Health & Beauty Complaints | Page 7 / fragrances

Jun 5, 2018

ordered perfume from a company called Nest got the perfume it was 40.00 which is cheap for Nest most bottles are over 100 but the perfume was sickening and i called them 50 times no person answers their phones! I emailed them got a standard answer letter saying they are not answering letters till..., Victo, Human Lace Wig! Lace Hair / wig

Jun 5, 2018, Victo, Human Lace Wig! Lace HairThis place has several different ads but they all come from the same place in china. Facebook has several ads on our walls everyday for the past month. They all claim to have this lace cap wig with 4 combs to secure it, lace around your face that you cut to fit, has baby hairs around your...

Acure Products / about the product acure beauty line

Jun 1, 2018

I just saw a segment that the product you carry.. Acure is made by under age children in a facility that is part of the "12 tribes cult".. Please take it off your shelves.. There are other store who have taken it off there's and you should too.. They are a cult who are abusive to children and...

YMCA Centennial Hills / I am complaining about customer service.

May 30, 2018

I just received the most horrible customer service at the Centennial Hills YMCA location on 6601 N Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89131. I went there to sign up for the membership. I was waiting in the line for, at least, 20 minutes. There were only 2 people in front of me. The front desk staff...

Ultra Cosmetic Clinic / debra tri, arnp simplicity medspa at square one building scam

May 23, 2018

Ultra Cosmetic ClinicDo not go to debra tri, arnp for injectables! Debra tri, arnp completely botched me and is a disgrace to sponsors like merz botox and juvederm. Debra tri, arnp warning from a survivor patient. I am a former victim of debra tri arnp. Her background is family medicine she has no dermatology...

Debra Louise Tri, ARNP, MN / simplicity medspa at square one building scam

May 23, 2018

Debra Louise Tri, ARNP, MNDo not go to debra tri, arnp for injectables! Debra tri, arnp completely botched me and is a disgrace to sponsors like merz botox and juvederm. Debra tri, arnp warning from a survivor patient. I am a former victim of debra tri arnp. Her background is family medicine she has no dermatology...

Tidak Berpuas Hati Dengan Service Pos Malaysia / percel masih belom di terima

May 20, 2018

Saya telah menunggu selama 14 hari dimana barang yg saya pesan masih belom di terima lagi hingga hari ini. Saya telah semak melalui online tracking num Ep 479790105my di mana parcel ini telah di hanyat ke salah tempat (Alor Gajah) Melaka padahal brg parcel sepatutnya di pos ke KL setapak...

Sono Bello Ontario CA / under eye lift. $5k and a mess to repair. stay away!!

May 20, 2018

Sono Bello Ontario CAI had eye lift surgery last November. My right side has healed with a scar that left a lump at the corner of my eye and the skin is uneven like a shelf. I can't even hide it with make up. Actually make up makes it look worse because the skin is actually jutting out, like a shelf of skin!...

Mediclinic Victoria Hospital - Tongaat / pediatric hospital experience

May 20, 2018

My 1 year 20 months old daughter was admitted for broncho pneumonia on the 19th of May. We chose to go to Victoria hospital as the specialist was not practicing at Alberlito as this was closer to home, home which is in Ballito. Children of all ages, from infants to kids of almost 10 year...

Planet Fitness, Six Forks Rd. Raleigh, NC / membership

May 18, 2018

I called into the local office to cancel my membership I was told I need to send a certified letter or coming to the office I explained to the rep that I'm unable to do that because I have no transportation. I don't understand why I have to go through these steps when I got...

YouthYoungLook / unauthorized credit card charges after initial purchase.

May 18, 2018

YouthYoungLookA charge of $123.80 under the name of youthyounglook was put on my credit card on the 4/5/18 without my permission. I had previously purchased one bottle one of Pure Select as per credit card details below. At no time did I agree to buy more or any other product from your company. On the 18...

Derma Wand / numbness in my face

May 17, 2018

I use this product once. I use 3 strokes across my face from my cheek to my temple and that was it. The next day the right side of my face started getting numb. The numbness went through the whole right side of my face. I was admitted into the hospital and they gave every test possible and...

Paymentsense / merchant services

May 17, 2018

Was with them for 2 years, all lovely at first - a bit shocked as was charged for PCI compliance as wasn't told anything about this in the first place. No mention of PCI at all. Capped prices for as long as contract is a lie as I can no longer afford my account. Being charged £375 for restocking...

Wrong Parcel Delivered To Me / as I got wrong parcel that I haven't ordered

May 17, 2018

I have ordered two professional makeup kit and a backpack but the parcel that delivered is jst small pack of brudhes and a small empty kit of leather type which I dont order I want ryt product from tell me how ucan u help me. As the is already too much late. Your service is very slow I...

All Natural / "all natural"-they added $89.99 to my bill without consent and now won't give it back

May 14, 2018

Every time that I call them, they just blow me off for another 7-14 days.Blamed it on a problem with their "refund system " Yeah-right. This really makes PCH appear to be part of the scam. I have been a customer for 30 years or more. Somebody needs to fix this. I will have no choice but to...

Syntratech Corporation C/O Revgo / vital cleanse complete and garcinia ultimate slim pure select

May 3, 2018

Previously in March 2018 they offered a free trial and only pay for postage well i got charged like $59.95 but I let it go now 04/05/2018 in mail they just send more and without my authority they have billed again, leaving me in financially hardship caring for a seriously ill toddler, I am...

Simplicity Medspa at Square One Building / simplicity medspa at square one building scam

May 2, 2018

Simplicity Medspa at Square One BuildingRUN AWAY from Debra Tri, ARNP! This was the most HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE! Debra Tri LACKS skill and is dishonest. I was left with hard BUMPS and LUMPS from Debra Tri's injections. I had constant burning and discharge from her injections. Debra Tri doesn't know what the hell she i...

Shaq 24 Hour Fitness-Pembroke Pines / cleanliness

May 1, 2018

Shaq 24 Hour Fitness-Pembroke PinesI am a frequent traveler to this gym and anytime I come in the evening (any time 6:00 p.m), the gym is disgusting! I have never seen a women's bathroom in such conditions! I walked in the bathroom and nearly vomited! There needs to be an on-site maintenance worker when these issue...

Everything / betterhelp

Apr 30, 2018

They feed off people. I was assigned 2 different "counselors" I was obviously desperate. BOTH missed appointments for video chat. The second one would not read my entire message and take out parts (i.e. my BF had abandoned me and she kept talking about us like we were together. Which...

lost our product and didn't answer / lost our product and didn't answer

Apr 24, 2018

lost our product and didn't answerHi! Good day to you. We found out that our loss product haven refund to us almost TWO month already. I attached with the photo for my product for your references. The Congignment Note also show to u and the weight should be 13kg. But however, the goods received are imcomplete. The...

Sunshine Hypnosis / hypnosis

Apr 24, 2018

Fraud! Do not let raymond take your money. He completely ripped me off. I am a single mother and full time teacher. He lied to me in voicemail and email hang he would refund me for services I did not take. I understand completely paying for what I did do and even a fee for cancel upcoming... / customer service nightmare

Apr 20, 2018

They wrote to tell me they did not have the items I ordered and already paid for, plus priority shipping. They did not offer a refund, just informed me the items were no longer available, and that such incidents happen "rarely", and that now their website offering was updated. It us utterly...

HGShop / slimming product xs31

Apr 19, 2018

HGShopThe seller hgshop sell our company product below market price. And the product without barcode. Got more customer after buy the product, call to complaint why the product dont have barcode? I have remind the seller delete the product and sell same price at the market. But the seller ignore my...

Dadeland Store in Florida / $99 frame, lens and eye exam

Apr 13, 2018

Dadeland Store in FloridaCohen optical advertises on the their web sight under offers an eye exam with frame and lens for $99 yet when you call the store in Dadeland Mall, ( Florida ) they do not honor that special. I explained to a rep at their store called Nidia what was shown in their web sight and after...

Medinr / billing

Apr 8, 2018

I received a bill for [protected]. I had paid all 2016. Madicare said they had nothing before Sept 2016. Medinr sent me a statement in2017 that said I owed them nothing. My May and June Medicare claim form said I owed nothing for those months and I was not to pay. I owe them for 10 months in...

Prosvent / do not deal with prosvent

Apr 7, 2018

Saw an informercial on tv regarding prosvent. I called the number and spoke to a salesperson which I made clear that I only wanted a trial sample and if I liked it I would order a months supply. I specifically made it clear do not charge my card and I do not want a month supply at the...

Wageworks HSA Card / catheter purchase from a medical supply company

Apr 5, 2018

They did not notify me in a timely manner that one of my purchases needed a receipt. I only received emails that said there was activity on my card which is what the emails always say when a purchase is covered and no receipt is needed. When I found out (only because my card was denied when...

Maisiemaven / double eyeshadow

Apr 5, 2018

Ordered two double eyeshadows and was extremely disappointed in the products. The eyeshadows are so soft and are crumbling when they are used and are nothing like they are advertised. I complained and they said I could return them but on their returns policy says I have to pay to return. I...

Watsons Singapore / service

Apr 5, 2018

Hi this is a Complain actually I went to the watsons store yesterday sunday at night at North point outlet and I was really shocked by the Male Malay staff rude attitude. His name was mohamed Faris something. I paid at the cashier and I bought a purchase and without my permission he went...

12 Clicks Clinics / absolutely disgusting service

Apr 5, 2018

Good afternoon, I have been trying to get a hold of a clicks clinic since 14:47h today, I have yet to have one clicks clinic answer their phone!!! This makes me want to cut up my clicks card and never step foot in another clicks again, in fact I think I will. Absolutely disgusting...

Ultra Body Fitness (UBF) / training

Apr 4, 2018

This is a terrible and fraudulent company. I signed up on 2/5/2018 with a trainer by the name of daniel nowlin (located in heroes gym in san angelo). Daniel wasn't forthcoming with the cost of the training, didn't allow me to physically review my contract on that date, stating...

Purtier / purtier placenta 5th edition

Apr 1, 2018

Purtier- 31 March 2018 - +65 8151 **** - The packaging did not have the ingredients at the back like the original. The QR code given was scratched so we were unable to scan but for the original, we are able to scan. The capsule does not dissolve in water unlike the original. It also looks chunky in...

Nuvapelle / skin care products anti aging

Mar 31, 2018

I only order the free trial and you put 2 other charges on my account. I would like my money back minus the $5.95 for the free trial. I see this keeps happening to people who order. My name is Teralyn Williams email teralyn [protected]@gmail I hope to hear from you soon or I will report this. Why...

John Freida / shampoo conditioner and spray for the colour which was recommended

Mar 31, 2018

I purchased 3 products from his range spent £18.00 I had a colour with highlights which cost me £75.00 I always try to use good quality products for my hair which is why I purchased this the shampoo wouldn't lather the conditioner wouldn't rinse out to much foam and the spray irritated my...

Take A Lot - Deliveries Guy - Benjamin / terrible service from take a lot driver - benjamin

Mar 26, 2018

I experienced horrendous service today from your deliveries guy Benjamin. My ref is S106956005. He refused to come up to my floor (we share a building with numerous companies) He was so aggresive with the security and with me - had the security guard not been there I'm sure he would have...

Amaira Skincare / lightening serum

Mar 21, 2018

Amaira SkincareThey claim to give you 60 day money back guarantee if your not satisfied for any reason but they ignore you. They send out of date bad smelling cream that causes skin reactions do not buy There are lots of unhappy customers complaining of the creams being out...

Beiersdorf - Nivea / nivea cream

Mar 20, 2018

I have been using Nivea cream for a while and only recently started using it on my face at night more consistently. I started itching on my neck and didn't put two and two together right away each time I used it. I put some antifungal on the area it not knowing exactly what was causing it...

JCP Salon Salem OR / service

Mar 19, 2018

I recieved a 50.00 off coupon for services.. I sceduled appt online.. Drove an hour to appt. When I got there.. She said she was taking lunch n to come back.. Then she told me she was a master stylist.. And she dont accept coupons.. And there wasnt anyone else available.. Well.. They knew...

St Helens. Church St. / cut and blow with a senior stylist

Mar 15, 2018

I had my hair done for the first time yesterday with toni and guy. The stylist decided that I didn't need my layers cutting. So all she did was cut the length. Doesn't look too bad when they dry it and put all the products on. I've washed it this morning. It feels a complete mess. It's too...

Luffy Wig / hair

Mar 13, 2018

Luffy WigThese people sent an unuseable wig and wrecked an entire photoshoot. Then said they don't speak english so they can't talk to us. You've been warned. This is there Aliexpress: ( the wig that I purchased)[protected].html Their response...