thereof and membership

I had an issue with FabFitFun taking my money without asking. I was looking into how much an annual subscription was and I clicked on upgrade and was charged $199, after I had already paid $49 for the 2018 winter box. I called right away when I realized what happened and they would not refund me the money. That's not cool. I cancelled my subscription right away. Now, through my account I cannot select what goes in my box because I'm not receiving the emails. I have enjoyed what I've gotten but this is a racket. If this company had great customer service they would have refunded my money. Extremely disappointed and won't be recommending this to anyone.

fabfitfuni’m so disappointed in this company...

I am...-even more so now. After finding out that my body oil is out until mid may and the earrings until late may early june... Now this... I asked simply-why didn't the items that were not an issue get sent out weeks ago? This is my 4th attempt to get an answer to that and some consideration on this subject. Shipping is the worst thing about this company-we have all this chaos with countdown to the sale-till it's over-will you get the stuff you want-stalking the page so that you do-then you do... And you don't get it until 1mos after-and I get to do it all over again in a few days before my other stuff even arrives?! I want all the items I paid for... Period... I will wait for them if I need to-but it's pretty cheeky to 1-think simply refunding an item-that item has certainly cost us way more than that just in all the wait/emails... That's not respecting your customers - 2: send other people's orders out that have not paid the upcharge to get perks-I haven't got one perk since upgrading-everything I have received has been compensating (poorly) for a negative experience or situation... The repeated verbiage is "this is not the experience we want for our customers..." then I guess why does it continue to happen-why isn't it getting better? Because customer service doesn't listen-customer service just skins and sends back standard copy and paste... I have had 7 people join from me (you won't see record for all of them because 4 of them joined when they could get the box for like $25/30 - extra discounted anyways somewhere other than my referral link) why wouldn't I - pre paid annual member not have access to the best codes & unlimited $5 welcome boxes? But another way for me to miss out on "perks" i'm told to have... My mom is quarterly - she got her stuff 2 weeks ago-you have taken so much of your customers time-that tbh we may be paying more for the product because our time is worth something... I will also be sending this message and/or bcc: to someone above copy paste drone speak... I'm really in need of some genuine replies - genuine.

fabfitfunfabfitfun seasonal box order

I wanted to write to let you know about my negative experience with your company and my disappointment. I have been a member of fabfitfun in the past and was always very happy with your service. Due to financial stressors, I deactivated my membership after my annual subscription was up. However, after seeing the spring box spoilers, I got so excited and was able to order the spring box (seasonal). Somehow, after I ordered the seasonal spring box, I was mistakenly upgraded to the annual membership. That should not have occurred. And I quickly got online with customer service last night to rectify the situation. However, after that text exchange with customer service, my bank account was charged first $191.91 for an annual subscription and then an additional $53.30 for the seasonal box. As a result, my checking account went into overdraft and I was charged twice for overdraft fees ($38 and another $38.) so not only was I mistakenly charged $191.91 first, which should never happened and I was charged an overdraft fee - I was then again charged an additional $53.30 for the spring box. And I was forced to get in touch with customer service twice last night, because the first representative refunded me the wrong amount, which made no sense how this person came up with the amount refunded. This morning, my bank penalized me with 2 overdraft fees of $38x2. And that would not have happened if fabfitfun had just charged me what I originally requested, the spring/seasonal box! Instead you charged the $191.91, which put me in overdraft because I did not have the funds to cover that amount. When I contacted my bank they refuse to override the overdraft fees because this was not the banks error. So this morning, I spoke with a manager in the philippines who said she would refund both the $191.91 and the $53.30, but that she did not know if fabfitfun would pay the overdraft addition to refunding me a total of $245, 41 for both subscriptions, I am asking for fabfitfun to also pay the two overdraft fees of $76 to my bank. I am very saddened by this situation. I am in the negative on my checking account and really need this situation rectified with my bank as soon as possible - today. I have no funds and need this fixed. I am also very disappointed that I will not get to enjoy the spring box, as I was very excited and was treating myself to it because I could afford the $53.30. Now because of this mess, I won't get to enjoy the spring box and that saddens me greatly. I was always very happy in the past with your services and had intended to resume my annual membership once things eased up for me financially. I have referred several friends, who have also ordered annual memberships after seeing how happy I was with your service. Kindly, help me by getting in touch with my bank as soon as possible, and not only refunding the $245.41 but also paying the $76 overdraft fees I incurred. My bank is oceanfirst and their phone number is [protected]. My name is kim zaretsky and the email you have on file is the one I am writing you on : [protected] My phone number is [protected]. I would appreciate someone getting back to me from the u.S. Office, not the philippines to let me know that this situation has been rectified.

fabfitfun — someone stole my phone to give fake email for free starter box

She already has a subscription and I had already promised my 3 starter boxes to 3 other people. She used her email [protected] but it wouldn't let her so she used a fake...

fabfitfun — dew it all

I received this in my last box. I applied not once, but two separate times and this time my eyes were almost swollen shut. I can send a picture if you supply me with a proper...

fabfitfun — add ons received damaged again because packaged poorly

586561 This is the complaint I just sent to the bbb against fff I placed a huge order #7635558 for $760.99 on aug 15, 2018. I paid using a capital one visa. This order was delivered on...

fabfitfunmy box

Ok so last season I was really upset because i'm an annual member and apparently it was their 5 year anniversary. Instead of. Making it great for everyone, they made the box really awful and cheap for the majority of people in order to send an extra box to members who had been with them since day one. As far as i'm concerned it was a shady business practice. We all paid for a good box and annual members cannot opt out of that box. Then the box had this candle that was supposed to cost $45. Most of the people got it half full or all scratched up. I recieved it both half full and scratched up. They said they apologized and would send me a new one. I recieved that one a month later and it was so just as bad. They apologized again and said they would make it right. Ok, well months went by then I got an email basically saying so sorry no candle will happen. You can choose from a couple other items, none of which I wanted or would make up for it. I ended up with a granny purse I will never use. So then the summer box made me excited. I was really happy. I saw two things that I really wanted the foreo fofo and the tarte contour pallet. I see they had my choices backwards and let them know. I guess they figured because I would still get all items it wouldn't matter and didn't fix it in the system even though I asked them too. When I recieved my box the fofo didn't work and the countour pallet was thrown on the outside of the actual fff box into the other shipping box with some crumpled paper stuck on top and it was broken. I called and was really upset because if they had fixed it in their system, the pallet would have been inside the box and probably not gotten broken. They said they would make it right. I waited a month and finally recieved the knew box despite them saying they were expiditing it. The pallet was thrown in a box that wasn't even fit right and again just crumpled paper and broken in the exact same place. The fofo worked this time. So that is better but really. I can't believe this again. And now thy don't answer they phones. I just keep getting the voicemail. This is beyond appauling. I'm livid. I thought they cared but I can see they just read from a script.

my box
my box

fabfitfunsummer box

My coworkers and I decided that we wanted to do a unboxing video for our summer box for fab fit fun, everyone box came different days which was fine until my box never came. I called this company complaining, after tracking the box I found out someone put the wrong zip code so my box would be returned to fab fit fun because of this, zander was suppose to be the person would would follow up on this, he never did. I was forgotten and neglected for one whole week. I then spoke to a liar name sam (female) she obviously did not read zander's call note if he actually made any notes. Zander also told me they would expedite a new box, he lied. Sam told be my summer box was already shipped, if she tracked the box she would know it is still being returned to shipper. This company uses the cheapest shipping method even if the customer is right and they are wrong. I spoke another liar in the office that said my new box is waiting on a carrier. I hope the ceo really know that being totally honest and transparent with customers builds loyalty with customers. This is such a bad experience I just feel like crying. I'm now still waiting on sam to call me in 2 hours.

fabfitfun — box purchased

Hi I reactivated my account under [protected] I wanted to take advantage of the discount codes Yay or others the were offered for 39.99 and I did not get a chance to...

fabfitfun — seasonal box

I had originally ordered a specific box, but when that box was no longer available, the informed me that they were going to send me a different box. I did not want that other box...

fabfitfun — I have yet to receive my box a

I should never have signed up for this. Buyer beware. I have been wanting to try this forever!!! What a total letdown! I should have received my box on the 4th of this month and...

fabfitfuncould be better

You know, I regret. They sent me a bad second box and I'm not happy about it. Well, I got low-quality items and it's normal that I'm disappointed.
I think that these boxes have a simple, but a nice idea. It's kinda a surprise for women, it's unusual and it's fun. And it's not for free. So when I pay for something I expect to get some sort of quality this company doesn't provide.
So now I have no idea what to do with all of the items from the box because I don't know how to use them and how I can actually wear them, it would be inappropriate to me. So I can't say that they are terrible, but not the best one for sure. And if you think of dealing with them, think twice then, please.

fabfitfunlost box fall 2017

I ordered the fall 2017 box plus add ons my total was over 100.00. I recieved my add ons but I did not get my box fedex said they delivered it but I never got it. so I contacted fab fit fun several times an every time I am told to wait a few more days that is bull I feel like I am just being put off. I am through with this co they jump to get your money but if something happens it is like well we got your money that's all we care about

  • FabFitFun's response · Oct 11, 2017

    Hi! We're so sad to hear about this! All of our members are extremely important to us and our customer care team is here to help if anything goes wrong with your shipment. Please feel free to reference this complaint in your email and we will ensure a manager reaches out to you asap! We definitely want to make sure you have been assisted and are receiving what you paid for! We look forward to helping you soon! Xo


This will be my third an last box from them there is no reason for it to take so long I have called three times an everyone gives me a different ship date my order was over 100.00 they got my money quickly I expect my items the same way very bad business I will be doing a review on my you tube about this I order from all over an it does not take any where close to this long I don't see this making it as word gets out hate to see this wish you had better business practices

  • FabFitFun's response · Sep 27, 2017

    Hi there! We are so sorry to hear about your experience! All members can expect an email with their tracking information within 10 business days of successful payment. We apologize if this hasn't happened and hope you will reach out to our customer care team if you need further assistance! We can't wait for you to enjoy your box and add-ons! Customer Care contact page: Xo

fabfitfunmissing shipment and customer service

I signed up with them. And I cancelled my subscription after 2 or 3 shipment because of the shipment issue. They have privileged customers who get early shipping deliveries. And I am included on the not so privileged customers of them. One of them emailed me trying to earn my business back. I did reactivate my account. This year I decided to cancel it permanently. The rep that I spoke with said"I can help you cancelling your subscription but unfortunately your box has shipped for you so we cannot cancel the payment for that one. I can give you a $10 discount for the next box if you decide to continue your subscription." I declined his offer. So now it's July 2nd and I still didn't get my last box which the rep said has been shipped when I called. I emailed them on the 30th of June and was replied on saying they will get back to me shortly. Nobody answered me yet. I left them a voice mail today. I hope that I will get a person to answer me soon.

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  • FabFitFun's response · Jul 03, 2017

    Hi there! It sounds like one of our representatives was able to cancel your account per request. If you've not received tracking details for your order please reach out to us and we'd be happy to get that over to you. Please note that once your package ships it could take up to 10 business days for delivery within the US.

fabfitfundisappointed customer

I ordered my box in the middle of May of this year, it is now the end of June and I have no received anything. It took a month to be shipped to me (as I live in Canada) and then was shipped back to sender right when it got to my city, according to the shipment tracking. I called and they advised that Canada Post said it was an error in address. I checked my online FabFitFun account and my address was correct, so I corrected it with them over the phone. Weeks after it was sent back, I emailed to ask if my replacement box had been shipped yet. This is when I got an email saying it was waiting to be shipped out and they provided my address in the email. The address was wrong AGAIN. I called this morning and talked to someone again, they updated my address and advised that it would be shipped out. Very disappointed as there clearly is an error in their system/ communication that got my address incorrect twice.

  • FabFitFun's response · Jun 26, 2017

    Hi Sam1234566!
    I'm really sorry to hear about your issue. This does not sound like a normal situation. I'd love the opportunity to help resolve your problem and make sure your replacement orders is taken care of. Unfortunately, transit times to Canada can be up to 14 business days because packages leave from our warehouse in Southern California. If you write in and reference this complaint to a manager, we will be able to locate your account and investigate. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this delay has caused. It is a frustrating experience to be waiting so long for your order and we hope to get this resolved soon! xo, FabFitFun.

fabfitfunI did not receive anything

I was very excited when I found FabFitFun website and I decided to give it a try. I signed up and ordered my first box. They charged me and later I received all the confirmations. Waited patiently but there was no sign of my order and when I contacted them they said that sometimes it takes a bit longer to deliver. They asked me to be patient. Time passed and there was nothing, so I contacted them again and they promised to send me another box. I doubt that they really sent it to me because I did not receive anything.

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    FabFitFun Nov 21, 2016

    Hello! We would be happy to assist you with your issue and we're so sorry you didn't get your box! This is not a usual circumstance. I have not been able to locate your account with the information on this inquiry. If you could please send an email to us at [email protected] with Attn: Manager we are sure we can make this right for you! We look forward to helping you out!

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fabfitfun — extremely disappointed!

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